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Cash in business

Shopping Annuity

The single most important thing to do in business.


Every business is many-sided and contains those issues you must consider. Here we look at just what is cash in business.


Sales are very important naturally because without sales where would you be?

You can, however, have all the sales you want and still be in a lot of trouble.


People are important, they do the sales and the other designated tasks but are easily
changed out.

Cash in business

These days with out-sourcing people have become less important aspect and more an expense.


Premises and branding and are great but one major shift of recent times is working in the cloud.
This means that your premises maybe not all that important.

I will give you a couple of examples. Amazon does not have a store on every corner, does not even have a physical customer presence, just a few big warehouses spread across countries and it the biggest sales outlet in the world.
The merging home supply companies run out of home-based businesses, thing like Meals being delivered to your home, or groceries or Meat and fruit. No shop front needed.

Millions of businesses are now run from home, not just internet businesses but all sorts of occupations.

Shared offices have become common where you rent a desk and a phone to pedal your wares.

Traditional Advertising

For over a 100 years written, hard copy advertising has been mainstream. Business category Yellow pages, for example, carried a paid advert for every business,  thousands of dollars were invested for the top spot. Where are they now?  Newspaper adverting carried pages of local adverts for small trades now all but gone.

Facebook did not exist and web pages were full of spiders, oh how we have changed.

Dress sense in business

Dress sense has taken a big hit. Can you imagine the boys and girls arriving at somewhere like Facebook in a suit and Tie carrying a leather briefcase and shiny shoes? It is not done. A Tee shirt and sneakers on formal days is great attire.

The notorious travelling salesman that would set out on a week-long journey crossing boundaries and be plying their wares. Staying in shabby motels and having affairs with the locals, now all changed.

Business plans

Business plans have changed and are changing as we bend to meet the demands of a new market environment. Nothing is permanent everything is malleable because we must adapt and adapt quickly to what goes on around us. You may have a nice local store, a great capture area and a steady flow of customers and out of the blue, a competitor opens the doors next door. What to do. The short answer is to target better and be different.

Online marketing

Online marketing is an absolute must, Web pages, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc are now all tools of the trade and the only problem is how well you use them.

So what is that single most important thing to do in business?

I don’t care if you are a home business, an online business or a corporation you all have this one responsibility.

Cash in business

The answer is control of your cash, knowing every day where it will come from and what you will do with it. This one simple task can make you or break you and remains as important today as it was 100 years ago.

Spreadsheet it forward and adjust as you go. Factor in seasonal changes, quiet days, public holidays.

Prepare for payroll, tax payments, rent, telephone,  and regular billing among the ongoing expenses.

When and how you will buy and pay for the stock. You should remember that it won’t all be sold by the time payment comes.

It is always a great idea to have a separate tax account where funds are banked as they come in. The Taxman is not generally forgiving.
When you buy stock, even if you get 30/60 day term some will be left on the shelf.

Get rid of slow-moving stock by discounting or promoting to clear that dead money back to cash

Use a professional product or just an excel spreadsheet to compile a daily, monthly and Annual Cash forecast.
The past is a good presenter to the future so look for those peaks and troughs and be prepared.

Money is not a sign of wealth.

Money in the bank is not a sign of wealth it could be an adjustment in stock levels, unpaid bills or other similar events that are all part of cash flow forecasting

Cash, including credit cards etc in your daily takings, are often see as your wealth as they flow into your bank account. You only get the little bit at the end, welcome to business.

Control the cash and manage your future.

this is part of a series of blogs on small business at https://newbusinessonline.netNewbusinessonline.net

Cash in business

Peter Hanley


SEO Small Business Websites

SEO Small Business Websites

SEO small business websites


What the heck is SEO for small business websites and can you do anything about it?


You have a web address, a bit like a physical address, it’s where people find you.

I want to drive to your place, I get your address and look it up on a map,
and alright I put it into a GPS same, same and head off to see you.

Your web address is the same and the same thing happens, we look it up on
the web and go there,

What if we don’t know what we are looking for?

We want an arborist to cut our trees down but they must be local and specialize in big trees and experienced and good looking.

