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What is content marketing for?

What is content marketing for?


Your Most Important Reasons to Consider Content Marketing to Make Money at Little Cost

Let’s first of all look at what Content marketing is for by going to the dictionary

a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

“social media is an integral part of content marketing”

Or at Wikipedia

Or at my  prior article


It all starts with the Internet

The important things here are that there are a lot of entities to Contact marketing and they all revolve around the internet.

Social media and internet marketing are driving the business economy so you need to be involved.

The mainstream advertising should it be Radio, TV newspaper or similar activities are generally impulse response and there reach in time is limited. Stop the Radio advert and you stop the calls.

If you have big pockets you can use them to brand a business but we are talking about response marketing where the results are achievable and measurable.

Target marketing-Your gain

I think the biggest gain to business owners is that all, or most, content creation is measurable.
It can be drilled down through levels of actual sales as well as hits to even gender, age, location so target marketing is possible at any level.

Cost per action- Don’t over spend

The next gain is the cost per action. Setting up a marketing campaign on YouTube, Facebook or a simple Blog page. This is relatively cost-free so that anyone can participate.

Do it yourself- It’s easy

Do it yourself marketing is now possible because the amount of material available is a keystroke away to quickly tell you how and why when and where.

The start, Keywords- what you need to know

Where does it all start? You need a basic understanding of Keywords and what they mean. Whenever you search the internet you use a keyword. Fortunately, a free keyword tool is available on this site.

Choose your media carefully. There are so many opportunities but only so much time so focusing your attention is necessary for success. It is better to own a media than just be a small player.

I use a lot of blogging on Business ideas because that works in my direction but every post will be on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus to enhance my coverage.

People have built empires on Instagram, on Facebook and YouTube plus other exclusive media opportunities.

So putting good content out in the market is a way to draw customers into your product or your desire.

Sales is a premium reason but you may want to attract members to a group, a Church or similar situation and Content marketing is the game plan

Content marketing can be long-term in viability and also Viral in its application so it can achieve results that are beyond the imagination.

Like anything that you do you need some education before you fire off taking shots in the wild. Load your gun with wisdom and take advantage of the wonderful advantages that content marketing can deliver

You will learn more at Wealthy Affiliate


Peter Hanley


What is content marketing about

What is content marketing about

What is content marketing about?

I wanted to explore the expression What is content marketing about so that both you and I have a full understanding of what it is, what it wants to achieve and how to measure it.

There are lots of easy explanations on the web but it boils down to having articles on the web that make a buyer want to buy your product. Or, at least achieve a targeted aim. This could be a list of followers for another purpose. A Church following for instance or some type of club.

Content marketing is just an article with a purpose.

This article is Content that will deliver you to a product that I want you to try. It is part of many articles that have a definite target or conceived outcome.

Large businesses have a similar focus. It might be a well-written article on BMW cars and how you can go Touring

What is content marketing about
This could be in the new X4 M2 sedan with the top down and 160 ks an hour. Naturally on an Autobarn somewhere legal. Are they just branding or taking you to a conclusion at a local BMW dealer.

The target is those that are interested and they will read the article and follow the advise delivered to a result somewhere.

The article will contain those Keywords that grab your attention because you have an interest. Those that are clothes shopping will not read or be interested but the time is not wasted.

Many will read an article on the web but pass by an advertisement because it does not have time to tell the story, fill you with dreams and excite the inner you.

It is clever marketing and it these days of Search engines on the internet anything you want is at the click of a mouse.

We want information and we want to be entertained and led by the hand to a conclusion.

So you now have a bit of an understanding of content.

It’s an article on a website.  Its purpose is to drive readers to a conclusion.
This is a highly effective method of attracting business if done correctly.
Traffic can be tracked to a great degree to establish results.
ROI (return on investment) can be monetised for effective placement
A keyword starts the process and a sale finishes the deal

What is content marketing about


As you search Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and pull up items of interest you are skimming content that will interest you.
Generally, the reader will be led along a path but often hijacked by popup offers on a similar subject that appears on any page that you are reading. ( not this one though ) I want to keep you until the end.

