Amazon is apathetic to affiliates

Amazon is apathetic to affiliates and if it does not change its attitude there is every chance in will join the list of failed giants.

Amazon was built by affiliate marketing

Way back in 1995 Amazon was launched as an online sales channel offering cheap prices and great delivery. The initial concentration was the sale of books and up to 50 other products.

Jeff Bezos said at the time it was an easy model to follow however few believed it could ever make money. That remained correct through to 2001 when it finally went into the blue line.

The affiliate model allowed any marketer to promote Amazon products and be paid a commission on the sale. There were few restrictions to entry although you were dismissed if you were not making sales within three months.

Over the years conditions for affiliates slowly deteriorated with strict rules and lower commissions.
The commissions hit ahead in March 2020 when they were generally halved making it unlikely anyone can make a reasonable return on the investment.

Amazon and others

It would appear that the Amazon attitude to affiliates extended to the opposition players as well.
They had lawsuits with Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us among others as they rode over the top of anyone that got in the way.

Now turning over in excess of $258 billion a year you would think them an outstanding success, but are they?

Shareholders dilemma

Amazon has never paid a dividend on shares relying on share price growth to keep the buyers happy. On this fact, I was very surprised to see that Warren Buffet had purchased a small percentage of the company (537,300 shares in 2019). Warren usually wants a return.

Competition actions

First of all, let’s look at the main nemesis to Amazon. The hugely active Walmart.
They paid out $258 billion to shareholders last year but importantly was neglected by Buffet a shareholder since 2015 Buffet sold his holding in Walmart to buy Amazon instead. (Walmart share price grew after this)

Market competition to Amazon

Way back in 1995 online sales were a thing out of a space book. Amazon grabbed the market and grew it into a monolith that to this day dominates a storeless community. Yes, Walmart has a higher turn over with revenues last year of $524 billion out of retail stores, online and affiliates.

Interestingly Walmart cut Affiliate commissions at around the same time as Amazon. A sour taste was left in the mouths of all affiliates trying to make a dollar

Market changes by others

gettoing started

Online sales have grown so fast over the past few years that it is now a product used by most retailers across the world.
The recent closure of a large Australian retail company saw 6000 employees put off only to return 2000 of them days later to handle the online sales that went up by 800%.
Over Easter, cosmetic sales increased by a massive 7000% in one day highlighting the consumers change to convenience. ( Myers Australia)

The figures for Amazon online are falling

It is reported that Amazon online sales may have come off and that a 47% prediction is now 37% and that resellers account for 58% of that figure.

According to reports in The Information, eMarketer has lowered its 2019 estimate for Amazon’s share of U.S. online sales to 37.7 percent from its previous estimate of 47 percent. That new figure, according to eMarketer, was derived from “new guidance” from data in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ annual shareholder letter.

Now to be truthful this may be understated by Amazon because of antitrust fears among the mighty. However, reseller sales including affiliates still account for a whole bundle of business.
This is business that may move.

Amazon is apathetic to affiliates know your way out.

What can affiliates do about Amazon

My first answer is to wait out the time until COVID-19 has passed and make a rational decision in the new year. Yes margins are so low it is not worthwhile but a sales increase may turn things around.

Next, if you are considering becoming an Amazon affiliate I would give it a miss and find something else to do.

Finally, I would vote with my feet and find a new world opportunity that really appreciates my effort. Tell Wall-Mart and Amazon you are moving on and to place their business somewhere else.

Will Amazon fail?

Amazon is apathetic to affiliates
sales will decline

Many businesses that failed to read the market left the space.

  • Borders books
  • Pan Am
  • Toys r us
  • Blockbusters
  • Kodak
  • Compaq

International companies that imploded while sitting on their hands and I see more in the future.
Amazon is diversified so I am not predicting, just commenting at this stage

Everyone is now online

The local grocery shop does home deliveries, the clothing shops are online, medication is sent by mail, meals arrive at the door. The list is now so long that it must worry the big dogs.

Covid19 has made online a necessity not a luxury.

The pricing model has changed

In the early days Amazon took a discount position. Above all, the competition was not too worried because the loss of sales was minimal.

This attitude gradually changed and now small retail often holds a price advantage.

Furthermore people now shop the market for the best value, it might be on eBay or the local hardware store so sales are going away from the mighty.

“Amazon’s retail business competes in the worldwide market for retail sales,” the Amazon spokesperson said. “Our competitors include all the other online and brick-and-mortar stores that people shop at every day.”

And as quoted from Jeff bezos

“Third-party sellers are kicking our first-party butt. Badly,” he wrote.

They make no money, pay no dividends, shaft the sales force, fight with the competitors. tangle with the law and lose their market share every day. Not a great BIO.

Amazon is apathetic to affiliates so what are the alternatives

Affiliate alternatives

You will start looking elsewhere for now opportunities.
When you want to find a new supply outlet simply go to Google type in a product, leave a space then type in affiliate and you will have a whole range of sources.

Are there better ways to make money.

BloggingIncome as an affiliate and
from advertising
Email marketingDo it for your self and others
Social mediaSell your skills
Making videosLearn the simple art
TrainingSet up a training course
Websites, SEO Do extra training to move up a level

Just a few small ideas that you may consider along the way.
Have a look at Wealthy Affiliate the home of affiliate marketing and training.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate opportunity from day one even on a free site. You have access to a bundle of training and a support forum that can assist you with any problems.

Recurring income is the best game in town and they will teach you how.

No credit card required, no contracts and no upsell. Start a new career by clicking on the script.


You will believe that companies like Amazon will face many problems in the year to come.

Your benefit is that other opportunities will take over the space providing superior returns on the input provided by you.

This is a great time for affiliates, however, many will be challenged in the transition to a new market.

