How old is Google?

How old is Google

It seems like yesterday when there was no Google but it also seems like it has been with us forever. here Peter Hanley looks at how old is Google?

Google comes of age

It was way back in September of 1998 when was first launched as a project to the public.

Born from an idea by Sean Page and Sergey Brin a couple of Stanford PhD nerds that google was initially a university site.
Interestingly it was not the first nor the last but it has certainly claimed the top spot.
The first was called Archie and the product of Alam Emtar of Mc Gill Uni in Montreal some 10 years prior in 1990.

Other to enter the frames in the early days were AOL and Yahoo with AOL dominating the US market

Other interesting bits are they bought YouTube and a couple of non-starters in 2006 for a reported 1.65 Billion in stock so they were pretty cashed up by then

The name comes loosely from the power of 10 to the 100th

Google plus has been a hit and miss project and Youtube was run as a separate company so it is a situation of staying with what you do well and do it well. With an exception in owning the Android operating system.

So 21 years later Google is a household name following the Verb to Google first used in 2002 in the Movie Buffy and the Vampire Killer. It is now probably one of the best-known phrases used.

What would we do without Google?

How many times a day do we look up something we really need the answer to that before was Impossible.

What did we do with the Encyclopedias that came every year and lined a wall with volumes of Solid covered reading?

What amuses me is that some people have to immediately jump to google when there is any doubt in a discussion. I don’t care how much an elephant weighs I only care that they are big.

Searching is not always correct. When I started this post I searched early Google and found many dates wrongly presented. I had to go to the higher authority to confirm them for my post. Wikipedia

, what with Google home we can even talk to our Google assistant and get the feedback we need.

This thirst for knowledge has taken over with the need for instant feedback. An answer to any question in seconds so Quiz nights have to ban phones.

Not quite so old is Wealthy Affiliate a site set up to train you on everything internet.
Like Google it is free so you can get instant answers to many questions.

How to Set up a website
Maybe a Shopify style site
Do your own SEO
Prepare sales Funnels
Email for business
Make money on the line
affiliate Marketing
Work From Home

That’s just a little on what can be achieved on the Internet and you can be the next big thing LOL or at least working independently online

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Peter Hanley

WordPress 5


WordPress 5 is not a bad word, in fact, I have found it really helps with building a blog page but you need to find your way around

First of all, you don’t need to be all in or all out. WordPress comes with an optional plug-in called Classic Editor. You will need this to modify your old posts and pages and if you are a scary cat about the new page builder.
You load the plugin to your site and then just turn it on or off.
Pretty simple stuff

Little boxes all in a row.

Just like the old song WP 5 is all about little boxes. You choose a box using the little + symbol and then follow the prompts. This allows the correct separation and aligns the work for you.

This really is a great time saver because it takes a lot of the manual work away from you and becomes second nature after a couple of runs.

The boxes start at headings and move to paragraphs then every element you want to include. 

Yoast can help you

Having the Yoast SEO plugin installed still comments on both your writing and your SEO either at the end or along the way.
A quick check and I am told my sentences are too long so trim them back for easy reading.
I will also start to be more positive along the way. 
Using Yoast as you go helps your structure.

Now the (i) button

You are going to just love this new addition.
It gives you a count of words, paragraphs, headings and blocks as you go.
Your headings should always flow down as your page builds.
Just yesterday I checked a blog and I had inserted a couple of H2 headings when I needed H3. Under the traditional system, this would never have been noticed and affected my SEO

I upgraded to WP5 

I had tried Gutenberg and became disillusioned for some reason so trying 5.1 was an experience that I shared here

So I don’t want to go line by line because you will learn that on your own.
I want you to go in the deep end with a few things to help write your blog

The sidebarcontrol section

This takes a bit of getting used to as you go to the different section.
One is the current block you are working on where you have text, colour and advanced settings. This drop cap is an example.

Then the document settings showing information on the Post, then your categories, tags and picture header

In the old version, the feature image would not download unless 200 pixels deep. Now it matters not. I don’t know whether this will affect your SEO so to be a safe stay at 200 deep where possible. You can only crop down in the image window not up.

