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What are the best Instagram posts and can you really match that with your happy snap to gain traction. Here Peter Hanley looks at today.

What is the best Instagram post?

I believe the record has just been taken out by Kylie Jenner overtaking her past attempt. Last year she posted a photo of her daughter that got 18 million likes.

Well, this time with 27 million likes, from one photo is an EGG.

Egg as a symbol
The egg is a symbol

What is also amazing is the 2.8 million comments that follow the post. How do you beat that?

It is all about Brand building

Kylie has the following of over 114 million ( 2017) and that does not come near Christiano Ronaldo at 145 million.

Furthermore, Kylie picks up a cool Million bucks for a paid Instagram post.

What results do you want

What can you do to grow?

The answer is really simple, post amazing pictures, often and encourage likes and sharing.

As a local business, you don’t need a million followers you just need to entertain the ones you have and pull a few new ones along the way.

In many cases, Instagram outstrips Facebook for viewing potential, particularly in the Millenium bracket.

If this is your target market you could be on a winner.

Image of kyla Itenes

Take Kayla Itenes as an example, I know I have told this story many times but it really is a rag to riches story. Kayla started a Hot Body program from a home garage in South Australia. Using just Instagram she quickly rose to fame and wealth. at this date, she has 11 million followers and has posted 8204 times not bad for a basic startup in a busy industry

Know your generation

I am an Old guy and quite frankly I can’t really get my head around the benefits of Instagram over Facebook, But, and I say this loudly all my kids do, and their kids a well so how can I argue with the facts.

I regularly see small business’s smashing their marketing using just Instagram.
It is also basically free.
The only proviso is that you post regularly, in fact, several times a day.
If you can’t do it outsource the opportunity to someone that can.

Instagram stories build following

Instagram stories is a series of posts that tell a story. This is to get people to follow you and stay connected and make comments thus growing your business.
Have a link on all your correspondence with a call to action and seek out opportunities at every opportunity.

How to do it all

Instead of rewriting the world I shall send you off the WikiHow that has a pretty good rundown of the how and why questions and answers.

Instagram also has a rundown when you join. Mine is not to tell you how I am here to tell you why.

My God Daughter is a Hairdresser. She posts to or three hairstyles on customers a day. She is fully booked and this is her only advertising.

Image of a link to Wealthy Affiliate

My Daughter runs a Women’s clothing shop. Started with Facebook now does two or three posts a day on Instagram for better online shopping results.

Wealthy Affiliate has training on all of this

best Instagram posts

Another who is a major in promoting Facebook marketing consistently backs it up with Instagram for results.

They are just a close example of local marketing with results let alone the followers of the rich and famous.

It is no good complaining about business

I was just talking to a client in another Industry line that is fast going out of business, Times are tough, competition is strong, people are dropping prices are all the things I heard in our conversation.

I asked what he is doing about it and the reply was nothing I can do.
Many times I have suggested free marketing tips, using Facebook, Instagram, Affiliate programs among them but none have been done or even tried.
Furthermore, we went further with email and SMS marketing to gather some business. It was all too hard.
If that was hard I said try going broke.

His nearest competitor, in the same Industry, is buoyant and profitable.
In this case partly because he is part of a Franchise and they do some of this for him plus they push him to complete local marketing activities.

In conclusion

No one will do it for you. It is up to you to plan your own results and put the infrastructure into place so that it is done.
However, my word of caution is to not try and do everything at once. Get one program working before you move on to the next.

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Peter Hanley


Best Instagram posts by Peter Hanley

3 most important online tools in business

3 most important online tools in business

3 most important online tools in business

3 best on line tools image

3 most important online tools in business that should be set up by any size business to attract and keep customers coming back for the long-term.

The host of options available in today’s market can take your mind and time away from Your main game.

What are the online tools

Is it Snapchat or Instagram that sees companies succeeding or facebook and emails.
Let’s have a look at a couple of ideas but first a word of warning. Ideas come and go, companies depart so if your investment in time and money is important you should stay with mainline ideas.

A Web Page is a must do

First of all, a webpage can deliver a complete information pack to the reader.

Who you are, what you are about and importantly display the brand.
Location, trading hours, products, specials, a blog page with news all the items to make the reader happy to do business.
A contact button and even pricing at times.
The web page will enforce your company image and decisions are made here.

This is someone I want to work with or do business with because I like their style.
Imagine, you want to buy a special tool for woodworking. How do you go about finding one? You or someone close will google “special woodworking” tool and be sent to a web page. Now the results may be large so we narrow it down to stores in City or suburb.
If you are not there the query will go elsewhere. It is that simple.
It is a fact that nearly 4 BILLION google searches are placed every day

If you don’t have a webpage you miss out on many opportunities.


Now, this may be contentious but it has an important job. The job of Facebook is to entertain, teach, educate and deliver buyers to your web page. FaceBook is not to sell product its job is to attract interested potential customers to your website or your front door.

I often see a business promoting a single product on Facebook. The audience for that single product is very small so your buyers would need to be very targeted. If the interested were delivered to a website that had 10 options to choose from the audience widens even more.
I give you an example. Facebook promotes a nice pair of High heels, strapless in colours and available now. Target audience, Younger females going out and wanting that style.
If they were delivered to a web store and could pick from different styles for the older group and even Mens shoes do the audience increase? Surely it does.


If you are online marketing this is all the rage. When someone clicks on a Page or post of yours Google picks up a Pixel and later sends them a continuous flow of advertisements on social media. Yes, you pay per click or per 1000 views but it works really well. I wrote more on retargeting on a later post


There are a bundle of other options depending on your business type and audience demographics but this one has a big upside if used properly.

Furthermore, the product is to deliver buyers to a website or your front door. It is an entertainment medium to capture the imagination and to get the punters to want more.
On its own Instagram can deliver a single message to a selected audience that has a few seconds to make a decision.

Image of kayla Itenes

One of the more successful at this was Kayler Itsines who built an empire in the fitness area starting with Instagram. Now something like 8 million followers on Instagram from a startup.
I have attached her story because it emphasises the massive effect the internet can deliver.

In conclusion, my friends these are my top three choices that every business must have.

If you want more read some of my other blogs at New business online

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