“Think it, believe it and watch it happen.”

Napoleon Hill. Think and grow rich

Amazon is apathetic to affiliates by Peter Hanley

Amazon is apathetic to affiliates
Peter Hanley

Amazon what to sell

Make money ideas

Is blogging for you

You are looking to make money ideas and they don’t just pop up in random ways, maybe we can help you with a few thoughts on a journey to success.

The Internet is chock full of opportunities it is a matter of what suits you.

As Nobel Laureate Amos Tversky said;

“I’ve won a thousand arguments and I’ve convinced no-one”

We will start this venture at the top and say that before going on an adventure you need some training. The internet world is relatively easy but it does have rules and these rules are very strict.
What I mean is that there are things you must do to have any chance of success.

As Mr. Tversky said you can tell people but convincing them is a whole new issue.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliates a game-changer

Anyone starting on the internet in any format should complete a basic training course.

The Internet is a minefield of opportunities but it is run on a set of rules. If the rules are ignored you can not make an impression on the market. Full stop, end of the story.

  • SEO. How the search engines will find you.
  • Keywords are the right ones to use all the time.
  • Traffic analysis, too much traffic, and you are not seen.
  • Competition analysis, you can have too much competition.
  • Meta Description, what your subject is about.
  • Headings and use of keywords in the body
  • Structure of your site.
    If you understand all the above you are on your way to a healthy business.
  • However, if you are unsure of any one of them read on.
Blog writingContent creationProduct reviews
Affiliate marketingAmazon heroOnline shop
DropshippingOwning stock
FunnelsWordPress or Shopify

A small selection of available ideas

What money-making idea is best?

This is a pretty simple answer and it is “the one that suits you”

I can say to my wife why not write a Blog and she will laugh at me and say I have nothing to write about. She will say to me why not sell something on eBay and I will say I can’t be bothered with the time-wasters.

The conversation can be held in any group. One of my daughters is big on Facebook marketing and the other has an online shop, A son markets on Facebook and another has nothing to do with any of it.

I blog because I want a steady income in the future and I am prepared to go without in the build-up days.

We use a lot of email in business because it returns an instant acceptance if you get the structure correct.

The use of SMS marketing provides instant gratification, they either delete or buy it is that simple.
More make money ideas

Can I make money with multi-level marketing?

Multi level marketing
Can you make it to the top?

The amount of money you can make from MLM is unlimited.
There are many MLM millionaires in the market and most don’t work that hard.

However, getting to the top in a busy field can be very demanding, time-consuming, and expensive.

You will have an upfront capital cost and generally a need to carry stock. Often you will be charged for marketing material and giveaways.

Your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances all become buying targets before they start to avoid you.

However, as you grow and extend your market and realize not everyone loves your product things will turn around for you.

The extrovert will win the race, they will be doing demos and party plans and spending many a waking hour on the product.

The lucky ones will drag new participants under their wing and this builds a pyramid business.

A legal one and not a real Pyramid scheme. It is a close call and many companies have had to prove that they comply with the law. Herbalife is one of those.

So Herbalife, Bessemer, Amway, Avon, Marykay, Natura, Tupperware, Nuskin, etc are all waiting for people just like you.
Are they any good? I use Herbalife products because friends were involved, I have a drawer full of Tupperware and still see parties going on.

The number of people that drop out is a lot more than those that make it.

Best money making ideas researched

Can I start an online shop without a lot of money?

Yes, you can, first set up a free WordPress site using the no-cost Woocommerce plugin.

Grab a few affiliate partnerships like Amazon and similar and start generating revenue.

You might even spend a bit more and go to Shopify and use their platform for selling products they recommend.

I would recommend a bit of basic training as indicated at the start of this page to learn about SEO and a few other rules.

Then the hard slog of getting site views and clicks begins.

Nothing is easy in this world and everything requires energy to drive results.

Online business ideas for beginners

How do I plan to make money online

Like any activity, you undertake it all starts with a plan. I would dare to say with no plan you get no result.

The plan starts with deciding a direction, and where you want to go. Choose your product

Next is what you want to make out of it in a month and a year, be realistic because you need to back it up with real stats.

Now is a timeline supported by your commitment in hours to achieve the goal.

As a Blogger, I spend at least 4 hours a day writing material, I understand that it takes Google nearly 12 months to accept me as a full member. We need a traffic count of 2000 a month to generate 20 clicks and 3 sales which could earn me about $1200 per month growing month by month.

If you did an MLM product, how many people do you need to talk to an end with a sale? Average sale / average return less costs = income.

Know your numbers and grow your numbers to a result.

What is the best affiliate program?

What is Social media like for making money?

Social media is the number one pick because it has so many variables.

Facebook, Instagram. Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Messenger, etc. Being an expert in anyone can build an income.

  • You can teach others what to do.
  • Maybe run a campaign for local businesses
  • Use advertising and marketing
  • Sell things
  • Become a blogger
  • Run campaigns

As business owners, we find it hard to keep up with the social media requirements and require help to be on top of the demands. you can be that help.

Do you need a lot of training for social media?

Off course you do, it is new and changing regularly and you need to specialize to become the resident expert.
However, there is endless free training available that you can do in your own time.

I would, however, advise you to pick one subject and become the local hero. Take that to the market and have it working before starting on project number two.
Probably any business within five miles of you needs help with social media. They may not be doing it or perhaps it is going bad and even costing a bundle of money.
In bounds the suburban hero. here let me help you with this problem and get you on track to make a buck.

Now you turn it into a full-time occupation for a monthly fee and continue to impress them with your expertise. You are the Local Hero and will get many recommendations to expand your portfolio.
The more you learn the more you will earn so it becomes a full-time job and much better pay than day work


The internet world is rapidly changing, so much so that you need to stay plugged in and adapt to the growth.

