Affiliate marketing reviews

Affiliate marketing reviews are not all equal as the web is full of opportunists waiting to Take not Pay. Here Peter Hanley gives some fresh ideas.

You really want to know what are the good affiliate sites.

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and why write a review anyway

This is not a one answer fits all situation as there are many opportunities mostly depending on you.

The real question is who are the good affiliate marketers that make all the money.

In a product like Multi-Level Marketing, the people that make the money are at the top of the Pyramid.
Furthermore, they represent a very small proportion of the group. The chances of a top berth are indeed limited if indeed possible.

Affiliate marketing is different in that the individual’s effort is rewarded equally to all others.
The chance of success is therefore greatly enhanced.

Affiliate marketing depends on you as much as the product

Start your Affiliate life with a training package that will guarantee you a jumped upstart on any base you land.
Learn how to avoid Scams, build a funnel, find Keywords, increase SEO use a better page builder.
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Things not to do with Affiliate marketing

The internet is riddled with getting rich schemes and the affiliate area is a great source of suckers.
The promise of getting Rich, working ten minutes a day without internet is too good to resist, hey we have all tried one of these along the way and wasted our money and time.
Many of these come along the lines of training products that keep upping the cost to the next level.

One great example was a product called MOBE.
My Online Business enterprise.

The cost of joining was just $49 something we can all afford as an investment to megawealth. The second step as only $79 so not too hard but then $199.
How about $1999 but wait, as you can’t afford to miss this step we have organised finance for you.

Surely no more except the finance package has been extended to $10,000 and you will make so much money you can pay it all back in a week.
I am not exaggerating and neither was the United States Feds when they closed it down and seized all the funds, hundreds of millions of dollars.

Your finance package was the only thing that remained.

Here is what one guy had to say.

I was a mobe client and I invested about $37,000. I’m so upset to know this so called business was a scam. This is the first time I invested into anything like this and knowing this mobe was in the business for about 9 years and now get caught is a shame. I thought finally something good like this had to be legitimate with all the ads and etc I thought wow I’ll invest and hope to become wealthy. Boy did I learn a $37,000 lesson. Well please place me on the list for the refund. David A

Dozens of media reports at Google/MOBE

This is a sad tale and how to avoid it happening to you

First of all, know what you are getting into. I would start with some basic training at Wealthy affiliate which is free with no expensive upsells. This gives you a basic chance of success.
Next, I would practice with Amazon the biggest and best-known Affiliate site, you probably won’t make a lot of money but you will throw the trainer wheels aside.

Follow this by knowing and understanding what you want to be in. It may be Sneakers or Swimwear, tractors or photography nearly everyone has an affiliate offer.

You can google Best affiliate marketing opportunities or even type into google a product followed by affiliates.

Places like JVZOO, commission bank, Warrior Forum
Max bounty, Share a sale all have lots of online offers. I would say a large percentage of which are not really top-class products if I am being polite.

Beware of scammers.

Some, however, are ok

There are however commission houses that handle the transactions for the entities they promote.
You may want to promote a well-known brand and that is Ok but you deal with a third party that transacts the deals.

You need to sell or you get cast Off

Being an affiliate is great but you must continue to generate sales in a proper and professional manner.

This requires your attendance at all times to maintain the momentum. An example is Amazon who has a three-month window. They need three sales or you are gone and not able to come back for a period of time

Recurring billing products can be different but ask the question upfront

These are the best products where you earn an income every month over a period of time. At Wealthy Affiliate, there are no demands but many companies do have.
I have a product I promote in the Telecommunications sector that demands three sales in three months or no recurring income.
It is not worth it to stay with underperforming entities. That is one reason for you to focus on a product and not spread your self to widely.

Affiliate Marketing is still the best game in town

Where else can you start a business with no money, no stock, no support and still earn a bucket load of money?
Returns can be great with commissions in the 40% or more range down to 5 or 6% depending on the product.

Remember however that 40% on a $20 product is not quite as good as 5% on a $1000 product.
However, you may sell a bundle more $20 products than the dearer cousins.

If you just don’t know where to start the answer is right here. You can earn and learn by clicking on the below image.

I know I push this barrow but it all starts with your learning the skills required. Going in solo will waste your time and money and delay your start and success. Even if you think you know it all there is something for you.

Free to join and start as an Affiliate on day one. It is that simple. Read the reviews of others, see the incomes made and the mistakes made as you start your journey.
Then branch out to a known and respected affiliate programme to make your millions.

It all starts with YOU

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Peter Hanley

Affiliate marketing reviews by Peter Hanley

What is Affiliate Marketing Online

What is affiliate marketing online?

What is Affiliate Marketing Online about and can you still make money? Here Peter Hanley takes you from learning to earning without spending a penny.

Marketing for others

First of all affiliate marketing is bigger than it has ever been, there is no end of opportunities and many people just like you are earning or making big incomes. Six and seven-figure incomes and we will take you there as you read on.

