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Internet Startup Business Plan

Internet Startup Business Plan, Do you want a life of the Rich and famous? Can you do it on the Internet? An Internet Startup Business Plan is the answer.

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Do something, anything

What can you do on the Internet that needs a plan?

The answer is anything that rocks your boat. The Internet is so broad that the options are unlimited in scope and depth.

My general answer is to choose one thing and do it properly before you move on to the next great idea.

Next is your intention on the internet. Do you want to monetise what you do, become a celebrity or expert that draws people to you or just hang out for the fun of it?

You could leverage the internet for another business or use the training to keep you ahead of trends in the IT world.

You may wish to write an online book or set up a training schedule or Coaching plan for a profit or a product.

The first step in Internet action is to define a purpose

This is like a business plan of where you want to go. Without this definition, you can not take the first step.

The beginning starts at the end.

If you are unsure of a direction take the first training steps here where you can get a basic idea of what it is all about.

You need a destination before you start a road trip.

When I started my internet Journey 10 or so years ago my purpose was to learn how to build a website. I had one done for me and I was not happy with the performance of the site. it bombed.
In those days you could pay $10-20 thousand for a site
and a further $1000 a month for SEO. For a small business, this was out of contention.

Can you change your Internet journey?

Yes, you can and you probably will. The internet is an ever-changing monster that demands change to keep pace with user expectations.
When my journey started there was no real Email, no Social Media, no funnels and a whole lot more Nos.

Your journey will be the same but you must start somewhere at a point in time with both a purpose and a direction.
If they open new Freeways, take the better road and if you find a great location along the journey settle for that. There is no shame.

The second step to an internet plan is training.

You are so lucky that the internet now comes with any amount of training both free and paid that will take you on a journey. No coding, no magic just procedures and templates to take you along a path to your desired destination.
It really is that simple with a Google search but beware of high-priced ticket items. The web is filled with an endless variety of getting-rich schemes. By getting rich I mean the people flogging them, not you the buyer.

It is an Art in knowing the good from the bad. I suggest you start your journey at Wealthy Affiliate’s free training package and then step out from there.

It is well recognised that the Shiny Object Syndrome takes our money, devours our time and delivers little.

I have a cabinet full of training courses I can let you have at a bargain price. Then again I can direct you to one that is completely free and void of sales traps, upsells and money-taking features.

Now the action taking steps to an Internet plan

Internet Startup Business Plan
It is not a straight road

You know where you are going and what you want to achieve.
You have undertaken Basic training on the internet and identified your niche.

Now put it into play but tread lightly because the first attempts may not be award-winning ones.

You will learn from your mistakes and build a better empire quickly and confidently.

This is not an overnight pit stop, it is part of a journey that will end only when you achieve your target.

Think of it as a college degree. It might take four years to know everything to take you to start the base of a career.
OK, maybe not that long but it is a learning journey that takes time, effort and commitment. Test your self throughout the journey and don’t despair
because we believe in you. You will succeed unless you give up, throw in the towel, spit the dummy and not try again.

An Internet start-up business plan is an ongoing process

We all fail at times

It is part of life to learn and fail and get back up to continue on.
You may learn a lot of ways to not do things before you find the correct on.
The Thomas Edison Light Globe storey epitomises that where he found thousands of ways that a light globe would not work. Eventually, he found one that did.

This is why we started at the finish. When you know where you are going the diversions don’t matter. It may not be a straight line to the end but always keep it in sight.

The internet is not one size fits all

The Internet is a massive array of opportunities because still to this day most people fail to recognise the abilities and opportunities offered.

Talk to any business about Social media and you will get a blank look, ask about emailing or re-targeting and they will look at you and wonder.

Ask your friends about affiliate marketing and online shopping and get a similar response. However, people are making money every day, people just like you that took an opportunity to learn a new trade.

Out-of-work people, housewives, grandmas and kids still at school creaming the money big time.

Furthermore, the opportunity is there for the taking, it is there just for you but you need to take the steps to do it.

Do nothing and you get nothing

Not taking the first step is not an option, I have laid out a training package for you without costing you a brass razoo.

We can get your head around a direction quickly as I personally mentor your starting point.

Then we look at ways for you to really kick off a new career.

You will see how others do it and take guidance and encouragement from them as well as you watch the daily feed of information.

In conclusion, I have tried to do my part. Shown you a direction, given you some tools, promised support and introduced a wonderful opportunity begging for you to be involved. I can do no more.

Internet startup business plan
Peter Hanley

Internet start-up business plan by Peter Hanley

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