End to end tracking

It is important to note that everything is capable of being tracked down to the smallest detail. Google analytics is a great example of this ability where the available data will astound you. There are of course many other ways as well. The point is the article owner will know how effective it is working. Scary but true.

Do you get a return on investment, of course, you can value this by cost over sales return or cost per subscriber or church attendee as examples?

This can then be compared to other forms of direct marketing where the cost is generally much higher

Any Keyword can deliver you to a similar destination. BMW, becomes, coupe, sedan, 4×4, hardtop convertible, Even performance, colours, specifications etc, so many different articles lead to just one finish line.

In days of old way back a couple of years ago this was quite a difficult proposition but with the correct training and low-cost tools, anyone can compete in this market. You don’ need a big budget just a bit of knowledge.

It is all available for free at Wealthy affiliate university if you wish to explore this further.


What is content marketing about

Building WordPress website-Cornerstone content

Building WordPress Website

Cornerstone content

Building a valuable website requires a lot of attention to detail.
To rank well in SEO there are many pieces of the puzzle that require attention. Building WordPress website-Cornerstone content is just one more element to success.

I wrote recently regarding website categories and how important they were to your Posts pages.

Categories group like subjects into a page on their own linking to each other with just one post being
dominant and that is your cornerstone post.

On any website, you may have many categories running down the page grouping all your selected content into one area.


What the heck is cornerstone content?


Your cornerstone content is the leading article listed under a category.

Your categories may consist of several or many posts that really rank in importance.

At the top of the tree is your main or best article which covers all the points under the category

Every new post, and old for that matter, should link to your Cornerstone product.

Are categories important, you can read more on that here but yes they are. So your Cornerstone is the pre-eminent post in that category setting up a natural hierarchy.

With one or two posts it means little but as you grow your site you need to build it systematically so that it is easy to follow. If you do this early in the cycle it is just another task on the post you write.

It is nearly as important as your title and keyword structure because it makes the whole Posts are work for you

Under Yoast SEO, if you are not using it you should be, there is a tick box for your cornerstone post.

You have one cornerstone post for each category on your page that you link to.

Your cornerstone posts should be a complete page meeting all the requirements of a good post.

Starting with WordPress? No better place for training than at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here we look at a lot of reasons why.


Peter Hanley


WordPress Org- 15 years on

WordPress org


WordPress Org Is 15 We Look At The History To Benefit You.


WordPress Org- 15 years on

On 27 May 2003, software developer Matt Mullenweg launched the first version of a computer programme which went on to revolutionise publishing. 15 years later, WordPress is the engine behind 30% of the world’s websites, powering major media and e-commerce sites, as well as small blogs – the personal projects that inspired its creation.

And after fifteen years, it’s still very much a community project: open-source, free to all, maintained and developed by volunteers. No one company ‘owns’ the WordPress software in the way, for example, that Microsoft Office or Apple’s iOS are licensed and sold. Instead,

A public licence

WordPress is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which requires that it be free for anyone to copy, distribute or modify the software.

That’s part of its success, of course. Free to download and easy to install, WordPress was built to run with other open-source tools, on what is known as the LAMP stack: Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL (database), and PHP (programming language). All of this software is free to copy and install and has gone on to dominate the web world for similar reasons. (Almost half of all web servers run on Apache).

To that essential package of free website software, WordPress added a killer application: a content management system (CMS).

Web pages are made of text, pictures, and increasingly, audio and video. When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, its essential feature was Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): a collection of text ‘tags’ which tell a web browser how to arrange and display the different pieces of the page: how to format text; where to put the images; where the links should be – and what they should link to.

Can you learn HTML

HTML isn’t difficult – most people can learn to hand-code a basic web page in under an hour. But it’s tedious and repetitive – even with the visual editors and integrated development environments which soon came along to lighten the load. And as web pages got richer and more elaborate, it became obvious that there was a need to separate the code from the content.

