Do you need a coach

Do you need a coach

Think of sporting coaches

Do you need a coach

There are not many sporting codes that work without a coach. Take that to a team of footballers down to a singles Tennis player. There is always someone in the background tidying up all the bits.

As people, we get lazy on what we do and cut corners because it is easier, that is when we need someone to correct us.

I was doing a few push-ups recently as a bit of exercise when my wife noticed by head placement was all wrong.

Yes, it was still on my body but if you have your head down it makes the exercise a bit easier. A quick” lift your head”  from my coach (wife) fixed that error.

Be accountable

We all have our plans written down and the vision to set them in place. It matters not if we achieve them or put it off until the morrow.

Well, it does actually, as you slide back into those lazy habits again, putting things off is often just the start of stopping altogether as not worthwhile.

Do you need a coach

You need someone to keep you accountable.

The road to an achievement

My friend was in a gym recently with her personal coach, there you go


Do you need a coachanother coach, during a break from a set of exercises he said, take a look at the person over there, what he is doing is really wrong. Time in the Gym completely wasted and heading to injury time.

Coaching to write blogs

In a different way, I use a coach with every blog I write. At Wealthy Affiliate, we have a template that you can follow that has prompts along the way. How many headlines, words and Paragraphs with a target for each and big green highlights that tell you where you are. This is a form of enforced coaching that makes sure you stay on a fairly narrow path.


Coaching on the net

The Internet is now so broad that you can not possibly be an expert on it all, I know I have tried. My Daughter took a narrower option and focused on Social media. She is now an expert on the subject but still takes courses and comments to improve her skill.

She now coaches others on the subject while earning from running social media programmes for businesses.

Furthermore, she entered programmes that kept you on a learning track with a mentor to help with mindset problems.

Finally, she specialized on a subject as part of a broad spectrum of ideas.

Mentor or Coach

The two are similar In approach but I see differences in what they do.

Do you need a coach

A coach is there to train you in the best possible manner on everyday skills to hone you to the best possible working asset you can be.

A mentor is more in the headspace of getting you to understand what your path is and where you want to be. Add to this the skills that will get you there and keep you on track.

Yes, you can have both a coach and mentor in your life as do many of the top athletes. The coach is there for training and on game day yelling instructions and plotting the results that you all want to achieve. Your Mentor has been with you during the quiet times building your confidence and setting all the personal ground rules in place.


When you look at the roles of mentors and coaches I am sure you will see many aspects of your life that can be improved by an outside guiding hand.

The Author is available as a business coach and mentor


Peter Hanley


Do you need a coach

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