Affiliate Internet Marketing

Affiliate Internet Marketing is a way to make money working from home. Here Peter Hanley
provides ideas, tools and training to quickly

To start

What is Affiliate Internet Marketing all about and are there many opportunities to make money without a lot of knowledge or training.

Over 111 opportunities available

Here you have exclusive access to a list of opportunities that would take months to gather.

We list out links in all sorts of opportunities that you can earn from. Affiliate links

You will need password access to this site and this may change from time to time, for now, use Topcat16

Knowing and doing Affiliate marketing

The wealthy affiliate site is an entry to a new world. It is packed with training that takes you from start to Earning money and beyond.

With very little experience you can be moving like an industry shaker and have the money coming in the door without spending a penny.


Would 7 million be enough?

That’s what the top earners make from selling other people products using Instagram as a platform. 
 Jason Stone known as the millionaire mentor did this in one year selling other peoples products.

“In the early days, I treated Instagram like a blog. I posted consistently, shared my story, my experiences as an entrepreneur, and found that motivational quotes with pictures of cars, luxury items, and public figures would get a lot of engagement”       – Jason Stone –

It all started with some training

There is no power without the knowledge and this only comes at the expense of time, your time in understanding the basics

What others have to say about the Wealthy Affiliate training

“WA offers you the blueprint and the right tools to do that with the help of many others in live chat, questions, blogs or comments. Not to forget Site Support.”
“Wealthy Affiliate offers you everything you need to become competent in this online business world…I have used it extensively since joining 2 years ago…”
Dave SW

“I appreciate all your likes and for ‘friending’ me here. You have all given me a ton of encouragement when I read your tips and lessons.
Kyle, Carson and Jay and to your staff … words can’t express what I really want to say, other than I will think of you all tonight!!”

“I am really enjoying watching the content in the training. They are long enough to get the point across but don’t waste your time by beating the point to death.
I like the “bite-size” pieces of the training broken up by the slates. I also like that I can pause and try the information on my own website. I’m staying up so late because I just keep watching and watching the content.”
TV# Chick

Are these real? I went to just the first page of Wealthy Affiliate blog and copied these in minutes as an example. There are thousands more to be had by simply ready through a few posts

So waste no more time starting your journey

Affiliate Internet marketing
by Peter Hanley

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