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Here Peter Hanley talks about how to find a Videomaker free. Video is the new search king and you need to be involved with videos that rate.

Today I want to review one of the best

Noble Samurai / Content Samurai
Name: Content Samurai
Website: Free SEO
Price: Free for 7 days
Owners: Eugene Ware
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100
Content Samurai, Product Overview
Content Samurai is an automated Video builder that creates a professional video from a basic script written by you. It has both picture and Video adds free music and voice over production. No matter what your level of competency you can be up and going within minutes
The Good & the Bad
The Good:
PRO #1 You will really appreciate how easy this is as you build your own video from a simple script and have a product you can be proud off
PRO #2 Language is not a barrier as you can script these yourself or use the onboard voices, both male or Female to finish the product
PRO #3 For free you can also get an ebook on how to do SEO and pay just $3 more to get all the tips and tricks you need
The Bad:
CON #1 Some of the canned Voices leave a bit to be desired but maybe better than other choices
CON #2Not quite like a full video production
Who is Content Samurai For?
You will use Content Samurai on every blog or page you do and using correct SEO principals to be seen on the Internet. As I have said it is not a nice do it is a must do
Samurai Content Tools & Training
Included are a bundle of tools to use from both Free and a small payment. Videos Questions and Answers and a full support channel. Samurai Support
The support offered with the product
Samurai Content Price $35 a month
There is a 7-day free trial to do as many videos as you want. A free SEO Cheatsheet and a $3 full explanation.
My Final Opinion of Samurai Content
An automated Video builder that can be used by any business or Video marketer
Content Samurai at a Glance…
Name: Noble Samurai
Website: Free SEO
Owners: Eugene Ware
Price: $35 per month
Overall Scam Rank: 00 out of 100
VERDICT: LEGIT and everyday product

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