Writing or placing code

You can write in code or use a block. Here I have used a block

WordPress 5

Here I have used code using a formatting block and what is difficult is the ability to place it on the page.

While you are looking at the right panel and changing the size etc You need to go back to the top panel to position the block and insert your link.
This was a bit confusing at first but easily learned.

In general, you have the ability to build a better post more quickly and far more accurate than before

I dropped this link in because your Keywords are still the most important item on the page. People search for Keywords. not good writing or nice pictures so do your research before you start. You will notice that this is an interactive block with just search regularly changing. When you insert your HTML code right-click the block and go to the top left and alt between HTML and preview

Another quirk in WP 5

When you pick a heading box it automatically selects H2 and you need to change each one to the size you want. You should work down as you complete the page. Fortunately, when you click the Info (i) it tells you what you have done and you can change it easily by just clicking on the box and picking the size you want

In conclusion

I can only find benefits in this new WordPress 5 product. There will be issues I have not communicated but you can gather those as you use the product. Remember you can always go back but I dare you, never!

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by Peter Hanley


Wealthy affiliate complaints

Wealthy affiliate complaints.

Here Peter Hanley talks about Wealthy affiliate complaints. What are your rights, obligations and how do you go about addressing them?

Everyone has complaints

How true is that?  The complaints are always very real to the complainer and it affects your rational judgement when you have an issue.

The problem is exasperated when it can’t be attended and fronted with real solutions as we lurch from an attempt to try, to again fail.
The problem gets bigger and the waste of time gets more annoying when we can’t get a quick answer.

Are the complaints real?

You don’t care if the complaint is deemed real, It’s your complaint and boy it sure is real. So let’s get this out of the way.

wealthy affiliate complaints

We do see members complaining about problems in the forums and the good thing is that many contributors put a good light on the complaint and also offer reasonable solutions in a kind and friendly way.
I sometimes tend to be a bit harsher when it is really a  mess up.
At Wealthy Affiliate, there are hard and fast rules and members get banned for breaching the rules and they usually cry “Why me”?.  It’s the rules honey don’t mess with them.

Support is there to help

Your second port of call is support. My experience has always been good, I actually typed great but backed up a bit. I  could maybe add a Very in there in most cases.

Support doesn’t know everything. It’s a fact but they will try their very best to address the problem and arrive at a solution. However,  sometimes they fail.
I am sticking pretty much to Wealthy Affiliate here as that is the subject line and I know we have all had problems elsewhere but I can’t fix the world. I, like you, have suffered some nightmare experiences trying to get things fixed. In fact, I was with another hosting service with a training site that I had built. I lost the ability to log into Word Press and went to the Host, and then to the owner of the theme. Ended up scrapping the idea.

Go to Live Chat

Here you get community support with an answer to most questions. So vent your spleen to the full extent because most are pretty forgiving. It does not always work but back to support for another go.

When all else fails

Now, this is something you won’t see in many places but I have seen and experienced it many times.  You must exhaust the normal channels first but if you can’t get an answer there is one last solution.

You side message one of the owners on the facebook page or on the main page and state your problem, what you have done and that you can’t get an appropriate response.
Now, Kyle or Carson, the owners of WA will respond to your request. You might like the answer or not but you will receive a positive outcome.
I did this with a well-known Plugin that stopped working.  I went through all the channels and ended with Kyle. The response was the PLUGIN was not supported by WA because of security issues and could not be used. End of story. Not the answer I wanted but a formal conclusion to the problem.

So there you have it.

Members Forum
Live Chat
The owners direct

If you can’t get it off your liver by now you can always change carriers it’s your choice.

Wealthy affiliate complaints by Peter Hanley

SMS marketing, image of authorPeter Hanley

Scam reviews

Scam reviews, are they real or are they just a great way to get your leads.
Here Peter Hanley looks at them from a different perspective.

I often look at product reviews when I am thinking about a product or article and have become somewhat disillusioned with them.

The reason is that reviews have become the home of manipulation of the
product away from their sale towards something very different.

