Make Money Working from Home Online



Guaranteed ways to make money working online


You sit at your computer and think I want to make money working from home online.

First of all, where do you start?

Make Money Working from Home Online

Like anything in life, you need a bit of knowledge or you don’t stand a chance.

That is unless you go the easy way. Grab something old and put it on eBay, Gumtree or the local sales site and watch the sales go out the door.

You’re on Line, making money but will soon run out of things around the house. Scavenge for more great stuff and do the same.
When you get into the swing of things you can start buying from China.  Alibaba is a popular site where you can buy just about anything.

A warning, get samples and don’t bulk buy until you prove the concept, something sells some don’t. I have several boxes of hot products I would love to sell you. Yep, I overreached.

Make Money Working from Home Online- Shopify

This is done through Shopify, as one choice where you build your own shop on the web. Here you can sell anything you want, legal of course.
If you want to do this for free then get a WordPress site and use Woo Commerce but more on that a bit later.

When you want to make money working from home online the choices are endless and in each episode, in the series, we will explore a new way.

Working online can include the Internet, Facebook, Instagram or any of the leading social media form that is available in today’s market.

Facebook offers many opportunities for those wanting to sell on the internet.

Make Money Working from Home Online

One great way is to set up a group in a certain dynamic that you understand and process items through this. Or, even join a group run by someone else and ply your wares that way.

I have a friend that sells, of all things, USA car number plates. Buys them in bulk and advertises in the group. He adds other old items of an antique nature that can be bought and sold.

You can buy clothing wholesale. Books, health products and market them online to make a great business.
I have a friend that does a Store for ladies fashions to great success. No physical shop just an internet page.

Being found on the Internet

When you want to buy something that is the first thing you do, yep Google it.  However where the hell do they find you in the trillion odd searches every day.
It’s quite easy really and comes back to what they call Keywords as a starting point.
So if you want shoes you type in Shoes, ok there is a lot of shoes so let’s look for men’s shoes.

Still not close so what about a style, something like sports shoes?
Still a long way from where we want to be we need to narrow down to a sport, say Basketball.

Hundreds of people make men’s Basketball shoes so perhaps we come down to a brand, say Nike.

Make Money Working from Home Online

We are getting close here but the next important step is Location.  Saying that this may or may not be an option in your choice with world Wide postage.
I reside in Australia but get products quicker from the UK than I do across the country so sometimes this is not a consideration.

If you have boots that are physical products that someone can pick up then location becomes important

The search then becomes Boots, Men, Sport, Basketball, Nike and finally location.

Does Location matter on the Internet

This is a pretty simple explanation but one that works. To learn more about this there is great training at Wealthy Affiliate and importantly all free. Here you can learn about everything online you need.

The internet is a vast opportunity to make money and one that should be approached with some background in what you want to achieve.

My next post on this will be on Affiliate marketing another great opportunity to make money online.

There will be a division between virtual products and physical products that can be owned and sold by you. Books on any subject, training, coaching the list goes on.

Peter Hanley

Make Money Working from Home Online


Answering Services for Small Businesses




You will love  Answering Services for Small Businesses and what it can do for you.

First of all, having operated Answering Services for Small Businesses over nearly three decades  I believe I have developed a pretty good idea of what works.

In fact, I started in the business because of my belief in their abilities to deliver business.

Whilst the business ran was like many others where the phone had to be answered in under 4-5 rings.

I would boom across the office with a terse demand to someone to pick up the phone, Now!
We were very strong on the issue but we were proven wrong. We trialled a message service set up by an associate and it proved the fact we did miss calls. Unfortunately, my friend went broke so I bought the remains of the business and started my own service.


Answering Services for Small Businesses


Starting at the bottom you have domestic answering machines. These are good for home but have no place in a business. The quality is at best basic, they support One line only and require manual viewing of the messages, a job often not done.

You have some message ability on a variety of business telephone systems.  Traditionally these were expensive to buy and maintain. These days of Hosted Phone systems the product has got better but still pretty basic.

Home-based services.

Answering Services for Small Businesses

You can divert all your calls to another office or home-based worker to take calls.
One company I know that is involved in Car window tinting had many branches spread across the country. This is a competitive industry and every call was a potential sale valued in the $hundreds.

They found an experienced lady that worked from home and was committed to taking after hour’s calls.
The business site calls would be diverted to her and she would provide a quote to the caller at the time. She would copy the site in for a follow up next working day.
Being paid a success rate she was enthusiastic  and managed to cover many of the requirements

Virtual message services.

By virtual it is a professionally recorded voice message that delivers a response and takes a message to be emailed to you. No people involved.
This may be Virtual Answering with a press 1 for sales or 2 for accounts reception service.

This type of service has many advantages over other styles.
First of all, it is volume. They are generally able to take multiple calls at a time and distribute them in accordance with your requirements

Finally, we look at a live service where a paid operator usually in a call centre takes your call and performs all the necessary actions for you.