We ask the search engine to find one by typing in all the requirements and then Google or Yahoo or even Bing will find them and give you all the details.

So to be found you need to be pretty specific in your search terms.

Word press SEO is easy.

There are a couple of Apps that help you all the way, Yoast SEO and /or All in one SEO

Which is best? I am not sure so I use both.

SEO Small Business Websites

Probably the most important issue is your Keywords used on the platform or Web or Blog or funnel. I use the free Keyword tool in Wealthy affiliate or the paid version with Jaaxy.

For any term on the internet, Google assigns values that indicate the popularity of that term.

It is no good, as an example having a word  Insurance, whilst there are about 3 million searches a month there would be an estimated 299 companies ahead of you in the listing. At about 8 per page that’s a lot of searching.

You need to think what the average punter will search to find you and narrow the search right down.

SEO Small Business Websites

An example would be Insurance for Shrimp boats, not a lot of searches but at least you would be on the first page.

So if it’s that hard what can you do?

Well, first of all, you can pay for an SEO first-page listing.

SEO Small Business Websites

Google add words lets you list on a word of choice and you only pay when someone clicks on your page.

Pretty groovy right?  Nup wrong.  Depending on the search word or phrase the problem is the cost.

The word Insurance is likely to cost $30/40 per click so your expenditure may rise quickly
Shrimp boat insurance would cost a fraction of this at about $0.30 a click because of the very limited demand

SEO Small Business Websites

IF you are in a small business you can pay someone to do your SEO to rank

your site.

Let’s face it you need to be on page one to be found as over 75% of all clicks come from page one.
Position One is about 42% then position two drops to 12% three to 9% then quickly down from there. If you are on page 20 it is hard to be found

What is a Click worth to you?

SEO Small Business Websites

If you are selling big insurance deals for shrimp boats and you sign 20% of all deals received you would gladly pay $20 a click. Each sale costs you  $100 in click fee but your income is, say a theoretical $3000 it’s a given. Send me all the clicks you have.

If you are paying $100 a successful click and selling a $50 product you are out of pocket.

If your net return on the sale is greater than the click cost you are in business


Meta description

The next big issue is your Meta description. These are the words found under your listing that summarises your page content.

These words should make you want to enter the world of Insurance for Shrimp Boats.


Your web pages need to be structured In the headings, Pictures, number of words, short sentences, easy reading and more to be loved by Google


SEO Small Business Websites

You have two sorts of links internal and external and both are really important.

Internal links go to other parts of your website to emphasise or add more to the conversation whilst external links go to outside Authority sources that back up everything you say on your site.

We all love a Picture But?

Yes, we all love a picture but it must be relevant to the conversation and support the words associated with it. I won’t go too deep into this conversation but you need Alt text and links in your pictures as well.

And Videos

SEO Small Business Websites

In these days of Video, It works well with SEO connected through to YouTube and should be considered on every site

Finally, you need to tell Google what you are doing.

Where am I heading with all this?

You need the free training at Wealthy Affiliate will cover everything we have discussed here.

SEO Small Business Websites by

SEO Small Business Websites

Peter Hanley


Small Business Affiliate Marketing

Small Business Affiliate Marketing

Small business affiliate marketing

So you run a small business and wonder if affiliate marketing is for you?

Whether you can make an extra buck or your business can sell some extra product?

Let’s look at what it’s all about first before we dive right in.

Wikipedia      states  it is other people pushing your product and getting a share of the spoils

Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer. The two forms of marketing are differentiated, however, in how they drive sales, where affiliate marketing relies purely on financial motivations, while referral marketing relies more on trust and personal relationships.[citation needed]

I say that Affiliate marketing and referral marketing are the same if the consideration is equal.

How it all works

I work in the Phone messaging business and my friend in the Onhold messaging business.

Close in name but entirely different structiure. When I get an Onhold lead I pass it to him and he pays me a set amount, a quite generous one. And the same goes in reverse.

We both understand the cost to quire a customer and these free hits are worth a payment.

I also get calls for telephone systems and simply hand them on to my established contact. Again I expect a cut of the action.

