Is Blogging Worth While

Is blogging Worth while now that the internet is saturated with all sorts of information. 6 million blogs a day and you can be one of them

With more and more people using search engines everyday blogging has become a market on its own. Plus one where money is made by those who are successful by using a few simple tricks

There is no doubt that blogging can be a very valuable tool for those who are looking to build their businesses or promote themselves in some way. Whether you want to share your thoughts and ideas, build a community around your brand or simply boost your search engine rankings, blogging offers many opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Of course, as with anything else, there is no guarantee that blogging will be worth your while. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment to produce quality content that will resonate with your audience. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, there is no reason why blogging couldn’t be a very worthwhile activity for you.

Is blogging for you

Is blogging worth while

So, do you think blogging is worthwhile? There are certainly many benefits to be gained from starting a blog, but it all depends on what your specific goals and needs are. For some people, blogging may not be worth the time and effort involved. But for others, it could end up being very valuable marketing or content creation tool that helps them reach their goals. Only you can decide if blogging is right for you. But if you’re willing to give it a try, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be a very worthwhile endeavor.

What do you need to know to write a blog?

If you have a basic understanding of Keywords and how they gather readers your job is half done.

Remember that a blog is there to answer a question or solve a problem and your writing must reflect that. Readers want answers so give it to them and then explain why.

It could be a review of a great product.

Love this product and I recommend it because…
You have answered a question and for those that want to read on you can give them any amount of good reasons for your opinion

Blogging is not a quick-money fix.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. to be trusted and liked by a following takes time and effort and it may be many months before you make any traction.

However, once you reach the sweet spot writing gets a lot easier and the income starts to flow.

People retire on a bloggers income

The beauty of a blogger’s income is that it is open-ended and without restrictions so once you hit the open road anything is possible.

You can sell a productYours or from someone else
Recommend productOn a commission basis
Gather affiliate commissionUnlimited affiliate opportunities
Market training packagesYours of borrowed
Sell your eBooksBe a published writer
Allow site advertisingGet paid per click

A single blog may contain any number of income opportunities so money may pore in from several sources in a single page document

Training is necessary to be a good blogger

training to be a blogger

There are a few golden rules with blogging and far too many to share in a simple post however I have written at length on this in a seven-part documentary

9 stages to writing a blog

Work through everything from the introduction to the final stages gathering a good understanding as you build your own free site. 9 separate steps with a bundle of tips and ideas starting from buying a Domain.

I threw Neil into the fold as I have a bundle of respect for his work.


As a long-term blogger, I am biased because it gives me a chance to be a writer, express my views and help a lot of people obtain independence in life, oh and grab a few dollars along the way.

Don’t be shy about earning money from something you love, you put in the work and deserve the recognition and gather a great future for yourself and your family.

Is Blogging Worth While by Peter Hanley

9 stages to writing a blog. Introduction

What is affiliate marketing

Is blogging worthwhile

Is Yoast more than just SEO

Is Yoast more than just SEO. It is actually a multidimensional plug in with many other purposes for every website, we show you why

Yoast SEO more than a one trick pony

I have just finished a blog on Yoast and its full set of features.

In WordPress 5.1.1 The fastest version of block building I found many great ideas.

For those that are still using the classic version of WordPress I would really encourage you to try out and adopt the Block building in WP5. It is the future and using classic is like using a Nokia flip Phone a relic of the past.

However that rant over we move on to Yoast SEO and the extras now on offer.

The read timer

This is great however only available in the pro version

First of all a read timer. Place it where you like however not in front of your Meta

Next comes a content block.

This is really helpful but again in the pro version

This is pretty amazing as itself loads all your headlines as you write and your readers can quickly pick what they have an interest in.

Following on with a Q and A list

Again a pro version input

Simply think up a question and write an answer and it is all laid out for you.

How to list

How to download Yoast blocks

  1. Go to the block builder and scroll down to near the bottom

  2. Select Yoast how to

    and start to populate it

Having the How to list puts everything into place when you want to describe how to do something.

Frequently asked questions

Similar to above

loaded from the block builder

Is a how to block worth while

I think it really jumps out on the page

Is a Q and A easy to use

So simple even I can do it

Using Yoast to improve your blog

At Wealthy Affiliate we are programmed to cut back on plug-ins in fact so far it is really hard to meet the rule of five.

However here we have one plugin that does multiple jobs and all of them very well.

If you have not found all these extra scroll down to the bottom of the + list and try them out, they are simple and extremely effective.

I was an early convert to WP5 and have changed between AIO and Yoast over time however Yoast is clearly leading the game with over five million installs v the AIO two million.

First of all I am not pushing here for commission, I am not an affiliate however when writing a review I took my understanding to a new level.

We all know and understand about Schema and how important it is for your Blog. First of all it is a bit over my head so I am happy that Yoast does it for me and I don’t have to try to understand it more. It did my head in.

What we now have is one SEO plug in that offers a variety of useful extras that you can use when and if you want.

I am sure there are many of you, just like me, that had not scrolled down the block list to find these extras. It is worth a visit

Is Yoast more than just SEO by Peter Hanley

Is Yoast more than just SEO

full training at wealthy affiliate

Internet training for positive results the easy way


Internet training for positive results the easy way. Sick of searching the net for ideas? Look no longer, we bring instant returns for you.

