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Easy steps to writing quality content for your blog ( Revealed)

This is the strategy of a writing journey to make a difference in results.

There is nothing that ranks better than quality content if you get your keyword right first of all.

Write content for the reader

Don’t we all write for the reader? Well, actually no, many of us write what we think is important and try and push ideas into inquisitive minds.

When you have something to say it is often expressed in a manner that does not answer the relevant question.

Remember you are either answering a question or solving a problem as the basis of blogging.

Include authority in your content

When your reader wants to know if you have the background to give relevant information then Google wants to know about this even more.
Google lives on the authority of the contributor and ranks you accordingly.
However, we don’t all have sufficient backgrounds to be considered capable of expressing good opinions. If you are writing about legal matters as a layman the general Lawyer, barrister, etc will outrank you every time.

Therefore you need to borrow some authority by quoting relevant opinions.

Providing that authority supports your opinion it will work for you. Authoritative figures can be anyone with a background in the subject. Interestingly Wikipedia is recognized as an authority because it was built on user input.
Quoting Wikipedia will help your work

How do beginners write content

Whilst practice makes perfect you must also understand the rules of writing by taking an online course. This will save a lot of time later on.

How do you write good content?

Good content always addresses what the reader has searched for. So answering questions and solving problems are great first steps to take.

Google ranks on user intent and not just a keyword

Easy steps to writing quality content for your blog

This is important because you really need to put your information into a relevant basket.

Is it;

Commercial. Maybe a quote, best buy solutions, etc

Transactional. Where to buy and how to pay

Navigational, Take me to Google maps

Informational. How to, why, when type responses

If you place yourself in the wrong box you are behind from the start.

You must satisfy the readers with your writing

This is another important step that has changed with the recent Google updates.
If your page has a low reader rate and high drop-out rate then you will be pushed down from page one into potential oblivion.

Therefore your time on page statistics available from your analytical reports is critical in your page position. If other pages in the same group and with similar intent hold the reader’s interest better than you they will rate higher in the search results.

Avoiding early popups

These may be advertising pops, selling your eBook, or simply name gathering. However, they are very annoying to the reader and many will abandon your page.

If you must do these bring them in late and well down the page so that they don’t take from the reading experience.

Popups are annoying however they do have an important role in blogging but use with discrimination and consideration of the reader.

Pictures and eye candy

The attention deficit skim readers need something to pull them up. Therefore a nice image will bring them to a spot on the page that they are most interested in. However, you must be mindful of image size as the bigger versions will not hold sway on a mobile device.

Similarly loading images at the end of sentences takes up valuable page real estate.

Linking a post is important but so is the placement

You are told to include several links that are both internal and external as well as your affiliate ones spread over the page. However, placing them close together gets them mirrored on a mobile device so both become valueless and distract from your google result.

Bing remains keyword independent

Whilst Google has moved to artificial intelligence Bing and Yahoo have remained in the traditional method of exact match keyword search. As a writer, this creates a degree of difficulty trying to meet different demands.

Google still likes Keywords throughout the content so satisfying the needs of both can be resolved.
The Chinese search engine Baidu has followed Google however the Russians are staying with tradition at Yandex. The other smaller engines are all niche ones that do not cover mass searching.

YouTube is also a search engine

Youtube is searched nearly as often as Google and more than Bing and Yahoo combined. Furthermore, its page time ranks very high as viewers find new and interesting places to treck to watch all sorts of different content.

However large embedded posts really upset the small mobile devices and Google rankings so linking is often better.


This ranking business is one hell of a game that requires a lot of attention and having very good background to the rules. However constant change requires further training to stay ahead.

Easy steps to writing quality content for your blog (revealed) by Peter Hanley

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How to Blog Using The Skyscraper Technique

How to blog using the skyscraper technique and challenge the big boys on page one, the only place to be. Learn to earn

Reading time: 6 minutes

What is the Skyscraper technique

How to blog using the Skyscraper technique

In Real estate, a Skyscraper is the highest or biggest building in town. Taking that to blogging it came to mean a big long blog of many words, often 10,000 or more.

However, everything changes, and the latest Skyscraper technique is taking a current performing article with lots of backlinks and traffic and writing it better.

When many blogs simply rehash the same old material Google is looking for something more.
Google wants to refer readers to the best content and not just an exact match keyword.
Using Artificial intelligence they look for User Intent when searched and take the readers to the best available destination.
Page one of a search term is often dominated by major players all pedaling the same information in different wrapping. They understand SEO and have applied every possible trick to gain a favorable placement. So how can you beat them?

