Phone numbers for business

Phone numbers for business


Working from home or small office and want phone numbers for business use you have several ways to do it.

Here we will explore a few ideas and define expectations.

Firstly though, having a separate number provides some benefits along the way. If You move or sell your business you don’t want your mobile or home phone number disappearing

Local Telephone Number

When you get a home or office landline, or even calls on an internet package you receive an allocated number.

This may be an idea if you are going to make or receive a lot of calls. You can have a separate landline for personal use and have two handsets.

Phone numbers for business

In many areas you can purchase a virtual number, a number in the cloud that is yours to use and calls are patched to you or a message service. Generally, there are no calls out but you have a presence.

1300-800 Numbers

In all countries,

you have what is called free call numbers. The USA is 800, Australia is 1300 UK 0800.

This type of number is expensive to you, the call receiver. You pay for the line and then termination rates depending on where the calls originate.

The numbers are good if you want to be seen as a countrywide service. All USA or UK or even Australia. The numbers make your location invisible. This is not so Internationally as many numbers cannot be called from outside your boundaries. You would need to supply an alternate number for this.

If, you are a local supplier you are better served with a local number. Your buyers or subscribers want to purchase local and the number indicates where in the country you subscribe

Inbound mobile numbers

Phone numbers for business

You can purchase an Inbound mobile number that will deliver SMS message directly to your email. You don’t need a phone at all and you can SMS that number, advertise it and use it just like a mobile phone.

I believe a business should have a real number and perhaps an SMS number as a backup. A real number gives an aura of size and not a small part-time operator. Furthermore, it will become a fixed asset that you may wish to sell in the future.the number can be advertised in any way you want and draw business for years to come.

Fax numbers

Now here is a conundrum that is country based. In The USA a fax is still a dominant number used for many commercial and legal reasons. In Australia, as an example, it is being fazed out and replaced with Emails.

A great benefit here is that fax line numbers are cheap and can go straight to email. No fax machines or equipment other than your email service. You can generally send and receive faxes at any time.

Phone numbers for business

Does having a fax make you look more professional? I think so and as you can achieve it for just a few dollars it is well worthwhile. Fax to email services are available worldwide and in Australia at Verdi messaging


Getting phone numbers cheap

The deal here is to shop around and get the best deal. Every country is different but make a few calls and get some quotes. Numbers in the cloud are available and as long as you pay the small fee they belong to you


In conclusion, the purchase of numbers depends on your need and everyone requires them for a variety of reasons. I can supply more advise if you comment below and give a brief summary of what you wish to achieve
Phone numbers for business


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