Having a few established partnerships helps yourself but also your client. They are seeking a referral to someone safe that will do the right thing and your guidance is invaluable.

Setting up partnerships

Setting up these partnerships has a three way benefit so all parties are benefiting from the action.

Having a link on your Website places this closer to the affiliate banner but word of mouth is more referral selling.

Who gives a toss as long as it works.


The cost of customer acquisition is high


You should be using every avenue to market available to you in the best possible way.

This is just another way to get clients and a way that can be costed.

I give away $100 on a client that returns me $150 on the initial sale. That client then stays with me for several years so my return grows.

If I ran an advert in a magazine that cost me say $2000 I would need to get an extra 20 clients.

An unlikely result at the best

Every business can get partner relationships. Coffee shops and Flowers, flower shops and chocolates, A printer with packaging, Packaging with delivery.

Are you starting to get the idea?

To do a proper by the book affiliate programme takes a lot more internet cost and skills to get it going.

If you are that size business it will generate those extra sales that you would never achieve.

Do get involved in Affiliate income?

I sure do and it takes very little to establish relationships close to your core business.
Small Business Affiliate Marketing

Because I do my own websites I constantly need up-to-date training and support on issues that confound me. How to do something, where to find something.  Help!  I need support.

I found this at the wealthy affiliate where I now host all my sites and use the training and member interaction to keep up with an ever

changing landscape.

As the name states, they are also an affiliate site of which I am 100% locked in on what they do.

If I recommend someone to them I may get a regular percentage of the fee paid. If you choose the free entry that many do so be it, one day you just may need the extras they offer. It is just a bonus for me.

Be careful though, there are a lot of scams on the market so don’t go outlaying a ton of money to get a return.

Others I use are Content Samurai for doing the Videos that I posted on Youtube. These are instructional and sales videos on my sites.


Jaaxy as a Keyword tool. If you are in the market you must understand Keywords and their effect on your marketing. I never attempt a post on my site unless I analyze the traffic first. I pay my Jaaxy fee from my affiliate income.

So small business affiliate marketing is a real product that every business needs to take onboard and work it to the best result. You can call it affiliate, Referral or Mates rates the results are the same. You get cheap sales and make more money, can’t get better than that,

Peter Hanley                        Others in this series

Small Business Affiliate Marketing


What is affiliate marketing about

What is affiliate marketing about


What is affiliate marketing about and how can it help you?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Wikipedia


So that’s what it is but why would anyone use other people to market their products?

The answer is simple in that it increases sales thus delivering more income for the business.

It is simply a sharing of the margin in a product to accelerate sales to increase the total return.

But how does this help you?

Affiliate marketing is the best game in town.

You are probably saying to yourself who wants affiliates and how do I find them?

As I have said before the biggest is without doubt Amazon. A large percentage of sales is done by their affiliates in all sorts of markets. Plus, you can go for large or small items.

Another way if you have a particular interest in a product is to search for companies that sell those products.

A great and little-known trick

What you do is type in Site: URL affiliate Then you find all the details.

I did it with site:nike.com affiliate and there were all the details. This little trick is a well-kept secret so enjoy playing the game.

Then there is JVZoo, warrior forum, Udemi, and another big one at Shareasale.com

Shareasale has endless opportunities for a result

When you want to be an affiliate you really need to present a case of what and how you will go about it.

Having a track record really helps but starting out needs a bit of planning.

You need to have some sort of sales channel and the best is a website or sales funnel.

Doing a review of the product and adding a link to your channel can produce traffic and a great selling point. To do a review you can search the web or go to a local store posing as a buyer. The salespeople will provide plenty of information to work with.

Ethically you should own a product to review it and feature how well it has worked for you. It is not a necessity though. Sometimes doing a bad review on a product has a reverse action where people still buy because of alternate learning.

So how does this all happen?

The selected company that chooses to use you following an application process will supply you with a personal link. Example Nike.com/peter285632 (not real) that identifies you.

They process the sale, ship the goods and cut you a share of the profit. The share may be, say 2% or right up to 20-30-40 % depending on the product.

