Instagram review for those that wonder?

Instagram review for those that wonder?Instagram review for those tha wonder

The main reason I have written the Instagram review for those that wonder is that many of us business people have no idea what to do with it.

With over 700 million active users ( April 2017) Instagram is gaining size quickly but nearly
60 % of users are aged between 18-29 and Females have the biggest percentage
leaving many of us out in the cold.

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But, should we stay away?

On a personal basis, I have children and Grandchildren that use Instagram so if
I want to stay in the loop I need to be a member.

I also watch with interest as they market their own business on Instagram and grow
a decent following that buys their products online.

I have followed with interest about an Australian girl Kayla Itsinis who launched a fitness program
on Instagram and gathered 8.7 million followers and got very rich along the way.

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Many corporations use Instagram and the first I followed was Nike because of the great pics
although there are many, many more.

I consider myself an early adopter and the rise of Instagram is here and is here to stay.

A quick history of Instagram

Instagram was a private startup by a young guy Kevin Systrom who bought in a partner in Mike Kruger way back in the year 2012. They brought in finance that year that valued the company at about $7- $10 million and making no revenue.
In 2015 Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame paid a cool One billion for the business. What a fool we thought, now a few years later it is valued at a lazy $50 billion. Not a bad return. More here

So you see the rise is phenomenal and with about 700 million users there must be something behind it.

Now I understand that many of the new ideas fail after a few years and slowly disappear. Certainly, Facebook is not one of them and Instagram is growing and not declining so I guess it’s here to stay the long run. In internet years that timeline is perilous but currently positive.

As a business, you need a foot in many camps because each has a following and a benefit.

What is Instagram

Instagram is a branding and follows medium that encourages storytelling in pictures and comments and for many a direct sales hit. Instagram now makes a healthy revenue with advertising and in 2017 some estimate that to be at least $1.7 billion in profit. A tidy return.

My point is that it is going gangbusters so get on the page and go with it.

I personally have just started a page at based on the funny side of the NBN network in Australia, join with me for the fun and watch me grow.

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