The growth of blogging ushered in an era of self-publishing and the first stirrings of social media that became known as Web 2.0. Sites like LiveJournal, MySpace and Bebo let users type their thoughts and click publish. But, though free, they remained proprietary, like Facebook is today.

For those who wanted complete control: to publish and easily maintain a website, on their own hosting and domain name, WordPress completed the picture.

Bloggers were the start

“The initial movement came from bloggers who had outgrown those services and wanted more freedom to develop their sites. But we soon saw small businesses and website developers turn to WordPress also, not just because it was free, but because it was powerful and flexible as well”.

The familiar WordPress dashboard was easy to master and teach so that relatively non-technical people could control their own content and keep their websites up to date. But the back-end familiarity didn’t come at the price of forcing everyone to be the same.

From its earliest days, WordPress was designed for extensibility. A proliferation of independently developed themes and plug-in brought support for a variety of types of website. WordPress became more than an application: it is a platform for any type of web application you can imagine.

Not all open-source projects are a success, of course, but the growth of WordPress suggests a careful stewardship of the project amid the sometimes competing interests of the various users, developers, businesses and other stakeholders. And while WordPress itself is an unqualified success, what of its founder and his company?

Who else is WordPress

Automattic, the company founded by Matt Mullenweg, has invested millions of dollars worth of development effort into WordPress over the years – a product which it does not own, and which is given away freely. So how does that work?

At the heart of the open-source idea is that the code is community property. So, while it is true that one contributor may not exclusively reserve the benefits of his or her work, it is a corollary that all the contributors benefit from everyone’s contribution. Open-source software, in particular, is often considered to be of a higher quality than proprietary code, simply because it is open to scrutiny by a much greater number of ‘eyeballs’.

In a world of spyware and security concerns, open-source has come to stand for trustworthiness and reliability. When anyone can view the source code in which a programme is written (and compile it themselves if they’re especially paranoid!), it becomes impossible to deliberately insert a back-door. And a global army of volunteers keeps vigil for vulnerabilities, which are quickly patched.

Successful open-source companies like Automattic don’t charge for their code – but they can and do make money from their expertise. While WordPress.org is the home of the open-source project, WordPress.com is Automattic’s revenue source: a hosting platform which uses essentially the same open-source code to run millions of websites; from small blogs hosted for free, to large commercial media sites like Time and Fortune, and everything in between, including yours truly: Irish Tech News.

Branching out

And it has branched out into related areas, such as the new .BLOG domain name which is run by a subsidiary company.

WordPress.com is now the sixth largest web platform in terms of traffic with 141 million unique visitors per month, and Automattic was valued at $1.16 billion in 2014. Yet it has just 720 employees, most of whom work from their homes, spread across 50 countries around the world.

WordPress users and contributors around the world will celebrate the anniversary this weekend with numerous meetups as well as online events. However, while there are more than 200 WordCamp conferences held each year, only the Belfast one coincides with the actual anniversary itself on Sunday. It’s sold out: 150 people are expected to attend the two-day event at the Peter Froggatt Centre in Queen’s University, and the organisers are inviting others to participate by submitting ‘video selfies’ – messages of friendship from across the world.
Original article by Alison McGuire Irish Tech news.


What should you do now?


at the Wealthy Affiliate, we do everything WordPress

. Domain names, hosting, training, security, page builder and more.

WordPress org


WordPress org

Peter Hanley


Best Hosting Websites- The need to choose Carefully

best hosting websites, the need to choose carefully

Best Hosting Websites- the need to choose carefully is a title of immense importance for both daily applications and long-term value growth.

What is web Hosting anyway?

. Web hosting is basically a service that stores all the data from your website and delivers the requested information when anyone online tries to access one of your pages. If you choose shared hosting, you can usually expect your website to be stored on a large server in a data centre. There is also the option of dedicated web hosting where you have your own server, but this is only really practical if your website has millions of visitors a month.

