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If you search How to Affiliate marketing you join a whole group wanting to make money on the internet. Here Peter Hanley starts your new career.

What exactly is affiliate marketing and are there different types?

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Let’s look at the Urban dictionary

A marketing practice based on the internet in which affiliates are rewarded for marketing on behalf of other companies, bringing customers or visitors to the business’s site.

Urban dictionary

My warning to you, don’t attempt anything until you read all the following

The best job in town

If you get this correct it is far and away the best job in town.

  • It can be done from anywhere at any time
  • You have no rent to pay or shop front
  • There is no stock to carry
  • No debtors or creditors or bad debts
  • Very little capital is required
  • Sell big-ticket items
  • Fast-moving items
  • Recurring billing income

What things can an affiliate sell?

Just about anything you can think off can be sold by affiliates. It is a fast-growing area of sales across the world because it moves product.
It could be:

A virtual products like software, online training, E.Book, games, insurance, health care, videos

Hardgoods of all kinds, from Plains trains to toy cars.
Health products, clothes, shoes and more

Recurring billing services, web hosting, backup, Video storage etc

First things first for affiliates

You must have a basic idea of what you want to do before you enter this market. I can show you a million affiliate offers but you won’t get accepted or be successful unless you understand the basics.

Affiliate Marketing training to prepare yourself for success.

It is going to take a bit of your time but none of your money.
Consider this. You contact a company and they say great, how are you going to market my XYZ shoes. You reply dunno what do you suggest? They say how many contacts are on your list or your webpage.
Your answer is, not many really so the interview is not going well. You then get an email saying thanks but no thanks, it hurts, and you feel jilted upset and probably want to give up all because you were unprepared.

How hard is affiliate marketing

Beware the affiliate scammers

Because this is such a massive market the sharks do circle the unready.
Do not pay money to learn how to be scammed.
Reliable institutions like Amazon University and Wealthy Affiliate are ok but many or I might even say most are not.

Amazon University focuses on its products and how to sell them. This is great starter territory but a quick search will show all the paid ads in this category. This is a fair indication of the paying traffic. ( If you don’t know what a paid ad goes straight to the training below you really need help)

How to find Affiliate products to sell

This is the easiest part of this whole post but first of all, you need to determine what you want to sell.

It is no good to consider selling anything out of your comfort zone because it will make life so hard at the start.
Yes, a good marketer can sell anything to anyone but you are not there yet.

In addition to this, and I will tell you how to get products we will look at The stores first

Affiliate Marketing stores

First of all, we have people like JV Zoo and commission junction where it is really easy to start.
I am lukewarm on them as a majority of products are not all that good yet I do have a couple I really like. Furthermore, it gives you a good idea of what virtual products are out there. Remember however most are pretty basic with low commissions and high return rates.

Then you have people like Share-a-sale, Clickbank, CJ affiliates, Shopify and many others that act as a conduit for a lot of products.

The reason for this is that it takes special software to properly manage the sales process so many companies outsource the problem.

So you want the affiliate answer?

By now you have an idea of what you want to sell.
It may be anything. Now to go to your search engine like google, type in what you want to sell, for example, say Shoes then space then affiliates.
You now have about 230 million searches to choose from.

Not bad hey?

But wait! will you be accepted? With Google, for example, you get in easy but if no sales are made in three months it is goodbye baby.

Other sites are more selective and want details on how you are going to get sales, some demand you have the product, a website, blog or funnel. A source of leads etc.

Here is the free training I promised you.

Yes, it is also an affiliate site, a Webhosting site and quite a few other disciplines as well.
You can become an affiliate on day one and walk down your street telling friends about it and earn money. You must, however, do a lot more than that.

It is not an overnight occupation. It will take some time and personal effort however it will repay you many times over.
At Wealthy Affiliate, there are hundreds of people making a living from the training they have received. In some cases a six-figure living in all sorts of products.

You won’t, of course, take my word for it, and neither you should because I am trying to lead you into a product although my intentions are honourable.

What I want from you is enter the Wealthy affiliate portal and have a look around. No Credit card cash or your second child.
Have a look at the training and the members portal and even follow a couple of members to see what they say.

My dare is for you to find a bad comment.

What you can not do is promote your products or try and sell anything on this site. The site is very strict in some ways so you are not inundated with crappy products to buy.

You can get a free website and learn how to set it up, learn about Keywords and use the included tool and start some affiliate activity. By this time you have not paid out a single dime. No nothing.

You have the best training on the net, a free website, bundles of 24-7 support and the ability to hit it big.

My dare is for you to find a bad comment.

When you upgrade as a full Affiliate at a small monthly cost You have a 10-website package and the ability to really stretch your wings

You are a click away from the start of a journey. A click away from a life-changing experience that will captivate you and have you wanting more.

As a result, there is always more as you gain the knowledge to grow your boundaries far past anything you could ever imagine.

Picture this, you are earning about $5000 us a month and they want to fly you to Las Vegas America, all expenses paid and wine and dine you like a King or Queen.
Furthermore, you will mix with other achievers and learn how they make more than you to get you excited for the next leg of the journey.

The only thing stopping you is You.

Finally, it is all there for you, just take the first step and thank me later.

How to affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

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In conclusion, I am happy to put my ugly mush to guarantee a product I love and respect. Peter Hanley

How to Affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

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