MOBE V Wealthy Affiliate

MOBE V Wealthy Affiliate
Dead in the water

MOBE V Wealthy Affiliate having been a member of both I have some degree of insight into both the content and lack of opportunity with One.

MOBE is no more

The US federal Police recently closed MOBE down and gathered back all the assets they could.

How could something so good end up so bad? The answer I believe was greed. Your $49 entry fee increased every time you wanted to achieve something more.
No money, not a problem we will get finance for you up to the $20,000 needed for the upper levels.

To earn money you had to introduce new users into the system and see their money disappear.

What could go wrong?

I confess I bailed at $49 because of the pressure tactics used but continued to follow the rise, rise, and demise of MOBE

The owner Mat Lloyde was basically from my home town so we had something in common. He presented well and purchased resorts to do his seminars.

It may have been a Ponzi scheme or a Pyramid scheme in concept but ran for years before being clipped.
It offered nothing but a paid path to the upper levels.
January 2012 through to late 2018, that’s a pretty decent journey and a big chunk of income

Wealthy Affiliate

MOBE V Wealthy Affiliate
Alive and well

Now Wealthy Affiliate does take some slack occasionally in the market and in fact had a case against MOBE. They won the case.

Wealthy Affiliate has one price of $49 a month and that price gets you;
50 websites hosted
The free use of a Keyword Tool
More training than you could ever use
Competition for the top spots
A daily blog from members
24/7 support
Weekly live training
and a few more things as well.

You can actually join the site for free and get most of the above and two websites hosted.

Update when you are ready.

See the difference here?

Wealthy Affiliate does not drive you up a cycle

In fact, 6-month and 12-month packages are cheaper so you save even more.
Yes, you can spend a bit on Domains (about $10 a year) but there is not much more.

Wealthy Affiliate is investing in product building and not investor exploiting

How long do you have to stay on Wealthy Affiliate?

I am not going on about this to get you to pay a joining fee. You should not pay anything until you have explored the system and are comfortable with the content. It might be a day, a week, or even a year but it matters not.

You are free to leave Wealthy Affiliate whenever you want and seek a return on funds paid into the future

So log on in and have a look around, ask questions, seek support and make decisions based on reality. It is a rare commodity.

MOBE V Wealthy Affiliate
Peter Hanley

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