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How to get new clients


10 guaranteed ways to find new clients

Put a sign out the front

Don’t laugh at this, signs work. A street sign will always get attention even for tradies. Plasterer working here, a system being installed, carpets by Bob.
Just a small A-frame will get attention. Bus stop signs work really well in a local area.

Just make the words stand out

Telephone call them

Like all selling, I use cold calling to introduce myself and the basics of my product. I then seek an email contact so that I can How to get new clientssend information on my product before going in person. This provides an opportunity to both get the report and to glean useful information from them. Remember it is not personal not everyone wants your product otherwise it would be too easy. Work the numbers and aim for improvements

Cold call them in person

You will be surprised at the good reception you can get if you arrive with a good presentation.
Meeting people helps with the know and trust part of the puzzle. Whenever you want to call after that first hard meeting will be easy.

Have something specific in mind that you want to introduce that will benefit them and help change their life.
We market a loyalty program for others and I recently went to a large business and introduced the product. My introduction was that the whole business may not benefit from using our product but one part really needed some support and we could contribute to its success by delivering repeat customers.
I would never have got a leg in here by starting at the top down. I went for the small part to go up from there.

Email them

You must gather email addresses by legitimate means and then send either single or programmed emails. This is a really cheap form of marketing and highly effective if done the right way. Start with an introduction and never oversell

Advertise for them

Target there Facebook and other social media.

75% of all businesses say they use social media in the buying process (Binology)

With a figure anywhere need this it states you need to do Social media and do it now.

Facebook. Linked In, Instagram, Snap chat etc all have a place in your business and if
you are not employing them you are missing out


Not this old chestnut I might hear you grumble but you are wrong. Referral marketing is still working and
in certain industries, it can be the mainstay of your business. We were discussing local coffee as a subject the other day and where to get the best buy. Starts with the best coffee and then price but service delivery is high on the radar. My best and cheapest coffee comes with slow service, mostly because they are too busy. As I stated in the conversation with my group it is not worth going there in the morning you will have a 15-minute wait. We all decided on next best in a group conversation


Providing loyalty points both bring them back and brings them in. It works because the emotional pull to gain something for free is a bond that stands. This is why all the big retailers have a loyalty program, they work

Local Directories

How to get new clients

Now, this is often missed by many companies. In your area or industry, local directories exist and with the sole purpose of sending customers to you. Search Google in your trade and or industry and you will quickly find local directories at the top of the page. They are generally free and while they don’t send a stream of traffic you can accept a consistent trickle


Join local groups that have breakfast or lunch meetings and pedal your wares. This really works if you are that type of guy or Gal. Look for an invite as a guest first and check out the crowd.

Letter Box or mail drop.

Does this work, I believe it has a low rate of acceptance but my letterbox is always overflowing with offers. Other than shopping I get a lot of Real Estate and trades services chasing my business that has continued over the years so it works if it is your thing.

Some other options

Combination marketing. If you are calling on a client always visit the neighbours on either side. Put your sign out and drop a few brochures. Pick up a couple of phone numbers from nearby businesses to call

You had to travel there make the most of the time.

Radio Advertising. Test with a few slots on local radio before going mainstream. If it works then perhaps consider TV. You need a big budget but if it sells product and you get a return why not.

I hope you picked up at least one idea and tried it out, nothing is easy it just needs consistency.

How to get new clients

How to get new clientsPeter Hanley


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