Business and incentives

Here we look at Business and incentives and debate the value and potential of giving the product away to attract new business.

business and incentives
get your gifts

Giving product away

As I casually glance around my desk I find about half a dozen gifts from businesses. Pens are everywhere, a notepad, a couple of cute gimmicky presents, magnetized calendar all before I look in a drawer.

However, I don’t really appreciate any of these because they have little value. They have been posted to my letterbox or handed out at functions as free gifts and I could not tell you the name on any one of them without picking them up and looking.

Many are from local Real Estate agents that try to get a name in front of you. Theirs is a competitive business and they think it necessary.
Having to choose an Agent recently and only whilst writing do I realize not a freebie from him on my desk.

Finally, this makes me wonder if it is money well spent?

Why give the product away at all?

I see several reasons for giving the product away as promotional items and they change on need.

  • To get new clients.
  • gathering recurring business
  • Maintaining lifelong clients
  • Branding and promotion
  • Introducing yourself or the company

We all have a coffee card in our wallet or purse, you get these stamped so a free coffee is yours after 10 or so returns.
This encourages recurring business and costs very little for the store.
Furthermore, I have four cards in my purse for wherever I go to my regular haunts so all it does is give money away in my case.

The best give away products are those you earn

When you have to expend effort to earn a reward the value increases hugely and the memory is triggered for longer. How do you create the work for effort prises?

The food supermarket business is a very competitive industry operated mostly by National chains with huge marketing pockets. However, their margins are very slim because of the competitive nature of the business.

The Coles promotion

Recently Coles ran a Miniature product promotion. Toys that resembled real shopping products were given per value of shopping spent.
This went viral as Kids and mums tried to get a full set being in a competitive group of families or schoolyard besting.

Naturally, the best ones were in short supply so multiple shopping trips were necessary.

An effort was required to obtain a free product and the results were staggering for Coles.

It was reported a 5.8% increase in turnover for the quarter. In a multi-billion dollar business that is a staggering result for anyone.

McDonald’S do similar things with cheap food. The current promotion is a delightful-looking Apple slice for just One dollar. I have almost driven to the store after dinner to get one of these they look so good.

These slices are probably at cost or just under so they won’t make Maccas any money. Or will they?
You guessed it. You will buy full-priced items while in the store like coffee, a burger or Icecream to go.

When you have to earn it so you appreciate it more. McDonald’s understands this.

Small business trends in the business world.

Knowing your customer and what they want.

McDonald’s is setting up a user experience so you will return regularly.
Coles was setting up a shopping experience that will last the distance and change your regular shopping habits

The lifetime value of a client

gifts with shopping
Thank you.

We are all trying to get that lifetime customer that comes back every time they shop. People who do the weekly groceries at Coles will spend about $250 a week on food and accessories, Take this over say 5 years and you have a spend of around $65,000 in that time.
A car sales outlet that sells you a new car every three years may have a value closer to a hundred grand over time.
Plus how do you keep them coming back?

You must know who your customers are and what they spend the most money on with you. No matter if it is Icecreams or Semi Trailers the need for consistent business will be your future and you must start at the beginning.

The coffee card does not cut it. You don’t know the customer or even the shopping habits so a very limited value for everyone.
A store card is different, You get a name and address and a shopping history with each purchase so you can maintain regular contact

Do you understand the value of a client?

This is a very important question and one that will map out your future.

Your repeat customers are your best customers because they know you, like and trust what you do, and will spend money over the years.

I have a recurring billing business and my average customer stays with me for over 6 years. This is in a telco environment where 24-month contracts are the norm. We don’t do contracts because I don’t want the end-of-term hassle for a better deal.

However, I understand the value of a client and can focus on their needs and what we can help them with along the journey.

So what do I give away to get clients?
A free trial of the service, a referral commission,
and sometimes a sign-on gift that has value. I include Free calls and extra time. We email consistently with business ideas and don’t charge for extras like my competitors. Therefore I give lots because they have value to me.

So, what will be your giveaway?

shopping promotion trolley
Want a gift with that?

It may be simple. My local fresh food market always has a sampler table, while my dear Lady shops I sample, which works for me.
The grog shop has a Shopping Card that gives a cash discount and tracks the buying habits so they can bombard me with mail.
Also, our Pet food store has an understanding of my buying habit and sends a promotion voucher a week before I am ready to buy, come in for 20% or something like that.
A Local chemist keeps track of all my purchases and offers promotion days with all you can fit in a bag at $10.
All my health providers track my welfare with offers
plus the local swim center offers monthly discounts.