Make your material better than anyone else

The first thing to do is a Google search on your Keyphrase and see who dominates the first page. You want one with lots of backlinks and a great name like AHreffs

Look at what they offer starting at the keyword and meta description. Can you make it better?

Now go to the content and see what they have to say, or in fact, don’t say.

I am not suggesting you plagiarise material but I am saying that you can take relevant points and make them better.

Challenge what they say and offer a counterargument
Expand on the offering. turn 7 tips into 9
Check the date on the original and find recent changes you can add.
Visuals go a long way so add some appropriate images

ADD some data to the blog

Nothing grabs the eyes more than data, a Graph or a list really highlights what you are talking about.
If you can’t find anything appropriate go to Canva.com and knock up your own. It will only take a few minutes and cost nothing.

Challenge the status quo

Because it is there in black and white does not mean it is correct or has not changed since being written. Even if it is partially correct take it to the next level and challenge the position taken.

“AHreffs said to make sure there are plenty of backlinks”.However, some backlinks are just blackhat material that can not be taken into consideration. So when looking at backlinks make sure they are legitimate. so many people fall for this trap etc.

Adding authority

How to blog using the skyscraper technique

Google loves authority and places it ahead of so many other SEO elements. In fact, unless you borrow some authority you may not make the grade.

” a recent article by Ahreffs stated that their article was written by the resident expert in SEO.”
But, Neil Patel the owner of Ubersuggest a well-used keyword tool suggested that authority must be the highest person in the subject matter. If it is medical then a Doctor, legal a laser, or SEO is a company that specializes in it. Yoast SEO, with 5 million users takes a whole different perspective, etc

Adding your own and other experience

You will understand the power of testimonials. They are used in many places to add the experience to the subject and give it credibility. This may be your own or people that have an interest in the subject.

What do my readers have to say about the Skyscraper technique and the experience and success they achieved. How could you not believe them?

Adding expertise

I have a friend Partha that promotes a different way of achieving keyword success. Partha ignores the meta description in the belief that Google will write what they want anyway and do it better than you. They have the experience so this could be true.

Partha is followed by many because he gets results. Small blogs get traffic in the thousands every month so it’s his way, Or the highway. He does not just sprout figures, he provides proof and testimonials to boot.
Partha does not scream Skyscrapers of any of the new buzzwords believing simply in the art of finding keyphrases that bring results.

Bring your own experience into play

I recently wrote a blog on the best way to do Keyword research that centered around the phrase:

Information Gain

This concept is very similar to the Skyscraper technique in that you make the current work a lot better by adding to the original content and improving on the impact.

You can even be the underdog and take on the big guns to reach page one of a search term.

When every article offers much the same material Google wants a fresh approach that challenges the assumptions within.
Your article must be written in a way to maintain page time because instant dropouts mean a bad experience. That is not what they want.

Google uses Search Intent so write for the readers and provide great answers or ways to solve an issue. This will help maintain your first-page position.

Don’t ignore the power of Bing

Bing and Yahoo combine their stats even though they are quite separate from search engines. Bing is stuck in the original mode working on exact match keywords so when Google does not give you the love you want it is often the case that Bing steps up. I find it rare to achieve a page one rating on both at the same time.

However, Bing is still a powerful search engine in many countries so ranking with them is equally important.

Having Keywords within your post will help both Google and Bing deliver a greater volume of traffic. Of course, Content will still get you a better place in the hierarchy

The first page of a search term is the only place to be

Most searchers never go past the first three free items on page one. That is over 90% so you really need to get there. However, when that position is dominated by the big boys it is hard core grafting to beat them at their own game.
It is far better to change your keyword to one with less traffic and competition to make life easier.

But this is not always possible.

How to blog using the skyscraper technique to get to page one

When you have to fight the battle for position one reverts to the Skyscraper technique and tackles them head-on with their own material. But, done better.

Write better quality material and add a new perspective backing it up with testimonials and user experience.
Go pretty with appropriate images, colors, and Graphs to showcase your work.

Google wants, and in fact, demands the best material. So give it your all and win the game.


Information gain may be the new word of the month but it carries with it a lot of growth power. When you are taking on the best you need to be better. So give it your all and watch the climb through the ranks.