The old yellow pages business directory ran mostly unchanged for over 80 years, how easy, and expensive was getting business done then.

Nowadays your website needs to be attended regularly because Google can not be ignored, he wants to change and update or you fall down the ranking ladder.

Your role is to take the best opportunity that meets your search for wealth. It is different for all of us and only you can chart your course online.

You can change direction at any place but remember time is expensive so wasting effort is not a good use of your resources.

Make money ideas by Peter Hanley

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Earn money at home

Affiliate marketing exposed

9 stages to writing a blog post. Introduction

What is business marketing?

It is selling products

Here Peter Hanley asks the question of what is business marketing? And how does it affect you? In a fixed or virtual business, proper marketing is essential.

Without marketing, you rely on just goodwill

Whether you be a local shop, larger business or even an online entrepreneur marketing is the backbone of a business. It drives customers into your shop or store.

There are, however, many forms of marketing that may be long term or one hit wonders and they all add up to a result. Here Wikipedia describes it for you.

Where does marketing start and finish?

This starts with an idea and the finish is up to you but my first place goes to a brand.

Do you have a brand?

While this is set up early it lasts a lifetime so it needs the relevant respect.

Great brands include Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook etc which are names that roll of the tongue.

However the name means many things but all are liked and trusted the key ingredients, as well, they have a massive revenue spend on marketing.

Most interesting is that they are all new age names outranking the AT and T of this world by a long way. Remember Walmart and Microsoft as well as the world bank of China in ICBC in the top 10.

In addition, as little business, we can not compete on the world market but we do have our own sandpit to lord over. Just how can we do that?

A Name a logo and a USP

All businesses start with these three things and yours should to although change can be made.
Your unique selling proposition is what your business is about.
A good example is Samsung who reinvented the failing brand by entering the mobile phone market and pushing
quality, design, and price as its USP.

Another that reinvented itself was a small Korean company called Lucky Goldstar. They made TVs for the market that were rebranded to other names. A good name in a small Asian country but not a well-known name like LG where “Life is good”

Every business needs to identify what and who they are with a USP. You can search these for hours and they all say something about you.

There is a little bakery around the corner from me with a bland name like Brighton Road Bakery. They tag everything with ” 3 times voted the best tradesman pie”

We all know Tradies love a pie and they often have a discussion along these lines and the Brighton Road wins every time.

So you have a name, a logo and now add your USP.

Virgin Airlines, make flying fun, made it different from the traditional safety aspect like Qantas who push absolute safe flying.

How the world sees your brand

What is business marketing
A Branding example we all know

What is your shopfront like, your Webpage, all your basic marketing materials like flyers, invoices, calling cards?
Consistency is King and great companies never vary. No logo change, no colour changes, same font etc.

Shop fronts are a window of your business. They invite people in and are fresh and portray what to expect.

Perhaps it is a restaurant with an old world look or a hotel with a large outdoor area and people having fun.

It could just be your website or your Social media call to action. It is what connects to your USP.

Virgin, for instance, have Sir Richard Branson having fun anywhere in the world and Apple with the absolute quality pushed by Steve Jobs.
This is all basic stuff but will make a difference to your result and you can go back and start again.

Then came Social Media

For years we were stuck with written marketing like the Yellow pages or similar that delivered a message to a small area.

Now the world is your market or maybe just your local village the choice is yours.

  • Facebook a must have
  • LinkedIn is necessary
  • Instagram the new favourite
  • YouTube is a must do
  • Twitter in some cases
  • Web Page and SEO
  • Funnels and sales pages
  • others as you wish

Then other things you must do

  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponder
  • Newsletters
  • SMS
  • Adwords
  • Networking
  • Flyers
  • Cold calling
  • Door knocking
  • E.Books
  • Blogging
  • and more

Your marketing. Is your head spinning yet?

If you did every one of these properly you could not handle the business. Each of these can work to send you business.
Yet it is virtually impossible to do them all without a couple of agencies working for you.

Time in business is important and you need to spread yourself over many areas so how can you ever compete in this market?

What is business marketing
Make it easy

Business marketing made easy

Nothing is easy but we can at least have a go at simplifying things.
You must have a good webpage and SEO for any business. It must be ready to sell or direct people to you to take the money. It is a shopfront and back and the one thing that you must do and do properly.

Furthermore, what to do next is very dependant on your business and where you get the most benefit.

Then consider the age are your customers, where do they live, what are their interests and what will draw them in.
Then you design a customer Gravitar and that is where we start.

Facebook is now for the 30 plus group
Instagram 18-30 years old. Storytelling
YouTube 10-60-year-old. Brand and how to do things
LinkedIn for business owners and professionals
Twitter more the educated or academic. Probably good for accountants, Lawyers, writers, political observers and for following the lives of the rich and famous

Easy to set up and a must have media

First of all, you and everyone in business should have a LinkedIn page with a good Bio and Photo promoting your business. When people want you this is the first place to search.
Just this week I had two friends on either side of the country and haven’t spoken for years. Now Jo sells travel and Stanley is in Overseas construction. When we were talking about this Jo Immediately went to LinkedIn contacted Stanley and started negotiation for the $200,000 travel package.

This takes very little time to set up and manage, costs you nothing and If you get the traffic you can upgrade and market your business based on results.

Facebook is dying

What is business marketing
The rumour is not true

Well, actually no it is not, it is just changing and still remains the biggest media on the market.
Think of this as a signpost to your business, it does not sell anything it is there to get interest and deliver people to you directly or by retargeting in paid advertising.
It must be kept up to date and it allows for message scheduling so you only need to do it weekly or longer.
However, a neglected site is not the look you want.
Do your Facebook and do it properly.
I often look at a Facebook site to get an idea of a business, how they are doing or not doing.