That list comes from about a mile radius of where I live to say everyone is giving, are you?

Your local mechanic, free wiper blades coming into winter, the tyre store a free tyre blow up and check. Plus the service station even has a cheap Monday offer on Fuel.

I could go on and on about giving and why they do it.
Perhaps your answer is that it builds customer relations and keeps them coming back for a lifetime of the business.

Small business marketing.

Make them work for the rewards

business incentives and people walking to them
Bring them into your business

When you want value for your rewards they are much better when we have to earn them. Furthermore, your customers will value those efforts far more than trinkets and toys.
Having won a simple competition at the grog shop which is never to be forgotten but I could not name a trinket on my desk.

My final say on rewards

Finally, we are all competing against desperate sales incentives, online shopping, value-driven buyers, and cheap deals so we need to be smarter.
Birthday cards work a treat, newsletters offer a consistent touch. VIP clubs and special client recognition are ways to beat the discount world.

Finally, it is not all about price, it is Know, like, and trust that will build the buyer base and keep them coming back.

You should look at how to save a failing business for more ideas.

The role of Social media

Business incentives by Peter Hanley

How to plan your marketing
Peter Hanley

Affiliate income exposed

Small business trends 2019

What are the Small business trends in 2019 and how do they affect your business going into the new year? Here we look at the things you must do to stay ahead.

What are the small business trends?

As a small business owner and internet marketer, I am constantly researching and reporting on those issues that will make a difference to your business.

Results for small businesses will vary from Country to City even to Town as well as products so it is a broad spread.

What is certain for this time is that Social media is rapidly changing and that you need to change with it or be left behind.

SEO is still at the forefront as your Webpage remains the specific selling point for all your media.

Email and newsletters are not dead and in fact, I am seeing great results with Small businesses pushing emails to their customers.

Keyword management is really taking top shelf in priorities because of the greater search traffic being generated in all classes of media.

YouTube has nearly as many searches as Google so this is taking an increased priority for all marketers.

You will see a change in Social media heading towards a more selling media which will turn our market on its head. A few media are currently pursuing this way of the market.

Instagram is the darling of Facebook and gaining a following that needs to be looked at.

It is all about touch.

A big basket of changes for small businesses with new trends in 2019.

So let’s dig a bit deeper into some of these trends.
These are not in any real order of priority but they are all leading your business in one of two ways, that is Up or out so you need to be the judge.

Youtube is demanding an audience

In the days past many businesses avoided Youtube because of the cost and time of producing a reasonable video. Businesses considered Youtube an entertainment vehicle for Music and movies for the masses and had no place in their minds.
Some decided that it was really easy to do how-to videos that would teach and brand at the same time. Plus connect to a selling point.

Others used it for Selling products and branding and the growth in business users increased.
Smart Phones and Pads also had a big impact because they did not require a full production team to make a simple video.

Then we realized that Keywords were also important so that our great video would be found in a search on YouTube.
It is a fact that YouTube is searched nearly as many times as Google and growing so do you think this may be an opportunity?
We looked at a free keyword tool in another blog on this site

How important is SEO?

SEO logo on new business trends 2019
Even more important now than ever before

Google has 63,000 searches a second or a couple of trillions a month.
Interestingly the top three searches according to Moldova

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google
    So when I say these three outlets are important the figures back me up.

A question then is how do you get found in so many searches being a small or even a large business somewhere in the world?

The answer lies in Keywords and the use of Longtail ones that drag visitors to you. When someone wants to find you what will they type in as a search term?
then the other of course is products so they need to be a specific mention of a term that represents your product.

An Axe is a broad term an axe with a Cedar handle in Idaho is a long tail.

My Video Builder has a great free book on the use of Keywords and it is worth a read.

As well I recently wrote more on this at Online business messaging.

Furthermore, explore your business at a site like Ubersuggest and see what the traffic volume is like.

Must I use social media in my business?

Before I directly answer this I want to remind you that business is all about touch. The more people that see you in any media will increase your chance of a conversion. It is part of the Ancient rule of 7 that stated that buyers would not act until being touched seven times. A rule that still applies to this day. Social media training in business.