How often do reviews just provide a bad comparison

Many of todays’ product reviews have a sole purpose of shifting you from one product towards a competing product.

The review may not be factual, it may not be competent it may even compare unfairly but how do you know?

When the author is blatantly recommending another product it is pretty darn obvious. So just bail from the page and find some relevance somewhere else.

Are product reviews thorough

  • At first glance, you can usually determine the writer’s degree of knowledge of a product and just how much thought has gone into the article.You should remember that writing reviews can be a done with an alternate motive.
  • It is a way to get traffic.With traffic, you can sell advertising on your site so sensational headlines workIt is a way to get affiliate income.
  • This is usually associated with the really good reviews and glowing results of instant wealth with no effort.A way towards selling another product.
  • This is usually done with really bad reviews or as a branding exercise for those in the business.

What is the motive behind the review?

I have written reviews on Wealthy affiliate because I earn money from them. I also believe it is one of the best marketing and web hosting product on the market. Nothing, however, is perfect so look for the bad points and see if they affect you.

Writing reviews

I have a friend that writes reviews almost as a career. It is a branding exercise but she just loves writing to  OUT the scams that appear daily on the web. Yes, she does recommend another way to do things as a consideration but her understanding of the Scammers is really professional.
Writing reviews and doing surveys is really the bottom feeder market of the internet.

Is their balance in the product review

In a rare review, you will see the products lined up side by side so you can see what you get with each involvement.
This is an example of two products from the same owner.

How to write a product review

First of all, do your research. Understand the product and what it should provide.

Do an Introduction.

Introduce the product and why you are doing a review. Who you are and why you have gone to this exercise

Declare the product owner and some background on them.

There are many very good products on the market whose owners have a regular following. The crew at Wealthy Affiliate for starters, Ryan Deiss, Russel Brunson, Davis Purdue as examples.

Who is the product for and what is the best use of it?

No one product covers every need so look at who the target is and what the product can deliver.

List all the good points

Yes, you can find them, and we want to understand just what it does well.

List all the bad points

There are always some downsides, it might be cost, complicated, hard to understand not relevant


Writing and reading reviews is for a purpose that is personal to you.
It can be to make money, a customer service, a branding exercise or many other things so start with the end in mind

Is the review on a scam product

The internet is full of products that recycle the same rubbish over and over. Make a $1000 a day without effort.
Become an Internet Millionaire overnight, Throw in your job and earn $100,000 a year doing surveys.

You see them everyday popping up on your computer with great promises and exciting posts.

If you think it is a dud product, tell the readers that this is the case and tell them why you think it is so.

You get nothing for nothing, everything takes effort and understanding based on training towards achieving a level of competence


My take on this is towards reading reviews with a grain of salt. Do your own research and compare different reviews for the real results.
Writing reviews can earn you an income. People read reviews and believe them and follow on what is in them. They also believe in magic, so, be the Tooth fairly and deliver some real results based on an honest assessment.

Alert, before joining one of the many make money writing review sites follow a few simple rules.
Don’t pay out any money.
Know why you are doing it.
Obtain a basic understanding before you start.
Research well and entertain.

PS You get all this at Wealthy Affiliate free training

Scan reviewsPeter Hanley



Understand Google analytics

Understand Google analytics

Understand Google analytics

Knowing what you are doing and making corrections along the way can achieve 100% or greater results.

This is not a comprehensive guide to Google analytics because neither of us has that much time
It is Just a few tips to get you started here at Newbusinessonline

First off all do you use analytics and how do you start.

Signing into a Google account is really very easy and analytics is just one of the programs on offer.
You should have analytics’ for every website you own and actively monitor the results.

Your analytics account offers a code to be embedded at the top of your page or post. This is invisible to the reader and is simply placed as at the top of the page.
Let’s just run through that; this is for WordPress and some others

Skip this section if you are using analytics now

Log into Google Analytics and sign in ( or start for free first)

Choose your account if you have more than one at the top right Picture
Then log into Admin at the bottom left column.
Middle row should be Property settings under which is Tracker info.
Copy and paste the code and go to your web-page or post.
At the top right you have two boxes Visual and text.

