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Free website hosting

Free website hosting is not possible unless you get hit in other ways. The exception is that one company having a very simple option to provide free hosting.


Nothing in life is free

So imagine you set up a hosting company, invest your money, spend to get clients and then give the service for free.

When you run out of money and close the doors what of your clients? They are out in the cold and lost their website.

All that time and effort for nothing.

Don’t let it happen to you.


Is web hosting such a big cost anyway?

The cost of web hosting varies considerably between companies. From just a few dollars a month to around $100 in the extreme.

It is often a symptom of you get what you pay for.

The number of sites you want to host.

The speed of the website

How much is stored on the site

Security features included protecting your site.

Having a site builder enabled

Support services when things go wrong

Backup availability

The ability to transfer domains in and out when you want.

Site monitoring for Hacking, performance, malware and virus plus file system monitoring.

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Do you get free training included?

Can you earn affiliate income?

No, web hosting is not a big cost but bad web hosting is.

You will spend a lot of time on a website, building and changing to reflect your business in the best possible manner.

Losing this to a bad host is just not worth the effort. There are a lot of longtime hosts that have stood the test and have recognizable names like GoDaddy and name cheap that host as a sideline to domain purchasing.


Choosing a web host and why?

I have used quite a few different hosting companies because of different needs and with a mistaken idea that I could find a better low cost alternative.

You can search the web and most will direct you to a site from which they get paid, I am no different except that if you take free hosting I get paid nothing. I want you to take of this opportunity with all the relevant benefits to host your Ste for free. As you learn from the included training and begin to appreciate what you need to promote your site you may wish to take a paid option but you will do it loaded with new knowledge and make an informed decision.

Why I picked Wealthy Affiliate as my host

Like you I started with a free site to test the system but now have a dozen sites that I actively promote on a regular basis.

You get 2 free sites to start with.

They have over 300000 members so going broke is not an option, you will also amaze at the level of involvement and feedback forums that help you with every step.

Take a look around for free and then make a calculated decision for your future,

Free website hosting



I have absolutely no problem in promoting what is the best web hosting site available. This is because it has so many extras and a dedicated following of people that shout the praises and this is what you need. User testimonials say it all.

Peter Hanley

Free website hosting






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