The Youtube opportunity for business

YouTube is ideal if you want to share how to do things, display things, unpack boxes, Brand your product and even as a sales site.

Interestingly Youtube has nearly as many monthly searches as Google so it can not be ignored. I offered a free trial of a great product on a prior blog under YouTube Free
Perhaps you can use an Ipad, mobile phone or camera just take in a few basics first,

Local directories

What is business marketing
Shout it out as much as possible

While you won’t see this mentioned all that often but it does work. There are over 100 local directories where you can add your business for free. The top three will generate millions of calls per month over the subscribers.
To find these just google your business name, town or product and have a look at the first couple of pages and you will find a half dozen or so listings, I recently blogged on this at Online directories

Finally to Instagram, ignore this at your peril

What is business marketing

This is the new kingmaker because with a bit of effort it can work really well for many businesses, particularly retail.
Social media has always been about entertainment but Instagram is about to turn stories into selling tools with online buy now buttons. It is a story on its own but makes sure you set up a business account and post regularly.

When your business is failing seek help

What is business messaging by Peter Hanley

What is business messaging
Peter Hanley

How to make money on home for internet

How to make money on home for internet
Working from home

how to make money on home for the internet. If you are here you need help with Keyword selection and making money the easy way.

Can you make money on the internet?

The answer is a resounding yes and the ways so varied that you need to narrow down to a more specific choice.
The Internet is such a broad area that you cannot achieve in everything so I will highlight the easiest to do.
All working from home, not spending much money, if any, to achieve a goal.

Training always comes first

You need to develop some basic skills before you do anything else to have any chance of success.

If you have a basic understanding of the Interent it helps you achieve in a skill set of your choice.

Now don’t go randomly searching high priced training programmes when nearly everything I tell you will be basically free.

The internet is full of scam sites and they are generally the most enticing.
Hey, I was just talking to a guy that is 13 months into his training of 24 months and the subject was how to make money on E.Bay. US$99 a month and he has not made a cracker, He can’t break the contract so he is stuck.
I recommended him to the free training at Wealthy Affiliate and he is now starting to turn things around.

Training helps choice

With an understanding of what is available your choice of direction will become abundantly clear.
You can then narrow down your approach to start kicking goals a lot earlier.

I can not provide you with every opportunity but I can give you a starting reference of areas that may interest you.

Local area, national or worldwide opportunities

Local area

This is a great place to start because within a few miles of you there are probably a couple of hundred small businesses. These small businesses need help in marketing with the internet. They work hard and they don’t have time to learn however they are losing business because of it.

How to make money on home for internet
  • Social media placements
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feed.
  • Linked in specialist
  • Web Page enhancements and SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Advertising
  • SMS marketing
  • Online sales and marketing
  • Videos and storing
  • Photos and pictures

I could go on for a long time but by now you will see that there are many opportunities.
Can you really do these things and make money?
I personally do email and SMS marketing and get a return. I have a family member that Specialises in Facebook marketing and yet another that built an online shop presence and now contracts out her skills to others. All in the local area.
So what is stopping you?

National marketing

You may select your total country as the target market and adapt your ideas to a wider audience.
This requires a bit more skill to obtain customers other than one on one presentations.
It is not hard because the skill sets you are adopting can be passed on to others with proof of achievement.

The World is your market

The very best product here is Affiliate marketing. That is selling someone else’s product and getting paid for it.
No stock, no billing just straight internet marketing.
The best known of course is Amazon now based in many countries. You sell from their massive range of goods and earn a small commission for your effort.
Most companies now have Affiliate opportunities and are easily searched.
You will, however, need to know what you are doing. To get accepted you must have a presence and to be kept on you must have success.
It is both an easy position and a hard one at the same time. Those that grasp the opportunity can make big money

Is blogging for you?

The second question is can you make money from blogging.
The answer is yes if you can build a reasonable following the advertises will follow. You will earn from every advert that pops on your blog.
It is however not that easy unless you really have writing ability and topic of interest.

What about an online shop?

If you have a design bent and able to develop simple shops on the internet using free hosting WordPress and a woocommerce plugin This is your baby.
You can sell Virtual products, affiliate products or even your own products.
Another outlet is Lots of training, lots of ideas bu a monthly ongoing cost

The video opportunity

More and more every day the making of Videos is needed by a business. This is a remarkable opportunity.

  • How to do things
  • Selling
  • Branding

This was once a specialist program but I can show you how to knock up a video in minutes.
You can learn for free and make a heap out of this without any real skills needed.
If I sound like a salesman there is no camera needed, no sound recording. voice overs done for you everything in place to start today.
Let The Samurai people tell you more and give you a free trial.

In fact, I have even organised a free playbook on what can be done. Free playbook.

I also add the pitch from Content Samurai because I could not say it better.

This may help you with Video marketing

Want to know how to create professional content videos that are capable of generating millions of views and snatching easy front page rankings?

If so, you need to check out this new video system called “Content Samurai”…

Content samurai link

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before…

Mark my words, it’s going to completely change the way you do digital marketing forever.


As you know video is now critical for just about every aspect of digital marketing today…

However, because creating videos has always been a laborious, expensive and highly technical process, in the past it’s really only been available to big businesses with BIG budgets.

But finally, that’s all changed…

Because Content Samurai’s revolutionary new video creation system is SO EASY to use, generating tons of professional videos that produce an avalanche of traffic is now anyone’s game…

And it’s fast, REALLY FAST…

So, if you want the ultimate shortcut to start killing it with video, do yourself a favour and check out Content Samurai out now…

And best of all, it’s totally free to get started!

You can get free access here:

How to make money on home for internet
smiley face

You can thank me later 

How to make money on home
How to make money on home for internet
Peter Hanley

Wealthy affiliate legit?