Click on text and go to the top of the page above everything else. Go up a couple of notches and add the word in brackets
<HEAD> then, directly underneath paste the code you copied from analytics. Update and carry on.

Now we have set Analytics we move on

There are a few important issues with your analytics account that show out and make the difference.

Understand Google analytics

The first is mobile verse Desktop percentage.

You should now write for Mobile readers because the Google ranking looks at mobile first and ranks from there, is was the other way around until very recently but things change so change with it.

Bounce rate and Google analytics

The next is the bounce rate the lower the percentage means the more people that are actually interested in what you write. At 100% you are only getting trollers that mean nothing to you.
You can have massive traffic but no one comes in the door so do something about it. Change your header, review your content or more importantly review where traffic is coming from.

Your country and Analytics, does it matter?

You should also look at The country where readers are, Are you writing for a local area or worldwide.
I do one general site on Cats that was just a trial but aimed at my market in Australia. 80% of readers are in the USA so I have changed my writing to reflect situations and words that mostly fit that region.

What pages rate in analytics?

Understand Google analytics


And Finally, the pages report what people read, how long and how often gives you an insight into your writing and whether you are entertaining them.

This is but a small percentage  of what analytics can do for you and there is a lot of information on the report page to troll through

Analytics is real time but reporting the next day. You can see active readers live at any time but the day’s report follows. This can be adjusted.

Knowing your progress means you can make changes so look every day.
Google has a habit of doing mind-blowing things where your followers can be wiped out at any time.
If you understand what is going on you have a chance to correct the issue.

So take the top issues that concern you and by following the results make changes to improve your post /page.

I recently changed my Header and increased my readership by nearly 20%. I was just not getting an early bite and they were not taking the time to consume all my great content.

Keep tweaking until you have it right

To summarise this ;

1) You must have analytics on your site and check them daily.

  1. Target your audience and write to them
  2. Write to a mobile phone set up.
  3. Use Headlines and header to get attention
  4. Maintain attention using great  Content
  5. Add videos to enhance time on the site.

Understand Google analytics by

Understand Google analytics, image of authorPeter Hanley


Others in this series that are similar;
Pictures in a blog
Trump and Business
How to improve SEO for a website


Will Messenger take over from email?

Will messenger take over from Email?

Will Messenger take over from Email?

The rise of instant communications with real-time messaging is upstaging

Emails may / may not get opened. They may sit for days before being answered.

Whereas messaging needs a response.

I have noticed an uptake in Messenger service from businesses over the
past months and this coincides with the rise of the so-called BYOD method.

Bring your own device

Bring your own devise or BYOD is the new trend in businesses. No one
wants to carry two devises and we don’t want just a company unit
so we add a business element to our personal phone. Be it mobiles or IPad the result is the same.

This brings it owns problems for IT security in managing its add-on network.

Email v SMS

Will messenger take over from Email?

The email was challenged by SMS for some time because of the mobility of SMS
but it has not taken over.

As SMS became a product the use of email addresses on mobile phones
increased thus dampening the damage to an industry.
They can both contain attachments but SMS is limited in message length giving strength back to email.

There is also a big cost difference with SMS far more expensive than email, particularly in bulk sending.

International borders also favour email as the web is truly international in aspect

Now we have Messenger which may be more damaging.

It has a quicker acceptance mode than emails. It can have attachments It is really cheap to operate
Good competition prevails with other services It is International and the message length is not limited.
Pictures, logos and links are available

In fact, Messenger includes the best of all services

Facebook’s messenger service is just
one of the new breed services driving the need for innovation and
enhancements Google G mail is also included in this line

Will messenger take over from Email?

Others include;
What’s App, Face
time, Facebook, We Chat, Line, Viper, Blackberry
message, Telegram, Kakao talk

I personally resisted messenger to
start because it resides away from my main phone programs but has
now moved it to a more prominent position so it gets my attention.

My younger brigade started using it so I was forced to conform and take
a look at what it provided.

I notice that many vendors now use messenger as a platform service and I include Microsoft Outlook as an example.

This drives greater use of the product to the users. Interactive games and a few other great add-ons as well.

