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Best time to send marketing email

Best time to send marketing email

When is the Best time to send the marketing email? Here Peter Hanley provides the answers and advice to get a great open rate

By now you should have a list and also an idea of what to market.

There are a few things to sort out first.

The Season.

I know you thought of this but it can make a big difference to the result.

Example; Auto service decided to send an SMS on car Air conditioning because it was the start of summer. Good Idea. Problem. The day the message was dispatched it was cold and wet. The response was lukewarm as no one was thinking air conditioning important as being important on a cold day.

The time of Day

Does it really matter?

Well yes actually in many cases it does.

Example: A company organises a social breakfast and presentation for wholesale suppliers.
As a proven test we send out a message a week before telling them of an 8 am starting time.
On the day we send a reminder one hour before the event. Results have been excellent.

Day of the week

Again a very important consideration. In general terms, I personally don’t like Mondays because it is the start of the week and attention is often somewhere else, the same with Friday because the week is past and the next a long way away.
Consider your market on this one, put yourself in their place and work from there.

Example; client had a car-park sale on a weekend. Best time to SMS was late afternoon on Friday because of weekend arrangements being made etc plus it was a timely reminder.

To whom do you send messages?

The answer could be everyone or any part of a list segment.
A Finance Broker sends to everyone with changes in rules to the industry.
An Auto service chooses everyone that has not been in for 6 months or more for a service.
It could be ladies only or just the males. Be very selective with this one we are becoming more metrosexual in our outlook.
You may segment Ford buyers V Chevy guys or Sailors v Power owners it depends on your business. Think it through and if unsure test.

In your planning consider all the above and pick the times and targets that will work the best for your business. You can do these months ahead and really put all the pieces into place.
You can even try a few messages and test the water for results before doing a total blast.

Just like any marketing, you will target a need with a solution.

Going on holidays? Need a tune-up and safety check so you won’t break down.

Xmas shopping and no time, let us do it for you, so you can party.
Car-park sales, favored customer times, Container sale.

Restaurant booking opportunity, tonight, kids meals free, book by 6pm tables available.
Presentation night reminder, don’t miss out never to be repeated show.

Just get your creative juices going and come up with some ideas based on;
What do you want to achieve?
Who you want to tell?
Problem and solution or perhaps opportunity and action.


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