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product and getting a percentage of the profit. Your job is simply to introduce the buyer and sit back and enjoy the income.
You might call it referral selling or introduction fee or even a Kickback it is all the same thing wrapped up in a trendy word.

The biggest and most well-known affiliate program belongs to Amazon. You join Amazon, market the products and get paid. The percentage may be small but the opportunities are great. Don’t be fooled by the word Amazon, yes they have $5 products but they have $100,000 products as well

Affiliates generally have a webpage

It might be a webpage or Facebook page or even Instagram just somewhere to promote a product by pushing buyers through to a seller.

When you apply for an affiliate program and are accepted you will be supplied with marketing Links and material to promote their products.

Your links contain your affiliate code so the seller recognises this and credits you with the sale.

In affiliate marketing size counts

This is mostly true because making 5% on a $10 product does not compare to making 5% on a $500 product. Same effort but a hugely different result.

The size of the earn also makes a difference because 5% on $500 does not go near 40% on $$500. Both variables you can achieve.

Then there is repeat buyers who take a monthly subscription on service and stay for years so you get paid a percentage every month.

And finally you wrap this all into one product and you have a triple-decker income. good discount, reasonable price and billed monthly for years to come.

I have thrown these example in just to show you two watches, same supplier different prices.
The good part of this is if someone links through your page and selects any watch or in fact product, you get paid on the sale

Getting excited yet on Affiliate sales?

What is affiliate marketing online
Now starts the journey

One program I really like is a triple-decker product that also gets you high in the knowledge graph.
Amazon runs a University course that is probably worth the investment once you have a few fundamentals in place.

Well, you should be because we haven’t really got into this yet. I have used Amazon as my first example because it is the best-known program but it is busy and competitive and has some downsides.

Amazon does not accept everyone

To become an affiliate for Amazon or in fact anyone you need to prove that you have the ability to direct traffic to their site.
In fact, if you have sold nothing in 3 months you get booted out, gone, all over. Well almost.

So how do you get traffic?

Website or Facebook or paid advertising?

There are many ways to get traffic to Amazon and these may include,

  • A WebPage or Funnel
  • Doing product reviews
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • Paying for advertising
  • handing out flyers
  • Writing blogs
  • Target an audience group by networking

This is not an endless list but you really need a Webpage to start so how do you go about that without spending any of your hard-earned.
You are also going to need some training on the basics because it is not a walk in the park if you really want to make some money you must have some idea of the basics.

Basic Amazon training available here

You can enjoy some training here that is supplied free by Wealthy Affiliate
if you like what you see then simply sign on for a free service.

They will also give you a free website to start your journey and help you along the way.
Plus you can sell Wealthy affiliate as an affiliate and make money, not a bad deal and as yet you have not spent a cracker.

They will tell you how to get accepted by Amazon and what you need to do.

Lots more affiliate sites

There are just so many, thousands upon thousands all over the world Looking for your help, they want you promoting their products and willing to pay good money along the way.
Can you make a living out of promoting other peoples products? Yes you sure can work from anywhere and at your own time

You really need to be online

By building a Blog site, a funnel or a Website and attending to Social media you are part the way there.
It is not all easy if you are new to being online but everything is at hand to teach you more and to open your eyes to a much wider world.

Amazon competes with you

What is affiliate marketing online
Not always your friend

I am raving on Amazon a bit too much because they are the best-known site but they are becoming harder to compete with because they are in the market.
Nearly 55% of people will go straight to Amazon to buy direct and not to your site when they know what they want. Just 28% use search engines and 16% retail sites (Sept 2016 figures).

Doing product review for Amazon

Now, this is an interesting idea that can be a gain/ gain for you. Product reviews really work. They say that over 80% of people trust product reviews before even there friends.
So you want to buy an Apple watch but is it better than Samsung which is cheaper and can link to Apple.
Taking info from Google you write a review recommending one over the other and having a link to your affiliate program.
Now read this carefully because you may have been here before. The Samsung people probably won’t believe that Apple is best or vice-versa>
Both products are linked so it matters not which one they buy, it only matters they buy from your link.

Reviews draw the search engine lookers

It is no mystery doing reviews work and to take that a step further dong Youtube reviews probably work even better. Youtube is now the second largest search engine available and it is not all that hard.
Anyone can do it with a bit of training

Using Youtube for Affiliate marketing

Image of YouTube
Search engine

This certainly can get the juices going but again I emphasise you need some basic training. It is basically another channel to use. I use Noble Samurai and am in the Affiliate program because they stand the test of time in providing a reliable and great Video program.

My take on affiliate programs

Amazon is competitive, very low margins, demanding and ultra-strict. Break the rules and walk the plank
JVZoo, Warrior+, Clickbank, etc are low-value products with high refunds. Another site gives a good rundown on many of these I chose the site at random but he has done the work for you.

In conclusion, give yourself a chance of success and join Wealthy Affiliate. do some training, find out the good and the bad and move on.

One last ps on Affiliate programmes

,image of Author
Peter Hanley