Review of Wealthy Affiliate blog forum

Review of Wealthy Affiliate blog forum and what will the wealthy affiliate blog forum do for you?

Listen up here, this is one of the most important blogs I have done in some time.

All the training that WA supply, all the material means nothing without support.

Support at WA is really good, it is 24/7 and they manage the calls well.

The purpose of support, however, is to fix things that are broke. They are not just there to answer your problems that are probably hidden somewhere in the training.

As we go through the never-ending details to grow a business on the net we will encounter many stumbling blocks. These are issues that we search for answers.

Being a bit dogmatic I would spend a lot of time trying to solve my own problem.

It might be a header fault, or a misplaced widget, perhaps something missing that needed to be included. This list goes on.

If you have someone local who is more experienced that is great but you can only ask so many times.

You will get the old “ I have told you that already” response for which there is a little comeback.

The WA blog forum is a place to ask those questions, They don’t get narky they continue to go out of there way to help.

In fact, one such Guy who titles himself OMOT ( Mel) spends several hours every day on live chat with the sole purpose of helping people overcome problems.

When you have an issue you just post the issue and wait for the results.

Now some responses will be better than others but you have the ability to ask questions endlessly until you get a result.

Many of the top 200 WA members really have a wealth of experience. Most are making good money but all will help.

I follow about a dozen of the top people as they post their own little training snippets of issues that regularly appear.

I have often searched for an answer to a problem before posting a query. When the answer comes back there is this realisation that you knew it somewhere in the back of the brain, it was just moving it forward.

Just some of today’s queries listed on The WA post

Review of Wealthy Affiliate blog forum

Where do I get access to my domain emails?

What does <10 mean in jaaxxy search?

I have like six themes loaded up on one website right now that I never deleted it doesn't hurt anything keeping them their (sic)

 Am I right in thinking that if I pick a theme with say 5 pictures on it that I would have to put in 5 pictures or could some be deleted to show say 3 pictures

How do I add links to my website that sell my niche item

I just finished level 2...I have a rather silly question. We were to create a new user and then go back and put that on our post. How important is this? I did it...except for changing it on the post...because I can't see how we put a picture in the profile of the new admin (the first one) has my picture and post as my name. Is the new user thing important?

That is a small sample of requests taken from the last three hours and all have resulted in solutions from the other members.

Other training listed today

Review of Wealthy Affiliate blog forum

Choosing Your Direction - It Starts With a Niche

Creating Brilliant Capture Pages

How secure are no padlock no ssl websites?

And then there are the motivators

Two Kinds of Bad Advice (Rant)

Hello everyone, I just became a premium member. I just opened up a whole NEW world to myself. Today is the first day of my Success. GO ME! I can't wait to get started on all the new things to learn and implement them as soon as possible.

Yea, made even more progress. As you can see from my site feedback request, my site is really coming along. I am very proud of my work thus far, and looking forward to joining programs and making some cash!

I got my first Amazon check yesterday on over $1000

I do a little each day. That is how my wealthy affiliate experience has been so far. Some days I do more and some days I do less. It depends on my work schedule. The freedom that I am working toward is a driving force. Freedom of time is huge today. It has always been a top priority of mine and the…

So you get answers to questions you ask, you get questions you wished you had asked and you get encouragement along the way. Sounds like a good deal to me.

I have gone into training in another blog WA training so cut across if you want to talk about that,

The best way is to just log into the Wealthy Affiliate and have a look around. Yep it’s free and no real pressure to sign up, but I think you will.

Want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate cut across here

Review of Wealthy Affiliate blog forumPeter Hanley


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Review of Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool

Review of Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool

Review of Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool

What keywords will drive customers to you?

Keywords with regard to internet search are the backbone of the internet. They are your address, what people search for so their importance is really high.

An understanding of how they work is necessary for any online marketer regardless of what they are trying to achieve.

Wiki describes them as “Keyword (Internet search), It is a word or phrase typically used by bloggers or online content creator to rank a web page on a particular topic.

A Funnel, a web page, a Blog, an article all come under this heading.

There have been some important changes in recent times regarding Keywords and if you get it wrong you get penalized but more on that later.

What you should look for when determining your Keywords.