Now 2%  on an $8 book is around $0.16 so you need a lot of books to make a living.

20% on a home gym at $2000 makes a big difference. $400 a sale would be great.

What do you do?

You need a web page or funnel or sales page at the minimum.

You can get this for free at Wealthy affiliate plus a bundle of training to set you on the road to freedom.

Physical products v Virtual products

We have looked at physical products but what are virtual products?

Virtual is all cloud-based material that may be E.Books, training packages online, web hosting anything you can’t touch.

I am an Affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate along with about 300,000 others. Why? Because it is the best Web hosting, Website builder and niche finder on the market. Am I biased? No definitely not I searched for many a day to find an honest site that would have everything in one place without ripping my savings apart.
If you subscribe to a free service at Wealthy affiliate what do I get? Diddly squat is the answer. But,
if you go premium, and a good percentage do I earn about $22 a month over the time you are a member. Pretty cool?
Then if you recommend someone the same things apply, you start making money every month.

I limit my exposure to a few products that support what I do on a daily basis.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great Keyword tool called Jaaxy. Now you can get access to this for free but if you really want to ramp it up there is a small cost.

Noble Samurai has a side called Content Samurai where you can make great Videos.

Videos are really the buzz and this is so easy. No camera or special equipment. This is also a great work from home business discussed in another blog on my site.

Is it the best game in town, sure is and it is easy to get into. Consider it a great career.

Peter Hanley

What is affiliate marketing about


Make money working from home cold calling

How to Work from Home on Internet



Make money working from home cold calling can lead to a better than average income and in half the office hours.


Cold calling from home

This is a challenge that many businesses don’t want to do but they need a continuous flow of contacted clients.

This is the perfect home occupation as all you need are a Computer, An unlimited call package phone and a list.

Then it’s just a matter of cold calling away, or is it.

Sounds pretty easy but let’s not kid ourselves. It is an art that needs to be perfect.

To get started you need an objective, what you want to achieve. Precisely lay out the result you are targeting. You are not there to waste your time or theirs.

Not everyone loves you.

The first thing you need is an understanding that not everyone wants what you are selling.

Develop a bit of a thick skin and get over the rejection hurdle. It is not personal.

The script needs to, first of all,  follow a theme.  This should be written down but not read exactly as it is.

What is AIDA

I like the AIDA principle a design that has stood the test of time.

First of all though is to determine if you are speaking with a decision maker. Ask the question “are you the right person to talk to?”
So many times we read off a great script and sail along until they say something like a great idea but you need to talk to the boss. Time wasted don’t forget to ask


Your attention line is important because you only have a few seconds to get them interested.

Things like “How are you Today” may get attention but seriously annoy them, I know it does me.

Often I like to send a pre-email and then I can introduce myself and ask if they got the mail. This creates a bit of panic as they do a quick search.

Work on your opening and don’t be afraid to make a few changes until you get it right.


Build a story and the best stories have a bit of a promise of more to come. What the product is, what it does and Did you know what results were gained from those that have tried this.

Time is important because the average attention span is limited. Their thoughts are easily diverted away from you with other local activities so push some hard points and promises.


Why do they need your product, just what it will do for them and the massive benefits they will gain from taking this opportunity?

Use all the tricks to get them worked up and so they can see the benefits and just about feel them as you grow the demand for the product.

Colour and imagery are great tools as you use the Imagine button. Imagine if this generated tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue.
How good would you feel when this starts a Viral procession of new business.

Let them see themselves as winning and achieving not living in self-doubt.



What they need to do, when and how.
This depends on your objective with the call.

Can I make a booking on the 8th at say 9 am rather than would you like an appointment?
Which is your best email
Do you want to order now

Whatever the original objective was to ask for the result you want.  Most of all no beating around the bush go for it you must do it.

Now my final word on this. If you get a yes at any stage shut the front door. Stop talking and retreat with the order in hand, too many times we talk through an order


Did we mention a list?

If you are working for someone they should supply it. Local directories are good as with Google Yellow or pink pages local search can show hundreds in a category.