You must have a social presence.

Some media is essential and some to suit your market depending on all the demographics and targeting.

LinkedIn is the first one everyone should have. It is a social directory of people in business and is consulted frequently by a range of visitors. This provides some street Cred to you with a nice picture Bio and story. Plus it is easy to do and needs attending to from time to time.

Facebook is similar in that it is a directory of sorts that many lookers use as a guide to you and your business.
Facebook does, however, require constant attention to be relevant.
Now Facebook includes an easy schedule so you can post ahead without being penalized. This allows you to always be current but not spend a whole lot of time on it.
There is no doubt that it is still a great advertising venue to get paid customers pushed into a sales area.
Retargeting and or Remarketing ( the same thing) is there to deliver even more customers at a price per click

Instagram a great choice of media

instagram logo

You will see a lot of hot leads with Instagram particularly in the Women 20-50 age group for a whole lot of products, Clothes, hair, shoes, etc that bring in shoppers better than any other program.

If you are posting to Facebook link to Instagram and see what happens.

One important point with Instagram, owned by Facebook is they don’t like message scheduling and penalize you for using it even though there are ways to achieve this on the net.
It is a live story channel with great snaps and activity.

Instagram is also trying online shopping so you will have an advantage if you have established a position prior to the new Media arriving in your area.

Twitter and others

I wrote on Twitter recently and how it can be a real turn-on for some businesses.
Pinterest is great for mature ladies and can have a place in your business if the market is right

Is social media overrated?

new business trends 2019 and social media
Social media will be Sales media

It is unless you do it by the rules and then it will become your greatest friend.
You must be current and topical and drive viewers to a place where they can spend money.
Social media is currently a delivery channel to a website but with changes in the wind, this will change to a sales-based platform. keeping on top of this will support future business.

Google discovery is new

Discovery ads provide a whole new way of shopping.

Advertisers who leverage Discovery ads will have the ability to showcase a single image of their product or service or multiple images in a swipeable carousel format. Google is taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook here. Facebook has, for years, allowed advertisers to engage passive browsers with engaging image creative and attract qualified traffic at the top of the funnel. Advertisers can now do the same thing on Google—abstain from search intent for a combination of audience targeting, greater reach, and the ability to tell a brand story with compelling image creative and attract qualified new prospects.


This is coming later this year so be prepared

Now Google shopping is also coming

One of the most prominent developments in the e-commerce world is the emergence of shoppable content. Only a few months ago, Instagram unveiled Checkout on Instagram—a new (albeit limited) functionality that allows users to buy stuff directly within the app. Shortly thereafter, Google announced a pilot version of shoppable image search results. The common thread tying these two features together is the elimination of friction. In other words, advertising vendors want to make it less painful for your prospects to become your customers.


This event changes social media a whole 180 degrees turn from Social to sales.

The rise of messenger

This is another product from FaceBook that is getting traction. It is an ideal contact medium for business to customers because it is free and very strong in image generation.
Furthermore, I found it annoying when I first found people using Messenger but notice a big growth in its use. We have email and SMS and messenger as well but messenger seems to be very good for pictures and attachments.
It is easy to build a base as you develop a product and even build a live chat service for one shop Customer contact.

Business directories

As you search Google under this subject you will notice that many will miss this completely as old School stuff and no longer relevant to the market.
Search your business on Google and see just how many directories hold positions on the front page. If you are not in them, and they are free, you could well be missing out. I wrote about directories in this Blog.

Do Newsletter work for small business?

Small business trends 2019 with newsletters
I am an advocate for newsletters

furthermore, I am a great advocate for small businesses using a Newsletter format on a regular basis. I notice that the best-operating stores in my base all use this media on a regular basis. It is not about selling it is all about communicating and earning trust over time. It takes little time for long-term value.

Email marketing is about stories

We also do a lot of email marketing and in recent times tried several ways to get the clicks and links to a better place. Then an Automated sales series using an autoresponder and follow those that click and end up warm dialing.

The latest trend is for storytelling when you write a short story in your mail to increase readership and likes. I was recently reminded of this a fired of a story.

My story for the email

A few years ago I decided I needed to know about internet marketing.

Having grown up in the olden days with the Yellow Pages book that cost me about $27 grand a year and you never knew if it worked or not.

Now it is a Webpage or Social Media and how things have changed.