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? A lot has been written about this but listen to the users and not the Knockers to get a true perspective.

wealthy affiliate legit

What does Legit stand for with regard to Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s look at the urban dictionary for a definition before we start this journey.

a shortened form of the word “legitimate“. however, this term is nowhere near the real meaning of “legitimate”, since it is commonly used to describe things as cool or extremely awesome.

I just love the Cool or extremely awesome description because it describes my journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, it is a legitimate company and has over a million really satisfied users that shout its credentials every opportunity they get.

First of all, I have always wanted them to change the name because it does not do justice to their business.
Affiliate marketing is only a part of what they do.

Probably something like “Webhosting, training and page building with an opportunity to make money in many ways” was more appropriate but they thought it a bit long.

I also considered starting a business with no money but this was shelved as well.

Using WordPress as a page builder

Wealthy Affiliate legit
Used by world-leading companies

When you start building webpages, as I did. WordPress provides a great opportunity for accelerated learning.
It’s not like the old days of code writing it is now all about block building and creating great graphics.

Things called Plugins support your activities and guide you on the correct path. Most are free but the more advanced ones may cost a few bucks.

Hey at 75 years old If I can do it so can you.
As an example;
While writing this post I am guided on my writing skills and importantly SEO, or getting your page seen on the Google search.
For a result, I use a plugin called Yoast SEO, which is free, and guides you right through the process and marks your writing skills, offering suggestions to change.

Keywords are the starting point of all internet activity

It is true that Keywords are your search term and Wealthy Affiliate even supply a Keyword Tool that tells you what is good and bad. They are there, free and every contribution to the net starts right here.
In addition, they provide a Pro version but learn on trainer wheels before paying out money.

Have a basic understanding of the internet before you go anywhere. Training is the key.

Do you know where the best, free and full training module on the Net resides?
Yep. you got it in one.
There is no doubt this training is second to none and comes at a price anyone can afford.
In fact, log in here to have a quick look at the first lesson, plus more if you want, it’s all free.

How about a free website to get creative with

Where do you get this? Yep right again at Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, you can have a couple of sites and they are yours forever. When you want to pay for the full package it will be there for you. By a full package, I mean the 50 website package.

SEO is on the table

wealthy affiliate legit

Without some help with SEO, you will be forever lost in the wilderness. It really matters and you will discover the basic rules you must follow to achieve a first-page ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Or, you can pay for traffic

What? Spend money? Yes but spend it wisely to generate a return that is greater than your spend
so you can rinse and repeat.
The problem is that if you do it wrong you are really just wasting money. AT WA they cover this in the training so you have a chance of success.

Can you use WA for any business or just for Affiliate marketing

The answer is any business you want. My journey started in learning basics to better manage my daily business. Furthermore, I wanted to know what went into a website and what it could achieve.
In addition, I was paying good money for someone else to do it and I wanted to keep track of them. Finally, I had them change to my learnings for a better experience and to get a product that achieved all the rules and made page number One

What about Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is getting paid for recommending a sale of someone else’s product.
Amazon is a great example of this and just about any product you can think off can be searched on the net.

Wealthy Affiliate is no different in that they pay you for every successful recommendation. What’s more, you get paid every month for the life of the client thus allowing you to build a business around this product.
Furthermore, you can even do this as a free member. Perhaps you don’t earn as much but it is still a great deal. get a couple of deals on board and upgrade for virtually free.

Support is a must-have

Furthermore, when things go wrong you need someone to talk to. With Wealthy Affiliate, there are several ways to do this.
You have a 24-hour support line for all things technical. Having used this I find you usually get an answer within the hour.

Chat line. For simpler things, there is a chat line to overcome drafting or similar situations. I have spent hours trying to work out a problem when a 2 min chat would have helped.

Ask the forum. This is something special where the question is out of the square but you need an answer.
One I liked recently was “is Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Best for my site”
The debate got going and a consensus was taken with a clear winner.

Sometimes one of the owners will chip in for their say and help guide you forward. Plus they are always available for contact if things go wrong

What about a forum to share ideas.

Our people share wins and losses, personal issues and current topics. It is like Facebook for Affiliates and a very family environment.
In nearly all cases they are raving fans. They frown on spammers and no pushing products are allowed at any time. While this upsets a few it is very necessary for the majority.

Senior members and ambassadors

Everyone gets a rating from 1 to about 300,000. You then grow by participating within WA where a common goal is the top 200. The top 20 are the ambassadors. Many of these members post regular training and ideas that you can follow and learn from.

Another way of learning is to follow my daily blogs at New Business online where I share ideas in starting and growing a business to profit.

Other income from Wealthy affiliate

Affiliate income is not the only source of earnings. In addition, they have an advanced Keyword tool called Jaaxy that you can promote and earn a recurring income from. You can get paid for building training programmes and commenting on another website.
Beginners to experienced all get the same opportunities.
Using Tools like Videos to help grow your following and create extra income. I use Noble Samurai and here I Discuss using it with a free Videomaker.

No program without competition is any good

This is an interesting one because your competition is only you. Should you achieve a certain level of new connections over the year you get an all-expenses-paid vacation to Las Vegas plus share in a bonding and learning session with other winners.

If you think this is an average achievement read what the winners say. We had to hose them down this year they were so excited. Ordinary people like you and me that have followed the training to the end.
At 300 sales you have already achieved a living wage so this is really the icing on the cake.
No, I was not there but I shall give it a shake this year. I can see it.

Finally the Webhosting details

  • Everything is included.
    Free security to SSL
    Enhanced page speed
    Domain purchase
    Spam Blocker
    Your Site Health
    Plus Site Comments
    Then site feedback and
    Email Accounts

In conclusion, should you want anything else, I have probably missed it.
Try it now to start your future today.

