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Earn money on the internet

Earn money on the internet

Earn money on the internet is the story today by Peter Hanley who takes you on the easy path to understanding the possible from the impossible.

Is it really possible to make money on the Net or is it just a great big scam?

The answer my friends is it is both, it is whatever you want it to be and the choice is all yours.

Don’t listen to the naysayers.

We all have them around us mostly those that try very little and achieve even less.
Those that tried and gave up. Be like Thomas Edison with the light globe. He found 1000 reasons it would not work and one that would.

Now I will be first to admit that the internet is a Minefield of scams and shonks with many ways to take your money but listen up and learn a little here.

I have done the road testing for you, as they say, I have BTDT or been there done that on a long journey on the internet.

Is making money on the net hard?

Working on making money on the net can be the best fun you ever had, learning new skills, sharing your experiences and finally that first dollar.
I started my journey to back up my 9-5 business and to this day still, use the skills developed over the time in promotion of my product.

More than that is when I ask someone to do something I know what I want and what it contains.

There are hundreds of ways to make money.

There are many ways to cook the goose but the one underlying principle is that you must do the basic study. Understand your strengths and what you want to achieve before you start off.
You will make mistakes but if you follow my advice I can limit the mistakes and guide you to the promised land.
OK, laying it on a bit thick here but I really mean there is an easy and a hard way.

Buying course after course leads to frustration not to mention the expense that mostly takes you nowhere. Do you want some second-hand courses?
I have a veritable room full of them I can donate to you.
Being a coach, a store, an Amazon affiliate plus others, Then I build websites and advise on SEO.
Plus I am a blogger and have a Facebook page on cats with thousands of followers. Then I am a specialist in emails and SMS for business and it has all come at a cost.

Today I still spend a few hours on the net every day whilst running a normal business and fulfilling family commitments.

The Internet can be a hobby and a business.

I started the journey just to learn the basics. To understand what it was all about.

I then chased the easy money  and get rich quick path
before finding my direction

For me, it is a hobby, it is also a business necessity plus a way to make money.

Now I should state that I am in my 70s so no longer a young man but remain as keen today as I was many years ago.
We talk the internet with my kids who use it in different ways. One with a store, another a Facebook specialist, a retailer and a large business owner. All different all using the internet to meet their needs.

Where do you start an Internet journey?

I believe the basis starts with a website. A business site, a blog or a funnel but with a website.

Yes, you can master in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram as a start but I would suggest otherwise.
Why? Becuase it all ends at your website. Social media is a gateway to your products. It is designed around entertainment and captures it is not there to sell.

So how do you learn all this stuff on the Internet?

How would you like all the training needed to learn everything and anything about all in one place and for free?
Build your own website for free and host it at no charge forever.
Use the Keyword finder and see what works for you also at no charge.
Join a group of like-minded people and ask questions seek help and get support without paying a penny.
Earn money by recommending others to this wonderful service full of opportunities.
Upgrade at your leisure to an expanded version where you can host 20 websites and sell of the potential
Where can you get this?

Earn money on the internet

That’s right click through at no cost and enter the rabbit hole of achievement to Wealthy Affiliate
What can you lose? It costs nothing, it delivers big and you make all the decisions as they guide you through from rank amateur to confident professional.
You will learn all about building web pages, achieving free leads, how to do SEO, all about Social media and so many other topics at the click of the mouse.
They will teach you to write and what to write about and how to be found on Google.
You will share your experiences with friends and laugh and cry as they share an Internet life.
Finally, you will learn from others how they made money so you can follow the experts as they share the most guarded secrets with you.

It’s all about making money but first, you must learn the rules and put in a bit of effort to achieve your goals.

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Earn money on the internet by Peter Hanley

Earn money on the internet

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