A phone book or local directory online. Furthermore go through the area codes and stay in your target location.

What to charge?

The best way is an hourly rate with a performance bonus. Look up telemarketing in your area and get a good idea of what is being charged by others. Therefore don’t go low and undersell yourself. People love to pay for the best so, be that when you are discussing price. It is a telemarketing role so sell your self.

Where to get customers?

You can advertise on places like Ebay or the local equivalent or ring businesses around you that may be targeted. Everyone wants a good marketer.

Part of a series

Make money working from home cold calling  What else to do? learn Internet marketing with Wealthy affiliate  



Peter Hanley


What is a work from home scam

What is a work from home scam

 What is a work from home scam and how to avoid them?

Why you need to be aware of the hucksters online as we look at what is a work from home scam.

I don’t want to go on a Scam crusade but this crossed my desk today and I thought it important.

It was important because I have mentioned it in my posts as a product to look at.

During our journey on the net, we often search many programs and join many training camps at various costs.

The demise of a big one

One I did was MOBE, paid my $49 but bailed at the next chunk of dough that was a couple of hundred. That amount quickly rises to thousands in an outlay to gain a credible income.

The premise is you make more money out of high-end products than Low-end ones.

You were continually upsold to a new level of training. Note this well because the upsell is designed to get your money for little more.

Matt Lloyd fronted the product and displayed his growing wealth as a path to follow.
When you entered this brave new world the closers would ring you with the latest upgrade opportunity and they were good.

I was lucky because I did not follow this course but many lost significant amounts of money

The production at MOBE was very slick and the promises great but the end result may well be a disaster.

I am not presuming guilt here as it is based on charges only but I have watched this company closely and they did make a lot of money.
Now the money is frozen as the FTC lay claims to a $125 million fraud

MOBE is in Trouble

The latest possible scam

In basis they said;

The FTC alleges that the defendants falsely claim that their business education program will enable people to start their own online businesses and earn a substantial income. They claim to have a “proven” 21-step system for making substantial sums of money quickly and easily from internet marketing, which they promise to provide to those who join their program.

According to the complaint, consumers who pay the initial $49 entry fee for the 21-step program are bombarded with sales pitches for membership packages.

These cost thousands of dollars, which the defendants pressure them to buy in order to continue through the 21 steps. The defendants eventually reveal that their “proven system” for making money is for consumers to sell the same memberships to others in the hopes of earning commissions on those sales.

Can you recoup your investment

Most people who buy into the program and pay for the expensive memberships are unable to recoup their costs.

Furthermore  many experience crippling losses or mounting debts, including some who have lost more than $20,000, the FTC alleges.

And the report is attached for anyone to make their own decision.

The Internet world of affiliate marketing is littered with problems, stay aware.


In conclusion, I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate for any online aspirant as the most honest training ground available, whats more it’s free to start. They do not have expensive, or any real upsells so you can not lose your hard earned here.

Peter H


What is a work from home scamPeter Hanley

Further reading, Do bloggers make money

Jobs Working From Home

Jobs Working From Home

The reality of working from home.

The great home worker dream is now a reality because of the CLOUD environment for any jobs working from home

The simple version is that the Cloud gives you access to a product from any computer at any time.

The first real cloud service was of all things email and that has been around for a while now.

I moved a business to a home office about 6 years ago and had to look at running a home business with staff spread across the city area.

Living on a cloud is easy.

This was quite daunting to start until we found all the things you can do sharing in the cloud.

We needed a diary that was available to all so we knew what each of us was doing and I found that with Backpack it. Another new one is co responder so that solved that.
Backpackit housed all our stored documents, how to instructions and general communication.

Jobs Working From Home

The next thing was the accounting. Fortunately, we picked the start of online accounting development and went with MYOB but it could just as well been Xero or Quickbooks They all do much the same.

My suppliers were all online so life went pretty smoothly as we canvassed customer using email and SMS marketing, all online. You can run a shop online all sorts of things that were never available in the past.
Mobile phones have multi-call features and photos are easily shared

That is just to say that a home business need not just be one person in can be many working towards the one goal.