Best Hosting Websites- The need to choose Carefully

Paid hosting sites

If you search google you will find hundreds of hosting companies that you can choose from. Lots of top 10 sites or top 5 sites so the choice is really wide. It is now down to what you want or are provided with in terms of facilities and storage. Go Daddy is probably the number one but later costs creep up.

Free hosting sites

Generally available for smaller sites or specific purposes. Some with advertising some with few features. Now, this may be the way to go but read on for my answer.

Page builder intro.

In many cases, you will be introduced to a funnel or page builder site to use the wonders they have to offer. Guess what they are generally associated with a hosting site they own, maybe even at a premium

Self Hosting

This is often done for high volume sites that have huge traffic and storage. Not for the amateur or minor user.

Multiple domains

Best Hosting Websites- The need to choose Carefully

Back in the olden days ( like a couple of years back) some sights were single domain hosts. When you started a new domain you needed a new service.

Moving a website to a new hosting provider.

The first thing to do is record what Theme you are using because they are not all compatible. You can then go into Tools download on your dashboard and save your details.
Apply to your new host and set up an account before asking the old provider to forward your website to them.
Your domain name needs to be redirected to the new host from the current domain Host. This may be different from your web host. They will have the details.

Now you are there download your theme  and go to tools/ upload chose your file and you are back in operation

Why is choosing a good host so important?

Best Hosting Websites- The need to choose Carefully

You are going to put considerable effort into a web page in the hope that it will deliver prosperity for you. Therefore you don’t want any roadblocks down the way. Slow site, no Security tags, flaky or going out of business.

The benefit of using different hosting companies.

As we built websites and increased our knowledge we tended to gather new hosts that offered a value greater than we were getting. I confess to still having three hosts because I am arguable to too lazy to consolidate.

Most hosting opportunities now allow multiple domains on the one account so it is easy to manage your sites.

Who would I pick as a host?

Best Hosting Websites- The need to choose Carefully

Read on for my advice but support is the number one issue. Cost is not a consideration.

Best hosting websites.

There is one that stands out from the crowd in my opinion. This is based on what they deliver. Yes, they are free but only for your first two domains, if you want to grow then you need to start paying. I wrote recently about what they provided at  Free website hosting

So now I declare my hand. I host with them and have done for many years with the complete package ahead of anything else.
HTTPS certificate
Speed Boost
Page builder
50 domain capacity
Affiliate income
Site report
Live Chat
Support that works
Training and more
Free Keyword tool Click the key on the side to try it out

Best Hosting Websites- The need to choose Carefully

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate, the hands down number 1 web host company.
Over 300, 000 fans can’t be wrong.

Best Hosting Websites- The need to choose Carefully

Peter Hanley


Free video capture software

Free video capture software explained and how you can be making videos in about 30 minutes to rank your website up to 74% better

So you want to try video recording

If so, you need to check out this new video system called “Content Samurai”…

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before…

Mark my words, it’s going to completely change the way you do digital marketing forever.


As you know the video is now critical for just about every aspect of digital marketing today…

However, because creating videos has always been a laborious, expensive and highly technical process In the past it’s really only been available to big businesses with BIG budgets.

But finally, that’s all changed…

Because Content Samurai’s revolutionary new video creation system is SO EASY to use, generating tons of professional videos that produce an avalanche of traffic is now anyone’s game…

Plus it’s fast, REALLY FAST…

So, if you want the ultimate shortcut to start killing it with video, do yourself a favour and check out Content Samurai out now…

Best of all, it’s totally free to get started!

Did you know people spend over 40 minutes on average watching online video EVERY SINGLE DAY…

That number is growing each and every month!

You see, good marketing is and has always been about capturing and holding onto people’s ATTENTION!

Free video capture software nothing is better.

And nothing does that better than VIDEO…

Free video capture software

Look, there are just no two ways about it. If you want to be successful in today’s competitive online markets, you MUST USE video. This is a major component of your marketing.