How to find a great training recourse on the internet

I wish I had found my way sooner, it would have saved me years of struggling on the internet.
Nothing was quite what I wanted.
Most of all I wanted to make money as I studied to show a return for all my time spent reading articles and seeing everyone else make money

Everyone wants a get rich scheme

I have been burnt so many ways as I have done course after course of useless training. A cabinet of documents without returns.

Above all I have looked for a solution that was easy for a newbie, something anyone could do without all the website experience, Building Websites, learning SEO and Keywords however never quite making it.

Where to start an internet journey

A friend of mine wrote recently to not waste energy on dime products when the big stuff takes the same amount of time. We talked and agreed the internet is a long learning curve and starting easy makes the journey a whole lot better. Getting a reward along the way keeps your interest piqued and saves you from burnout.

How I built a training site in 5 minutes

My site

By buying into Edupay They took me straight to the training and ready to go. However I wanted more, I want to earn as I learn.

I want to fast-track this whole thing.

How to be an Udupay affiliate

To become an affiliate is not always easy you need to prove some abilities and demonstrate that you know something about the internet. First of all, you need to buy the product and have a look and learn some simple rules.

Next, you need to tell them that you will promote the product following their training and upgrade to more products as you go.

Do some training and wait a few days for approval

Take the short trip and decide your future

The destination link

It is true that nothing happens without action and all action starts with just one step.

You can spend your life wishing or you can spend it doing, the rewards are better with the doing end.

My conclusion and your beginning

The internet is a great place to play and it is even a better place to build your own business. A business that will pay you money every month while working from home.
This is an opportunity to gather a perpetual income that you can pass down the line to the family for decades to come.
I can’t promise you will make money, in fact, many don’t, but what I can promise is that if you give it a try you at least stand a chance.

Internet training for positive results the easy way by Peter Hanley

Further reading Do bloggers make money

The first step starts with you

The 10 X effect in business for substantial growth

What is the The 10 X effect in business for substantial growth and is it a myth. We look at growing your business with easy to do ways

Your business must continue to grow.

If you are not growing you are failing so what can you do about it.

  • Throw a bundle of money at an Advertising agent
  • Pay for Ad-words and sit back
  • Advertise on Facebook

Or, may-be do it the cheap but highly effective way and that is 10 X

What is 10 X

10 X is taking ten ideas and improving each one by just 10% to give you a massive leap in profit.

Every business must have multiple paths to customer acquisition however they must also be generating new leads at the best level they can.

The first of course would be your web page. Your internet presence to the wide world or local business.
A web Page is there to sell product and deliver prospects and if its not doing that you need to make some changes.

Your first job is to either go to Google analytics or set one up if you don’t have one.
This will tell you the volume of traffic to your site, where they come from, what keywords are best and a whole bunch of other information.

You should be increasing year on year and if not make some changes. SEO should be optimized so that it produces the best results.

1 X Include a blog page

This tells people about your business, provides valuable information and keeps them on your page.
You are reading a Blog now so they do have some following. However id does take some time so you may want to outsource the writing.

2 X Include a Loyalty club

These must work because just about every major organisation has one. They develop a great customer list for instant marketing and have customers returning for life. It may be a food voucher or a free car but have something to bring them back.

3 X is Google search Console

Having your business listed on Google search is an absolute must. It is free and every time someone looks for you then your listing will be on page one.
Make sure you gather some five star reviews as well.

4 X would be local directories

Under any search term you will see the local directories appear on page one. This may be Yellow or what pages, plumbers review or what ever.
My point is that you need a listing in at least ten of these. They are generally free however they will try and up sell you. Don’t do it unless they can prove they are sending you volume traffic

5 X is LinkedIn

Many people forget the benefits of this media as a search vehicle. You must have a portrait, a good bio and some sales material. If I am researching a company I always go to LinkedIn first. You also get details of callers so it can be tracked. Cost nothing and a great place to be.

6 X must be Facebook

There are more people on Facebook than all other media and it still draws attention. The trick how ever is to post regularly, that is every day. One of the Face Book benefits is that you can pre load messages well into the future a do it once and let it run feature.

7 X would be your Newsletter

Do not skip this point as it is the best long term marketing project you can have. A monthly or Bi-monthly newsletter keeps you in contact with your customer base over a long period and is the mind jogger that has them coming back. It is not a traditional sales tool however you may feature products along the way

8 X and your email Autoresponder

a very under utilized source of action that is set on auto pilot and follows the inquiry through to sale with a series of pre-written emails. If you are well set up one program can do your emails, newsletters and autoresponder messages. I use Constant Contact but any will do.

9 X brings you to Keywords

The use of Keywords has grown necessary as the Google search algorithm helps people search for your product. If you don’t look at keyword structure many search terms will never find you. This is really important for local businesses displaying a location tag. Best Fish and chips in Hopetown.

10 X and finally to Voice search

This is new but very important as it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be done by voice after this year. Mobile phones, Google home products and other devises will ask Siri, Cortana or others the question. Therefor your keywords will need to think about what people will ask for.
Google Voice search


There is no reason that each of the ten steps above should not be applied to your business.Each will generate its own traffic and support the others whilst doing so. Some will be used in combination to really increase the customer touch. This is not a conclusive list and should really include SMS, Cold Calling, Instagram, Pinterest, video and many other associated ways of business.
It is however a great reminder to look at your business in a different way and positive manner.

The 10 X effect in business for substantial growth by Peter Hanley

Targeting clients for better results

Best Bulk Email Sender

What is the Best Bulk Email Sender for the average small business and can it return a margin on sales? Here we tell you how.

What is bulk email?

