Is Blogging Worth While

 Is blogging worthwhile now that the internet is saturated with all sorts of information? 6 million blogs a day and you can be one of them

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With more and more people using search engines every day blogging has become a market on its own. Plus one where money is made by those who are successful by using a few simple tricks

There is no doubt that blogging can be a very valuable tool for those who are looking to build their businesses or promote themselves in some way. Whether you want to share your thoughts and ideas, build a community around your brand or simply boost your search engine rankings, blogging offers many opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Of course, as with anything else, there is no guarantee that blogging will be worth your while. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment to produce quality content that will resonate with your audience. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, there is no reason why blogging couldn’t be a very worthwhile activity for you.

Is blogging for you

Is blogging worth while

So, do you think blogging is worthwhile? There are certainly many benefits to be gained from starting a blog, but it all depends on what your specific goals and needs are. For some people, blogging may not be worth the time and effort involved. But for others, it could end up being a very valuable marketing or content creation tool that helps them reach their goals. Only you can decide if blogging is right for you. But if you’re willing to give it a try, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be a very worthwhile endeavour.

What do you need to know to write a blog?

If you have a basic understanding of Keywords and how they gather readers your job is half done.

Remember that a blog is there to answer a question or solve a problem and your writing must reflect that. Readers want answers so give them to them and then explain why.

It could be a review of a great product.

Love this product and I recommend it because…
You have answered a question and for those that want to read on you can give them any amount of good reasons for your opinion

Blogging is not a quick-money fix.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. to be trusted and liked by a following takes time and effort and it may be many months before you make any traction.

However, once you reach the sweet spot writing gets a lot easier and the income starts to flow.

People retire on a bloggers income

The beauty of a blogger’s income is that it is open-ended and without restrictions so once you hit the open road anything is possible.

You can sell a productYours or from someone else
Recommend productOn a commission basis
Gather affiliate commissionUnlimited affiliate opportunities
Market training packagesYours of borrowed
Sell your eBooksBe a published writer
Allow site advertisingGet paid per click

A single blog may contain any number of income opportunities so money may pore in from several sources in a single-page document

What to consider before starting a blog

Training is necessary to be a good blogger

training to be a blogger

There are a few golden rules with blogging and far too many to share in a simple post however I have written at length on this in a seven-part documentary

9 stages to writing a blog

Work through everything from the introduction to the final stages gathering a good understanding as you build your own free site. 9 separate steps with a bundle of tips and ideas starting from buying a Domain.

I threw Neil into the fold as I have a bundle of respect for his work.


As a long-term blogger, I am biased because it gives me a chance to be a writer, express my views and help a lot of people obtain independence in life, oh and grab a few dollars along the way.

Don’t be shy about earning money from something you love, you put in the work and deserve the recognition and gather a great future for yourself and your family.

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