However, I Now know exactly what needs altering because I use Call statistics and watch the marketing of others to see what works for them.

My first web Page was a bomber, it looked good but SEO was a new thing then and I did not understand all this Internet stuff.
Then I had to go to school and teach myself as much as I could.
Boy, I made mistakes and spent a lot of money doing courses that weren’t all that good but gradually I built up a good knowledge of the things that mattered to my business.

Much of my training came from The Wealthy Affiliate and I adapted that to a business environment.

I deal with small businesses like yours every day and see the mistakes they are making and often their demise because they don’t use the new tools of the internet

This then went into a pitch for my product

Peter hanley

The open rate was over 30% to an entirely new audience so that provided lots of people to contact. I will now resend to all those that did not open the first time to increase this further.
There was one bounce and three unsubscribes so a good result using Constant Contact

Marketing by text for small businesses in 2019

My recent rant on marketing by text gives you an idea that this is a great way for instant sales at a small cost. Results are generally pretty instant so it is easy to test with a small sample.
As an example we had one company send 150 text messages to old participants that had previously been with them to sign around 50 new contracts worth over $12500, a good day’s work in any money.

How to save a failing business is also a good read

Summary of Business trends

We have covered many of the new issues coming along and go back over a few old ones as well. The internet world is evolving and we must go with it or sink and go down. Then I see many businesses that refuse to modify their behavior and get taken out by new and keener operators that use as many touches as they can. Plan your marketing and market your plan.

Small business trends 2019 by Peter Hanley

the author of Small business trends 2019
Peter Hanley

Missed call calculator

Affiliate income exposed

Social media training (business)

We look at Social media training (business) and how you can lift your business profile above the pack and get more leads into the business without a big cost.

Social media training
Not all and not none.

How to pick the best social media

This is always a difficult choice and most people struggle having been bombarded with information. They look at wonderful results achieved by others and think “Why not I”. The answer is really that every business is different and more specifically it is concentrating on one or two media at a time. You can’t do them all because you must do them properly and target the correct demographic to get results.
I wrote more about this and why businesses fail

What social media is growing fastest

There is two stand-out media at this time and they are growing and achieving much faster than all the others. However, there are the traditional ones that continue to deliver what is expected of them without a lot of fuss.
You may know that the Facebook group owns Instagram and Messenger and that Google acquired YouTube ( 2006) so these two entities are putting a lot of pressure on the market.
What is more, they are starting to manipulate results so that they get a better return on their money.

Have no doubt that all these channels are business operations seeking huge returns with advertising income and hence they work your social life to make a profit.

Two stand out Social channels

Ok, one is in each camp, Instagram is the fastest contributor to Facebook growth and YouTube is the darling of Google.

however, before jumping ahead you must first consider your demographic a position which we will cover shortly.

Millionaires have been created almost overnight with viral growth in a popular subject or niche. You could be one of them.

When to choose social media for the best effect

Every business should have a Social media platform and strive to get the best possible benefits from it.
However, you must limit yourself in the choices because they all take time and a half-done service just won’t cut it. The leading experts limit you to two or three choices and no more.
I believe you should have two core products and no more than two to play with.

Is LinkedIn necessary for business?

This is the first of the core products that support your business.
In some cases, this may be a front-line service but for most of us, a buyer’s guide to good marketing.
It is easily set up with a great Photo, nice BIO, and a whole heap about how good your business is. Then occasional business upgrades and product push along the journey.
People that look at LinkedIn are employment seekers, accountants, bankers
and importantly future prospects.
It also links old contacts and friends to keep them abreast of what you do.
New job positions, anniversaries, etc are broadcast across a base keeping you current on factors you would generally miss.

So, yes this is a must-do product for everyone in the business.

Linked in equal for Males and females 25-45 years is about 63% of the base
of users

Facebook is dying, true or false

This is certainly not true but it is changing and you really need to be aware of this to best manage your opportunities.
Facebook makes money out of your advertising so this is the place to be if you want to spend some money.

To the rest of us, it is a directory resource to send business to a sales center.

Many of us look to Facebook pages as a reference to both you and your business. That is why I stress that it must be current and topical at all times.
Fortunately, Facebook provides a great schedule that you can post well ahead of today to achieve ongoing current posting.