The answer of course is more than one. However, the maximum is as many as you want so it is an individual application. This can be done in a few different ways

General emailSales or branding
Autoresponder mailFollow up series
NewslettersRegular posting

I have tried most of the markets and eventually settled on Constant Contact as my choice.

Can you make money with email?

Making money with email is relatively easy compared to all other marketing methods. For a fixed monthly sum you can blast away all day long and count the returns.

Marketers will tell you that everyone on your list should return you an average of $5 a month. Personally, I have never made that but I do get a great return.

First of all, you can not always count your returns. Take newsletters as an example. They are not a selling tool. Newsletters are an information and contact devise that will bring customers back. Newsletters may contain links to income generators that we often forget to count because they may not be immediate.

You can count an Autoresponder return

Your Autoresponder sends out a series of emails that should culminate in a sale. It may be just a few emails or a whole bundle but the results should be easily visible.
One reason is that once they buy from you you take them out of the series and place them somewhere else. It could be a different product, newsletter, or similar.

A sale product or big giveaway promotion

Again very easy to monetize because results come within a few days. You can quickly assess your return on expenditure and make a decision on the future of that program.

One of the classic methods is re-sending the same successful email to all those that did not open it
the first time. If this is a success repeat it again until the results dry up.

Best Bulk Email Sender takes prices lower than most marketing.

Email v general marketing

This is an easy sum. The annual cost of email is about $600 or $1000 for up to 10,000 client list.

This may include about 250,000 contact points in a year. A run of 5000 brochures will cost nearly $1000.
Facebook advertising could cost a lot more for a lot less.
Ad words will come to tens of thousands a year making the email look cheap.
However, nothing is cheap if it does not work.

Always test your marketing

I have about 20 lists that I mail to, mostly different business niches that require a different touch point in sales. However, I generally bundle them together for a newsletter.

With something new, I will generally send a test mail and look at the results before sending it to the rest. Change the headline, and alter the call to action fix colors to see If I can get better results.

You have access to all the analytics live at any time so use them as best you can to improve your rates.

Your rates will vary with the product and purpose. As I generally sell a recurring income product one sale will cover my carrier cost for the year.

Email newsletters how to

The better your material the better the results

You probably don’t need to be told that content creates results that become returns. The same principle applies to your web page and Social marketing.

Short emails are better than long ones unless you are telling a story

However, another critical factor is the know consideration. I delete any emails that I don’t know or like on a daily basis. That is before the subject line even gets a look at.

Do your readers like you and what you send?
Are they interested in your email subject line?
Is it in their interest at that moment?

If we can get one of these right you stand half a chance of having your email read.

Best Bulk Email Sender, don’t be scared of rejection.

Don’t be scared of rejection

People will constantly opt-out of your list, They have their reasons so just wave good by and move on to the others. This saves you time deleting those that never open a mail.

For example, I use the delete button every day however I don’t generally unsubscribe. When I still have an interest in the sender it is just not on my list at this time.

Why Constant Contact is my email platform

Best Bulk Email Sender

Every platform has its own set of idiosyncrasies however Constant contact seems to have less of them.
It is easy to use and there is lots of training available. I have tried others as an experiment but have always returned here.
They include other services like a website builder but as I use WordPress at Wealthy Affiliate I don’t use it.

During The Covid period, they included emails to send and support plans for those businesses suffering at the time.

Prices are all much the same but some charge per email sent where CC charge per customer. You are then not scared to send a ton of emails along the way.

Spam is not allowed however CC is indeed more tolerant than most provided you are not getting complaints. They also don’t brand everything with advertising.

You can try it for free and that is really recommended for anything you do before sending money.
Finally is an industry recognized program that is honest and reliable.


I am loyal to those that look after me and this is one platform that I have stayed with for many years.
Yes, I have ventured outside to find a price advantage or a performance that I was missing but have always returned.

Furthermore, it will provide a great return on expenditure and keep your customers returning to you for years to come.

Constant Contact is easy to use, with great templates, colors, and accessories so it gets my tick of approval. Sign up now.

Best Bulk Email Sender by Peter Hanley

Best Bulk Email Sender
Peter Hanley

Online business ideas for beginners

Online business ideas for beginners that have some chance of making money and will not cost a fortune. We tell you to think before you leap.

What are good online business ideas?

First of all anything we talk about must have a chance of returning your investment in time and money. The rest are not worth following unless you want a hobby.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one choice because it teaches you to make money, has a great affiliate program and introduces you to a whole lot of real chances with other affiliates operations.

Start with some basic training so you don’t waste time

I can give you any amount of great ideas to make money but none will work unless you have some idea of what you are doing.
You need to understand about SEO and keywords along with how you go about selling online.

Secondly, we don’t want your money, we want you to try the basic training for free and see if it works for you. This is before you do anything else.

A world of scams are waiting for you.

Certainly you can give away a lot of money and get nothing in return. Everyday great offers will pop up promising the world and how you can get rich without any experience. 99% are rubbish and designed by professionals to get you in. Not only will they take your money they will consume so much of your time that you will eventually give up.

There are good paid courses if you want a mentor

One I usually recommend is my friend Roy Carter. He lives the online dream residing on an Island in the Pacific Ocean dodging the occasional cyclone and teaching people the basic skills.
Roy does not take everyone and he introduces himself with a nice video where you hear what you will learn before you need to commit anything. It is a paid course but worth while if you need your skills fast tracked.

