Earn money at home

Can you really earn money at home by just playing on the internet? Peter Hanley thinks so and here he tells you not just why but how

Earn money from home
Come on down

What is a home business?

There are a lot of home businesses doing all sorts of things with physical products as well as Virtual internet-style products.
Authors, Bloggers, gamers the list is long but I assume you are looking at something for yourself, something to make you money.

What are the best home businesses?

First of all, you must understand that everything takes some time and money to build and that it is your obligation to restrict this as much as possible.
The next piece of advice is that the internet is there to take your money. Scammers, crooks, and other opportunists all set up to make themselves rich. So don’t get caught buying products for the promise of a fortune.
finally this piece is to tell you to specialize in one thing and not try to do everything. The world is too big so go small.

Run an online shop from home
Affiliate marketing from Home
Helping small businesses with Social media
Multi-Level Marketing MLM
Advertising on media for others
Sending Emails and newsletters
Collecting debtors
Making videos and on and etc

I wrote a book with 101 ideas that might also help in your search.

So target an area of interest and let’s zero in on something good that will give you a return to earn money at home.

The social media craze

Social media options
Get in now.

When we say Social media that covers a huge lot of ground and you can not do it all.
and this is just a start, but what are my preferences for you?

In this post, I will recommend just two that I believe have the greatest opportunity for quick success and to make you money


I choose this because it is the fastest-growing media and is misunderstood


I chose this because it is necessary and mostly underdone

You only make money if you have customers.

What I am suggesting here is to train yourself on these two features and then go to local businesses and help them out by offering to keep them up to date.
You can do a week’s post in half an hour and charge an appropriate amount. each week.

You can monitor the results and get feedback to lift your rates. new customers will be easy to get.

My friend has a Hair salon. Her only media is Instagram and she posts three times a day every day with hairstyles they have done.
No Facebook, no website, no Youtube because she is fully booked for weeks ahead. Customers love their photos and love the results.
Local Ladies Dress Shop. three posts a day on Facebook. Their online orders go out to Ute loads. They use a pretty sexy approach to the ads that draw in attention. A small shop with a big turnover.

Your customers are all around you. Start a couple free for a month and see the difference.

One Daughter has a clothes shop and places to add every day on Facebook and Instagram. She is finding that Instagram works better.

Another daughter markets on Facebook for clients. Spend their money on advertising and remarketing. She got a list by attending local mothers club events and training. Now it’s nearly full-time from home.

A small room building company advertises on Adwords. He spends a grand or two until he fills the forward order book and then stops the ads. Simple stuff.

If you are trying to attract the Internet market you need to build your base differently, this way customers are all around you and you need only ask. The question is then to make the money you want from at least work as possible.

Can you build on this customer base?

Earn money at home
Let’s start now.

You sure can, once you have your method in place you introduce a new skill. Update LinkedIn, start a Twitter account even introduce paid advertising.
Then there are Youtube videos affiliate sales and more.
However, get the basics right before you move on.

Earn money at home with extra training

Additional training in your journey to making money

I would recommend one and only one place and that is Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to start learning and you only need to pay when you join the full program at about $39 a month.
However, what you will get out of this will repay you many times over. Yes, I have been a member since 2015 after joining so many terrible programs that cost me time and money to learn some basics of the industry.

They will also teach you Affiliate marketing a product that you can do from home and make money just like millions of others do.

However, you need the basics before you lift a finger because it is a results-based industry.

The biggest example of this marketing style is Amazon. They do a lot of their sales through affiliates. Big and small items, cheap and expensive all you need to do is get someone to buy through your marketing.
Amazon is easy to join but you really need to understand what you are doing because they cut you for underperforming. Commissions are low and you need to move a lot of articles.

Recurring income sales from home.

Earn money at home
Ways to make money Explained

This is one of my favourites because you can build a business that will pay every month without spending your money.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of these They pay for referrals every month the customer is with them so they build as you do.
Any business with monthly billing is your target with this. Health clubs, training, software etc.

Get in and get a bit of training here by clicking on the image. No credit card is required, and no promises or conditions for a free service

Seniors working from home

There is no age barrier when you are working from home, I am certainly not young and I know many in the eighties that are still actively involved. I wrote a lot more on Seniors’ activities in a recent blog

I hope I have given you a few ideas and at the top of the page, you will see many other blogs on similar subjects that offer other home solutions.

What is affiliate marketing income potential?

Earn money at home by Peter Hanley

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