Jobs working from home that make money

So what jobs can be done from home. To give you a head start I offer my free book below.
This gives 100+ ideas over a range of things to do.

The internet provides many opportunities and we have discussed Affiliate marketing where you sell someone else s product and get paid, Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best example and the entry is entirely free. They have so much training that it takes some time to take it all in.

Jobs Working From Home

Like any occupation, you must have some idea of what you are doing.
We have all wasted countless hours and dollars chasing rainbows and it does not work. Money is one thing but time is scarce, you only have so much of it so you need to make the most of what you do.

That is why I recommend some initial knowledge on any subject. The Internet changes so quickly that it really is hard to keep up so you also need ongoing support.

I know I rave on about the Wealthy affiliate but the base of everything you want to do is there
Free website and keyword tool and lots more. Log in Here for free

Facebook marketing it is the way to go

Jobs Working From Home

The other one we reviewed recently was concentrating on a single product, learning it all and then selling into a local market. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or any of the social mediums available today.
Every business needs them but few have the time to develop them and that is where you come in.

Make yourself an expert and go from there. When you have one working rinse and repeat.

If you want to sell physical products there is no better place to start than with Amazon. They have a great University course that can teach you everything you need to know about selling from an online shop.
Again, I repeat, learn the basics before going all out on your own.

What about Coaching, a great career

The next best lucrative market is Coaching. You learn a subject like Facebook or email marketing and charge
yourself out to train local businesses. Very few businesses have either the knowledge or the time to do this and they need a push in the right direction. If they are not doing social media they are falling behind.

Almost last in this blog for today is selling online products.

You set up a website and sell other peoples training courses.
JVZoo is a great place to start and also Warriorplus. They have training and everything about the products. Not my favourite but many do this.

Back to Video sales the new buzz

In conclusion, I recommend making Videos for clients using a great tool at Content Samurai.
Videos are in demand and anyone can do this and target a market near you. They have training with lots of ideas and markets which you can target. I have organised it for free for you to try . Click here

Jobs Working From Home

Videos are the new target market so an early bird opportunity sure exists here. It is easy cheap and lucrative, what more can I give you?

Jobs Working From Home  Other products in this series

Peter Hanley

Working from home jobs

Working from home jobs



There are so many working from home jobs that we try to introduce them slowly so that you are not overwhelmed.

I did a book on this available at that details 101 home business ideas available to view.See below.

Today I want to introduce the latest most exciting venture possible that anyone can do.

It is a fact that Videos are taking over the market and that YOUTUBE now gets searched as much as Google.

Furthermore, If you want to know how to do something Youtube is your destination of choice.

To help you I have teamed up with Content Samurai to do my videos.


So, if you want to know how to create professional content videos that are capable of generating millions of views and snatching easy front page rankings?

Then you need to check out this new video system called “Content Samurai”…


I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before…

Mark my words, it’s going to completely change the way you do digital marketing forever.


As you know a video is now critical for just about every aspect of digital marketing today…

However, because creating videos has always been a laborious, expensive and highly technical process, in the past it’s really only been available to big businesses with BIG budgets.

But finally, that’s all changed…

Because Content Samurai’s revolutionary new video creation system is SO EASY to use, generating tons of professional videos that produce an avalanche of traffic is now anyone’s game…

Working from home jobs

And it’s fast, REALLY FAST…

So, if you want the ultimate shortcut to start killing it with video, do yourself a favour and check out Content Samurai out now…

best of all, it’s totally free to get started!

You can get free access here:

This may seem all too easy and it really is. You can do a video in about one hour and load it to youtube.

You will need a YouTube account and that is free plus you will need a Keyword Finder which can be found on this site.

Keywords are how people find you so do a bit of research on this. A great place to start is Wealthy Affiliate free training. Search for Youtube and learn how to get a lot of clicks for your site.

When selling this to local businesses or any business for that matter there are a few things you need to gather.

  • The message they want to deliver, and what is the aim of the video.
    Is it to sell, Describe or promote a business or product?
    Your video must take the watcher to a conclusion or action by the end of the video.
  • Search terms and categories must be identified.
  • Visual images they want to display. Logo address block, staff photo etc.