Online business ideas for beginners and some basics

Good business ideas for you

Only recently Amazon was right up in the top list of opportunities until they slashed all the commissions in half. Amazon and Walmart two top rated companies don’t want affiliates any more

My recent update on the new position Amazon has taken was reported in a recent post.

Imagine spending months building an Amazon site and seeing it trashed overnight.

Therefor we need to find some new light among the shade.

The affiliate business is truly alive you just need to find the right one

Online business ideas for beginners

During the Covid crisis home Gym equipment was all the rage as were bicycles and all things exercise. Anyone that had an affiliate site really hit payday.
It did not stop there, home renovations also went ballistic, curtains, carpets, lighting to name a few.
In addition it went on with computer equipment and desks for the home based workers.

Then we went to take away meals and packaged dinners for those locked away.

My point is that affiliate sales are always available even in the worst of times New online business ideas are every where you just need to ask.
How do you ask? I will tell you later but there are some things to do first.

You need a resume of your experience.

Imagine walking up to a new boss and saying I want to sell your stuff. Great says he,( or she) what experience do you have. Your reply could be, ” well none but I want to learn. OK, can you set up a website? No but it can’t be that hard. Do you know anything about Gym equipment? No, but my cousin does some weight training I could ask him, would that help.

On the other hand the conversation goes along the lines of: ” yes I have a website and getting some traffic every day, At this stage I have not placed any links to the site but believe your product will fit right in”

Who will get the job?

Finding an affiliate partner the easy way

Firstly know exactly what you want, it could be Home gym equipment available in Nebraska under a thousand dollars.

Go to Google type in home Gym equipment Nebraska (space) affiliate,

You will see pages of results just like the one below for all sorts of opportunities

home business
A live example

Therefor finding opportunities is pretty easy but converting them is something else.
Affiliate marketing online

Recurring income affiliate earnings

I am biased here because I have been doing this for three decades in business and online

You sell a product today and then get paid every month for as long as the association lasts,
Wealthy Affiliate is a recurring income system as they grow the whole business based on refferals and you can join and start from day one.

We talked about the Gym industry and they have rental products and training programs that also fill the bill.

Wealthy AffiliateWeb hosting and training
Jaaxy Keyword finderKeyword Tool
A WeberLists and leads
Constant ContactEmail marketing
Contact SamuraiVideo builder
Roy CarterMentor training
A short list

All the above are in my stable and are reputable and class leading products that I would recommend.

Off course if you google this there are thousands more to choose from. Let’s do a reminder to learn before you earn.

Online business ideas for beginners who are you?

Is blogging for beginners?

is blogging for you

First of all I am a blogger so my advice is probably a little biased towards this product. As a writer I can add affiliate links everywhere and even advertising to make considerable returns on my efforts.

It may become a profitable business that can sustain a healthy life style however it takes time.
If you have a subject and a passion start today because time won’t wait.

When I was looking for what to do on the internet i thought I am just Joe average what Have oi got to write about. Five hundred blogs later I found the answer is what can I not write about?

I love what I do and helping both small business and Internet start ups has become a passion.
However it is time consuming and takes lots of words to find your place among the readers.
For instance I write about 6000 words a week and run a business so it takes a bit of effort particularly as I am a two finger plodder on the Keyboard.

How to target the best clients for great sales

Running a shop online

Surprisingly quite easy to do and easy to run with the technology available today. You can run a free site on WordPress or pay for Takes a bit of set up time but when you are up and going just maintenance.

What will you sell? Your own products, drop ship products, affiliate products, training, support or a whole range of options. It is an online shop just fill the shelves with products that will make you money.
Online shopping is growing exponentially so the time is right to join the rush.

Who is online marketing for?

I have written for seniors, teenagers, Black woman, old guys and gals, retired, restricted the list is endless as the internet is blind. There is no prejudice where we are all made equal.

Finally I shall repeat go to school first learn the basics and apply them to have a chance of success.


My desire on this page was simply to give you a bit of enthusiasm to start a real journey on the internet. Furthermore to enjoy the journey and make it a success along the way. It takes time and maybe a few dollars here and there but spend money wisely and dedicate time broadly an the way to a great occupation or hobby.

Online business ideas for beginners by Peter Hanley

Online business ideas for beginners
The author

Peter Hanley


Selling during a pandemic

Coronavirus and business

Selling during a pandemic or any natural disaster is a time for the best of you to build your future and move your business forward.

This is not a time to panic

We are currently under the spell of Covid-19 one of many over the years that will trash your business if not handled correctly.
Furthermore it may be fires, typhoons, floods, sunamies, cyclones and other natural disasters that will impact your life.

Your major take from the current Pandemic should be that consistent contact keeps everyone aware and not alarmed. We see world leaders everyday telling us the latest news, often peppering it with hope and trust.

The public has been masheld like no other time into compliant obediance as we rally together to fight a rampaging crisis.

Communications is key, it has made the difference.

Use communications as your tool to success.

In my country many businesses have had to close down, doors locked and staff dismissed as we keep a boundary around contact. Essential services continue in a haphazard manner of close contact.

Communications will continue to win the battle and this can be done in many ways

  • Email is first
  • Newsletters are included
  • SMS is handy
  • Even an old fashion phone call
  • Creating videos
  • last but not least Social Media

When you are working from home and looking for things to do then jump on board one of the above.

You will have a customer list ( or should) so bring it up to date and then invest in some tools.

New tools to work with

This is the time to get a great email plan working. Email is not singular it is a mix of products that make your life easy.

