Make money working from home cold calling

How to Work from Home on Internet



Make money working from home cold calling can lead to a better than average income and in half the office hours.


Cold calling from home

This is a challenge that many businesses don’t want to do but they need a continuous flow of contacted clients.

This is the perfect home occupation as all you need are a Computer, An unlimited call package phone and a list.

Then it’s just a matter of cold calling away, or is it.

Sounds pretty easy but let’s not kid ourselves. It is an art that needs to be perfect.

To get started you need an objective, what you want to achieve. Precisely lay out the result you are targeting. You are not there to waste your time or theirs.

Not everyone loves you.

The first thing you need is an understanding that not everyone wants what you are selling.

Develop a bit of a thick skin and get over the rejection hurdle. It is not personal.

The script needs to, first of all,  follow a theme.  This should be written down but not read exactly as it is.

What is AIDA

I like the AIDA principle a design that has stood the test of time.

First of all though is to determine if you are speaking with a decision maker. Ask the question “are you the right person to talk to?”
So many times we read off a great script and sail along until they say something like a great idea but you need to talk to the boss. Time wasted don’t forget to ask


Your attention line is important because you only have a few seconds to get them interested.

Things like “How are you Today” may get attention but seriously annoy them, I know it does me.

Often I like to send a pre-email and then I can introduce myself and ask if they got the mail. This creates a bit of panic as they do a quick search.

Work on your opening and don’t be afraid to make a few changes until you get it right.


Build a story and the best stories have a bit of a promise of more to come. What the product is, what it does and Did you know what results were gained from those that have tried this.

Time is important because the average attention span is limited. Their thoughts are easily diverted away from you with other local activities so push some hard points and promises.


Why do they need your product, just what it will do for them and the massive benefits they will gain from taking this opportunity?

Use all the tricks to get them worked up and so they can see the benefits and just about feel them as you grow the demand for the product.

Colour and imagery are great tools as you use the Imagine button. Imagine if this generated tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue.
How good would you feel when this starts a Viral procession of new business.

Let them see themselves as winning and achieving not living in self-doubt.



What they need to do, when and how.
This depends on your objective with the call.

Can I make a booking on the 8th at say 9 am rather than would you like an appointment?
Which is your best email
Do you want to order now

Whatever the original objective was to ask for the result you want.  Most of all no beating around the bush go for it you must do it.

Now my final word on this. If you get a yes at any stage shut the front door. Stop talking and retreat with the order in hand, too many times we talk through an order


Did we mention a list?

If you are working for someone they should supply it. Local directories are good as with Google Yellow or pink pages local search can show hundreds in a category.

A phone book or local directory online. Furthermore go through the area codes and stay in your target location.

What to charge?

The best way is an hourly rate with a performance bonus. Look up telemarketing in your area and get a good idea of what is being charged by others. Therefore don’t go low and undersell yourself. People love to pay for the best so, be that when you are discussing price. It is a telemarketing role so sell your self.

Where to get customers?

You can advertise on places like Ebay or the local equivalent or ring businesses around you that may be targeted. Everyone wants a good marketer.

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cold calling techniques

7 cold calling techniques that will support success

cold calling techniques

Throw out the rule book to cold calling techniques because everything has changed. The world is inundated with calling scams and everyone is wary of the telemarketing phone calls. Find better cold calling techniques in this quick guide.

  1. Your list

    This is everything. It must be current and targeted to what you want to introduce.
    Set up a plan and quantify the results you want to achieve, Then increase it by 10% a week. No complacency allowed here.

  2. Your script.

    Throw it away if you got it from a book it no longer works. YES, you need a script to keep you on track and make sure you get across the ideas you want. Reading a script mindlessly sound like exactly that and you won’t get in the front door. Work with the script to a preconceived plan for a result you want.

  3. Time is important.cold calling techniques

    There are best times of the day to call, not too early before they cover off the days’ activities or too late when their mind is elsewhere.
    Market is parcels of time. Avoid boredom or even frustration at low achievement levels. Break and come back with a new desire to achieve.