I see Instagram in a different field as with Facebook which has a message ability but neither are mainstream messaging.

I don’t downplay either service they just play in a different Playpen.

Email is not going anywhere just yet. I continue to use Email on a daily basis and still achieve good returns as I do with SMS but we should always be prepared for the rise and fall of products.

Will Messenger take over from Email by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley




Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate

Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate


Nirvana; the ultimate state of enlightment


Wealthy Affiliate is based in the USA  and has over 1.5 million active users.


So what makes it so different to all the others out there?


Having been a web user for some time I have seen the good and the bad.

Is it a scam or a get rich scheme is always the first question you should ask.

get-rich-quick scheme is a plan to obtain high rates of return for a small  investment

Said Wikipedia.

Where do we start? The beginning is always good so let’s look at how you get into the WA community.

First of all, you need no money to enter and to stay forever. Does that sound too good to be true?

What you need to understand in the beginning is a term called UPSELL.
You will often find this when you buy a $19.99 product. Then to make it work it costs another $99 then another $499 and on it goes until they clear out your account
You will have been part of this or you will be in your journey on the net.

It is true to get the full benefit of WA it is going to cost some money.
Otherwise, they would go broke and disappear.
Fortunately, they have about 1.5 million paying customers
so the future looks bright.

The important issue

The important issue is you only pay when you are ready and have done your homework and completely satisfied they will deliver on their promise to you.

The name Wealthy affiliate is sometimes misleading because it portrays itself as an income builder so what else does it do to help you?

EducationReviews on Wealthy Affiliate

This is arguably the best training course for all things Internet. Starter course and an advanced course covering anything you need.

Web Hosting

Premium web hosting with one free site with an included domain and another free shared domain.

You can step up to a 25 domain hosting site for a fee.

Purchase domains

Pricing on this in the first year is at a general market level but subsequent years tend to be cheaper than major competitors.

Keyword tool

Who else includes a Keyword tool for free. I use this every day to select my words.Reviews on Wealthy AffiliateIf you don’t understand Keywords all the training is available

WordPress website builder

Once upon a time, building websites were almost impossible and now it’s almost impossible for even a rank armature not to succeed. Again you have full training.


Things like Https included, site speed included site stats included and more

Making money

This is the bit you really wanted. Well, want no more, Wealthy affiliate will share many ways to make money and the least of all promoting WA. Achieve a  regular income and take a fully paid trip to Vegas Just for your promotion. How good would that be?

Well log in for all the details at Wealthy Affiliate

Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate by Peter Hanley

Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate


Top viral videos

Top Viral Videos with the pros

Top viral videos can be made by you with the correct tool from The Samurai group that does all the hard production work for you. A free trial explained in detail by Peter Hanley Top viral videos


You can create a professional video within a short time with no prior experience, here we tell you how.


Ok, there are a lot of Video builders, some free,  some cheap and some over the top.

Most are very difficult to use and require some guidance to even get you started.

Many of you are too shy to appear on Video but really want to show off a product.

70% of visits from video

Videos really help websites with SEO and customer acquisition and that is why you will see massive traffic promoting new video builders. Right now over 70% of all web traffic comes from VIDEO

Like you I have been hesitant to try this out because of all the difficulties that go with it.

Studios and music, cameras and Mikes the list, and the cost are prohibitive to the casual user.

I have bought a camera that was recommended by one group that is a total waste.

I also don’t like my own image projected to the world, it needs someone a lot younger and better looking than me standing in front of a camera.

Noble Samurai

My search took me to Noble Samurai a company I had long used for SEO and website keyword s and extras when they

Top viral videos

introduced a free trial of the new Video builder. Wow I thought this is really good
So I did a couple of videos and the results were quite good. They added the background and some music so
the effect was good.

Fast forward 12 months and a couple of upgrades later and you have a product that is excellent.

It is hard to believe the result from just a bit of effort. Ok I wrote the script and pressed a few buttons, recorded my voice and saved it.

They added a background picture that matched the wording, trimmed all the slides, added music and it was ready to download.

