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Wealthy affiliate review training



Why would a web host and affiliate site offer free training?


To get to the answer we need to look at your needs and what you may be looking for.


The training comes in 7 different series that cover any subject you want.
They are in written and video versions, some with exams and some with
Qand A

Wealthy affiliate starts with:

The Online Entrepreneur.

5 courses 50 lessons

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.



Boot camp

7 courses70 lessons

Wealthy affiliate review training

The Affiliate Boot camp training is a 7 Phase (70 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.




Wealthy affiliate review training

Now this is interesting and I will share just one example

The heading is Everything WordPress

It includes

89 Videos
5 Courses
60 Tutorials
5 Webinars

There are 13 classes included in this section  so that is close to 1000 videos and tutorials
enough to get anyone across the line


Training HQ


This is training by guest trainers on a range of subjects. Done in a step by step method that covers so many headings. Writers include the WA owners, trainers and top affiliates.


Weekly one hour live (or replay)

This is on a Different subject every week and introduced by Jay the trainer.

At the end of the show, there is a Q and A session that often clears up minor doubts.
This is a must attend and gets a great following


Guest Blogs

Kyle, one of the owners,  regularly blogs on different subjects being informative and motivational.

An excellent writer these are really something to look forward to.


Members training.

Wealthy affiliate review training

Many of the members set up their own training courses on subjects of choice. By following some of the top members you get a regular insight into how these work.

In conclusion you will not find a better course than this one. Most of it is free some only after you upgrade to premium status but the opportunities are so good it is hard to explain.

The Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy affiliate review trainingPeter Hanley

Wealthy affiliate review training


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