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Make money ideas

You are looking to make money ideas and they don’t just pop up in random ways, maybe we can help you with a few thoughts on a journey to success.

The Internet is chock full of opportunities it is a matter of what suits you.

As Nobel Laureate Amos Tversky said;

“I’ve won a thousand arguments and I’ve convinced no-one”

We will start this venture at the top and say that before going on an adventure you need some training. The internet world is relatively easy but it does have rules and these rules are very strict.
What I mean is that there are things you must do to have any chance of success.

As Mr. Tversky said you can tell people but convincing them is a whole new issue.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliates a game-changer

Anyone starting on the internet in any format should complete a basic training course.

The Internet is a minefield of opportunities but it is run on a set of rules. If the rules are ignored you can not make an impression on the market. Full stop, end of the story.

  • SEO. How the search engines will find you.
  • Keywords are the right ones to use all the time.
  • Traffic analysis, too much traffic, and you are not seen.
  • Competition analysis, you can have too much competition.
  • Meta Description, what your subject is about?
  • Headings and use of keywords in the body
  • Structure of your site.
    If you understand all the above you are on your way to a healthy business.
  • However, if you are unsure of any one of them read on.
Blog writingContent creationProduct reviews
Affiliate marketingAmazon heroOnline shop
DropshippingOwning stock
FunnelsWordPress or Shopify

A small selection of available ideas

What money-making idea is best?

This is a pretty simple answer and it is “the one that suits you”

I can say to my wife why not write a Blog and she will laugh at me and say I have nothing to write about. She will say to me why not sell something on eBay and I will say I can’t be bothered with the time-wasters.

The conversation can be held in any group. One of my daughters is big on Facebook marketing and the other has an online shop, A son markets on Facebook and another has nothing to do with any of it.

I blog because I want a steady income in the future and I am prepared to go without in the build-up days.

We use a lot of email in business because it returns an instant acceptance if you get the structure correct.

The use of SMS marketing provides instant gratification, they either delete or buy it is that simple.
More make money ideas

Can I make money with multi-level marketing?

Multi level marketing
Can you make it to the top?

The amount of money you can make from MLM is unlimited.
There are many MLM millionaires in the market and most don’t work that hard.

However, getting to the top in a busy field can be very demanding, time-consuming, and expensive.

You will have an upfront capital cost and generally a need to carry stock. Often you will be charged for marketing material and giveaways.

Your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances all become buying targets before they start to avoid you.

However, as you grow and extend your market and realize not everyone loves your product things will turn around for you.

The extrovert will win the race, they will be doing demos and party plans and spending many a waking hour on the product.

The lucky ones will drag new participants under their wing and this builds a pyramid business.

A legal one and not a real Pyramid scheme. It is a close call and many companies have had to prove that they comply with the law. Herbalife is one of those.

So Herbalife, Bessemer, Amway, Avon, Marykay, Natura, Tupperware, Nuskin, etc are all waiting for people just like you.
Are they any good? I use Herbalife products because friends were involved, I have a drawer full of Tupperware and still see parties going on.

The number of people that drop out is a lot more than those that make it.

Best money making ideas researched

Can I start an online shop without a lot of money?

Yes, you can, first set up a free WordPress site using the no-cost Woocommerce plugin.

Grab a few affiliate partnerships like Amazon and similar and start generating revenue.

You might even spend a bit more and go to Shopify and use their platform for selling products they recommend.

I would recommend a bit of basic training as indicated at the start of this page to learn about SEO and a few other rules.

Then the hard slog of getting site views and clicks begins.

Nothing is easy in this world and everything requires energy to drive results.

Online business ideas for beginners

How do I plan to make money online

Like any activity, you undertake it all starts with a plan. I would dare to say with no plan you get no result.

The plan starts with deciding a direction, and where you want to go. Choose your product

Next is what you want to make out of it in a month and a year, be realistic because you need to back it up with real stats.

Now is a timeline supported by your commitment in hours to achieve the goal.

As a Blogger, I spend at least 4 hours a day writing material, I understand that it takes Google nearly 12 months to accept me as a full member. We need a traffic count of 2000 a month to generate 20 clicks and 3 sales which could earn me about $1200 per month growing month by month.

If you did an MLM product, how many people do you need to talk to an end with a sale? Average sale / average return less costs = income.

Know your numbers and grow your numbers to a result.

What is the best affiliate program?

What is Social media like for making money?

Social media is the number one pick because it has so many variables.

Facebook, Instagram. Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Messenger, etc. Being an expert in anyone can build an income.

  • You can teach others what to do.
  • Maybe run a campaign for local businesses
  • Use advertising and marketing
  • Sell things
  • Become a blogger
  • Run campaigns

As business owners, we find it hard to keep up with the social media requirements and require help to be on top of the demands. you can be that help.

Do you need a lot of training in social media?

Off course you do, it is new and changing regularly and you need to specialize to become the resident expert.
However, there is endless free training available that you can do in your own time.

I would, however, advise you to pick one subject and become the local hero. Take that to the market and have it working before starting on project number two.
Probably any business within five miles of you needs help with social media. They may not be doing it or perhaps it is going bad and even costing a bundle of money.
Inbounds the suburban hero. here let me help you with this problem and get you on track to make a buck.

Now you turn it into a full-time occupation for a monthly fee and continue to impress them with your expertise. You are the Local Hero and will get many recommendations to expand your portfolio.
The more you learn the more you will earn so it becomes a full-time job and much better pay than day work


The internet world is rapidly changing, so much so that you need to stay plugged in and adapt to the growth.

The old yellow pages business directory ran mostly unchanged for over 80 years, how easy, and expensive was getting business done then?

Nowadays your website needs to be attended to regularly because Google can not be ignored, he wants to change and update or you fall down the ranking ladder.

Your role is to take the best opportunity that meets your search for wealth. It is different for all of us and only you can chart your course online.

You can change direction at any place but remember time is expensive so wasting effort is not a good use of your resources.

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