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Is Internet a waste of time

Is the Internet a waste of time

There are so many ways to waste time on the internet and there are so many ways to make it payso we look at the question

is internet a waste of time

Social media is number one.

How many times a day do you look at facebook the most time waster of all.

Is Internet a waste of time

Here is a confession, I tried to start this post when I remembered a photo taken today should be on the stream. So what did I do? Stopped the clock and went looking at Facebook. How sad is that?

I have restrained myself down to 2 times a day for social media because it gets you in and just wastes time.

What about the news Items that flash up and they lead to captivating headlines that you must look at.

Suddenly you are checking out 100 photos of a film star you have never seen because something is wrong. Another hour wasted.

I subscribe to google news and pick headlines that interest me. Websites, new technology etc that come up once a day. I scan the headlines and read those of interest.
The benefit is that I don’t need to go searching.

My way is to then save any articles I may use later.

When we search on google how many times do you get lost in other interesting topics that have great and interesting subject lines.

How often do you read an article like this when you were searching for how not to waste time.

This is different of course, I am trying to help you here.

If you are retired or have no commitments it is still a waste of time reading trash that provides no intelligent content that can help you.

Sit back and count the hours.

I hate myself when I go off on an indulgent journey into a trashy headline that draws me in.

An hour of my day is lost to just mindless meandering. This is mostly made up anyway and bears no resemblance to the truth.

We are going to do it but try and rationalize the content and time. Sometimes it may be important to know about a recent episode in The Game of Thrones or The Crown. We can chat with friends from a knowledge basis but limit it.

My personal hatred of  Video games.

Now don’t get me wrong they are good for something like using your hands and mind but there it stops.

One thing I will never understand is Video games for those under 18. It is ok To shoot, stab, kill, Maim, use an AK47 to take out 100 bad guys, swear but no sex or nudity, everyday things. I don’t know but I always thought that killing was bad.

Then I would never preach total abstinence because it all has some good.

A confession here I am a consistent reader of Fiction novels, Yes and I love crime and tough guys, Jack Reacher is a favourite, but again I limit my time.

The internet takes a lot of time, it is addictive and like any addiction needs to be controlled and my friend only you can do it.

We have daughters and sons with young and not so young kids. With the young ones, they are able to control screen time with a Put that down and go out and Play. Therefore we need that voice in our head saying stop the wasted time and do something useful.

I have just been for a 40-minute walk to heed my own words. You can not catch up to basic exercise but you can catch up to screen time.

Am I getting some guilt feeling here?

We would hope so,

Multitasking sometimes has advantages but only when the concentration is not required. For instance, I have an Exercise bike in my office. I ride for about 15-20 minutes in the morning whilst I do the News on a tablet and also facebook. I tend to read in the Toilet (Gross) but I get two jobs done.

One idea is that I don’t have Facebook on my mobile so no popups to divert my attention and keep twitter to a few important follows.

Do I need to be so organised? I have two jobs, about five active websites a Facebook page on Rescuecats

plus normal facebook activity, throw in a wife, 5 kids 12 grandkids and daily exercise oh and I am over 70 years old so need to relax a bit.


The time is taken to write a blog a day that keeps me busy. Therefore my wasted time needs to be limited.

Don’t get me wrong I think Facebook is great, Instagram ok, twitter newsworthy, Linked in necessary but all in there place.

Don’t let entertainment dominate your life.

One Daughter does her social life on the morning bus to work, another who has a longer drive does courses online, there are so many ways to add hours to your day and life.

You need them all, Social media, Google, Electronic news you just need to control yourself and listen to the voice in your head,

“No more screen time go out and play.”



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