A single contact emailThank you emails, contact details etc
Then your broadcast groupA sale for all VIP members
Building an autoresponderA new email every day on automation
Setting up a newsletter templateA must-do every two weeks
Reminder emailsAppointments, closing etc

Here you can see that the humble email is more than just a quick message to keep basic contact.

The essentials of business communications an open discussion

Do emails still work?

They sure do or your inbox would not be full of wonderful opportunities waiting for you every day. However, most will not be opened unless you have an understanding of what to do.
As a communications tool, this is by far the cheapest and best method of maintaining contact.

Selling during a pandemic with SMS

Using SMS in marketing

Your SMS market includes all your customers.
Furthermore SMS has instant results with a very high open rate.

Our Government have used SMS for important updates because more people read SMS than any other media.

One of my customers sends messages to advise that his store is still open.

Another confirming that all appointments were being kept

and another to say store closed until furthernotice.

Using SMS can be more expensive however with better results.

Social media from home

Social media still has a huge pull and it is an excellent tool to transport viewers to another page or location. Your social media is for entertainment and to showcase ideas it is not about selling or marketing. Maybe I should repeat that however there are times it can be used.

My daughter closed her retail shop for the Covid lockdown. Fortunately she had invested in an online shop as a back up to sales so she maintains a presence even in lockdown.

Currently she does a video of herself and new products as she wanders around a store empty of buyers. Does it work? It sure does with online sales and home delivery going gangbusters.

Selling during a pandemic using Video.

marketing in a pandemic
Use of videos

Using video for your business

Just hang about for a minute and don’t be scared of the whole video business. Did you know Youtube is searched nearly as often as Google? Plus more times than Bing and Yahoo combined.

You can do a simple video and post it to YouTube on a phone or tablet or a professional live video through Content Samurai.

Make up your how to do things stories and keep them as links on your website to increase site time and greater SEO.

grab this free book that takes you into the video world

The internet revolves around Keywords

You need a very good working knowledge of keywords and how to use them.

They make the difference in your marketing between success and failure. The use of words is the road directory of the internet and most lead to dead ends.

You are fortunate that there are Keyword tools that tell you all about traffic and conversion along with competition and success. These must be understood before you do another thing.

Try this free tool today and start to check all your marketing for a better way to be seen.

Take your blogging adventure

blogging in a virus

First of all this is not an overnight adventure it is a term commitment that needs constant attention to find and keep a huge reader base. It can be part of a website or stand alone opportunity designed to make you money.

I started to blog as an aid to my large email list and customer portfolio. I could not share all I know through other means so I now link to appropriate pages at every opportunity.

No doubt I take the opportunity to monetise what I do with affiliate links and advertising but that does not distract from the core product.

I am marketing business ideas like all those above and provide an opportunity for small business owners to advance their income.


On my home page, you will find endless topics to help you grow your business. Take some time and adapt anything that will suit your current position.
If you are stuck at home this is a great time to ramp up your marketing or even if the business has slowed right down do something to prepare for the tomorrow that will be here sooner than you think.

Furthermore don’t waste this opportunity to expand your future.

Growth of your future is in your hands not in a lousy virus.

Take my ideas and run with them for youtr future.

Selling during a pandemic by Peter hanley

selling during a pandemic
Peter Hanley

coronavirus and business explained

Best way to build an email list

email list

A customer list is a negotiable asset and the best way to build an email list comes in several stages. Here we tell you the correct steps to take.

Why have an email list anyway?

A list of any kind gathered correctly and maintained regularly represents a valuable asset in your business. An asset that can be valued in $ per subscriber on the sale of the business.

This can be a fixed location or an online business it makes no difference.

My condition is that it must be legally gathered in the course of business. There is a thing called the spam laws with huge penalties for randomly contacting people.

Starting the email journey

This will vary depending on where in business you are.

A retail business is easy, you have data everywhere, client details, billing, enquiries, competitions, surveys and asking at the counter.

firstly sort your list

Your job is to put them into an order and record them in a file.
If you have a women’s’ dress shop your order may look like this.

  • Small size women
  • Large size women
  • Younger group
  • Older vintage
  • Trendy buyers
  • Brand loyalty
  • Special followers
  • Summer ware
  • Winter ware
  • Accessories

Yes, many will be part of several groups but not all of them.

The power of an email list

You should never underestimate the power of a list. It is a guide to your customer base, their habits and buying patterns.

A well-segmented list can be used for marketing every day. It is not time-consuming but rewarding as your results are relayed immediately.

It is a permanent asset that has great value for any buyer.

A customer of mine fell on hard times and had to close her business. She recovered some funds from asset sales at trash prices and still owed quite a lot of money. Her closest opposition approached me and offered to buy her contact list. Good value as it would have cleared all debts but guess what, she did not have one.
This was an early lesson for me and I have pushed this barrow long and hard.

This is not a one-off case. An associate had a very busy Pet food business that was unfortunately raised by fire. It broke Peter’s heart and he never re-entered business. His customer list from the rewards card he had maintained allowed him an extra income bonus. ( lucky he had it all backed up)

using automation

Marketing to a list in different ways

Before I tell you how to get a list together let’s look at some interesting examples.

First of all, I run a message service to small business so I have close contact with a range of customers. I also mail them with ideas on a regular basis and many act on these in innovate ways.

The Loan consultant.

Having written many loans over the years Mike had collected quite a few names. At this time interest rates were being changed on a monthly basis and it was difficult to keep up.
Mike sent an SMS message to all his client every time the federal bank made a change. No selling, no coercion just information.
Mike wrote many new loans directly from the SMS service even though his email newsletter was also a monthly habit.