  4. Build your strategy.Do not go in for the kill on day one. People need to Know, like and trust you before they buy from you.
    Find a reference either internal or external to help
  5. A clear path to success.
    cold calling techniques
    Make your Introduction brief and to the point and permission to come back
    You must have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and as important they must know what you want
    Build Interest and desire by overcoming a problem they have or might have. Show or tell them what they can expect.
  6. Analysis.

    Regularly review your results and make changes on the imputes you control

  7. Rinse and repeat.

    When it works you should continue to follow the formula and tread your path to success. Don’t accept banging your head against the wall with continued knockbacks. Change your list, change your script, time or benefit and find the culprit.
    Sales are made every day by cold calling so be at the top of the game.

    Bonus material.

    I personally like warm calling and have written on that before, it will help your figures tremendously. Remember not everyone wants what you are selling by telemarketing so you will get the no votes.
    Do not get upset when you get knocked back. It is part of the game but if you have the right product and correct target and get knocked back you really need to analyse why. You messed up so learn from it and move on

    It is a  hard but rewarding effort but if you get the skills right the world is yours.

    cold calling techniques
    Peter Hanley


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What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing tips small business

The best way to telemarket for business success.

Telemarketing tips small business

So you want telemarketing tips small business and need a bit of advice? Well, let’s start from the top.

Do you know the rules?  What rules? Well first up is the anti Spam calling particularly with domestic calls. Best you Google your country rules before you start.

Marketing to business

I know we are talking about business calls here so let’s get on with finding those best ways.

  • It all starts with your list, how current it is and how targeted it can be. If you are not calling the correct people you are whistling Dixie as they say. You can’t sell me something I don’t need or want, end of story. You will waste both our time.
  • The next is your opening sentence, you are lost with the wrong words and are wasting time if you get someone offside to start. I hate “how you are today” or “how’s your day going”
    I know you don’t give a toot and I sure as hell don’t want to share with a stranger.
    As a business person, I want to know who is calling and basically what you want to talk about. I am busy I don’t want fluff, just get to the point.
  • An opportunity exists to say why you are calling but insert the fact you are local and not one of those awful overseas marketers that drive us all mad
  • Ask questions so you establish a need. Do you have? Would you consider?  How do you think type leading questions?
  • Reminder it is about them not about you.

  • Telemarketing tips small business

Know like and trust

We all buy from people we know like and trust so you need to get there quickly, but how you ask?

A referral from a friend or associate is a great door opener, we talk to you because we know straight away you are good to deal with because our associate said so. Know and trust done.

A reference to a prior contact.  Something like an email see ( Warm calling) letter or contact with another staff member. Know done but we need a bit more work here to get trust and like

A polite introduction to who you are, what you want and importantly what you want them to do
Accept an email
make an appointment
Further phone calls when they have time

When you can gather some background on the person you are calling that always works well. If you understand the callers business and where they are going you will get respect. This can be introduced early because you develop a common interest.

Be friendly but business-like.  They are not your mate and at this stage don’t want to be.

Do you use a script?

I certainly recommend a basic script as a prompt for everything you want to get across in a conversation.

I don’t believe in reading word for word because when you are taken off track you get lost and start the Umming and arring.

Make adjustment as you go but remember one size does not fit all

Tick off your Know,  like and trust points when you have them covered,  it may take more than one call depending on what you are presenting or selling

Finally, a golden rule of sales. When the conversation is finished exit immediately but gracefully.
Don’t whatever you do oversell the situation. If you are told NO the answer is NO.

Move on to the next one on the list.

In conclusion, there is a better way to make money in your spare time.

Telemarketing tips small business, a part of the marketing training.

Ask me how click here.


Peter Hanley

Telemarketing tips small business


Telemarketing from home

How to Work from Home on Internet

Telemarketing from home


Can you legally do telemarketing ing from home? Off course you can and you can make
money along the way.

Depending on where in the world you are the rules will change.

There are many roles for telemarketers but the two main distinctions are;

Home marketing
Business marketing

Telemarketing  domestic

Home marketing has more rules and regulations that must be adhered to. The do not call list must be used and certain times of the day must be adhered to. If you want to go this way find a company on Google join with them and follow their instructions.

Penalties apply if you breach the rules so you need to be careful.
If you can get a job offer make sure your conditions and returns are commensurate with your labour input and never accept payment on results.