Monthly average searches


The total of the monthly average searches across the internet. It is no good if no one searches for you and likewise, too many searches also spoil the party


Visits to page one


The number of monthly visitors to page one. Even this is broken down into top 5spots where most searches stop


The number of competing websites for the Keyword. From one to millions


Review of Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool

A figure based on your ability to achieve page One


How many domains in the keyword are available. You may have a etc

Having the keyword in your domain is half the battle to achieve a top listing.

So what does it all mean and how do you know when you want a Keyword.

First of all Wealthy Affiliate has a free Keyword generating tool that you can use to find the answer to all the above. This makes life a lot easier.

Next the use of Keywords. It was always voiced that you should stuff Keywords randomly throughout your article for better Google acceptance.

Google has a habit of changing its mind on all things and this is one.

You can put your keyword In the Domain, in the title and in the first paragraph of the Blog. Then no more or Google will bite you. Yoast SEO does go a bit further and sets a limit at about 1.7 % of all word being a Keyword. So a 1000 word article can have up to 17 times in different forms. This is however dependent on natural writing. Furthermore, I believe overuse will temp the Google dragon and should be contained to less than half that at less than 1.0 % in natural writing.

Keyword stuffing hurts, you should err on the lesser side for better SEO

You must have traffic.

If your Keyword was Pineapple fritters in Oregon there is no competition and no traffic. Real Estate in Oregon, wineries or hiking all have traffic but no one wants your Fritters. You could promote all day and no one will come.

You must aim for page one

Review of Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool


It is said that 97% of all searches are made on page one of the search with 67% in the first five listing.

This makes it pretty hard to rank unless you do it correctly from the start.

Tools to use

I am promoting the free one at Wealthy affiliate but you can go premium for the Jaaxy at $19 a month or the pro at $49 then to Enterprise at $99. Start free and learn the way before spending any money

Or perhaps go to MOZ and pay $197 a month as an example but you get a couple of months free.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool

You will also read about long tail Keywords. A long tail keyword simple defines the word more precisely.

Dunlop is a well-known brand and Keyword. They sell a myriad of products so we need to thrash it out a bit. What about Dunlop tennis shoes for men. You will understand that this long tail keyword might find a result?

Managing traffic.

Alexia is a good guide as with the free Google analytic tool and Google adds planner.

Whatever you do you simply must do your Keyword research before you go to print.

The Wealthy affiliate Keyword tool is the ideal starter model that can take you to any level you desire.

It comes with free training and support as you build your confidence.

Review Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool is part of a series in the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate.


Review of Wealthy Affiliate Keyword toolPeter Hanley


Wealthy affiliate review training

Wealthy affiliate review training



Why would a web host and affiliate site offer free training?


To get to the answer we need to look at your needs and what you may be looking for.


The training comes in 7 different series that cover any subject you want.
They are in written and video versions, some with exams and some with
Qand A

Wealthy affiliate starts with:

The Online Entrepreneur.

5 courses 50 lessons

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.



Boot camp

7 courses70 lessons

Wealthy affiliate review training

The Affiliate Boot camp training is a 7 Phase (70 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.




Wealthy affiliate review training

Now this is interesting and I will share just one example

The heading is Everything WordPress

It includes

89 Videos
5 Courses
60 Tutorials
5 Webinars

There are 13 classes included in this section  so that is close to 1000 videos and tutorials
enough to get anyone across the line


Training HQ


This is training by guest trainers on a range of subjects. Done in a step by step method that covers so many headings. Writers include the WA owners, trainers and top affiliates.


Weekly one hour live (or replay)

This is on a Different subject every week and introduced by Jay the trainer.

At the end of the show, there is a Q and A session that often clears up minor doubts.
This is a must attend and gets a great following


Guest Blogs

Kyle, one of the owners,  regularly blogs on different subjects being informative and motivational.

An excellent writer these are really something to look forward to.


Members training.

Wealthy affiliate review training

Many of the members set up their own training courses on subjects of choice. By following some of the top members you get a regular insight into how these work.

In conclusion you will not find a better course than this one. Most of it is free some only after you upgrade to premium status but the opportunities are so good it is hard to explain.

The Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy affiliate review trainingPeter Hanley

Wealthy affiliate review training