Gillette Commercial and your brand

Here Peter Hanley looks at the Gillette commercial, what it means to you and how you can learn from it for your marketing.

Don’t tell me you have not seen the Gillette Commercial

OK, your the only one in town or perhaps like me you are a Man and don’t give a fig over the hyped up response to a commercial.

Wait on, don’t take sides we are not here to debate the integrity of the advert we are here to judge on the effect.
So first of all find the advert and view it.

Did Gillette deliberately set out to get readership?

If they didn’t they certainly got it, everyone is looking at it and getting all in a knot over the masculinity of men.
My take is that the Gillette brand, owned by Proctor and Gamble, needed a boost into a new marketing niche.
The younger age set and this was the lever to achieve it.
They were deliberately controversial to get a Brand fixed in the mind of buyers.
Do you think it worked?
I do because when I go to buy a new razor the brand jumps up and says buy me, and I do. Why? Because of brainwashing, advertising and or promotion, whatever it is it worked.

An interesting format in the Gillette advert

The advert was deliberately made long format at nearly 2 minutes to move into Social media where most views will be seen.
It tells a story and keeps your attention to the very end and then you jump out of your chair with an opinion.
Buying a two minute Add on commercial TV is extremely expensive and in most cases avoided at all costs.
The Ad Agency (Grey Global Group based in New York) certainly should know what they are doing but being a risk taker sometimes backfires.

I see this as taking a Brand into a new demographic by targeting an age group that care.
We old blokes have been buying Gillette for years and find this mildly entertaining. Because the 20-50 age group are the buyers now they are the new target.


Lets face it Gillette is all about brand recognition

In marketing parlance, you can solve a problem, overcome a fear or put yourself in the result.
A simple version is a travel advert, they don’t show long queues or boring plane flights they show crystal clear water lapping on white sand and buff bodies strolling hand in hand down a quiet stretch of beach.
Hardly reality for most of us but we dig it, we want to be like that.
Gillette put you in the advert, you take sides, discuss issues maybe even rant and rave but hence you remember the name Gillette.

A great Advert or a misfire?

Furthermore, you should take your stand and be outraged but also remember what they are trying to achieve.

In conclusion

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Gillette Commercial and your brand


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Gillette commercial and your brand
Take your side but remember this is brand building.



Gillette Commercial and your brand, a discussion.