How to blog using the skyscraper technique by Peter Hanley

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Is Blogging Worth While

Is blogging worth while now that the internet is saturated with all sorts of information. 6 million blogs a day and you can be one of them

Reading time 4 minutes

With more and more people using search engines every day blogging has become a market on its own. Plus one where money is made by those who are successful by using a few simple tricks

There is no doubt that blogging can be a very valuable tool for those who are looking to build their businesses or promote themselves in some way. Whether you want to share your thoughts and ideas, build a community around your brand or simply boost your search engine rankings, blogging offers many opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Of course, as with anything else, there is no guarantee that blogging will be worth your while. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment to produce quality content that will resonate with your audience. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, there is no reason why blogging couldn’t be a very worthwhile activity for you.

Is blogging for you

Is blogging worth while

So, do you think blogging is worthwhile? There are certainly many benefits to be gained from starting a blog, but it all depends on what your specific goals and needs are. For some people, blogging may not be worth the time and effort involved. But for others, it could end up being a very valuable marketing or content creation tool that helps them reach their goals. Only you can decide if blogging is right for you. But if you’re willing to give it a try, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be a very worthwhile endeavor.

What do you need to know to write a blog?

If you have a basic understanding of Keywords and how they gather readers your job is half done.

Remember that a blog is there to answer a question or solve a problem and your writing must reflect that. Readers want answers so give it to them and then explain why.

It could be a review of a great product.

Love this product and I recommend it because…
You have answered a question and for those that want to read on you can give them any amount of good reasons for your opinion

Blogging is not a quick money fix.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. to be trusted and liked by a following takes time and effort and it may be many months before you make any traction.

However, once you reach the sweet spot writing gets a lot easier and the income starts to flow.

People retire on a bloggers income

The beauty of a blogger’s income is that it is open-ended and without restrictions so once you hit the open road anything is possible.

You can sell a productYours or from someone else
Recommend productOn a commission basis
Gather affiliate commissionUnlimited affiliate opportunities
Market training packagesYours of borrowed
Sell your eBooksBe a published writer
Allow site advertisingGet paid per click

A single blog may contain any number of income opportunities so money may pore in from several sources in a single-page document

What to consider before starting a blog

Training is necessary to be a good blogger

training to be a blogger

There are a few golden rules with blogging and far too many to share in a simple post however I have written at length on this in a seven-part documentary

9 stages to writing a blog

Work through everything from the introduction to the final stages gathering a good understanding as you build your own free site. 9 separate steps with a bundle of tips and ideas starting from buying a Domain.

I threw Neil into the fold as I have a bundle of respect for his work.


As a long-term blogger, I am biased because it gives me a chance to be a writer, express my views and help a lot of people obtain independence in life, oh and grab a few dollars along the way.

Don’t be shy about earning money from something you love, you put in the work and deserve the recognition and gather a great future for yourself and your family.

Is Blogging Worth While by Peter Hanley

9 stages to writing a blog. Introduction

What is affiliate marketing

First-year blogging income, what to expect

Using Yoast or All in one

It is often a decision to make on which SEO program you should choose.
I had to decide between using Yoast or All In One SEO and the answer surprised me.

Why did I choose to try Yoast?

I have traditionally used Yoast as my guide because it advises on structure and settings and keeps you honest. However, it does distract you from writing content as you duck and dive between fixes.
I then went to All In one and life was less complicated as the green lights had gone.

Writing a review recently I chose Yoast as my format because the question had been asked in Quora on a regular basis.

My goal was to find the most suitable SEO format and stay with it for the long term. No more ducking and diving.

You research as you review

Like any good reviewer, I went back to basics and had a look at what Yoast really represented.
Yoast is not that old. Started about 10 years ago by Joost De Valk, and it grew gradually until 2015 when his wife Marieke, a recently graduated Ph.D. student, joined full time. Together they sold shares to Micheil and Omar to form a board of four and a staff of about 15.
Interestingly, the name Yoast is a translation of Yoost and has no real meaning.

The last five years have seen a big spurt with over 100 employees covering most countries around the world.

With over 2,500,000 connections and an upgrade fee of $89 I believe they are well in the money.

The role that Marieke took encompassed staff support and marketing and the results have really shown.

To me, this was really an exercise in how successful good marketing can be.
Two companies doing the same thing. There can only be one winner.

Training and support at Yoast

This is always an important consideration and the Yoast group do it very well.

They have an academy for training in a free version, an advanced version, and a technical version to top it off.

A full knowledge base and regular SEO tips newsletters are available and
Of course, online support is available as well.

When I checked the support forum I did find a couple of negative comments that made me wonder if my research was correct.

I upgraded to a Pro account on one of my sites and had trouble getting it installed, try as I might the Pro installation eluded me.
My chance to try support at Yoast.

