Best email hosting for small business

This is really a hard call because costs go with service and you want the best of both worlds. That is why I chose SendShark

Best email hosting for small business

I was paying $99 a month for 2500 subscribers so this looked like a bargain to me.

Who is Send Shark

This is a Canadian operation run by Joel Therion. Gee, I met Joel many years ago when they started with data storage and have stayed the distance with him. They have a few other products and importantly run an affiliate site so even if you rarely use this at least you can pull a few bucks.

Send Shark are pretty happy with the product and it offers a lot of bells and whistles.

The training is top class

The head trainer a guy named David Gardner takes you every step of the way in an attached video on the module you are working on.

It is easy to flit back and forward between building a product and getting lessons.

Best email hosting for small business

What else do they offer at SendShark?

All sorts of emails naturally which includes a great Autoresponder. Every business should use this with new clients.

Combined with a lead Capture service you can gather new clients and get notified every time they come on board. If you are getting too many you have the option to turn it off.

Furthermore, they have a nice page builder to gather new business in line with your other resources.

Affiliate programs

Send Shark is one but they also have Diet, exercise, supplements, live coaching, and more if you are interested

What others are available

I have used Constant Contact for many years but the price and service have gotten out of wack with the market. There Affiliate program was changed and they dropped all the history and started again and made it country centric. It is hard to build a following. In fact, the price is sending people away. Dream Host, GoDaddy, and Zoho are others but you are paying for what you get.

There had to be a better way

I send out a regular newsletter, in fact, every couple of weeks so I need something that is easy and reasonably priced. I have tried most of them over the years and gave up. At one time I transferred some names across to MailChimp to see how well they would perform. They disconnected my account because they stated I was spamming. That was to customers that had been with me for years. The problem Was the brand Mail Chimp was bigger than my message and people thought it was spam from them.
We parted ways on not the best of terms.

The servers really need to have access to all sorts of carriers and not just Google and Joel has this tied up very well. In fact, his video will show this for you so your worries will be gone.


I don’t want to prattle on about this I want you to try it out. If you don’t like it simply ask for your money back and move on.

Best email Hosting for small business By Peter Hanley

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