Now to Youtube

The next was my YouTube channel if you don’t have one I recommend you set one up it is free and quite easy.

I logged into YouTube,  my download video in MP4 format was moved to the download button on YouTube and it was set up. That was easy.

I grabbed the link from YouTube and inserted it into my webpage for anyone to download.

In fact, I actually went to Canva free graphics and made a little sidebar widget to put on this page.

All this is included in the Training at Wealthy Affiliate all free but that’s a story for another time.


Learn how to build a Video in 30 minutes and get a free trial subscription


Top viral videos



Real quick from the Samurai himself

If you want to generate traffic online, then you NEED this tool.

Top viral videos

Here’s why…

Right now over 70% of all web traffic comes from VIDEO, and by the end of next year, it’ll be over 74% – which is just insane!

If you have been avoiding video marketing because you didn’t want to get on camera or you thought it was too complicated – this tool is perfect for you…

It is hands down the easiest way I’ve seen to create traffic-generating videos quickly…

So, if you’re going to need traffic in this year, this is how you’ll get it…

Speak soon,

Peter Hanley

Telegram messenger

Telegram messenger and other items of Interest.

Telegram messenger
Why did the Russians ban Telegram

Was it banned in Russia? In 2018 a Russian court ruled that Telegram should be banned because the service refused to hand over user data. The Russian authorities claim this was to combat terrorism.

Telegram has gained notoriety as the terrorists’ messaging app of choice. It was reportedly used by ISIS, who

recommended it to its supporters and members because of its security features.

Telegram responded by blocking public channels operated by ISIS to spread propaganda. But it refused to censor private messages based on “local restrictions on freedom of speech”.

What is Telegram

Just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger Telegram Messenger is a messaging app that works over the internet. What’s more, you can send messages for free by using your Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data allowance (providing you have data of course)

According to Telegram, the service has more than 200 million monthly active users.

What is Slack

Telegram messenger

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Slack is an internal messaging service for business sending about 9 million messages a week to the 50,000 paying companies that use Slack

We Chat


This was launched in 2011 as a premium Chinese based product. It claims hundreds of million users mostly Chinese.

They all so offer a smart pay platform and other social ideas like games, stickers etc as the Chinese market would dictate.

Probably a very good choice if you are dealing with that country. Wechat


The world of communications and messaging is growing every day so you need to stay ahead with these regular reports


Telegram messenger

Peter Hanley


WordPress free at Wealthy Affiliate

WordPress free at Wealthy Affiliate

WordPress free at Wealthy Affiliate or just about anywhere for that matter but when it comes with a website, domain and training this really is the package.




Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate


IS WordPress really free?

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, it is. WordPress is built on an open source platform that anyone can use. It is however just the software to build a website, sort of the structure to develop what you want. See more at Wiki

So what comes with free WordPress?

As they developed the WordPress platform they were followed by a bundle of, what is termed, Plugin Builders.
WordPress plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site.

There are literally thousands of plugins that are available free and these help with site security, SEO, tracking, picture building etc.

Plus you can buy plugins often at a little cost to really add to the functions of WordPress.

When do you use WordPress?

There are two things you need to build a WordPress site.

You need a name for your site and a host on which to store it. This site is built on WordPress with a domain of and hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. In this case, a paid hosting but you can get it for free.

Do you need to code to build a WordPress website?

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate

No answer is ever 100% but no. Word press has two sides to it. a visual side or WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and a text side for those a bit more experienced.

You can write, use pictures, draw all sorts of things as you build a site without any coding knowledge, sort of child’s play.

Do you need a lot of training to build a WordPress website?

No, you don’t. Although to do it well yes you do. Like anything, there are right and wrong ways to do things but you still get a result they are just not as good.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can start with a free site, chose a name and start the experience. Not so sure? Well, there is also free training on every subject relating to WordPress so you can’t go too far wrong.

Will you cope with WordPress?

If you are 8 or 80 you can do this. What’s more, it is so much fun. It can be a hobby or a full-time job it’s all up to you.

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate

Link here 

The Author is Peter Hanley

Wordpress free at Wealthy Affiliate