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Cloud Marketing

Cloud Marketing is the way to take you to the top quickly with great organic growth and super sales for your very own internet business.

Why does Cloud marketing work

First of all, let’s define the cloud. If you are new to this style of operation you may be very confused talking of clouds and other mystery words.
The internet cloud is simply where you host your own material for access by anyone.
Probably the best-known cloud is EMail. Yep, your everyday email is hosted in a cloud. With some minor exceptions, but let’s move on.
What about your Website, where is that garaged for everyone to access. Amazon has hosting sites all over the world and you could be in any one of them.
I found an interesting article by Ingrid Burrington a writer based in New York that explains somethings and you can read about AWS Data centres here

Therefore email, websites, google, facebook LinkedIn etc are all cloud-based services that you can use to market.

The cloud is just a short description of something you can’t see or hold

Yep, there are so many things in the cloud that we could not list them all. but think;

  • Social Media, all of it
  • Banking online
  • Web Hosting, emails, blogs, funnels
  • Accounting systems
  • Billing systems

Hears what Wikipedia has to say;

Clouds may be limited to a single organization (enterprise clouds,) be available to many organizations (public cloud,) or a combination of both (hybrid cloud.) The largest public cloud is Amazon AWS.

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.

So how does Marketing come into the cloud?

Nearly everything we do these days is cloud-based.
in the olden days of Marketing, we used Yellow pages, postal service, letterbox drops, handshake meetings all one on one type situations.
Now we use Email, Social media, Web Marketing and all things cloud to interact. It is so much more fun, cheaper and quicker to the market.

So if you want to learn cloud marketing here is the answer.

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