Further reading on the internet.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit by Peter Hanley

Image of the author
Peter Hanley

A home business ideas

A home business ideas are based around working from home for many types and needs. Mums, out of work people, extra income, even the young.

A home business ideas image
your path to a goal

So you want an idea on a home business

The list is so long I could write a book about it, well I did actually and you can get it for free here.

The first thing to do is look at what you are good at, or even want to try.

Old age jobs v New age jobs

You have all your traditional stuff, like fixing things, growing things and making things.
The difference now in how you market them.

A local Facebook post can get more hits than a note at the local Deli.

Any marketing can link to a webpage so that everything can be explained in full and you can get contact details.
Letterbox drops, signs, waving flags whatever you want to use.

Most home businesses are now run by and on the internet

This brings in an interesting new job range. Teaching or coaching on Social media, web pages, SEO, Keywords, emailing or any of the new users of the net.

If you are not up with these terms you need to advance your skills.

Instead of renting a shop you can have an online shop and sell other peoples products investing very little money.

You can be an affiliate marketer for millions of products selling but not delivering, billing or supporting. Just getting paid, sometimes every month for years to come.

It is easy to learn Internet home businesses

Full training is available for free, all you need to apply is time and you can be an expert in a chosen Niche.
This will open your eyes to countless opportunities without leaving the comfort of your home, plus, more importantly spending a whole heap of money.

If you wish to have any sort of home business you need to have internet activity.

In fact, any business needs to invest in the latest activities available to them.
A basic email newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedIn, broadcast services, Retargeting, paid advertising, webPages and funnels.

The exciting part is that each of these can be a business on its own. Local businesses outsource a lot of the new Internet activity because they have not bothered to learn it

How do you learn about the internet for small business and the best ways to make money

There are many sources of learning on the net. You can Google all day chasing ideas and get sucked into paying out a lot of funds. Or, you can follow my lead to what I believe is a training source above all others and Is free.

I stumbled upon this several years ago and have in fact done the course twice. The first time I skipped over a lot off content because I thought I knew it all.

I have operated a home business for nearly 8 years, in fact, several home business and have built on my past history in Small business.

I started my internet journey to learn about web pages and moved to email, Social media SMS and bulk marketing. Without the internet, small business will have trouble surviving.

This is your opportunity to build a career.

My Daughter, the mother of three young children with a corporate husband manages to consult on Face book for a variety of clients. She still manages the Gym, coffee and carting kids around town whilst making a nice income.

Another in a similar background has an online business operating from a fixed location. She came from Nursing to the internet by learning in her part-time. What’s more after establishing a full online point of sale business she was able to consult to others to set up their businesses.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can follow many others crafting a full-time income.
A housewife from the USA that won the converted achievers award and was flown around the country as a prise.
A 20 something dropout student that now teaches and mentors others to bring home a working income. He posted a $40, 000 income day for a training course in Mandarin he launched in Korea
Others come from the impoverished backyards of Kenya to the suburban Jungle of New York all achieving wonderful results on the net.

If they can do it you can too

You need to pick your online business.

Nor everyone is the same, some of you will want a traditional business because the internet scares you
and it has passed you by.
By the way, I am 74 years old, a lifetime in small business and 10 years on the internet so we are never too old.

If you want a traditional business do a plan, work out who your customers are and how you will reach them. What you do matters not. Without customers you have nothing and without a plan, you have nowhere to go so start from the ground up.

  • Work out what you are good at.
  • What is your customer profile
  • Where is your marketing area
  • How are you going to contact them
  • Why are you doing this? Money or prestige.
  • Set in place a system to follow.

Then follow the system and modify when required.

Working on the Internet is different but the same

  • What part of the internet interest you.
  • Build a customer profile of a target market
  • Which contact methods will you use
  • Upskill your abilities so you are the expert
  • Do a plan and a cash flow
  • Understand that everything takes time

I work at both a traditional business and an online business so what do I prefer.
The traditional business has regular demands on my time and expertise at any given working day.
I cannot absolve my liability to the business.
Whereas the online business can be put off for a day or more at any time.

If you have no particular skill sets the internet provides an opportunity

Still to this day most businesses have skill shortages on the net. Furthermore, they don’t have the time or energy to upskill.
By choosing an Internet Niche you can quickly become the local expert and ply your trade to businesses in the area.

With my online business, my local area is the world. I teach and offer training and a blog to small business everywhere. My background and skills allow me to do this.

By following my blog Newbusinessonline

There are well over 200 articles that you can search on just about any subject you can think of regarding small business.

Where do I learn the internet?

Yes, I love Wealthy affiliate because it can be free. it is al inclusive and it will answer any question you can ask.

A home business ideas workshop

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Affiliate marketing reviews

Affiliate marketing reviews are not all equal as the web is full of opportunists waiting to Take not Pay. Here Peter Hanley gives some fresh ideas.

You really want to know what are the good affiliate sites.

Affiliate marketing image
and why write a review anyway

This is not a one answer fits all situation as there are many opportunities mostly depending on you.

The real question is who are the good affiliate marketers that make all the money.

In a product like Multi-Level Marketing, the people that make the money are at the top of the Pyramid.
Furthermore, they represent a very small proportion of the group. The chances of a top berth are indeed limited if indeed possible.

Affiliate marketing is different in that the individual’s effort is rewarded equally to all others.
The chance of success is therefore greatly enhanced.

Affiliate marketing depends on you as much as the product

Start your Affiliate life with a training package that will guarantee you a jumped upstart on any base you land.
Learn how to avoid Scams, build a funnel, find Keywords, increase SEO use a better page builder.
If any of these things are foreign to you then up your training now. Just click the image below

Things not to do with Affiliate marketing

The internet is riddled with getting rich schemes and the affiliate area is a great source of suckers.
The promise of getting Rich, working ten minutes a day without internet is too good to resist, hey we have all tried one of these along the way and wasted our money and time.
Many of these come along the lines of training products that keep upping the cost to the next level.