However, while most business owners know they need to be using video
However the thought of doing so is still very confronting and overwhelming…

With all the complex timeline editors, codecs and file formats you need to know, you just about need a PhD in engineering to produce one that looks good…

However, the great news is, now that’s all changed…

Now there’s a brand new extremely easy to use video creation system called “Content Samurai”, that finally makes video marketing quick and easy in every way. I’d even call it fun…!

No joke, this thing is idiot proof!

Free video capture software

Of all the video tools I’ve seen in my time, this one is hands down the simplest and most efficient way to create powerful videos. – even if you’ve never created a video before…

Free trial Content Samurai

I’ve been using it for a good few weeks now and I have to say, it is incredible. You can go from a “script” to “Youtube”, in less than an hour.

And the video’s it creates are awesome!

PLUS the best part is you can try it out for yourself FOR FREE for a full 7 days, AND you get to keep all the videos you make during that time forever…

Here’s the link so you can check it out now…

Video capture software

I was able to go from a script to a fully finished ready-to-watch video, complete with a voice track, imagery, music, the whole lot, in under 30 minutes – NO JOKE!

Also, it actually looked awesome!

And not only was it easy to do, I actually really enjoyed doing it. (and that’s not something I would usually say about making videos).

Look, you simply won’t believe how easily you can now produce really cool videos until you’ve tried it…

If you’re already using video and you want to 10x your results; OR

You’re brand new to video and want to shortcut the whole learning process and start getting results immediately…

Content Samurai really is a game changer…

As you know the video is the future of online marketing and traffic generation…

There are just no two ways about it. If you want to be successful in today’s competitive online markets – you MUST USE video as a major component of your marketing.

That’s why you need to see this….

Free video capture software

Content Samurai

The FACT is: Over 70% of ALL web traffic now comes from video…

which means if you fail to move with the changing video tide, your online business is likely to drown – I’m sorry but it’s just the way it is…

But the good news is, now there’s an incredible new tool called Content Samurai that for the first time in history makes video marketing quick, easy, and effective…

With Content Samurai you can create irresistible traffic-pumping content videos, with absolutely ZERO video experience – and in mere minutes.

Videos that are capable of generating millions of views, killer search engine rankings and torrents of online traffic…?

Check Out Content Samurai here and see what all the fuss is about…

The best part is there’s absolutely no messing around with expensive software like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or Final Cut Pro.

Furthermore no complicated timeline editing or confusing codecs, aspect ratios, or file formats to fiddle with.

If you can click a mouse, you can create killer videos with Content Samurai


You can also use Content Samurai to create Video Sales Letters, Squeeze Videos, Even full-blown video courses and training videos. All with just a few clicks…

(I know – that’s a bold claim…)

But it really must be seen to be believed…

Free video capture software by Peter Hanley


in Conclusion, try Content Samurai here – And see for yourself…

Video is todays product as businesses everywhere clamber to build content.
It improves SEO your brand and sales si there is nothing to lose

Free video capture software

Free websites hosting

Want Free Website Hosting To Start Now?


You have come to the right place and all the right answers to find a free website. In fact, you can find many places that will supply this but with the usual tricks and traps for the young player.

See a list here on the well-known site at Wikipedia. 

They highlight many of the options and exclusions so you can understand that you have a difficult choice.

Free websites hosting

My choice of hosts is the Wealthy Affiliate and I will give you a few ideas to provide a Valid comparison.

You will end up taking unlimited hosting at a small fee. its a choice, but as you build your skills you will need more
to take you to a level you never thought possible.



You must have a domain and this can be done in two ways.

  1. Buy a domain with a keyword around what you are selling or promoting. Cost about $10 a year.
    Whether you have dot com. or dot net or dot.biz will probably depend on availability even adding a county code like Au for Australia. If you are in the world market use a single code or if local use the country code.
  2. At Wealthy affiliate free service, you can use one of their domains for free. Your business name@siterubix.com

This is fine for a simple blog or funnel site. I use both depending on my needs

Hosting for Free.