It is a definite negative when we search your FaceBook page and either you don’t have one or it is old and neglected.
If you are a local business it is necessary to use it to drive repeat customers
in your demographic. It can trigger a need or desire in a simple post.
Posting should be on a daily basis and be entertaining, informative and marketing-driven. Remember its purpose is to drive potential buyers to a place where they can spend money.

Facebook men 62% and Women 74%
18-29 91%
30-49 28%
50-64 65%
65+ 4%

These figures published by Blue corona are correct in 2017. My belief is that the younger set is moving away from Facebook and the older set is hanging on.
The demographic is aimed to a female audience of older vintage when you are considering your target

My final on this is that it is a core product that needs to be updated regularly and can be considered as a paid venue if you need more hits.

Is Instagram any good for business

Instagram is gaining leverage very quickly. In fact, it is contributing to a large part of The Facebook group’s new growth and getting a lot of attention from them as a vehicle of choice.
I am seeing incredible results with local and international businesses using Instagram in their market.
Instagram is a bit harder to manage as It can only be done via mobile phone and scheduling, even using one of the better programs, does not sit well with Google. Pictures must be good and part of a story so you need to know what you are doing.

I like the guide by Neil Patel with 5 courses as a place to find out more.

Instagram 30% male and 39% female
19-29 64%
30-49 40%
50-64 21%
65+ 10%

My final say is that this is a great female market in the under 49 age group
particularly for small local businesses.

Instagram changes.

In the USA Instagram is trialing a buy now button that will take payment and fulfill a delivery. This is a radical change to social media making it more a selling media. YouTube is also participating in something similar. For this reason, I would have a great Instagram program in place ready to join the new business era.

Why use YouTube for business

Like Instagram YouTube is really accelerating in its growth. In fact, it is used as a search engine nearly as much as Google, and more than Bing.

Whilst Music and entertainment dominate the views business is having good success.

  • Brand building
  • Selling things
  • How to do things videos ( who hasn’t used this)
  • chasing new contacts
  • delivering a message

    Many businesses have stayed away from video because of both the difficulty and cost in production. This has now changed where any iPhone or Ipad can be your tool of choice.
    Using SEO Keywords your searches can be greatly increased thus delivering people to a selling place

Can I do my own videos for YouTube?

As above you can do Videos with an I-pad or phone and have them loaded within minutes. However, competition is very heavy and to be seen requires some special skills.
I use Samurai Content as my builder at a small monthly cost. Furthermore, they do have a free book to get you started on the basis of a learning curve.
You can do a full professional video in a couple of hours for free if you want a seven-day trial. I recently wrote more on this at Videomaker

Is Twitter any good for business

I love Twitter because it is so strong. For a long time, I sat on the fence with this not realizing how many I was following with a quick look at the topics.
Then one day it dawned on me I was a Twitter user.
My best example is Donald Trump who has made an art class out of communicating with Twitter. He is by no means the biggest user but the world press certainly replay everything said. No other world leader has had this input.

I follow a writer, politics, sports, and others than link me through to interesting information.

This is not for every business and has an audience mostly younger equal males and females.
18-29 40%
30-49 27%
50-64 21%
65+ 8 %

If you are clever with words and have a following a great product.


This is good for some businesses with a large female following in the 18-45 age group.
My wife joined and gets great sewing, and knitting articles that are topical and interesting.


The Chinese equivalent to Instagram and one to avoid. TikTok we tell you why.

Where is the best training for social media

For Video it is without a doubt Samurai Content as above. Neil Patel does a great job in many of the units. He has recently come to the for in blocks of training for all sorts of things including a great Keyword Tool.
Facebook cover themselves and Instagram in their own courses heavily biased to advertising. There are lots of courses out there but don’t get pulled into the paid lessons unless you do your research well beforehand.
Udemi is a good one but costs money.
I use Wealthy Affiliate which has courses on all the units and also advises for further studies

In conclusion.

In other articles, I have preached about the 7 touches rule where buyers need to see you seven times before they will commit to buying a product. Social media provides a forum for this as it sends contacts through the chain to where they make a decision to buy.
It does however take time and that is why I have recommended two core products and then chosen one or two as promotional products.

Inbound marketing utilizes many ways to bring those leads in the door.

