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cold calling techniques

7 cold calling techniques that will support success

cold calling techniques

Throw out the rule book to cold calling techniques because everything has changed. The world is inundated with calling scams and everyone is wary of the telemarketing phone calls. Find better cold calling techniques in this quick guide.

  1. Your list

    This is everything. It must be current and targeted to what you want to introduce.
    Set up a plan and quantify the results you want to achieve, Then increase it by 10% a week. No complacency allowed here.

  2. Your script.

    Throw it away if you got it from a book it no longer works. YES, you need a script to keep you on track and make sure you get across the ideas you want. Reading a script mindlessly sound like exactly that and you won’t get in the front door. Work with the script to a preconceived plan for a result you want.

  3. Time is important.cold calling techniques

    There are best times of the day to call, not too early before they cover off the days’ activities or too late when their mind is elsewhere.
    Market is parcels of time. Avoid boredom or even frustration at low achievement levels. Break and come back with a new desire to achieve.

  4. Build your strategy.Do not go in for the kill on day one. People need to Know, like and trust you before they buy from you.
    Find a reference either internal or external to help
  5. A clear path to success.
    cold calling techniques
    Make your Introduction brief and to the point and permission to come back
    You must have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and as important they must know what you want
    Build Interest and desire by overcoming a problem they have or might have. Show or tell them what they can expect.
  6. Analysis.

    Regularly review your results and make changes on the imputes you control

  7. Rinse and repeat.

    When it works you should continue to follow the formula and tread your path to success. Don’t accept banging your head against the wall with continued knockbacks. Change your list, change your script, time or benefit and find the culprit.
    Sales are made every day by cold calling so be at the top of the game.

    Bonus material.

    I personally like warm calling and have written on that before, it will help your figures tremendously. Remember not everyone wants what you are selling by telemarketing so you will get the no votes.
    Do not get upset when you get knocked back. It is part of the game but if you have the right product and correct target and get knocked back you really need to analyse why. You messed up so learn from it and move on

    It is a  hard but rewarding effort but if you get the skills right the world is yours.

    cold calling techniques
    Peter Hanley


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