The Tyre man

Justin had a tyre service in a local upmarket community, next to a big shopping centre and a whole bundle of passing traffic. His idea was to send an SMS saying call in and get your tyre air pressure checked for free.
Again no sales pitch just a good offer.
Believe me, when I say the first customer to take advantage was a Porche driver. He said I was driving past and you reminded me I need a set of tyres can you do them while I am at the shops. Kerching.$

The swimming teacher

Sue had a busy swimming centre that provided regular lessons for the younger generation. Her company decided to message every client that had been absent for a period of time with a new deal.
They sent out about 130 messages by SMS to test the waters. The return was about 50 new bookings that they would have lost. kerching$

Yours truly

I send out emails nearly every day, some segmented some a newsletter-style to all. I regularly get new customers that have been on my list for over a year. When the time was right I was in front of the action.

What are the best ways to get names for a list

I just googled this exact question and had a look at a lot of answers however I want to stay local and easy. So I list my top 10 ways.

Ask for your customer details

This is a no brainer. You want it for your invoicing and even cash sale receipts and other instore needs. Record them in a manner you can access and use.
You must be proactive to get results.

Run an instore VIP club.

Do you have a coffee card, a major store card or even a Flybys card? These cards are to get your information so they can market to you, blind Freddie knows that however, we all have them and willingly give over info.

A regular instore promotion, raffle or survey

We will line up to give our details in the minute chance of winning or achieving a gift. It is in our nature.

Telemarketing is still alive

It might be hard work but it is rewarding. I ran a campaign using a call centre in India. Don’t get me wrong we all hate telemarketers and particularly the overseas variety. Firstly I did not ask them to sell, all I wanted was to ask if they had a message service and if not get an email address. This delivered thousands of potential customers.


Using contact forms, popups, enquiry channels all add to the supply. You must have these anyway so make the best use of them.


Stay with me for a moment on this one. This is an instore promotion style event where a supplier does a workshop. It may be you or an outsider but the idea is the same.
At 5 pm on Thursday, Wild Erp will give a workshop on the sharpening of Tomahawks. Great door prizes and giveaways.

An actual example is Geoff who has a wholesale business in the refrigeration industry, Geoff runs a breakfast event every few months. Invites are by SMS and you are prompted to bring a guest. They have a supplier giving goody bags away and a sausage sizzle for all.

Social media promotions

Surveys, competitions, ebooks giveaways can be done on all forms of social media. This can be a really strong CTA if used correctly. You know you should post regularly so post smartly as well.

Outside events

Tradeshows, home shows all sorts of shows operate during the year. Most of these are lead capturing and you are lucky to sell anything worthwhile. I did one of these for a friend recently. A five-day show that needed a few hands-on-deck during a 12 hour day. Our goal was to get people to sign to our list so we could send them information. The several hundred we gathered were really warm prospects that moved into a sales situation. We were selling a $20,000 product so we did not need many to give us a return.
The point was to get an email and phone number so we could follow up.

Other list building ideas

We can go on for a long time but your time is precious and you just can’t do them all. Pick a couple and give them a go. Get them to a place of self-producing before moving on to the next idea.
Optin pages, outbound mail, on your stationery, referrals etc can all be added to the list.
Lastly is to consider YouTube videos. How to do thing Videos are heavily searched so having a link on them is a sure thing.
However pick your social media of preference and concentrate on that, you can’t do them all.


You should have gained some insight and had an ahha moment somewhere in this short post.
Doing them is a whole new game but choose wizely and limit your time to the ones that will produce results for you.

Once you have your list use it often. Regular newsletters, emails, autorespnders and SMS to make them pay.

This is business and you want a return so do it properly and do it often.

Best way to build an email list by Peter Hanley

Best way to build an email list
Peter hanley

PS There is a lot more training on this at Wealthy Affiliate the worlds leading internet training

Coronavirus and business

Coronavirus and business

A disaster looms for Coronavirus and business. Doors will close, staff laid off, no income coming to you. Take steps now to be ready to return.

What to do if you close your doors.

First of all, doing nothing has never fixed anything so let’s get a plan moving.

It all starts with a written plan based on what you want to achieve.
There will be many hurdles and they may include staff, stock, cash, rent, and outstanding bills so how will you handle all these issues.

Communication is imperative to maintain a customer base

One thing is very clear as we sit in isolation and that is the need for good clear communication.
Depending on where in the world you sit government leaders and trying to control the herd.
Furthermore, they are doing daily announcements on what steps to take. Stay inside, don’t get too close, get checked, and wash your hands. The list is pretty long and interestingly changes on a daily basis, finally, they make mistakes and institute new rules on a regular basis.

Interestingly our leaders appear on TV explaining the situation and even SMS and email in bulk.

What have government directions got to do with your business?

I am not talking hard rules here like close your doors, stay home and get rid of staff. They are issues over which we have no control. We must comply however we must also adapt.

As a result, I believe that one great lesson is that communication works. It must be constant and consistent in keeping a nation informed. The people want it they listen and lecture others to do the right thing.

Your business must communicate

It matters not if you are working or have closed the doors your customers demand to be informed so they can make their own decisions.

In short, these are forms of communication you may include;

Email broadcastBest low-cost method
SMS broadcastFast and efficient
Using invoicesSimple to do
Phone callsTo top 20 customers
Notice boardsYour premises signed
Local pressLocal coverage
RadioFor larger businesses
TelevisionFor corporations
Social mediaUse Facebook and others
VideoDo your own videos

Finally, there will be many more than this but as a start, you can begin your rebuild.