  • SEO on your websites and articles
  • Keyword selection for being found
  • Social media of all kinds
  • chat boxes
  • advertising with Pay per click
  • Better content

    It is an interesting world so make it work for you

Social media training business by Peter Hanley

How to plan your marketing
Peter Hanley
Home mail

Affiliate marketing income potential

Direct email marketing tool

We look at a direct email marketing tool and how it can rocket your business ahead capturing new sales and increased profit automatically

What is a direct marketing tool?

Generally called an autoresponder or programmed marketing tools they are used by both big and small businesses across the world.

  • They send out emails automatically
  • They check performance rates
  • Link to a buy button
  • Increase your contact with customers.

They are both very efficient and highly successful if used correctly

The challenge is for you to adopt this advanced method and make it work for your business without costing a bunch of time.

What are the downsides of automated marketing?

There are several items necessary to understand before moving forward with this.

  • Establish your identity to increase the open rate
  • Segment your list
  • Use a unique and creative headline
  • introduce yourself and your product before trying to sell
  • write compelling material
  • provide a buy now option button
  • Pictures work well
  • Don’t be upset with opt-outs
  • review your results and act on them
  • Bank the money

What to use for automatically emailing.

There is several tools to use for your automation.

I use Constant Contact and Aweber, I have used Mail Chimp and others in the past but have settled on these two because of the relative ease in which to construct a working profile.

Pricing varies on the number of clients you have in your base and not generally the number of emails sent.

Inbound is easy to set up

I say this because your log-in form takes them directly to your message center.

In the message center you will have prewritten messages ready to be activated. Messages that are written to achieve a result over a selected period.

We will cover that a bit further down the page.

Outbound automated messages

Here we need to be a bit different because we need to choose our targets.

You will set up separate lists that are product related so the email will go to selected persons in that list. Off course, you can combine lists, cut members or make changes to suit your desires or needs.

The next thing is to set up a group of messages that will go to your list.

Now for the fun stuff

The rules are that people buy from businesses they know,
like and trust.

You develop this in a process that starts with an introduction.

It’s like your first meeting so let’s not go for the close but establish a relationship that will last the journey. Remember they are in charge and can unsubscribe at any time.

How to introduce yourself in an email

  • Give your name and contact details
  • Provide a current photo
  • cover your company values
  • push your image
  • Tell them what to expect next email

When you open your emails the ones that get opened are the ones that interest you. Names you know and like.

what are the best email headlines?

This needs to jump off the page with excitement. Give them a reason to open the mail or it will be just another delete item.

  • Gain. Did you miss this?
  • Logic. This is your next step
  • Fear. Are you missing out?

This also applies to the footer, your last words should be what to expect next, again some ingredient of anticipation so your next mail will have great results.

How best to write an email

Your email has just one job. It is to sell the click.

You should always write for the readers’ benefit. What is in it for them?

  • Every page has a buying link to a page or funnel
  • Then use the critical keys of
  • Curiosity
  • Direct benefit
  • Scarcity

It is also important to maintain your brand or how people see your mail. Each should be the same and as well as where you link to. Consistency is essential because the visual appeal supports the know and like of your business

How to monitor your emails

This is an essential part of the process and should be done regularly to see what results you are getting and what return you can expect.

My challenge is always to increase my stats so that I understand that my progress is positive.

  • How big is your base and is it growing?
  • What is your open rate v your industry
  • similar to your click rate
  • Follow up on those that click
  • Those that Optout as a percentage
  • Monitor those that bounce
  • Any that reports spam. ( there will always be some)
  • What are the best subjects you have sent?

Never fret about those that disconnect, there are many reasons that we will never comprehend so instead think of them as list cleansing.

What is business marketing?

I wrote about business marketing in a recent blog and I shall give one more piece of advice in ” The Rule of Seven”
The rule of seven is an old marketing term that dictates a customer needs to be touched 7 times before they will buy. It may be three or even five but time has proven seven to be the average.

It happens on TV and radio where advertisements are repeated regularly until they are lodged in your brain only to return when a buying time is near.
That is why we send out a stream of emails to help with the touch cycle.
However, there are other ways as well.

Best ways to promote your business

I also wrote about this recently on my blog business promotion but let’s look at a few ideas here.

Your front end to attract visitors is:

  • Your website with great SEO and a capture box
  • Regular blogging on your website
  • Social media that should include
    Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram as basics
  • Local directories if a fixed business
  • Your current customer list
  • Newsletters

All these are there to push people to a selling site, your webpage, or funnel of one on one.

