What is content writing and how can you learn it

What is content writing and how can you learn it. This may be a career opportunity or a way to establish your own business and make money

How do you describe content?

What is content writing and how can you learn it

We all learn to read and write at school so putting it to good use can be a way to break out from the ordinary.

However, there are many forms of content which include novels and even School books of all kinds.

In the internet world where most interest lies;

  • Sales content
  • Blog content
  • Web content
  • eBooks
  • Press releases, brochures, product reviews, speeches
  • Social media

They all use a bunch of words but are mostly written in a different style with wide-ranging intent.

So your first job is to pick what you want to do because this is a world where we specialize.
When you master one maybe then move on but not before.

Who employs content writers?

Businesses are the biggest employees of copywriters however there are groups where they gather your skills and onsell them to others.

Self-employment is also very high with bloggers being high on the list.

Many businesses have a high demand for good commercial content so once you have a position you become an important part of the marketing organization.

Do content writers make money

There is money to be made as a writer however the top 10% of creators will be paid extremely well and the bottom 10% quite badly.

I can get a blog written on Fivver for say $10 which is over an hour of work or pay an agency $45 an hour for the same thing.
In fact, a job posted on Linkedin today looking for content writers at us$ 45 per hour working from home. They would onsell that product for over $60 an hour.

Advertising agencies pay a premium for good sales content writing however this is more a professional line.

Finally, Blog writers can write their own cheques when they get it right.

What is content writing for beginners?

Choose the format you want to write. Blog, Newsletter, etc
Enable a good spelling and Grammar tool
Cover the question or subject clearly
End with a clear call to action

Are AI writers taking away work from the dedicated

This is an interesting topic and one that I have tried in several formats. First of all AI writers only churn out what you tell them to so a large manual contribution is required.
Furthermore, they rehash material from their library which goes against the Google concept of original content. At some time these sites may well get penalized for plagiarism.

Your start to content education

What is content writing and how can you learn it

You all have varying degrees of skill so this is not a one size fits all exercise.

Competent writers in a language of choice can pretty well start to learn by experience.

Those writing in a language not their own will really need some assistance.

A small group will be hampered by a lack of spelling and grammar skills but have ideas storming out of their heads waiting to be written. Here we introduce Spell checking and grammar-checking tools to correct all your simple mistakes.

The rest who may, unfortunately, suffer from a lack of education need to take a writing course to upmarket their skills. There are many included on the internet. Take the free ones and don’t throw your money away.

Everyone has a story to tell, it is just getting it down on paper.

What is content writing and how can you learn it.

Are you cut out for content writing

Here is a simple way to prove it to yourself. Start the free course at Wealthy Affiliate and use your included domain to set up a simple blog. This will be yours and will last for six months.

When you have it set up just write a post every day for a period of time, say 15 minutes.
That is one after the other all on one page. Put a headline in and tell us what it is about.
Then just chronicle anything you want to write about.

You will probably write about 300 to 400 words at a time which is ideal. Keep this up for two weeks before considering anything else.

Then you will review what you have done. Remember No one else will see this. It is your work and a delete button is always at hand. This is an exercise for you.

Did you enjoy the experience?
Was improvement shown in your writing
Other than Personal stuff would you be happy to share the results
Consider getting an outside opinion.

This should give you an idea of a daily writing career where you will spend several hours writing, not 15-minute blocks.

It is not easy to do, just 15 minutes a day and most won’t cut it. The answer to a content writing career will be much clearer.

Establishing a launch for your career

When you have completed the above you will know if this is for you. You will have access to some great training to take you even further and a place to host your work.

Consider it work experience, on-the-job training, or maybe a test of your mental and physical ability to negotiate a life change.

Where is the big money in content writing?

What is content writing and how can you learn it

The big money is in success at achieving great results in a specialized field. It won’t come overnight and it may take longer than you want but it is at the end of the plan.

Your plan of achievement will list out all the steps to greatness. However, it starts at the start.

Is this for you? Can you do it and will you put in the effort needed?

What will you do with website visitors


I attempted content writing to put a blog on my business website, a single blog to talk about a product that people would ask about. My spelling is weak and my grammar is not so good but over a thousand blog posts later I have tried it all.
I am going to 2000 posts so you can do one, can’t you?

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