Best money making ideas

I just Googled this idea and found about a million things that would never work. Lists of ideas that were vague and general and all the same basic descriptions.

This is the time of the Internet so opportunities that were never available are now changing the face of business.

I could say go get a job, get a second job or ask for a pay rise but I know you will just glare at me and say it’s not an option, and I don’t blame you.

What does the internet offer?

Things are changing every day so you need to learn a few things before you start. You need to know about webpages and keywords, domains and SEO to start any idea on the Net.

What are the best ideas on the net?

The answer is pretty simple, selling something that is tangible or Virtual be it products, training, advise or information.

You can be an affiliate and sell other people’s products, train people, do Videos or webinars or even open an online shop. It is all there for you.

Affiliate marketing is a way to go.

The best and largest example of affiliate marketing is Amazon. People, just like you, market products on webpages and any sales through Amazon earn them a commission. Sometimes a commission with a recurring income.

The good points of this are;

It is easy to get started
There is a lot of training
An endless range of products

The negative points are;
The commissions are low
You can be cancelled for not performing
It is very competitive

Amazon is just one of the sites on the Net. There are actually many thousands waiting for you and they are easy to find.
If your thing is, say Food as an example. Google food than space and affiliates and I think you will find over 300 offers on the first page. Not a bad start, but wait.

To be accepted you need to demonstrate a degree of ability. What have you done and what will you do type thing

My first advice is to some training on how best to set this up and there is no better place than The Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s free
to do and they even have an affiliate program.
Have a look at the comments and do a couple of the training elements before you commit to anything. Never just barge on into a paid course because there are so many just willing to take your money and use up your time

Just click on the picture and have a look around.

YouTube is the next big deal

Best money making ideas
A winner

I kid you not, people search with YouTube nearly as many times as they do with Google and lots more than Bing or Yahoo.

Interestingly only about 10% of USA businesses use it, I believe because of perceived cost over benefit yet it is now so easy to do.
The biggest areas are ;
How to do things or instructions
Anything to do with Food
Movies and music.
Comedy also rates very well as personal blog posts.
The 10 most successful channels so far this year 2019:

  • Ed Sheeran. 36.8m subscribers.
    DudePerfect. 38.7m subscribers.
    WWE. 39.2m subscribers.
    Justin Bieber. 43.1m subscribers.
    Konrad Cunha Dantas. 46.1m subscribers.
    5-Minute Crafts. 48.1m subscribers.
    T-Series. 87.1m subscribers.
    PewDiePie. has 83.4m subscribers.

Where does the money come from?

  1. Advertising Revenue. YouTube video producers earn between $3 and $10 per 1,000 viewer engagements, and it’s the most common revenue model used to earn money on the social media site. …
  2. Corporate Sponsorships. …
  3. Merchandise Sales. …
  4. Fan Donations.

Can you make a video?

Well sure you can, fire up your mobile phone and start to blaze away then download it to YouTube. However, like anything else who will see it.
Again I have the perfect solution for you. No wild promises a free start and a look at what you can do with a video.
NO special items required. Your computer or I.Pad can do it for you and you can do a professional video, one that you won’t be ashamed to show to anyone.

If you can make a Video you can sell a video

That’s not rocket science it’ ‘s just plain old common sense.

first of all, I want to give you a free ebook. This book will tell you all about how to get seen on Youtube.

Best money making ideas
Cost you nothing to click

This is probably the most important issue on the web, how to get found. If you do not get this right it is wasted time.

Noble Samurai has several products and again a great Affiliate program once you get into the system. it is a program with recurring revenue that can build you a business and a full-time income.

Instagram is the new leader in business generation

Again, I am going against the rules and leading you in a new generation direction.
Instagram was bought by Mark Zuckerberg for a modest $1 billion but a few years back. It is now worth close to $50 billion because it has caught a wave of followers.
Importantly it is capable of driving your business forward to quick success.
I am seeing businesses marching forward just using this one method to build a following or Fanbase in the millions and it’s not hard.

Kayla Isternes was a great example of becoming an overnight Millionaire. A young girl working out of a suburban Garage in South Australia.
Kayla promoted female fitness and started just using Instagram to a Huge success in blogging across the world. Just last year she and partner were voted in the Fastest growing rich list in the world.

My mention is for you to consider this as a medium for you to use, to market or to train because it is highly underutilised and offers a way to make money

Best money making ideas
The Kayla legion

My summary of 2019 wealth-building opportunities

I have told you about affiliate marketing and how to get training.
We pushed YouTube as the greatest opportunity and about
Instagram to tie it all together. These three ideas will outshine anything on the market for those wanting to build a business.
Finally, my advice is to learn before you burn and that is why I have put in a couple of great programmes.

Best money making ideas by Peter Hanley

Best money making ideas
Peter Hanley

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