How to finish an email series

They finish when a customer leaves you because your content is no longer of interest. Those that remain will go into a Newsletter series using your direct email marketing tool programmed to regularly send out interesting correspondence.
Newsletters are not generally designed to sell. Rather they are there to inform channel customers to a buying site.

However, when someone clicks on a product of interest you may consider putting them in a new series based on that interest.

I believe Newsletters are one of the more important products in your playbook. They don’t take a lot of time or cost to do but deliver very long-term results. I use Constant Contact as my preferred supplier but there are many out there.

Direct email marketing tool by Peter Hanley

Direct email marketing tool
Peter Hanley
Home mail

How to plan your marketing

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How to plan your marketing

Here Peter Hanley looks at how to plan your marketing and achieve results without throwing a bundle of money at it. Simple steps to great results.

As small business owners, time is really important, and managing that is not easy.

How to plan your marketing
How to plan your marketing. ( and other great tips)

The first things to be left out of your busy day are marketing needs because they can wait.
They are considered to do later problems that don’t really matter.
You are unsure of your success anyway and you have more important things to do.

One of my important rules is that what you do today will have an effect two weeks in the future and what you don’t do today will also have a negative result in a similar time.

When you have a quiet day think back to see why.

Your role as an astute business person is to decide your direction, make a plan, delegate the tasks and timing then it is monitoring the results

Look to your demographic

How to plan your marketing, the starting line

Who are your target market in age, sex, and inclinations? As well as the location you are marketing to.

Wikipedia describes the version here to read

A local expensive dress shop would be younger women in the area of the store but maybe online as well.

Baby shops for clothes and accessories will provide a difference in the market. While it may be young mothers it is really a grandmother store because they are the big spenders in this area.

Pushbike shop is mostly mature guys for their own use or for the kids.

So you go on and do your profile and decide your approach to the market

  • Choose the social channels you want to exploit
  • email marketing for new and old consumer
  • Newsletters
  • SMS marketing
  • web pages
  • SEO
  • ad words
  • Retargeting

I have talked about the seven rules where customers will buy after being touched seven times and that is your marketing and how important it is to maintain a consistent approach.

Social media


Generally, a set and forget plan unless you use this as a marketing tool. Yes, you need to be highly visible with a great Bio and current photo but then only a quarterly check.


An old neglected Facebook page is really counter-productive to what you need to achieve, many of us use Facebook as a search tool to discover things about ourselves and are discouraged when the last post was many months prior.

The good news is that Facebook has a great schedule tool that is easy to use and can quickly load a week or months of posts.

If you are advertising this is a daily control matter that requires attention, it is your bucks being spent so you Need to balance spending over returns

The role of Facebook is to deliver buyers to your webpage or office and not to sell them anything.

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to find clients as well to move them toward a selling position

It is still an essential tool for marketing

Instagram and you

Intsagram and how to plan your marketing
Today’s important addition

Owned by the Facebook group Instagram has seen a meteoric rise in fortunes and is becoming the biggest contributor to advertising growth, furthermore, Instagram is becoming a sales tool in beta trials being undertaken in the USA

They use a sales button on the post which connects to fulfillment. This changes the whole idea of social media from delivery to an endpoint.

Add to this that Youtube is also heading in the same direction so the world will change and never return.

For this reason, include Instagram in all your plans so you can lead the market and not follow.

YouTube is a must include

How to plan your marketing around YouTube

For many internet years, the business has stayed away from YouTube because of both costs and degree of difficulty

Times have changed and now any iPhone or iPad can produce a video in a short time. Add to that, commercial companies that allow you to produce a video in terms of hours not days.
I use Samurai content as a video builder because it is easy and has a low-cost base going forward, They also have a great book on all you need to know and understand You can read it here.

Facebook is the easy one

To maintain Facebook in a proper form I use their page scheduler to do my posts for a couple of weeks ahead. Nothing looks worse than a disrespected Facebook page.

Using Facebook Advertising still works well as retargeting if you wish to spend money to get results.

Adwords is necessary

Well, I say necessary if you are marketing items with a good return on Investment.
A friend builds outdoor sheds that sell for many thousands of dollars. When his future schedule slows down he pays for his place on page one with Adwords. Fills the scheduler then back down on his spending. A very simple process.
Another spends in the thousands per day selling a finance package with huge commissions. It is worth the expenditure.