One great example was a product called MOBE.
My Online Business enterprise.

The cost of joining was just $49 something we can all afford as an investment to megawealth. The second step as only $79 so not too hard but then $199.
How about $1999 but wait, as you can’t afford to miss this step we have organised finance for you.

Surely no more except the finance package has been extended to $10,000 and you will make so much money you can pay it all back in a week.
I am not exaggerating and neither was the United States Feds when they closed it down and seized all the funds, hundreds of millions of dollars.

Your finance package was the only thing that remained.

Here is what one guy had to say.

I was a mobe client and I invested about $37,000. I’m so upset to know this so called business was a scam. This is the first time I invested into anything like this and knowing this mobe was in the business for about 9 years and now get caught is a shame. I thought finally something good like this had to be legitimate with all the ads and etc I thought wow I’ll invest and hope to become wealthy. Boy did I learn a $37,000 lesson. Well please place me on the list for the refund. David A

Dozens of media reports at Google/MOBE

This is a sad tale and how to avoid it happening to you

First of all, know what you are getting into. I would start with some basic training at Wealthy affiliate which is free with no expensive upsells. This gives you a basic chance of success.
Next, I would practice with Amazon the biggest and best-known Affiliate site, you probably won’t make a lot of money but you will throw the trainer wheels aside.

Follow this by knowing and understanding what you want to be in. It may be Sneakers or Swimwear, tractors or photography nearly everyone has an affiliate offer.

You can google Best affiliate marketing opportunities or even type into google a product followed by affiliates.

Places like JVZOO, commission bank, Warrior Forum
Max bounty, Share a sale all have lots of online offers. I would say a large percentage of which are not really top-class products if I am being polite.

Beware of scammers.

Some, however, are ok

There are however commission houses that handle the transactions for the entities they promote.
You may want to promote a well-known brand and that is Ok but you deal with a third party that transacts the deals.

You need to sell or you get cast Off

Being an affiliate is great but you must continue to generate sales in a proper and professional manner.

This requires your attendance at all times to maintain the momentum. An example is Amazon who has a three-month window. They need three sales or you are gone and not able to come back for a period of time

Recurring billing products can be different but ask the question upfront

These are the best products where you earn an income every month over a period of time. At Wealthy Affiliate, there are no demands but many companies do have.
I have a product I promote in the Telecommunications sector that demands three sales in three months or no recurring income.
It is not worth it to stay with underperforming entities. That is one reason for you to focus on a product and not spread your self to widely.

Affiliate Marketing is still the best game in town

Where else can you start a business with no money, no stock, no support and still earn a bucket load of money?
Returns can be great with commissions in the 40% or more range down to 5 or 6% depending on the product.

Remember however that 40% on a $20 product is not quite as good as 5% on a $1000 product.
However, you may sell a bundle more $20 products than the dearer cousins.

If you just don’t know where to start the answer is right here. You can earn and learn by clicking on the below image.

I know I push this barrow but it all starts with your learning the skills required. Going in solo will waste your time and money and delay your start and success. Even if you think you know it all there is something for you.

Free to join and start as an Affiliate on day one. It is that simple. Read the reviews of others, see the incomes made and the mistakes made as you start your journey.
Then branch out to a known and respected affiliate programme to make your millions.

It all starts with YOU

Image of author
Peter Hanley

Affiliate marketing reviews by Peter Hanley

Research keyword tool

research keyword Tool

What is a research keyword tool and how can it possibly benefit you? Here Peter Hanley talks about Keywords and provides a free tool for you to use.

What is a Keyword Anyway

First of all, it is your internet address. It is how people find you among the billions of addresses on the Internet.

With just a few searches on Google or Yahoo etc visitors can land on your website, blog, funnel or particular page.

All keywords are not created equal. Short keywords like say for example Nike will take you to a billion places using the word Nike so how can you hope or expect to be found.

The answer is to add a tail to the word. The longer the tail the better the result will be.
We could have Nike in Albany but there are thousands of towns called Albany so we need more.

Plus Nike sells Shoes, casual wear, sporting equipment etc so we need to narrow this down.
A search on Google to see Nike outlets came up with the following answer.

In the United States, Nike products are sold through about 22,000 retail accounts; worldwide, the company’s products are sold in more than 160 countries. Both domestically and overseas Nike operates retail stores, including NikeTowns and factory outlets.

Now that’s a lot of outlets that will be ahead of you in the search term.


All Keywords have a traffic count

Nike, for instance, gets about 1.7 million searches per month or furthermore if you are on the first page 293k searches in a month. The bad news is that there are about 90 pages ahead of you before anyone finds you

How do I know this?

because I use a tool that tells me everything I need to know. The basic tool is free with the advanced professional version paid for

This tool also comes free with the Wealthy Affiliate program

Same tool but with some training thrown in.

Image of Nile shoes

Nike a seach term and a Shoe

Image of keys

Search your Keyword

Unsure of Keywords? I have discussed this in lenght at Keyword suggestions

See how much traffic is generated and what the first page viewers will see. Remember that the first page gets about 75% of all traffic so by page three you are out of the park

Image of author

Peter Hanley marketing

Peter Hanley writes daily on matters of Internet and Business marketing at New Business on Line

Read my blog

Coronavirus and business

Why would you want to read my blog?

Why would you want to read my blog? First of all to see what I have to say, more importantly how I say it and what action you will take because of my content.

Blog writing starts with the end in mind.

You are writing your blog to achieve a goal. That goal may be to convince people that paleo is the diet of choice, Nike is the best shoes, The world is really flat or any conversation you wish to have.

