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Jobs Working From Home

The reality of working from home.

The great home worker dream is now a reality because of the CLOUD environment for any jobs working from home

The simple version is that the Cloud gives you access to a product from any computer at any time.

The first real cloud service was of all things email and that has been around for a while now.

I moved a business to a home office about 6 years ago and had to look at running a home business with staff spread across the city area.

Living on a cloud is easy.

This was quite daunting to start until we found all the things you can do sharing in the cloud.

We needed a diary that was available to all so we knew what each of us was doing and I found that with Backpack it. Another new one is co responder so that solved that.
Backpackit housed all our stored documents, how to instructions and general communication.

Jobs Working From Home

The next thing was the accounting. Fortunately, we picked the start of online accounting development and went with MYOB but it could just as well been Xero or Quickbooks They all do much the same.

My suppliers were all online so life went pretty smoothly as we canvassed customer using email and SMS marketing, all online. You can run a shop online all sorts of things that were never available in the past.
Mobile phones have multi-call features and photos are easily shared

That is just to say that a home business need not just be one person in can be many working towards the one goal.

Jobs working from home that make money

So what jobs can be done from home. To give you a head start I offer my free book below.
This gives 100+ ideas over a range of things to do.

The internet provides many opportunities and we have discussed Affiliate marketing where you sell someone else s product and get paid, Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best example and the entry is entirely free. They have so much training that it takes some time to take it all in.

Jobs Working From Home

Like any occupation, you must have some idea of what you are doing.
We have all wasted countless hours and dollars chasing rainbows and it does not work. Money is one thing but time is scarce, you only have so much of it so you need to make the most of what you do.

That is why I recommend some initial knowledge on any subject. The Internet changes so quickly that it really is hard to keep up so you also need ongoing support.

I know I rave on about the Wealthy affiliate but the base of everything you want to do is there
Free website and keyword tool and lots more. Log in Here for free

Facebook marketing it is the way to go

Jobs Working From Home

The other one we reviewed recently was concentrating on a single product, learning it all and then selling into a local market. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or any of the social mediums available today.
Every business needs them but few have the time to develop them and that is where you come in.

Make yourself an expert and go from there. When you have one working rinse and repeat.

If you want to sell physical products there is no better place to start than with Amazon. They have a great University course that can teach you everything you need to know about selling from an online shop.
Again, I repeat, learn the basics before going all out on your own.

What about Coaching, a great career

The next best lucrative market is Coaching. You learn a subject like Facebook or email marketing and charge
yourself out to train local businesses. Very few businesses have either the knowledge or the time to do this and they need a push in the right direction. If they are not doing social media they are falling behind.

Almost last in this blog for today is selling online products.

You set up a website and sell other peoples training courses.
JVZoo is a great place to start and also Warriorplus. They have training and everything about the products. Not my favourite but many do this.

Back to Video sales the new buzz

In conclusion, I recommend making Videos for clients using a great tool at Content Samurai.
Videos are in demand and anyone can do this and target a market near you. They have training with lots of ideas and markets which you can target. I have organised it for free for you to try . Click here

Jobs Working From Home

Videos are the new target market so an early bird opportunity sure exists here. It is easy cheap and lucrative, what more can I give you?

Jobs Working From Home  Other products in this series

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