I work with all sorts of communication however I have a dislike of Google Messenger. A couple of friends use it but generally, I ignore it, sometimes to my peril.

Yoast responded to Messenger and I missed the first reply so I tried again.
This time they were lucky I got the reply. Explained my issue and waited for a response. It was very quick. I had not ticked an appropriate box in my setup.
However, it was explained where I had gone wrong, they did it for me and had me going very quick.
I awarded them with a five-star review.

Guidance on SEO

The green light feature certainly leads you along and is ever-present demanding your attention.
Having written many blogs on SEO we continue to write in the most comfortable way but I am endeared to Yoast and want to change.
Changing is easy.
Good SEO is a continual challenge and the rules are not pliable, you will get penalized easily.

We took the opportunity to reinstall Yoast to a site with about 150 current posts active

Install Yoast SEO pluginA normal WordPress operation
Activate the PluginClick activate
Disable the old pluginClick disable All In One
Go to SEO tools Input and edit
Change the settingslearn a few things

Using an install plugin

Having a lot of data on the site I needed to be sure it was all bought across.
I found a plugin called SEO data Transporter and followed the directions.

As part of the migration process, you’ll install the SEO Data Transporter plugin. This 3rd party plugin will facilitate the transfer of all your data and settings from All in One SEO to Yoast SEO.

Once you’ve installed the SEO Data Transporter plugin, you’ll choose which plugin you’re moving away from, and which plugin you’re moving to. Click “analyze” to see what records and elements are compatible, and click “convert” to make the conversion.
WP 101

There was a problem because The keyword and Meta description did not come across on many of my pages.
This meant toggling back and forward a few times but with little result.

I went back and changed a few sites and found that I had made mistakes in my setup on many posts. No keyword in the Meta description, it was more than the allowed amount of words and I had made some spelling mistakes.

I went through and revisited each page making the necessary changes.

When I was all finished and happy I found the Yoast Pro bulk change tool.
Oh well, it was done I shall know next time.

Installing a site map

This is an essential part of SEO and is done for you to act with Yoast SEO plug-in.

This is the same with Social media plugins

However, you do need to go to the Google search console and install it independent of the Yoast installation

You are now looking good and can start writing. However, first up do your focus on Keyword and meta description.
I am an experienced writer and I have messed up the meta description but Yoast had me searching for my mistake.


I am making mistakes and I decided to return to Yoast as my principal SEO tool
We cannot afford simple errors in our SEO and I have found all too many in a short time.

Has it improved my site? Only time will tell. my weekly stats are all up but that may just be activity.
The Google console has recognised all my links so that is something

Finally, the answer you have wanted is Yoast the best choice of SEO?
The answer my friends is YES, I have gone back and am staying put.

Using Yoast or All in one SEO
Peter Hanley

Affiliate income exposed

9 Stages to writing a blog. Introduction

SEO and word press

SEO and word press

SEO and WordPress would seem like a major challenge. WordPress is a free website builder working on an open platform enabling many add-ons and valuable inputs

In addition with just a few concepts, you can be an expert in word press, SEO and furthermore get results.

SEO and Word press
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to have your website ranked and have visitors connected to you or your business.

Anyone can do this providing you undergo some training and trialling.


Plugins are tools that make your life easy by connecting you to a selected area. Available on any WP site you have a choice of tens of thousands of plugins tested over a long time.

An example is “an all in one SEO plugin” What this does is guide you on the things you need to do to get your site ranked for SEO. It is a follow the bouncing ball system that anyone can do.

Another example is Yoast SEO with over 1 million installations. This plugin tells you how to write and what to do so that your SEO can be achieved. Antispam, sales, accounting, forms, shops, the list is endless.

SEO and word press

Webmaster tools

To enhance your SEO to an even greater degree Both Google and Bing help you to achieve results and show you statistics and trends to help guide your future.

You can use google analytic or a plugin to do this. Every time someone comes to your site you can see all the details so you understand fully the return on your actions.


Keywords are the connector to the world, They can be short like a name, Amazon, ” Nike” or any brand that will take you to a website. They can be expanded to “Nike Running shoes” to take you in a new direction or even “Nike running shoes for ladies and pricing in US dollars” When you type a keyword it takes you to a choice of sites

think about the last time you searched and what you achieved.

Create a free site

Finally, if you want to try this for free create your own site and get all the training you need to go from rank amateur to expert in a short time. Learn all about the above topics in easy paced training both visual and written with no payment.

SEO and word press


Both WordPress and SEO go together as one. Therefore they need the support of many other inputs to achieve any degree of acceptance.

Seo and wordpress