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The best keyword research tool

The best keyword research tool

What is the best keyword research tool? Here Peter Hanley looks at keyword research, what it means to you and what you can do with it.

What is a Keyword

“The best Keyword research tool” is actually a Keyword. It is what is typed into Google or Yahoo to find what you are looking for. That my friend is how you got here.
Some words have lots and lots of searches so you may get lost in the maze but other words are easier to near the front.
This is why they have what are called long tail Keywords so the search is made easier.
“Timber” is a Keyword but boy is it busy.  205 million searches
“Oregon timber in planks in Texas” makes the search more local. 1,750,000
So to pick a good Keyword you need some research.
Oregontimberplanks in Waco Texas. 5 searches and only two selling things.
But what tool do you use to find this?

Why have a Keyword

As you can see Keywords are the search terms to find you online.  Just like finding a street address. The words need to narrow down the search to minimal competition.
You want to be found for not only your name and webpage but for what you sell as well. If you only sell Oregon timber promote that but you may also sell Pinewood planks, a whole different search term. We may end up in the same location in Waco but from a different direction.

How to choose a Keyword

There are several important criteria when setting up a keyword.
How many monthly searches go to the keyword.
No searches or too many
How many searches to page one
Page one gets about 80% or more of all search results
How many people on this exact match keyword
This is the number of people you need to leapfrog to get seen
Your SEO score
A figure based on search results

So how do you find this out?

The best keyword research tool

The best Keyword tool

The first keyword tool is a basic google search. Think up your Keyword and Type it into google and then refine as you go along. pretty easy.
Then there is the free Jaaxy tool shown below. This gives you the results plus other recommendations.

Jaaxy pro or Noble Samurai have a professional service as you get better at this.

Is the Keyword tool free

Jaaxy basic is free with Wealthy Affiliate, Google is free and you go up from there. As a new start use Jaaxy free until you need to spend money

Wow, Jaaxy is so good.

Jaaxy is so good, it tells you what you need to know and recommends other ideas to sharpen your choice


For the amateurs among us, Jaaxy basic is fine for everyday use for the more professional the paid version gives you even more.

The best keyword research toolpeter Hanley


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