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Is Yoast more than just SEO

Is Yoast more than just SEO. It is actually a multidimensional plug in with many other purposes for every website, we show you why

Yoast SEO more than a one trick pony

I have just finished a blog on Yoast and its full set of features.

In WordPress 5.1.1 The fastest version of block building I found many great ideas.

For those that are still using the classic version of WordPress I would really encourage you to try out and adopt the Block building in WP5. It is the future and using classic is like using a Nokia flip Phone a relic of the past.

However that rant over we move on to Yoast SEO and the extras now on offer.

The read timer

This is great however only available in the pro version

First of all a read timer. Place it where you like however not in front of your Meta

Next comes a content block.

This is really helpful but again in the pro version

This is pretty amazing as itself loads all your headlines as you write and your readers can quickly pick what they have an interest in.

Following on with a Q and A list

Again a pro version input

Simply think up a question and write an answer and it is all laid out for you.

How to list

How to download Yoast blocks

  1. Go to the block builder and scroll down to near the bottom

  2. Select Yoast how to

    and start to populate it

Having the How to list puts everything into place when you want to describe how to do something.

Frequently asked questions

Similar to above

loaded from the block builder

Is a how to block worth while

I think it really jumps out on the page

Is a Q and A easy to use

So simple even I can do it

Using Yoast to improve your blog

At Wealthy Affiliate we are programmed to cut back on plug-ins in fact so far it is really hard to meet the rule of five.

However here we have one plugin that does multiple jobs and all of them very well.

If you have not found all these extra scroll down to the bottom of the + list and try them out, they are simple and extremely effective.

I was an early convert to WP5 and have changed between AIO and Yoast over time however Yoast is clearly leading the game with over five million installs v the AIO two million.

First of all I am not pushing here for commission, I am not an affiliate however when writing a review I took my understanding to a new level.

We all know and understand about Schema and how important it is for your Blog. First of all it is a bit over my head so I am happy that Yoast does it for me and I don’t have to try to understand it more. It did my head in.

What we now have is one SEO plug in that offers a variety of useful extras that you can use when and if you want.

I am sure there are many of you, just like me, that had not scrolled down the block list to find these extras. It is worth a visit

Is Yoast more than just SEO by Peter Hanley

Is Yoast more than just SEO

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