You would be best advised to use an expert when it comes to Adwords and map out a minimum result you require for the money spent. It is not cheap but it is effective.

Your webpage and SEO

How to plan your marketing including SEO

This should be at the head of the list but sometimes even I forget its importance.
Page one on a web search gets over 80% of the clicks and 80% of these are in the first four listings.

That says you need to be on page one at the top with your search terms or you won’t get seen. Pretty simple stuff.

There is a lot you can do to help this but if you are unsure go to someone for support. Be warned however this is a scalpers paradise so demand payment on results and don’t make promises.

I have written how to plan your marketing although getting the basics right first is important.

Plan your budget and budget your plan

How to plan your marketing and budget for it
It is a must-do.

Fulfill all your free media first of all so that impact is continuous over time.
It costs nothing to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to drive traffic to a web page and hence a sale.

Then chose a paid media and trial for results. If it gets a good return up the ante and spends more to earn more.

However, if it does not work Scrap it and choose another media. Don’t push good money after bad results.

Email still the master

Do you use Email? If not lift your game because it still works really well. Advertising and Remarketing can cost you money but achieve the results and then it is just a return on investment.

I email nearly every day to some part of my base of customers. It might be anything from happy holidays to direct selling something they have seen before. It does not take long to do and the results flow in on a regular basis.

This also keeps your base active and vibrant.

Newsletters are the forgotten ones when planning your marketing

How to plan your marketing

You should take advantage of a regular newsletter. It is part of the customer touch and is a really great value.

However, newsletters are not direct mail, they are not set up to sell the product they are there to entertain and inform and become a part of the seven touch principle.

I get them from many of my customers in a variety of products.

  • Finance broker on the latest housing information
  • Tyre store on all thing automotive
  • Curtain shop on the new season trends
  • Automotive stores on current upgrades
  • Signwriters
  • Yellow pages on Internet marketing
  • Neil Patel on marketing
  • Wealthy affiliate on training

That’s just a random sample on a quick think back

I am not going to buy every week or maybe never however I shall recommend them and when it comes to my turn to buy they will get the first shot.

Think about how to plan your marketing with a schedule and product guide.
Pick the ones that will make a difference to you and go from there until you have it structured so that it is done regularly without a lot of fuss

SMS marketing is underrated. (Fact)

How to plan your marketing with email
Instant action

Sending an SMS message to a market group will solicit instant results. It Might be an Invitation or a launch or product evening. A special discount, a new product release, all sorts of ideas.

You will find that those interested will answer almost straight away with just a few stragglers. The rest are gone for this time. They are busy, away, or simply not interested.

I had a group of retail shops that held a carpark sale every three months. They found that SMS would increase attendance by more than 50% over Newspaper advertising at 1/3 of the cost.

A group of wholesale outlets has breakfast every couple of months sponsored by a supplier. They traditionally rang the 150 companies and told them about it.

We introduced an SMS a week before and an hour before to increase turnout results by over 50% at 10% of the time.

The Tyre store sent out a message to invite customers in for a free tire aircheck. On his first batch, a customer drove in and said you just reminded me I want 4 tires for my Porche.

A Finance broker sent out an SMS every time there was a fluctuation in interest rates and by doing this he picked up repeat clients.

I could go over this often because it does work.

You need to find a wholesale SMS supplier in your area at a reasonable price and with ease of setup.

The great thing is that it is very easy to test. Just select a random number and send a message. The reply will tell you everything you need to know.

I know you should include this in how to plan your marketing because the testing is easy and the results instant

Messenger is worth a look.

Like Instagram Messenger is owned by the Facebook group. You have the ability to contact customers with messages, pictures, audio, and video on a range of phones. It can be done from your desktop or mobile phone.
Like Instagram, this is going to become a selling tool generating free leads and sales in the coming months.
My advice is to get experience early so you are ready to run when this gets going. The face of Social Media is due for a change.

Business Directories.

I have written more on business directories in a recent blog

Within your Keyword or title, there are probably 10-15 local directories. Just google yourself and find them on page one of any Google or Bing search.

Then get a free entry into these to capture more calls and have more spots on page one.

In conclusion

There are many other facets of marketing that you will include and I have tried to give you a few ideas that may help. How to save a business is also a good read

how to plan your marketing by Peter Hanley

How to plan your marketing
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How to plan your marketing

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