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Is Internet Marketing Training really necessary? Here Peter Hanley explains why it is and things you can easily do to increase your and your staff knowledge

What is Internet marketing?

We start at your Basic emails probably the oldest form of Internet marketing which started about 20 years ago. Still, businesses have hesitation to use emails and a gross misunderstanding about how effective it can be with a price to suit. 

What about web pages? 

The general use of Web pages started about the year  2000 in mainland USA  making it slightly younger than emails to the market.

Web pages have become a mainstream product but still to this day we have businesses that don’t believe in them or simply launch a shabby product and let it sit.
The more senior of the readers will well remember the exorbitant costs of the Yellow Pages directories and the nebulous results obtained back.

We also remember the original cost of a web page based  on the many thousands of dollars to build a competent site

That was, however, not the end of it. In about 2005 along came Google and SEO to really complicate the issue. Search engine optimization costs were in the mid-hundreds every month so people could find you. Keyword targeting was all the buzz.

This was also the real start of YouTube in 2005 when purchased by Google.

Then LinkedIn with a miserly 10 million users in 2007
started their journey to the stars

Not an exact History

The years I have used are approximate dates of mainstream acceptance and there was a lot of prior history in building up to all these products. I just wanted to show growth so don’t shoot the messenger.

FaceBook followed shortly thereafter with general acceptance in about 2010 after some shaky starts and then bought Instagram in 2016 has about 600 million users.

OK, there are others like Twitter, Google + (oops gone)
Pinterest and Tumblr to choose from before the messaging apps Like Whats APP

  • In order of popularity in 2017, they are 
  • Whatsapp
  • LinkedIn

This may change at any time.

Compare these to the old Yellow pages who had the market from late 1800 some 110 years as the market leader.

That’s the History lesson over

Now everyone ( well almost) has one of the above Social media activities and they are your customers.
So what are you doing about it?

I have a couple of answers but first of all which ones do you choose? 
Actually, all of them is the correct answer because they are all avenues to new business.

Stop! As a small business person, you can not possibly spare the time and effort to do them all properly.
Half done attempts are not the answer as It will possibly hurt you more than gain.

It all starts with a WebPage

The address to your business, your shop front, your salesperson plus location guide and maybe even online shopping.

I am going to show you how to build your website and do your own SEO in case you are one of the few who don’t have one. If you do we will tell you how you can you make it better?

Let’s look at Social media

There are two that stand out as a must-do and I will explain why?
Not in order although I believe LinkedIn is important to you and your business as a must-do.
Why? People want to know about you and regular search results. It might be bankers or suppliers, customers or Job offers but you need to be found.
You need a good photo and great Bio and it is done.
Yes, you can market with it and do a lot more but for most of us, presence is paramount.

The next is Facebook. Forget the family interaction and social stuff this is business and a great business tool. However, understand what Facebook is doing for you. 

The naughty child of Facebook

Facebook is like a naughty child, it wants attention and to be noticed and needs constant input but quickly defers to the parents.
We want people to notice your Facebook and think it great but quickly defer to your webpage where you can sell something or deliver a real message.
In our training, you will learn that you never send someone from a webpage to a Facebook page to lose them to entertainment. This simple lesson can make a big difference.


Internet marketing training

This is a winner for a lot of businesses. Instagram can turn you into a millionaire overnight like Kayla Itenes the perfect body Trainer.
Kayla with over 8.5 million Instagram followers became an overnight success.
She is not alone this can be a great venue for your marketing and we will tell you how.

Business Insider asked Itsines what was the secret behind her international success. Her reply: the combination of a solid program, focusing the business around fitness and not about “Kayla” and, of course, having a good social media game plan.

It’s not about you it is what you can do for others that make a difference

YouTube videos

With more than 3 billion searches a month YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind only Google.

More searches than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL in total so it can’t be ignored
Want to see how something works, can be fixed, looks or simply rubbish it is all on YouTube.
Did you know that having a Youtube video on your website helps your SEO? It does in a couple of ways.
The longer lookers stay on your site is a factor in SEO.
So watching a 2-minute video keeps them there and you gain plus sharing is always an advantage.

We train you on all of this and much more.

Twitter and the others

With all the marketing you have two main goals. The most important is results, sales, cash in the pocket. 
The other is branding. Having your image out there and remembered for all future activities>

The big business concentrates on branding small business want to eat every day 
Google brands, Nike brands products because you buy the product from any designated store and not directly.
I think of Twitter as a branding exercise and great to build a following. Most often a personal following. Politicians use it and those would be famous. I am not knocking it just leading you to a path.

Every day a new product

I lie, not every day but most weekdays a 1000 word exercise on something 
that you can use in your business or online.
It’s pretty simple really, businesses you can log into new business online and choose a subject of choice 

We offer free products to help with your experience like Grammarly the writing corrector that everyone should have. Website diagnostics, Keyword finder and lots more. nearly every report has a value-add for you.

And then there is the complete training package 

Now Wealthy Affiliate costs you nothing to join and you can share it with staff or others just as freely. It is packed with training on all subjects around web sites and marketing.

I post here a starting example so you can try it before you free it said he. no credit card required.
Have a look at some of the reviews on Wealthy Affiliate as the most honest site of it’s kind. people search for years and waste countless dollars until they finally settle her.

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