There are skills involved but these are easily learned in a short time

Business marketing

I believe there is a great opportunity for this and it may be a very rewarding occupation.

Telemarketing from home

I have written a lot on this in prior articles that you can link from here.
Cold calling

How do you get a job doing this?   By telemarketing that’s how.

Make up a list of businesses within your access range and call them to offer your services.

Cold calling tips

These services could include:

You could Call new contacts with the latest offers
Call customers that have not been in for a while
Perhaps a special or product  release day
An invite to an in-house function

A great fall back and leg in the door is the Debtors list. Offer to call the outstanding debtors on a regular basis.
No one likes telemarketing so you offer a great alternative.

It starts with a List

Telemarketing from home

It all starts with a list of course and you need a list. If they don’t have one you need to source one.
I use one available at Warrior +  by Mat McDonald but it does cost $49 a year. All be it a small investment.
Firstly though anyone you are working for should have access to a list.

Your Home phone or mobile needs to be on an unlimited plan so you are not charged for excess calls.

You need to be structured. Set yourself a time and work through the list, stop, have a break.
In your break do a bit of soul-searching, what went right etc.

I did a course on your script here so use that as a guide.

Charge by the hour with a bonus on results.

Do you register as a business? You will probably be asked to but work until you need to pay tax on what is earned.

Build your own list as you go along, a list is worth money as is your personality. Locals will get to know and trust you.

You will need to learn a couple of other skills like emailing, SMS marketing, Facebook marketing to support your main activities.

I use and recommend Wealthy affiliate as the best free reference point.

Telemarketing from home

I have many articles on this subject some listed above and perhaps this one. 

Make your own life


Telemarketing from home
Peter Hanley


Cold Calling scripts


Cold Calling scripts


Throw away your cold calling script and let’s start again.

Cold Calling scripts


If you are in a large telemarketing centre no need to read on,  just get the professionals to mess it up.

I have used outsourced marketing, both in Australia and Asia, in-house team and single user marketer and they all have one thing in common.

Lets first of all look at the script and what you want to do with it.

Are you:
collecting information
Making a booking
Building a database
Wanting a referral
Selling something
Well, the script will vary with each one of these so where do you start?

Cold Calling scripts

First of all, I do believe a script is necessary.

Having a guide stops you Umming and arring and keeps you on track. The details you want are clearly marked so you end up with a result.  It is not a good look to get off the phone and say “I forgot to ask that.”. It is a well-planned routine

Marketers are different in their approach, Girls and boys, outgoing people v quiet ones all have different personalities.

Cold Calling scripts


Trying to make them, all the same, comes with some peril in sounding false or pushy.

People like to deal with callers they like and trust and this should be the first objective.

If you are calling Grannies they will want to chat and probably tell you their life story.

Calling b2b they want to know why you are calling and what you have to offer.

When calling the middle-agers you need a bit of hip.

So any one single script will not work.

Cold Calling scripts

You need to gather repore in the first few words so choose your opening very carefully.

I would never use the old “ and how are you today?” Or worse “How’s your day been?”

You don’t really care and they don’t really want to tell you, it sets up an early barrier.

I like the use of a name, Hi its Peter from NBL here have you got a moment to chat or something similar.

If you were meeting someone in person you would offer your name. Same-Same.

Cold Calling scripts

Now for some quick interest, have you heard about, have you seen, did you know type thing.

You must get a response and perhaps ask a second personal question.

the purpose is to get a two-way conversation and for them to ask you a question.

Building a bit of know and trust here.

You must, however, have a purpose in the call and explain what you want from them.

This is all based on what you are trying to achieve.

Have a set of trial closers that you can bring into the conversation to get a result.

Can I send you details
Is your email address etc
Would you like to buy today with a 25% discount
Are you the right person if not who then?

When you have your answer politely terminate the call. DO NOT TALK THROUGH A SALE.

You get a “yes that would be great” and then start with more features and benefits. They then say  “look perhaps I need to think about this some more”. You are gone. No coming back. Don’t go there.


This is particularly so with new marketers who become excited with a yes.
Let me tell you this is one of the worse moments in marketing when the light comes on that you have just messed up. It takes hours to recover as you go over the what ifs.

