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Building WordPress website-Cornerstone content

Cornerstone content

Building a valuable website requires a lot of attention to detail.
To rank well in SEO there are many pieces of the puzzle that require attention. Building WordPress website-Cornerstone content is just one more element to success.

I wrote recently regarding website categories and how important they were to your Posts pages.

Categories group like subjects into a page on their own linking to each other with just one post being
dominant and that is your cornerstone post.

On any website, you may have many categories running down the page grouping all your selected content into one area.


What the heck is cornerstone content?


Your cornerstone content is the leading article listed under a category.

Your categories may consist of several or many posts that really rank in importance.

At the top of the tree is your main or best article which covers all the points under the category

Every new post, and old for that matter, should link to your Cornerstone product.

Are categories important, you can read more on that here but yes they are. So your Cornerstone is the pre-eminent post in that category setting up a natural hierarchy.

With one or two posts it means little but as you grow your site you need to build it systematically so that it is easy to follow. If you do this early in the cycle it is just another task on the post you write.

It is nearly as important as your title and keyword structure because it makes the whole Posts are work for you

Under Yoast SEO, if you are not using it you should be, there is a tick box for your cornerstone post.

You have one cornerstone post for each category on your page that you link to.

Your cornerstone posts should be a complete page meeting all the requirements of a good post.

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