Keyword tool selection

Keyword tool selection is probably the most important SEO decision you will ever make.

keyword tool selection

What is a Keyword tool

my first choice of a product is Jaaxy for several reasons. You can get it for free, it is easy to use, you can go professional if you want and it tells you the good from the bad.

The tool allows you to see important information about any keyword.
1. How many people search for that term. If no one is searching for your URL you will never be found.

2. What traffic you can expect to see every month searching for that term

3 How many people are lined up in front of you on the front and all pages?

4 Who your competition is.

Why use a tool anyway

If you want to be found on the internet you need a link to your site.

If you need to know more about keywords go here but for the rest of you, it is understanding the tool.

Keyword tool selection

Many times I think, hey, that’s a great keyword only to look it up and find minimal traffic. We are always looking for the 100 plus visits a month on the first page. When we dig deeper there is a near word that hits the target

Other Keyword tools

Keyword tool selection

I use Noble samurai a paid service that lists your ranking against your competitors. This is for the more advanced among you as you further understand the Keyword elements.They do however have a free trial.

I also use Google Adwords as a free service because you find out what people will pay for hitting that first page and using that information for your own use.

Keyword tool selection

Semrush is another option that gives you a look at your site ranking and competitive keywords. This is a free/paid service but can you invaluable insights into your market.


Jaaxy revisited

If you are new to internet marketing Jaaxy free is a must have tool. There are several ways to search and it provides all the basics of a search tool that you will need. The paid version just ups the anti and provides more visits and a tad more info. It is for the more experienced operator. The good thing is that you can start free and continue on from there when you choose.


I cannot express more clearly that you must have a Keyword tool and use it every time you want to rank your site if you are on the internet.

It is not a nice to have it is a must have and because it is free provides an ideal entry to your growth.

There are lots of links on this site to Jaaxy and even a try tool on this page.

Finally, if you want to learn more it is also available at Wealthy Affiliate, again free, for an in-depth on Keywords and any other internet subject you could possibly think about.

Keyword tool selection

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