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Start blog free

Start my blog for free is the desire of every new blogger and it really is possible if you chose the correct tools to take you forward

What do you need to start a Blog

First of all, a keen desire to write interesting and correct articles that others want to read. This may sound simple and even patronising but you are writing for other people otherwise just keep a diary.

I can give you everything for free, that is not a problem the issue for you to confront is what you are trying to achieve and what is your plan to get there?

So you want a blog but in what Niche?

This is your starting point. A niche is what you want to blog about. It could be cooking, mummy blogging, tuning cars, gardening, fishing or any subject that interests you.

The point of blogging is to be read

To be read you need to be found so narrow down your niche to something that will attract readers. Take cooking for example where there are so many bloggers you will be lost in space. Unless you narrow down the search term.
1.Cooking 3 billion searches
2.Cooking Indian food 488 million Indian food with paprika 13 million Indian food with paprika for vegetarians
down to 11 million and adding a location like
in Texas just 1.4 million monthly searches
You have a chance.

Now you need your own URL

This is your unique internet address and is bought from the likes of GoDaddy or name cheap for about $10 a year, You can do your own name like or if they are available names.

Using a carrier address you can get a free name like that will do the same thing.

When you want to upgrade and start paying is up to you but you are off and running for free.

Parking your blog name with a carrier

This is the next vital step in the chain.
You know what you want to write about
You have selected a niche
A registered URL has been achieved for free
Now a web host.

Another item to this is where I issue a word of caution, all web hosting is not equal, free is too cheap but expensive is too dear so we need to find a middle ground.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can get two hostings for free, don’t be fooled these are premium hostings with all the bells and whistles. In fact, there is no better hosting on the market.
Furthermore, at WA they know you will achieve and upgrade to a paid service because of some extras you get around training and support. Take this at your own time.

You need a bit of knowledge to start a blog

like learning any new skill it is best to start off with the ground rules to improve your chance of success. At Wealthy Affiliate, you get all the training you can ever need, and mostly it is free.

Plus a free keyword tool to use. Why and what do I do with that you may well ask?

This simple tool will assist you to far greater success than you can imagine.
You will use it every day and no other site offers the same for free.

Maybe you might also have a look at my site at reading my blog for a little more on this subject as I go over many other attributes of a good blog site.

You can learn the difference between a blog, a funnel and a page as you develop new skills.

In conclusion on blogging

The aim is to inform, entertain and more importantly make money. We will show you the way to achieve your personal greatness in your area in the easiest possible way.

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Free Keyword Search Tool

free keyword search tool

Finding a Free Keyword search tool is the first part of building a lucrative website or online income promoting your selected word or phrase.

Pay big bucks or Pay nothing it’s your call.

A Keyword is just one small part of the equation. We can all pick a Keyword that attracts traffic and I use for example the word Nike.

free keyword search tool
The keys to successful words

Nike is a Keyword, everyone knows it, most will search it over a lifetime and it guarantees a huge volume of traffic. The problem is it is not traffic to you.

Add a tail to Nike like Nike golf shoes Tiger Wood and you can have a chance of being seen.

The first page of any search term 

The average web user won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page (SERP). According to a 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five listings. Things start to get grim when you look past those first few results. Research shows that websites on the first search engine results page receive 95% of all traffic is seen on page one leaving only 5% for the remaining search results pages. 

It gets worse

With the word Nike, there are over 1.7 million searches a month and If you are on page one you might see 296,000 hits on your website if and only if you are consistently on Page one, which is not going to happen unless?

Buying your way in

On every Page there resides some paid adverts, usually the first three or four spots. Using Google AdWords you pay every time someone clicks on your advert, pretty easy stuff except for one simple reason. Cost!

A word like Nike might cost you about $40 a click. Then only 1/10 might buy so your cost of sales would be $400 hardly worthwhile.

So you need to get to page one for free if possible.

How many are ahead of you

This is a very important question with a very easy answer.
Having Nike in your domain name always helps but it is  protected by copy-write so that is not an option

In the USA there are about 100 pages ahead of you or some thousand companies that you must be better than so that is not going to happen.

There are many factors that come into the equation before you make a decision. Age of the website, the number of backlinks, internal links,
to name just a few.

Addressing the keyword issue

The answer is, of course, long-tail keywords. This is when you construct words around Nike to narrow the search term. An example could be Tiger Woods  Nike golf shoes where you could be on pages 3-4 quickly and go to the top by adding just a bit more like a location.