Answering Services for Small Businesses
This may comprise filling in an appointment calendar, taking orders, calling service people or explaining situations.


What are the cheapest  Answering  Services

Cheapest is not always best so the decision lays in what you want out of a service. If the actions can only be completed in live answering you have decisions to make.
Do you want to be 24/7 answering or say 7 am to 6 pm only?
In these days without international borders will you object to calls be transferred to a low-cost nation for after-hours service.

Can you put up with peak period calls being put on hold when the message service has a peak call/ per operator load?

Cost of a live service will generally run at +%2.00 per call plus many extras

To answer your calls with a “WE are all busy message” is suitable for most situations with the caller’s message being relayed to you via email or call forward

Can you have different messages in an answering service?

Answering Services for Small Businesses

You should have messages for different occasions, a Day message, an after-hours message and a special occasions message at the least. These are all automated so once set in place there is nothing more to do. We talk more about this a Business messaging

Cost of an Answering service call from about $0.40 a call


Is live answering better than a machine


This comes down to need. Some things can only be done live so it is not a question.
If it can be done without a  live message service  the cost and availability options of a virtual service
put it in front of the pack


Do I really need an answering service?

Especially relevant is that every call coming to you comes with a purpose. It comes because of all the money invested in marketing and promoting your business.

Calls that go unanswered are wasted resources be they during a busy day or in the middle of the night.

You must take every call live or virtual to be truly on top of your game. You have Line busy or engaged times, everyone busy or out of the office, the result is the same a missed opportunity.

In some heavy call industries where callers are chasing quotes or information and the line is busy or not answered they simply move on. Gone and wasted.

Answering Services for Small Businesses

There is a funny thing about missed calls, You never know the value lost unless you monitor your traffic with a good overflow business messaging service.

The author has operated a service in Australia for the past decade called Verdi business messaging and has a range of clients across the country.

Answering Services for Small Businesses

Answering Services for Small Businesses

Peter Hanley, This is part of a series on small business products

                                                            Answering Services for Small Businesses


Referral Marketing


Referral marketing is a proven key to new business

Referral marketing is a proven key to new business and should be used at every possible opportunity.

Wikipedia defines referral marketing as the most trusted marketing strategy. It is often defined by word of mouth.

Because this does this work so well and what can you do about it?

Know like and trust

First of all most selling is completed under the rules of know like and trust. If any of these apply you have a greater opportunity for success.

In addition, If someone is referred to you they immediately have trust as they have been conditioned to accept you and after a few words, you will be like old friends. Like is up to you.

Most of all referrals can be almost viral in their acceptance of a statement of quality or benefits.

A new Restaurant can be packed within days of opening with the word of mouth praising the new Chef or location.

Furthermore how often do we ask a question like, do you know a good Dentist or perhaps Doctor and then take the word of the information giver because they said he/she was good.

About know like and trust in business.

Repay the favour for referrals

Referral Marketing






It is Important for a business to acknowledge where possible the contribution or the party making the referral. Due to the fact that we all like to be acknowledged and made to feel good with a thank you for our effort.

In addition, my Chiropractor has a prominent whiteboard stating the latest referrals so everyone going to the surgery can see the names.
As a result, this acts as a promoter to be on the board and to be seen as helping the course.

Furthermore, I have a business buddy in an occupation a bit like my own. When I am asked do I do this job I just say no but my mate will fix it, he will call you back shortly. He pays me a generous commission if they sign on and this forms part of my regular income. I never miss an opportunity to make a referral.

Use referrals at every opportunity

The cost of customer acquisition is really the sum of all your promotions, signs, materials divided by the number of new customers. Take a few minutes and you will soon realize the cost of getting a customer.

Especially relevant is If they walk through the door from a referral they are a free start, make the most of it.

Ways to get referrals

ASK. Nothing easier than asking for referrals, if your customer likes you it is not a problem.

Send out a newsletter or flyer with an incentive for people to add referrals. It works.

Set up a sign or newsletter rewarding those in the name that referral people, it encourages others.

Offer a good incentive or reward for referrals. Makes me jump I am sure it will with others

Refer me on

Finally my Site www.newbusinessonline .com if full of ideas for all business owners. We talk about websites, marketing. Sales and much more.

In conclusion, share the site with friends and sign up for more articles that support small business


Peter Hanley

referall marketing


How to Start a Small Business Online



How to start a small business online for success


How to start a small business online for success is an absolute passion of mine and is now within the reach of just anyone with a computer

An online business is a creative environment that will test your skills and provide you with endless joy as you face the many small challenges that you will meet.

Create a business without capital

You can do this with very little capital or experience as you learn along the way. The learning curve can be slow and steady or fast-tracked to meet your deadline.

Finding a business or establishing a niche to Suit

how to start a small business online

Seek out something that interests you, that you have some knowledge or background in and that you can pass on some of the knowledge you have.

Blogging is the simplest form of an online business, when you get going you can monetize the site in quite a few ways.

