why use WordPress to build a website

why use WordPress to build a website

Why use WordPress to build a website when there are so many other ways available.

What’s so good about WordPress anyway?

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Now I am no expert on this but as a user, over a few years, I have developed some pretty strong ideas.
I have tried Funnel builders and other templated sites but have always come back to the basic WordPress.

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Benefits of using WordPress

Being one of the original website building platforms designed for the average Joe It does have a structure that anyone can follow.
Over the years it has grown in complexity to meet all the market demands but still retains a basic format.

Bonuses with WordPress

Many or I might say most plugins are designed to work on WordPress so the support, quantity and quality are really very good.

As well there is so much training available that you can get an easy answer to any question.
One I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate a free training program without upsells to it. The hosting is cheap and easy as well.

Moving your domain to another host is also available and the website is transferred in whole.

WordPress and graphics

First of all I have tried other site builders and often have problems in handling the graphics.
I am not an artist and get confused with many of the ways to iUsing wordpress, SEO imagemport my pretty pictures, a necessary item in any post.

WordPress makes it so easy including both a library and download area.

This has the ability to resize and add the necessary links.

One important concept is adding SEO attributes to your site.
With a good plugin, I use Yoast all in one SEO, you are prompted to include all aspects of SEO to the market.
Without this, you have no chance of being found.


In conclusion I believe Word press has it all, a beginner can start a website in a matter of hours and the more expert can enhance the abilities with some training.

Finally. it’s a one size fits all model that has proven its abilities over time.

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