After doing a few videos in your free trial you will get a good understanding of what you can do and have a demonstrator for your client.

What would you charge for this Video creation?

I believe a $500 charge would be reasonable based on the hours needed to do the project on a nominal $100 per hour charge. As you grow and include a lot more tricks this will double or treble your income with working from home jobs.

Repeat business is good business.

Once you have a customer that likes your product there will be upgrades, changes and new products flowing in on a regular basis.

Do you have the skills?

There is full training on the product and regular updates on opportunities so anyone can do this with a computer and a few basic skills.

Plus there is more.

Noble samurai also has an affiliate option for you to promote this or their other products with a really good trailing income. You can promote the idea to others and earn income from them. You can only do so many videos it is easy to share with others not in your immediate capture area.

You could even train them at a fee and become the go-to coach and make money while sitting at home.

The video maker is without a doubt the most simple and straightforward product I have ever used. This will create professional and saleable products with ease.

Things to do.

  1. Set up a Youtube account. Free and easy
  2. Do a bit of training on Youtube at Wealthy affiliate it’s free
  3. Get your free trial at Content Samurai and start building videos
  4. Make a list of target customers to contact. Hint Real Estate is a great place to start
  5. Start banking your money

More in this series of Making money online

Working from home jobsPeter Hanley



Working From Home Opportunities

marketing in a pandemic


Working from home opportunities can really generate money fast with Social media Management


So you have a Facebook and think you’re pretty good on doing the odd post.

Perhaps do a couple of Instagram and keep them interested.

Did you know people will pay you for this and pay really well?
Why, you may well ask, would people outsource such a simple thing as flipping a few posts?

We are talking businesses here not the casual Facebook poster.

Businesses need to be seen on Social media to advance their position in the market but it takes a lot of time. Time they can better spend elsewhere

It is fact that social media will drive business. It is also a fact that it must be consistent and relentless to achieve best effect.

One mistake of new talent.

It is difficult to be a master of everything. This is particularly so in the early learning curve period when you are trying to go in depth.
This is also true with the speed of change. The social platforms are introducing updates regularly and these are not all good, in fact, some can cause damage to your message.

Can a business grow using Social Media.

The answer is a resounding yes but which one is best.

Working From Home Opportunities

Take the case of Kayla Itsines a young entrepreneurial exercise trainer. When starting out Kayla used Instagram as her platform. Now at just 26 Kayla has an empire worth $63 million and something like 19 million Instagram followers. Yes read that again,, she is only 26 and teaches exercise and she did it.

Yes, she had an idea for a product that has grown but the point here it was all done on Social media.

She lives in Adelaide in Australia a long way from the world market but dominates her niche in a way not many were able to do.

She got to understand her medium, Instagram and used it to the best of her abilities gaining a viral build, a dream of us all to travel the giddy path of a viral climb.

Businesses have no idea

Working From Home Opportunities

Most businesses have no idea. They do a facebook and it sits without any posts and they will tell you it does not work. Your car goes no where unless you drive it. Your business is closed unless you open the doors and stand behind the counter and interact with people. Social media is the same, you need to drive it.

My daughter runs a clothing shop, women’s cloths, country town, not a huge market but enough to get by on. What makes a difference is the daily Facebook post. Now sometimes the post is a product, sometimes a saying, talking about an event, something different every day. She has now built a following that snaps up the new arrivals online.  the request will be like Got that, size 4 in red please, pick up tomorrow.

It does not just happen it takes effort and that effort is taking time away from the real work.

That my friend is where you can offer your services.

You must pass the learning curve first.

Working From Home Opportunities

You will need to talk like an expert, offer to advise like an expert and then perform like one.

It is not all that hard, take the time for a few courses and concentrate your initial activities to one product. Once you have that down pat then move on.

Where do you find customers?

Everywhere. Within a mile of you, there will be 30-50 businesses. Most will need social media support.

Look up their Facebook page, follow on Instagram, check them out on Linkedin and then go to them with a package to build a profile on Social media.