Do you want to know exactly how to achieve this?

There is more than one way to write a Blog

First of all, A blog is a story to be told, A story that won’t be read unless your title has intrigue. No matter how good the story, unless the cover gets you in nothing, will happen. There are however exceptions to this.

  • A subject of great Interest still needs to be exciting
  • An Author you follow. Not everything ill is read
  • A great photo at the start, halfway there
  • Using celebrities to headline your story
  • Posting a mystery to be solved, gets them every time
  • Intrigue, a bit of mystery
  • A brand. Something you follow but the title still opens the page

So no matter the subject the title is the second most important element.

Image of blogging
What takes your interest

I get lots of emails and read just a few. I search many articles and read-only selected entries usually on the first page.

This all then comes down to niche blogging and defining your Niche.
If I am into fishing I won’t read housing sales and If I am into Flycasting I won’t read deepsea trawling.
The art of defining a niche is really important because that is how you will be found.

Image of blogging
Pick a Niche and let’s get going

The most important element is Your Niche

A niche can be too broad as in the subject fishing for example when I am interested in Trout fishing during winter on Lake Ontario.
If I Googled just fishing I would never get to my desired location and find out what I wanted to know.
When I get to Lake Ontario then the subject line will draw me into what I will read, it will probably be in the first four entries on page one of a search.

Creating a Brand for your blog

This is not an overnight item and it may take months or years to have a Brand that people follow. When you are considered an expert in your particular niche you may pull a following of people with similar interests.
This comes back to the Know, like and trust formula for internet marketing.
Think about who you follow and why? You will have seen prior material, almost certainly a photo of them and have liked an article written by them.

I personally don’t know any Fishermen in Ontario having picked that out of thin air but I do follow certain people.

At Wealthy Affiliate where there are over a million bloggers many on a daily basis, I follow just a handful of the top contributors because what they have to say is generally relevant but contains factual information.

Saying this I am still attracted by the subject line and maybe the pretty picture before I commit my time to read the article.

Although we are in the same niche of internet marketing that has a billion sub-niches I have followed them for their brand. They are high achievers and want to help others in interesting ways to achieve better results.

Halfway through this blog and we have not yet got down to what we want to say

My point in all this is that you can write all day and no one will ever read it unless you promote your self, your niche or brand and have a way to market.
There is no doubt that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social media entities provide a pathway to your door. Either organically or paid searches
but they, the visitors, still have to drink from the well.

Image of blogging
Blogging tips

Some niches are easier than others, what to look for.

I guess this is not rocket science although it mostly comes down to how broad the search terms are or how local you wish to be. The narrower the search term and the area for the greater the chance of being read.

Now to blog writing and three must do’s

At last, you say what are the tips on writing a good blog?

Spelling, headings and pictures are my first three issues. No one wants to see a lot of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors as you read. You will lose readers very quickly. I use a free product at Grammarly to help me.
For the speed-readers heading summarise the writing and pictures pull them to attention.

There should be no more than 300 words between headings and over 1000 words a blog is good

headings should range down with the largest H1 at the top and the smallest at the bottom.

Other blog writing tips you need to know.

You should write in a positive voice being the authority than you are and include many transition words throughout the article. I use the Yoast Seo Plugin for word press that corrects me for my failings.

Next and no less importantly is both Internal and external linking to your other writing and outside sources as reference material.

I use here as an example Wikipedia

Where can you get more information on blogging

I use the free training at a wealthy affiliate where many guest bloggers lead the way in telling you how it should be. This training by my friend Israel titled Blogging is fun and you won’t get bored and is worth a read.

Wealthy Affiliate is a hosting platform, training system and affiliate program that leaves all others behind. It starts out free for a basic service including a free blog page. You will learn the difference between a Blog, a Page and a Funnel and how best to get to your market

read my blog, image of author
Peter Hanley
Home page

In conclusion, I believe this can be fun, interesting therapeutic and make you money. The trick is in how you achieve it. Without basic training, you have little chance of success. To improve your chances and join me at Wealthy Affiliate

Cloud Marketing

Cloud marketing

Cloud Marketing is the way to take you to the top quickly with great organic growth and super sales for your very own internet business.

Why does Cloud marketing work

First of all, let’s define the cloud. If you are new to this style of operation you may be very confused talking of clouds and other mystery words.
The internet cloud is simply where you host your own material for access by anyone.
Probably the best-known cloud is EMail. Yep, your everyday email is hosted in a cloud. With some minor exceptions, but let’s move on.
What about your Website, where is that garaged for everyone to access. Amazon has hosting sites all over the world and you could be in any one of them.
I found an interesting article by Ingrid Burrington a writer based in New York that explains somethings and you can read about AWS Data centres here

Therefore email, websites, google, facebook LinkedIn etc are all cloud-based services that you can use to market.

The cloud is just a short description of something you can’t see or hold

Yep, there are so many things in the cloud that we could not list them all. but think;

  • Social Media, all of it
  • Banking online
  • Web Hosting, emails, blogs, funnels
  • Accounting systems
  • Billing systems

Hears what Wikipedia has to say;

Clouds may be limited to a single organization (enterprise clouds,) be available to many organizations (public cloud,) or a combination of both (hybrid cloud.) The largest public cloud is Amazon AWS.

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

So how does Marketing come into the cloud?

Nearly everything we do these days is cloud-based.
in the olden days of Marketing, we used Yellow pages, postal service, letterbox drops, handshake meetings all one on one type situations.
Now we use Email, Social media, Web Marketing and all things cloud to interact. It is so much more fun, cheaper and quicker to the market.

So if you want to learn cloud marketing here is the answer.

cloud marketing, image of author
Peter Hanley