How do you check your keywords?

OK, now we are getting down to Keyword checkers. My favorite is actually free for limited searches, great for amateurs with an upgrade for pros.

You can play with this and get a basic understanding of what you want to find out.

The other end of the market 

I really like UberSuggest, this provides all the information you will ever need but it takes a bit of training

I can go on with this to Google trends, Semrush, and Moz plus you can search google for lots of paid versions but I have given you the top choices so don’t waste time looking for a better answer.

How to use your Keyword

Knowing and having a keyword is just the start of the offering. It is using it in the best possible way.

  • Great if you have it in your URL
  • Use it in your heading.
  • Must be in the first paragraph of your post
  • In your Title and description
  • and one H# heading

Finally, a warning to not overuse it in any post or 
page, Keyword Stuffing in a past issue, and you can now be penalized for it.

All things Internet and training

The Keyword is just part of the broader picture. For complete training on the internet I recommend starting with the free version of Wealthy Affiliate, you even get a free keyword analyzer thrown in.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the free Keyword search tool provided.

Free keyword search tool by Peter Hanley

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by Peter Hanley

Free Keyword Search Tool by Peter Hanley

Internet marketing training online

Internet marketing training online

Internet marketing training online by Peter Hanley. How you can keep up to date with just a few minutes per day and learn easy ways to grow your business 7X

Internet marketing training online

I have today changed to WordPress 5 and the new format page builder. Wow, things change quickly around here and this serves as a reminder the internet is a constant learning curve. It really does take a lot of time to keep up with trends and changes.

Many years ago I had to have my first webpage built. This was back in the days when it would cost about ten grand to do a basic page. 
I had one done in-house to suit the simple requirements I wanted. It looked OK but I was not really happy with it. So started my journey on the Net.

As a business owner, I had to understand

I needed to know what worked and what didn’t. The whole area of marketing was changing and I needed to change with it.

Unfortunately, I got hooked on the internet because it is exciting and opens a new world of opportunity.

Internet marketing training online

Age is no barrier, let me tell you that I was over 60 at that time and now 10 years later still working to understand what is going on.

Change is constant

There were no social media, SEO cost hundreds of dollars a month and lot’s more you don’t really want to know.

I currently use WordPress for websites, as do over a third of the rest of the world, and their change this week is massive. The change is so big it is being staged over a couple of years. The move to the Guttenberg platform is supported by being able to use an older version.
Guttenberg is a webpage building template that takes a step into new structures of creating a wonderful and attractive site or even Blog.

I am using this example of a change to show how dynamic the internet can be. 
Facebook changes every Year or so and so does Google and Instagram, emails and messaging so how do you keep up?

Internet marketing training made easy

That is why I started a web site to offer quick updates and Ideas for small and medium business. You need to spend time on your business, but like me, you also need to know what is going on.

Every couple of days I post a new 1000 word blog on a marketing issue that keeps you in the new world of marketing on the internet.

Some you will keep, some you will delete and some you will share but I guarantee that you will gain massive benefits from following on the work I have done.
Take for example;

New Business on line

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Check my website report
  • Small business marketing
  • Targeting Black Friday 
  • Wealthy Affiliate training

That is just the last week or so and there are over 150 more like this on all sorts of subjects to help you in small business.

Sonia S 

These are so good can I use them in my work.

Gavin N said

Every business needs these.

If you miss the boat your sales will fall and your profits will decline over a short time and It may just be too late to come back.

Do you understand retargeting? If not be in the majority that ponders how advertising follows you around the internet. 
This one item is more than 20% of the budget of every internet marketer yet accounts for a great ROI.

The most common remarketing tactic is targeting relevant ads at people who have already visited your website. 


You can do this with Facebook, Google, Instagram and others to gather valuable buyers at a low cost.

Email marketing has changed and we provide guides on how to obtain better results.

SMS is a great marketing product but do you know the rules. We explain this and lots more as we tell you the best way to get results.

Go to University

We all so offer the greatest value Internet training available on the internet and it’s all yours for free.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are answers to nearly every problem and the online forum makes your life easier as you search a solution.

Do you understand Keywords?

Without an understanding of this one simple, you will be lost forever. For those that do understand Keywords how do you check for traffic and availability?
At Wealthy Affiliate, we offer a free online checker that you can use to check this.

Act now to secure your future.

In Conclusion

You have only seen the tip of the Iceberg in this short article so duck over to the home page and sign up for your regular dose of Internet marketing training online.

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