Work from home business ideas

Work from home business ideas.

This is a very big subject and it depends a lot on YOU.
We are all different and have our own needs and wants.
Your time commitment is important and face to face contact can be daunting so chose a comfortable Opportunity

My book

I wrote a book a while ago on ways to work from home. It is a free book that may provide a few ideas.

At the bottom of this article, I shall add a login to access the free book.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is both the easiest and hardest to achieve. It takes quite a bit of training to understand what you are doing but when you get there its great.

I use Wealthy Affiliate free intro and training  to gather all the information you need

Multi-Level Marketing

Amway, Herbalife etc. This is really a numbers game and 80% never make a thing despite all the hard work.
You work with your friends and close acquaintances and when they wear out you move on. You spend money to achieve a result but mostly hour on hour trying to break through.
The high achievers can make it big the rest struggle.

Go in with your eyes wide open.


This is not new but the way it is applied can be new. The Internet is such a vast field that you can never know everything so the idea is to specialise.
Find a subject of interest like Facebook, youtube, SMS marketing, email writing etc and learn everything you can about it.

When you are the expert your knowledge will shine out as you share it with others. You can then charge for the experience and build a following of paying customers


The subject is vast the opportunities endless; all that is required is an idea and dedication.


Work from home business ideas


Peter Hanley

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