Age is just a number

Age is just a number that changes every year but do you? here Peter Hanley looks at how age becomes equal when hiding on the internet.

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Too young or too old

Are you too young or too old?

I remember in my younger days going for a job and you were always too old or too young for the position.
It was often just an excuse but it was and probably still is used as a factor not to employ you.

Have you experienced something akin to this?

Jobs for young and not so many jobs for old

The world changes in its attitude to age. My first example is a very recent one that happened to a family member.

When coffee became a mainstream product shop sought out well seasoned Barista.
You needed experience and age to understand the intricacies in smelling and dishing out the aroma.

Older guys with curling moustaches, tattoos and bad attitudes pumping out endless arrays of coffee choices.
My friend an older female won Barista of the year and best visuals on a cappuccino.

Have a look around now and the baristas will be trendy young, 20-something, females doing the same job for half the pay.

She is now too old for the job at 40+. WHY?

Girl working
Young barista

In this case, the advance in technology has made it easier to make a bad cup of coffee. The machines are all press here for this coffee etc taking much of the skill away from the coffee maker.

When Andria related this to me I thought it was the old excuse syndrome. I then looked at a dozen local coffee shops and noticed the change. Backpackers, students, and part-time workers are all young and hogging the front line.

Sometimes you are too young for a job

I give you example number two. When young is not good and age is just a number.
The medical profession is like this. We don’t want to go to a young Doctor. Straight out of school with no real experience, we much prefer the older more wisely person.

It recently happened to me. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and needed to go to a local Physio.
It is not a common occurrence so I rang and made a booking for someone available for advice.

I got there and out walked a 20-something, attractive female. Now I, like most males, don’t mind a young female but I was taken aback. I wanted someone with some time behind them and not a girl on work experience.

OK, I was wrong but I am an old bloke and didn’t know better.
Jen my new fav person did a great job and I would recommend her to anyone. It was my initial reaction that I am writing about.

Age, retirement and occupation.

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The age of retirement in many countries has changed. The original age of 65 has gone out by a year every two years as they head towards retirement at70.

I understand that 70 is the new 60 and we are all considered much younger than our parents.

What this does not take into consideration is manual labour. Those involved in heavy manual labour are worn out by 60. Backs and knees no longer take the strain. yes, you can get smarter but you need to change before it is too late.

Internet, the age equaliser and remember age is just a number.

I started writing this because a friend in our internet group turned 80 recently and is still an active contributor.

She is not the only one though as there are many over 65 that are succeding in Internet marketing

On the internet, you are not an age you are all equal to your contribution. In fact, we older generation use it as a badge the same as the Young.
The 20-year-old says I am only 20 and doing this and the 80-year-old states I am 80 and still going.
In between, it matters not.

You can be completely invisible on the net. I use a picture of myself so you can see I am not a young punk but I could be 60 or 75.
In fact, many use a much younger picture of themselves to hide there age I use it as a tool.
My years of business experience and development on the internet help me in many ways.

What does the internet provide for the older group?

The answer is anything and everything. There are no age barriers for those that want to learn and adapt.

As an affiliate marketer no one knows your age, no one sees the wrinkles or arthritis creeping into the hands.

If you want to learn you can. Many won’t of course, some are old before their time, not willing to go with technology. Can’t use a mobile phone properly, program the Sat Nav needs the kids to look up facebook I see them all the time.

I also see those that want to stay young learn and adapt to the constant change that the Internet throws at us.

Learning all things Internet is easy

At Wealthy Affiliate, they have a free course on making money and being successful on the net.

Training is written and video and self-paced so anyone can follow along. You learn the basics before branching out into an interest that suits your needs and abilities.

I quote from a bit of Fran’s writing just today, She is 80 years old

Yes, it is true that I am not physically as active. However, I am fortunate that my life has been very stimulating and, yes, very active. I have viewed all the stages of my life with great interest. “Now” feels no different.
Now, again, I am involved in something new. I view with awe and astonishment the world I’ve entered with WA. I find that I am not too old to keep learning.
It is very rewarding to me to realize, first-hand, that life is a continuum and that age is relative. It is only one standard of measurement. Quality of life depends on many other factors as well.
The ability to learn more, to grow and commune with like-minded souls, and to move onward and upward, regardless of our age, is a most provident opportunity.
Thank you, WA, for entering my life and teaching me that, if I am young in mind, I have found my own fountain of youth.

Fran K Wealthy affiliate member

I could not have said it better. Whatever your age start your learning now.

In conclusion, I close by saying that learning keeps your mind young and your will to live a better life more enhanced than those that give in to age. Remember age is just a number.

Age is just a number by Peter Hanley

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