Email Marketing during a crisis

You will find that this is the most effective, low-cost media that is easy to do and to the point.

Newsletters of short emails can be quickly written and sent to an entire base keeping them informed and loyal to your brand.

The top server is Constant contact. I have used most services over the years and they remain my choice because they are easy and at a reasonable price.

Therefore you can maintain your branding and simple message so when the time comes you will be ready.

Do not try and sell at this time.

Coronavirus and business
It is not selling time

Firstly this is a time to inform and educate and not the time to ram sales at people because you are desperate.

Customers want information so they are also ready when the world returns to normal. They all so want entertainment and article to lighten a dreary day.

Secondly, they are not interested in you, they have their own issues to worry about so direct all information that relates to them.
Finally, the purpose of contact is to retain a loyal base so you are still top of mind when the start button is hit.

The return to normal

Best guesses range from a Trump month to a pessimistic year for the restart. It will be somewhere in this timeline however I am the optimist. With world controls starting to have an effect my guess is peak Covid-19 is the end of April 2020 and the return to be sooner than later.
Wuhan the epicenter of the virus is coming back after just three months with production winding up and movement being released.
Finally, the timing is important however being ready is critical.

SMS gives immediate results

It is true that 90% of SMS messages are viewed and acted on immediately. This is great for selling but a little more expensive than email marketing.

A customer of mine sends his small wholesale base SMS to advise on when he is open and any product shortages. He continues to operate in a bad market but retains his customers.

Using Invoices as marketing

Your invoices and statement can be used as marketing material.
Most products have a message space that can be used or you can include a one-page flyer.
Use this as a communications tool, not a selling platform. Keep them well advised and the sales will come when they are ready.

Phone calls are not old hat

It is true today as in history that 80% of sales will come from 20% of your customers. This is a rule called the Pareto principle that uses the 80/20 in all sorts of situations.
Those top customers need more handholding than others. A quick phone call to make contact will be remembered for a long time.

Furthermore, the cost is minimal and the return can be great.

During Coronavirus and business decline is a great method.

If you put up a notice do it boldly

We will see signs on shop windows done in a4 paper with small print detailing their business decisions.
Therefore you need to get up close, put your glasses on, and read through their problems.
You should make it a statement. WE are closed but can be contacted, can we help you, we shall send an email telling you more, not on our list then email us at and we will keep you right up to date.

In short, you should take every advantage at a bad time.

Local press

We all have a local press distributed weekly in our area. hard copy paper on local issues.
They are desperately looking for news items and things to write about. They have people eager to find a news story and blow it up.

Write to them and give your version of events and what you are doing to help in these terrible days.

You won’t get an answer every time but you may get lucky at some time and be a feature article.
Don’t be afraid to add your photo and contact details because this is zero-cost marketing at its best.

Radio and TV marketing costs a lot of money.

The statement is true however it also gets bigger returns. It is for the big boys but you never know when an opportunity will knock. Remember their budgets will be blown with advertisers departing quicker than flies at a barbeque.
Furthermore, I notice that I am getting more emails from the largest marketers. Every day a letter from the chief guy telling me new information. This includes department stores and grocery chains so they believe email works, why wouldn’t you. Try Constant contact for free.

Change your social media

The purpose of social media is to transport people to a web page and be sold a product. Social media is not for selling unless you are paying for advertising.

Social media is to entertain and inform and there is no better time than now. What are you doing during Covid-19 and how can you help your readers.

A regular post will allow your base to grow during quiet times and prepare them for a new beginning.

Making a video is easy

YouTube is searched nearly as often as google and more than Bing and Yahoo combined. There is a massive surge in YouTube and it is helping people in many ways.

  • 90% of 18-44-year-olds access YouTube
  • Every day one billion hours are watched
  • 62% of US businesses use youTube
  • 70% of watches use a mobile
  • 90% of people discover new products.
    Just a few short statistics on YouTube

How hard is it to make a video?

One company I regularly use is content Samurai.

They teach you and allow you to do as many videos as you want in seven days and keep them forever.

Load the videos to YouTube and link them to your webpage or posts.

  • How to do things video
  • Branding video
  • training video
  • Showing unpackaging

These are other than all the music and entertainment and should be on every post or page.
Start your movie career and employ video in your business, Content Samurai.

Online training for your business

While you have time on your hands and you have all the marketing in place why not upskill yourself.

The Internet is an ever-changing world that requires constant attention. One great place is Wealthy Affiliate which is a domain hosting and training site. They have free entry so you can use most of the facilities without committing any money. This includes a free website which is great for practice or to set up your own blog.

I have been a member for 5 years and this comes with my 5-star recommendation. Learn to increase your return 10-fold when business restarts.

Blogging for success as a business builder

Coronavirus and business

You are currently reading a blog on business. Pretty simple stuff really, write a few words, post it on the internet, and let people read it. They like you and then buy your products. What could be easier?

Like anything, you do you need to learn the rules and apply them early or you just won’t be read. I have written a lot on this so it is easy to learn and apply.

I blog to enhance my day business, plus I love sharing ideas and my knowledge of the business world.

Does blogging earn any other money? some of the richest people use their blogs to run advertising thus earning millions per year.

Others use Affiliate marketing where you recommend other people’s products and get paid for the referral.

