Blogging is a Way of Life but is it for you?

Blogging is a Way of Life but is it for you? You need to ask yourself some very important questions before writing a word

How to start a successful blog

The journey to a successful blog starts with a plan and continues with an understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

Maintain a consistent nicheBe one for all and specialize
Persistence is paramountIt takes time to reach the end
Remember Failure is not an optionWinning is the goal
Think Questions and answersand blogging becomes clear
Understanding KeywordsMakes you the leader
SEO was built as a guide for beginnersThere are always rules
Write a blog postThe first step to success

Niche selection is yours to make

A niche is a subject on which you intend to dominate the world. It is one that you love beyond all else and maintains a continuing longing to bring clarity to all your followers.

A niche selection is not about chasing money or gathering instant rewards it is about a lifestyle that will last the distance to a recognized success.

Your Niche will start very broad and then narrow down to specific channels of clarity that answer the many questions people will have.

Exercise is a Niche. We all know what it means but do we have an area of specific interest?

It could be walking, Jogging, running, or racing, in the city in the country during winter or spring. With shoes, in the company of others, or climbing hills, mountains, and even on Ice.
It May be for Males or Females either young or old, perhaps disadvantaged or assisted in the tropics or in the terrifying wonderland among glaciers and Polar bears.

A simple word becomes a real battlefield of sub-topics on which to take readers on a journey.

Remember it’s not about the money it is about success that you will achieve

Blogging is a Way of Life but is it for you?

The Blogging journey is one of persistence

It all starts with a plan, a timeline, and a cost exercise to make sure you know where you are going

The Blogging journey is one of persistence and could be thought of as running a marathon.
There is a starting line. However, there are many steps that need to be taken with hills and bumps thrown in to make it more difficult. You will need to maintain a certain pace to keep up with the runners and consistently check your time to make sure you are meeting the goals set.
At times you will feel beaten, exhausted, and feel like giving up but you know there is a finish line and you know where it is and what still needs to be done.

You have followed the rules and done the work so now it is getting the rewards.

A good plan means failure is not possible

Because you know where you are going and what it will take to get there nothing can stop you except you.

Winning is everything and every small step taken is one step closer to a result. It may be a 2:10 marathon or a 4:30 finish it still completes the project and puts you up within the winning circle.

As bloggers, we all get ready to Hit The wall, as they say to marathon runners. That point where continuing does not seem like an option but you know this feeling will pass and the rest of the journey will have you in command.

Blogging is a way of life but is it for you? do you have the staying power to complete the journey or will you run and look for greener pastures at the first hill?

Is blogging really just questions and answers?

In essence, this is what Google constructed as the perfect search tool. Ask a question or seek a solution and someone will have the answer. That answer will be provided by bloggers like you from all over the world however there is a catch-all. The best answer wins and will get more traffic than all the others combined.

Furthermore, your answers will now be ranked by intent.

  • Is it commercial; For example quotes and requests
  • Informational; the how to do things guides
  • Transactional; Affiliate style
  • Navigational; where do you want to go? eg Google maps

However, Keywords are still the most important feature of blogging.

What do the readers ask, Your Keyword and how do you respond?

Blogging is a Way of Life but is it for you? Will you take the time to learn the basics?

Understanding Keywords is your ultimate test

For clarity Keywords, long tail keywords, and Keyphrases all mean exactly the same thing. It is just that the original word has been extended to better understand the question.

Using Marathon as a keyword will bring up a host of directions and ideas that cover a very broad subject. However a question like “what time do I need at the 20-kilometer mark to win a marathon” narrows down the question. This is all this hugely complicated task is. It is about understanding the questions that readers will ask and want answers to.

The question on the time could be answered in a few words, An hour and 5 minutes will be a guide.
However, How do I get to the 20 Klm mark in under an hour is a long and involved answer.

Some carriers still rely on exact match keywords to find an answer however Google and the China-based Baidu look at intent.

SEO was built as a guide for beginners

Blogging is a Way of Life but is it for you?
Check your SEO

SEO is really just the rules of the game. Follow the rules and the carriers will adopt you but ignore them be it at your peril.

Some examples of the typical rules are;

  • Write in short sentences and short paragraphs to satisfy the fast movers. The number of words in a blog is not so important as long as you answer the question
  • Refer to a higher authority to support your argument. The marathon runners guild set specific times to meet in running a marathon. One was the 20Klm mark etc
  • Linking to other sites.
    • Your own. Other writing you have done on the same subject
    • Articles by others that support you
    • Authority sites
  • Not overusing your keywords in an article. You need to write as plainly and clearly as possible for the benefit of readers and not to suit your SEO
  • The use of images, graphs, and other supporting material is highly recommended
    However commercial intent like Affiliate links must be marked as no follow.
  • Using your Keyword in your Title and Meta description provides a better guide for Google to follow

Blogging is a way of life but is it for you?

Blogging has many different directions and returns so just about anyone can enjoy the writing experience offered.

Write a blog post to start a path to success

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

Until you start to write you will never know. However, start with the knowledge of basic structure so you don’t waste a lot of time with posts that won’t rank.

You go to school for around 10 years to learn a few basics and maybe college for another three to get a job so spending a bit of time on your own development should be easy.

Blogging is multi-directional so it may take you in directions you have never considered and bring rewards beyond expectations

Blogging is a Way of Life but is it for you by Peter Hanley

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