Free website hosting

We are talking free hosting so again The wealthy affiliate site lets you host two domains and a SiteRubix for free

Not only that you get all the following included


Page builder

When you are starting out a page builder leads you to all the correct setup procedures and provides a chance of success.
It can be a Blog page, a full company website or a funnel it is your choice.


You need templates for certain pages to easily build your site following a few basic rules. pages like ABOUT ME or  Privacy page are constructed very easily.


There is so much training, chat and support on any subject you choose relating to anything website. A full course or pick a subject, written, video and tests are all included.

Cost of connection

No cost of connection, pricing varies at other sites but at Wealthy Affiliate, you can start a new or transfer a domain into WA
at no cost


Security with free https

All sites will need to be HTTPS compliant in just a few years time. The free version at WA is not compliant but the paid version is. What does all this mean? Basically, the S adds a level of security where others can not see your site unless done in the proper manner. When you get up and running and making money just upgrade to the premium version


Page speed

Free websites hosting

Check out our speed against other well-known sites. We tell you the best ways to premium speed and what you should do to achieve it. This matters, your whole website SEO is based on speed.



Free websites hosting

Search engine optimization is about getting found on the net. This is the motor that delivers hungry customers to your site. You can be stalled in Pitt Lane or zooming along like a formula one car. How do you do it, You guessed it. The training at WA leads you to great success using plugins like Yoast SEO to guide nearly every keystroke, BTW there is a free version for you.



Where do we start, Over 220 information packed training modules that can guide you to be a successful site builder?
Weekly live classes and live blogs complete the circle. No one provides so much for free anywhere


Live support, Q and A, chat support it is all at WA. Support is no good unless it is backed up by good resources and it is here in spades. You will get issues along the way so a quick chat can overcome most questions.


Free email addresses

Furthermore, this is only with the premium package but great for when you update.


In conclusion, now that we have covered a few of the basics and included items you will agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the Best free web Hosting package available with even a better premium package.

Free websites hosting

Peter Hanley


Creating email addresses

Creating email addresses

Creating email addresses

First off all in creating email addresses we need to look at what you need an email address for. Home or mobile,  business or website.

Simple mobile phone address using G mail, Outlook, Hotmail or an
address at any of the carriers, Peter@virginmobile.co as an example.

These are easy to set up on your mobile or computer by following simple instructions
of the carrier.

Every mobile phone should have an Email address to both send and receive mail.
The problem is getting an address you want and they will all end with the provider name.

You may have to settle for peter82654@gmail or something equally as non-personal.

It should be noted that most emails can be forwarded to another location so this helps keep everything together. You could have a Hotmail and a Gmail address going to a business address as an example.

So you want a business email with a range of options.

Creating email addresses

First up is the Microsoft office 365 package that comes with free email.

What we are looking for here is a range of choices.

Peter@newbusinessonline.net not peternewbusinessonline@gmail.co or similar
accounts@newbusinessonline.net on and on.

Here we need a carrier to host them. My choice is probably a local internet carrier in a city near you.

My reason for this is a local customer service number. Prices will only vary moderately from city to country but you have better control than going for a cheap cloud provider.

Email addresses are important for a business and last for a long period of time, therefore, service and support are essential.


For an outsourced host, I pay an annual fee of au$100 for a choice of 5 email addresses which is under US $6 a month and that is the top end of charges you will encounter.

Furthermore, many domain hosts add a free Email for you. So if your Domain name is your business name like this one is newbusinessonline. So I can have Peter@ or Sales @ all generated from the website.

These will be pointed to a generic name to your computer or free Gmail account.

I use wealthy Affiliate as my domain host and can set up an email in approx 2 minutes, it is that easy.

Having several websites operational I point them all to one of my hosted names

It is preferable or really essential to have your business name in the email. It is all part of branding and image building your name.


Creating email addresses

Email servers work on a couple of different protocols and here I note a bit of advanced training for those seeking more. POP 3 or Post Office Protocol is the host that handles your email traffic. Don’t get hung up on it, pick a provider and let them do the tech stuff.