Then you can use it to direct readers to the front door of your business.

All local businesses should be bloggers showcasing their best products and it is one type of marketing among a long list

Starting is easy and your objective is conversational marketing. You are not selling anything hard sell but achieve the same purpose over time.

I have written on starting up a blog that may help as well


We started talking about Covid19 and moved into future marketing. It is a big step however many of you will have time on your hands that can be used to help you come out of the curve.
A CoronaVirus is a terrible event for many people including businesses that are closing daily. Governments have put all their efforts into health but business subsidies will follow.

I reiterate to not waste time idling away but plan your new future with excitement and anticipation. In other words, you should avoid symptoms of distress as much as possible.

To sum up what I have said “doing something is far better than doing nothing.”

Coronavirus and business by Peter Hanley

image of the author talking about email marketing
Peter Hanley

Ps, please stay healthy and ride out the problem as well as you can.

Selling during a Pandemic for more great information

9 stages to writing a blog. Introduction

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Using Yoast or All in one

It is often a decision to make on which SEO program you should choose.
I had to decide between using Yoast or All In One SEO and the answer surprised me.

Why did I choose to try Yoast?

I have traditionally used Yoast as my guide because it advises on structure and settings and keeps you honest. However, it does distract you from writing content as you duck and dive between fixes.
I then went to All In one and life was less complicated as the green lights had gone.

Writing a review recently I chose Yoast as my format because the question had been asked in Quora on a regular basis.

My goal was to find the most suitable SEO format and stay with it for the long term. No more ducking and diving.

You research as you review

Like any good reviewer, I went back to basics and had a look at what Yoast really represented.
Yoast is not that old. Started about 10 years ago by Joost De Valk, and it grew gradually until 2015 when his wife Marieke, a recently graduated Ph.D. student, joined full time. Together they sold shares to Micheil and Omar to form a board of four and a staff of about 15.
Interestingly, the name Yoast is a translation of Yoost and has no real meaning.

The last five years have seen a big spurt with over 100 employees covering most countries around the world.

With over 2,500,000 connections and an upgrade fee of $89 I believe they are well in the money.

The role that Marieke took encompassed staff support and marketing and the results have really shown.

To me, this was really an exercise in how successful good marketing can be.
Two companies doing the same thing. There can only be one winner.

Training and support at Yoast

This is always an important consideration and the Yoast group do it very well.

They have an academy for training in a free version, an advanced version, and a technical version to top it off.

A full knowledge base and regular SEO tips newsletters are available and
Of course, online support is available as well.

When I checked the support forum I did find a couple of negative comments that made me wonder if my research was correct.

I upgraded to a Pro account on one of my sites and had trouble getting it installed, try as I might the Pro installation eluded me.
My chance to try support at Yoast.

I work with all sorts of communication however I have a dislike of Google Messenger. A couple of friends use it but generally, I ignore it, sometimes to my peril.

Yoast responded to Messenger and I missed the first reply so I tried again.
This time they were lucky I got the reply. Explained my issue and waited for a response. It was very quick. I had not ticked an appropriate box in my setup.
However, it was explained where I had gone wrong, they did it for me and had me going very quick.
I awarded them with a five-star review.

Guidance on SEO

The green light feature certainly leads you along and is ever-present demanding your attention.
Having written many blogs on SEO we continue to write in the most comfortable way but I am endeared to Yoast and want to change.
Changing is easy.
Good SEO is a continual challenge and the rules are not pliable, you will get penalized easily.

We took the opportunity to reinstall Yoast to a site with about 150 current posts active

Install Yoast SEO pluginA normal WordPress operation
Activate the PluginClick activate
Disable the old pluginClick disable All In One
Go to SEO tools Input and edit
Change the settingslearn a few things

Using an install plugin

Having a lot of data on the site I needed to be sure it was all bought across.
I found a plugin called SEO data Transporter and followed the directions.

As part of the migration process, you’ll install the SEO Data Transporter plugin. This 3rd party plugin will facilitate the transfer of all your data and settings from All in One SEO to Yoast SEO.

Once you’ve installed the SEO Data Transporter plugin, you’ll choose which plugin you’re moving away from, and which plugin you’re moving to. Click “analyze” to see what records and elements are compatible, and click “convert” to make the conversion.
WP 101

There was a problem because The keyword and Meta description did not come across on many of my pages.
This meant toggling back and forward a few times but with little result.

I went back and changed a few sites and found that I had made mistakes in my setup on many posts. No keyword in the Meta description, it was more than the allowed amount of words and I had made some spelling mistakes.

I went through and revisited each page making the necessary changes.

When I was all finished and happy I found the Yoast Pro bulk change tool.
Oh well, it was done I shall know next time.

Installing a site map

This is an essential part of SEO and is done for you to act with Yoast SEO plug-in.

This is the same with Social media plugins

However, you do need to go to the Google search console and install it independent of the Yoast installation

You are now looking good and can start writing. However, first up do your focus on Keyword and meta description.
I am an experienced writer and I have messed up the meta description but Yoast had me searching for my mistake.


I am making mistakes and I decided to return to Yoast as my principal SEO tool
We cannot afford simple errors in our SEO and I have found all too many in a short time.

Has it improved my site? Only time will tell. my weekly stats are all up but that may just be activity.
The Google console has recognised all my links so that is something

Finally, the answer you have wanted is Yoast the best choice of SEO?
The answer my friends is YES, I have gone back and am staying put.

Using Yoast or All in one SEO
Peter Hanley

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