Your Social media is designed to take prospects to a destination. That destination may be the front door or in many cases the company web Page. Here they can gather all the information they want to make a buying decision.

The business mistake on Social Media

It is often mistaken by business owners that customers go from Web page to Facebook page which is wrong. Facebook is a delivery mechanism A Web page is your storefront don’t get them confused.

Should you read any of my posts I go on about the need for some learning. You just can’t pick up a computer and think you know it all and sell from that day. You need some background to base your best decisions for the future. Wealthy Affiliate covers all subjects for free or Google training on the element you choose. The paid courses are usually the best but be careful in your selection there are a bundle of sharpshooters willing to take your money.

The future going forward.

When you have a platform working and you have your customer happy with you what more can you achieve?

You can do emails for them, you can guest blog to the website or Ghostwrite for them. Plan an SMS broadcast or start a second social platform.

How do you get businesses?

You walk in the door and ask them. You send an introductory email all about how you can help them

One way is to do the first one for free or based on a result.
You then use them as a referral base for new business.

What type of business?

The world is your choice, every business should have a social platform.



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Peter Hanley


Working From Home Ideas.

Working From Home Ideas.

Affiliate marketing, become the millionaire you deserve to be.

If there is one way to really make it big working from home ideas this is the easiest and the best.

What is an affiliate marketer?

Working From Home Ideas.

Wikipedia states” Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

What this means is you supply the leads, they do the sales. You get paid a commission. No products, no outlay.

That commission may be a onetime payment or regular ongoing payments over the lifetime of a customer. This will depend on the type of product.

Real productsWorking From Home Ideas.

You have real products that you can sell, Just about anything you can think off.

Furthermore, you might do this in a local market using an outlet near you. Plus you could choose an International market using Amazon.com as the prime example.

Like anything you do, you need some background and training.

Amazon has a great paid University that will take you from zero to success. Or, hang around and read on to get it all for free.

Virtual products

Then there are what we call Virtual products and these can be training courses, how to do something, coaching on the Internet etc.

They are sold on the Internet but have no physical properties.

Working From Home Ideas.

The best places for these would include JVZoo.com  or perhaps  WarriorPlus.

Working From Home Ideas.

Here you get to sell a range of products to buyers located anywhere and at any price. All you do is direct buyers to their website and you get paid.

Products can range from just a few dollars up to tens of thousands per sale so your income will depend on your choice and naturally how many people you send.

Working from home ideasWorking From Home Ideas.

Generally, you will need to use a product before you try and sell it. This is both an ethical consideration but also a realistic approach with a bit of knowledge on what you are selling.

If you are a bit short on funds one way around this is to buy with a 30-day guarantee. Opt out at the end of the time and get your money back if it is not generating funds to clear your commitment.

At Wealthy Affiliate, they run a free course on all things Internet to get you up and going.

To sell anything online you need to be online and to have a basic knowledge of what is needed to build a marketing plan using web pages, templates and social media.

As you go through the internet looking for great ideas that suit your temptations will be presented to you that you really must buy.

One trap for the inexperienced is the Up-sell.

You will be offered a relatively cheap product that will do what you want so you pay your $4.99 or thereabouts and get the product. Lo and behold you can now update this to get even better results for just $24.99.  Not to add that you spend the money to find out you really need the $99 product to make it work. What started as a small investment ended up a large one. In most cases, the original product will do what you want anyway

Some of the top end training products can cost $ thousands to buy while delivering great results in your development. You then need to on-sell the product to recap your funds.

If it all sounds a bit confusing it is! There are just so many ideas we could not cover them in a simple page like this. Here I just want to deliver you to Salvation.

Wealthy Affiliate

I would really recommend going to a product like Wealthy affiliate to get some idea of what you are getting into. Yes, they are an affiliate plan with recurring income that you can make big bucks with.

Most of all they are a training program to teach you the best ways forward into the unknown.

Finally, they all so throw in a free website and hosting as a bonus.

So please my friend, start your journey with some good basic knowledge to save you countless hours and dollars down the line.

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Peter Hanley