It’s not about you!

Do not talk about YOU. They don’t care. Who do they care about? Them and what you can do to solve a problem or make their life better

So you have a clear-cut purpose on what you want to achieve>

You have a pleasant introductory sentence that is accepted by the called.

You obtain a bit of interest.

Explain exactly what you want

Try a couple of trial closes

Exit with a result.                                   How hard can it be?

Do you follow the script to the word? NO

You should follow the script to a result that you want.

You may take a few diversions and talk weather or sport but you will continue to steer the conversation to the answers you need.

Work out your stats, calls results etc and try and improve on them with every call.

This is all done in just a few minutes so you must control the conversation as much as possible.

What do the good marketers all have?

They are genuine, interested and to the point. Nothing is phoney or put on.

other subjects.
Cold calling tips
Never cold call again

Cold calling

Cold Calling scripts

Peter Hanley


7 tips for successful Telemarketing

7 Tips for Successful Telemarketing

7 tips for successful Telemarketing

Telemarketing is selling, telephone-based collecting of data, spreading information on services or products and appointment making. Recognized as a successful marketing tool telemarketing is used worldwide to generate sales, subscriptions, and make B2B contacts.
The rules of telemarketing have changed with the many scam callers in today’s market. You can however still be successful if you follow a few rules


Telemarketing is expensive as compared to most marketing but experience proves that telemarketing gets five times the response of direct mail as an example. Telemarketing is an effective business generation tool provided:

The rules

1. The objectives are clearly defined. Determine whether you want to promote a product, gather information from people, take orders over the phone, or communicate information. Get your sales and marketing team to agree and set the goals clearly.

2. Set targets for the number of calls and decision-making conversations or the number of successes to be achieved in each session.

3. Get in order a list that is relevant and current.

4. Decide on the pitch and make it as friendly and attractive as possible.  Don’t ask how are you today!

5. Always undertake a test run so that you can fine-tune your pitch.

6. Work on perfecting a script. This will act as a guideline for each call. The first two seconds or so must capture the attention of the target audience.

7. Work on the telemarketing exercise in a focused manner. Even if you are outsourcing the exercise make sure that the people making the calls understand your business and focus clearly. Both you and the telemarketing team will have to think alike for the exercise to be a success.

7 tips for successful Telemarketing
Managing Time.

Telemarketing skills is all about managing time well and generating an interest in the sales pitch. Telemarketers must be friendly, convincing, positive and caring. The smile and joy must reflect in the voice and the speaking tone must be practiced and well modulated.

Planning a telemarketing role

A well planned telemarketing exercise will help your business generate a database, building business contacts and leads, create an awareness of your business activities, and promote your products.

Tie-up with a telemarketing agency or handle the exercise yourself if you have the infrastructure. Since it is a long term relationship find a telemarketer you can strike a rapport with. Read as much as you can about telemarketing and learn about legal issues, best practices, and TPS registered telephone users.

Telemarketing is a successful business tool and will lead to good returns if planned well and implemented methodically. Among all the marketing exercises telemarketing has a proven success rate.

Where to find more on Telemarketing?

The  Web and Google search  has articles and in depth guides on telemarketing as well as online telemarketing professionals who will take care of all telemarketing needs. Also:
Cold Calling
Cold calling tips
Never cold call again
b2b telemarketing


this article is reproduced with permission

7 tips for successful Telemarketing

Peter Hanley


b2b Telemarketing

b2b Telemarketing

b2b Telemarketing

It is a fact of life as a salesperson that you need someone to talk to so here we look at b2b telemarketing.

Telemarketing has taken a bit of a hit with the scammers crowding the market with rubbish calls.

This means however that you just need to be a bit smarter. I cover some of this under cold calling which is basically the same thing.

Warm calling

I believe warm calling is always preferable. Send an introductory email and tell them what to expect.

Then when you call you have a far greater chance of acceptance.

When this is not possible you can take a direct course of action.

You can do one of two things here; Outsource or in-house.

Outsourcing is an expensive option but when volume is the need you may not have an option.

The important functions

Your success will depend on several important functions.