Finally, we recap for you;

If you want a basic email just get a Hotmail or similar from the web.

Microsoft 365 has it at a cost. Check here.

Find a local provider and do a deal.

Check your domain host for an option.

It is an important part of your business and branding. With a bit of effort, you will be plain sailing


Creating email addresses

Peter Hanley


WordPress category page

how to start a small business online

How to optimise categories on your website effectively

The reasons your category links are so important are fundamental to your webpage construction. We all understand that blogging is necessary and that your articles are easily found under categories

  1. One of the rating factors for website SEO is time on the site. The longer the time visitors dwell the better rankings you get.
    You must provide areas of interest to keep them on the page and this is a primary one.
  2. Your website should cluster like posts together so that the reader will change pages easily to
    find the subject that interests them the most.Wordpress category page
  3. It keeps all the posts tidy and in one place to consolidate the effort. I recently experienced the value when searching my page for a post link. The subject was telemarketing and I posted them under cold calling, telephone services, warm calling when they really fall under one heading.
  4. You should also follow a theme in your posts so that readers can identify with what you are promoting. This is good housekeeping and visual image compliance. You can even use.PHP templates but that is a programming issue I don’t want to attend.
  5. It would be appropriate to have a training theme running with your posts so it is easy to follow.
  6. A category may be grapes, then stories on varieties and pressing, making wine and drinking wine etc

The posts will have a story to tell as you work through them. I did not do this and have come to the realization that I did it wrong. Time to go back to the beginning. We want to tell a story and take the visitor on a journey.

In conclusion Category’s have a link of there own so you can market the link. How do you get the link? Just log into your page go to categories and pick the one you want. The link will show as a web address so you can use that. An example is my marketing category that can be entered directly. This is ideal if you are promoting a range of items on a subject.

More on WP

In conclusion,
Categories can be an invaluable part of your website so treat them well and they will return the favour

Wordpress category page

Peter Hanley


Marketing and social media

Marketing and social media are a fact of business today. We look at the # tag and how it should be used to drive business through your door.

How to stand out in social media and grow your business

The use of # tags in social media is different from Keywords. They are as necessary as dominant keywords but should be considered carefully.

Why are # tags different?

With keywords, you generally look for the least used words so that you can get exposure on the front page of Google with consideration to traffic and volume.

Whereas with # tags you want the current high trending words that are being searched and these are actually listed on Twitter.
As I write this the current high tweet is #harryandmeghan on the day of their wedding, everyone wants a bit of it

No breaks in #words

When doing a  #marketingandsocialmedia for example you will notice that there are no spaces even though spell check desperately wants to fix my bad typing.

You should not put spaces in the words or it does not work

Marketing and social media

Can you overuse them?

Reports say that the use of two or three gets the best results with two outperforming more.
Some say to do as many as possible but Google is a funny beast and again I believe more is not better.

Can you use them in your post?

Yes you can use #posts and I have purposely used a couple in this article but again relevance is the guide to this.

The theory behind # tags was originally started on Twitter to search for articles that you were interested in, just like keywords with a difference.
They have now spread to be common on almost all social media channels. The one stands out is Linked in Desk top that at the time of this article does not use tags.
Interestingly though they have managed to use them in the mobile application. They are evidently trying to catch up.

Finally, what are the most popular tags for small businesses to use and be found easily?

Marketing and social media

#Entrepreneur   #Entrepreneurship  #Business  #Startups  #Wealth  #Success

#Marketing  #SmallBiz  #BusinessOwner  #Passion  #OnlineBusiness

#ResidualIncome  #Leadership  #ThinkBig  #BeYourOwnBoss  #StartupLife

#Ambition  #OnlineMarketing  #HardWork  #GoodLife

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Marketing and social media

Use them as you will.

Marketing and social media is just a part of business life so ignore it at your peril.

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Marketing and social media

Peter Hanley