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How How do you Create a Video and more importantly what do you do with it.? Here we explain the back to the front of video production do you Create a Video and more importantly what do you do with it? Here Peter Hanley explains the back to the front of video production as applied to you.

Video is a Killer tool to drive traffic

There are basically four Videos you need to consider producing to obtain different objectives. It is not a one product fits all but a targeted product to obtain results to meet your needs.

  1. Product videos

This may include demonstrations or how-to videos, an online course, or training in something your viewers need.

2. Traffic building Videos.
These are usually short targeted video adverts comprising direct benefits. Always with a call to action. just 8 to 10-second snaps.

3. Sales Videos
A sales letter, a problem-solving solution on how to get what you want. Discuss a problem and agitate it into something bigger. Then present a solution and finally an irresistible call to action.

4. A trusted video.
This offers something for free. Here is where you educate and explain Products or situations without an end sell. Generally just practical useful help.

I have previously talked about Know, like, and trust as the critical components behind everything you do. Videos can do this for you

80% of all traffic will be through videos by 2020

This is the claim as Videos go past Google search as the tool of practical use.
So are you going to be part of this or are you going to be left behind?

Where to start with a video?

First of all what sort of Video do you want, Product, traffic, sales, or trust?

Then what are your niche in the market and your keywords? What will people search for to find you?
I have written on this before but if you know it all we will move on.

Writing a script

Whoo up there now we are getting into tin tacks and we need to know what we are doing. I have always worked on the AIDA principle in marketing and it has worked for me for many years.

  • Attention. Your headline and your opening sentence, this is where you grab some interest and keep them on the page. About 1.8 seconds is all you have.
  • Interest. Give them something that piques their interest and keeps them looking for more
  • Desire. They can picture the outcome, they see the problem solved or in the front seat of a new Beema that they must have.
  • Action The call to action. what they need to do to satisfy the soul

There is an easy way

I use a product called Vidsy. This is a line-based scriptwriter that gives you clues on what to write.
Anyone can produce a selling script within minutes using this great tool.

  • Full Examples
  • Does it frustrate you that your product never seems to generate the volume of sales and income you really want..?
  • Is a leaky tap, running toilet, dripping shower, or a blocked drain driving you mad?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn to skateboard, but the thought of flying downhill with no way of controlling your speed has always prevented you from getting started?

You just fill in your product and follow the script.
Yes, Vidsy comes at a price but if you are doing lots of Videos the payback is very quick.

Do you want to try and make a video

A great site I use is Content Samurai

As an Affiliate, I can get you a seven-day free trial and a discounted rate.
Using Content Samurai is really easy. You can do it in several ways.
Make your own video using your mobile phone.
Take pictures and put them in a slide show
Use stock pictures  to capture your moment
use stock Video to overlay your product
Voice your own script using a desktop mike
Have them voice a script in Male or Female voice

Plot out a basic script, load it, add pictures automatically, then select a Voice and load it. All done in ten minutes top.

At the right of this post is one I did on Wealthy Affiliate.
Save it to Youtube, copy the youtube link, and away you go.

If you are using WordPress5 you can also embed the video to your post.

You have Noble Samurai completely free for seven days where you could make a dozen videos for free

PS Unfortunately Noble Samurai was sold and no longer operates

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