  • The list. Is it current and is it targeted?
  • Your script does it have a relevant call to action
  • The follow-up.
  • b2b Telemarketing

I would always suggest a trial run so you can compute forecast results. I had a mate just this week invested $5k in a plan and got 4 referrals, was he happy? No way but he needs to take a bit of the blame.

If it is not working give up. Restart new and try again.


In-House telemarketing

Now, this is a different thing. You or your staff are going to do the heavy work.

You still need a list and a basic script but this is where I get different.

First up is the introduction. How much do you hate it when a stranger call and says,” Hi Bill how are you today”  They don’t care how you are, you don’t want to tell them so don’t do it.

b2b Telemarketing

It is a b2b introduction so be brief and get to the point.

Follow a script. Again I will stray from the rules and say only loosely. Yes, you need pointers on what you want to cover but not sound like a Google robot.

Every story has an element of intrigue, we can fix a problem you don’t know you have do you want to hear more.

Purpose of the call. This is a very important matter.

Are you calling to sell yourself or company and get permission to come back with more?
Do you want an email address and permission to start marketing by email to the appropriate person?
Will you try and sell on the first ( and possibly) the last call.
Are you billing a database?

We all learn early in the journey that people buy from you when they like and trust you.
This is particularly hard to build in a single phone call so consider a planned approach to the market.

Never, ever overtalk a conversation.

Don’t EVER over talk the conversation, If you get a yes in either soft or hard format get the details and get off the phone. A polite way of saying this is Shut Up and walk away.

What do I mean by a soft yes? This is one where they agree to give you their email or provide you the correct person to talk to.
A hard yes is do you want to buy, yes, how many, thank you and goodbye.

I believe you should do this in bites of time. It is a hard slog and you really need to be motivated.
Droning on for hours on end is tedious and your performance will drop.

If you set a target work to the target and then break. I often find that I really rev up as I get to the end of a call list and need to meet my objective. I don’t mean get pushy just better.

The satisfaction from a good return from your calls is a real buzz but if you are ploughing along and getting nowhere change something. Have a break, change the script, jump around the list anything to build the excitement in your delivery.

Finally, yes, it is hard work but it can be very rewarding if done correctly.

If you want B2b Business, go and get it.


b2b Telemarketing

Peter hanley

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Cold calling

Cold calling tips

Never cold call again


Do cold emails work

Do cold emails work

Do cold emails work? The answer is yes and the answer is no and the third answer is that it may be illegal to spam cold emails so work out what you want and follow a few rules of engagement.

I do cold emails in a few ways that I trust and I don’t break the law and get into jeopardy.

However email marketing is the easiest cheapest and most straight forward way to customers.

Do not spam emails

One way I tried was to get a call center in India or the Philippines to contact a particular demographic with a simple statement and question. “Hi’ I am from XYZ and we have just introduced a product that will support your business.
Can I send some basic details to you at (email address) so that you can pass it on to the right person?
Thank you and have a good day”

Now you can do this yourself by spending say 45 minutes a day to build a list of about 1000 subscribers over a month.
Or hire cheap labour to work the numbers. 22 hours at say $10 an hour is $220 a small investment if you hate the phone.

Use an Autoresponder

Do emails work, image for autoresponder

Plug them into your Autoresponder and follow up on the clicks.

One other way is to select a niche and send a personal email introducing your self and the product.
On the bottom of the email have a line saying something about the next mail.

this is where your headline writing skills come in. A really interesting headline.

Also at the bottom indicate how you found them and tell them to please unsubscribe by answering no thanks to you wont be offended and you part friends.

Then you put them in the autoresponder series.

Niche target

I have just done this with 500 Chiropractors. I achieved a 49% open rate and just two spam comments.
There were perhaps a dozen unsubscribe on the first email with several saying thanks for thinking of them.

This was all built on 25 emails a day and then putting them in the series, about 45 minutes tops.

My emails discussed topics that were general to the group, SMS, messaging, after hours support etc to obtain a good readership.

Every morning I go through my emails and delete those I am not interested in without reading them. I look at the sender name and content and make a 2-second decision. Delete or read.

By introducing your self and telling them what you have coming keeps you in mind. I mail every weekday but sometimes miss a day.

The important issues are Subject lines, your identity even before content.

do emails work, image of author

Does affiliate marketing work