Refferral  or affiliate income particularly recurring income.
Selling  advertising on your site using a product like Adsence
coaching  others on how to repeat your lessons

Drop shipping

Amazon is the one that comes to mind here

Shop front

There are two main ways to do this.

Paid using Shopify module that takes you through every step of the way
Free using the Woocomerce module on a WordPress site


There are endless products on the market. You can buy directly from China via Alibaba, books from Udemi hard products from Amazon or any number of international retailers that want your skills.

Advising on the internet

People are screaming for help to use the internet and social media to advance the business case.
There are just so many areas on which to focus that specializing is now a great option.
Website Building
Facebook, Instagram, messaging the list is long and you just need to concentrate on a small circle of knowledge

How do you start going about this: from the internet I copied.

  1. Find a need and fill it.
  2. Write copy that sells.
  3. Design and build an easy-to-use website.
  4. Use search engines to drive traffic to your site. (SEO)
  5. Establish an expert reputation for yourself.
  6. Follow up with your customers and subscribers with email.
  7. Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling.


Sounds pretty easy and really it is to get started.  The real trick is to learn basic website construction first. Everything starts and finishes here.

We help you learn from day one

How to start a small business online

Learn the basics of the web, post and Blog pages over a week or so.

Learn about Keywords and how they work with SEO.

Now pick a URL or your new Use a Keyword tool to find traffic.
Your first URL can be bought from the Wealthy affiliate or someone like
Go Daddy One of the biggest.

Establish where your customers are and how to target them. Local Area,  State, Country or worldwide.
This will make a difference in your market mindset. For example, if you wanted to do one on one coaching you would target a local market. Selling Internet products is a world market.

Define a direction you want to go and with what product, idea or offering

You are going to need help, advise and mentoring along the way. Things can get a bit tricky. We can search Google but it’s great if you have a great feedback forum to ask. 24/07

I use Wealthy Affiliate for all my activities because everything is here in one spot. The best bit is that it is free to join and you get free hosting for a website. In addition a Keyword tool and as much training that you can handle.
Support is excellent but the forum activity is a bunch of raving fans that will encourage you, support you and keep you on track.

Keep the goal in site.

how to start a small business online

Keep the goal in site and work your way day by day monitoring as you go.

Do not fall into the trap of buying every second product on the web to make you rich. We all go there and waste time and money on short cut methods to greater profits. It does not work.
Define a project and complete it before moving on unless you are totally off track of course.

If you are building an income from scratch without spending a lot of capital you need to contribute your time to achieve a result.
Nothing happens without you, so be prepared to knuckle down and stretch yourself to success.
It can be done but not in a day but in;
How to start a small business Online


A concerted effort on a path to your success


how to start a small business online

Peter Hanley



How to make WordPress the best option for web design.



So you want to build a new website and don’t know where to start?

Do you use WordPress or any of the other great options available on the market today?

Let’s start with some facts.

WordPress is used in over 30% of all websites on the market today.
It is continually being updated and you have access to millions of Apps, both paid and free to make it work for you.

It is what they call open source software so all sorts of developers have contributed to the success of the product.

Images can be done free using a product like

So much training is available to access as well as community forums and chat lines as well as support.

Most hosting companies support WordPress so you have a great support base.

The spell checker on Word Press helps you with your writing, spelling and punctuation.

You can build a blog a full website or a funnel very quickly without a lot of knowledge.

Have I said WordPress is free?


Not only is WordPress free if you follow me down the page  I will take you to free hosting, training and a complete how-to manual.

This page is done on WordPress as a blog on a Website that I built that will link you to some incredible journeys.

So what is a Plugin?


Plugins are like little assistants. They help you with your site to do anything you want and many are totally without cost.

They help with security, on making the site pretty with page building and more. One of the most important issues with a website is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. How you get found on the internet when people come looking for you.
Two very popular plug-ins are Yoast SEO and All in one SEO. These two free applications direct you on how to set up a page for the very best optimization. There is no need to pay a heavy price to a marketing company to develop your SEO you just follow the written instructions.

Site speed is Important


If your webpage loads slowly visitors may jump away because we are a very impatient lot.
On WordPress, it is advisable to not have too many active plugins as these may slow you down but guess what.

There are available plugIns to speed you up. Everything is available.

Want to build a shop front?

Again a free plugin from Woocommerce does it all for you as you follow along with the simple instructions.

For the very best free training and support, I use Wealthy Affiliate where you can also host a site for free. How good is that?
Pictures that say a thousand words and adding pictures is a breeze, free from the web, from your own photos even designs you want to incorporate.


It started with a Domain name


When setting up a website you need that all-important address at
If you have one that is great if not you have two options.
1) Go to a host and Buy one. Yep, about $12 a year should do it or. AT wealthy affiliate or GoDaddy

2) Use a sub-domain like your business name @site This is a free option and in many cases is entirely suitable to a purpose.

We cannot provide a full explanation and benefits list here on a short blog but we can point you in the right direction to move ahead with everything you need.


This is part of a series on WordPress, web hosting and affiliate marketing by
Peter Hanley