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Business Email Format

The business email format takes many directions but here firstly we look at the answers to a lot of questions you need to understand.

How to structure an email

First of all, I went to Aweber the home of email to seek an answer from them. The team there should have a good understanding of what works and what does not.

  • how long or short should an email be
  • How many characters in a subject line
  • What percentage of subject lines include Emojis
  • How do experts capitalize the subject line

The most important part of an email

We will talk about every part of an email structure, the process and the follow-up but let’s start at the beginning.

Your target audience is the most important aspect of email marketing and will define your success before you start.

It is no good firing a shotgun at the world, you need to aim your buckshot at a target and chase better results.

You will be challenged on opening rates, click rates and importantly Spam complaints so let’s look at the list first.

Segment your list into interest groups and watch your rates go up.

We are emailing to sell not to entertain

We need to determine our results before we start the program or simply put we need to plan the whole procedure.

Yes, how we do it may change along the way but we understand the end result.

Next the Name line

Your first step is to have a look at your own emails and review what attracted you to open or delete.
I know I scan by name first and then the subject line.
If I know the name as someone I trust then they have a chance of being opened, Name unknown small hope.
You may notice a lot of spam mail with a name close to a movie star or someone well known, it is there to get your attention, it works but it is not recommended.

If you are going to a new list always introduce yourself first. Tell them about you and what you do and that to expect more exciting mail from you.

Get your name recognized to get better open rates.

The subject line

This is pretty important and covered in part in
the A-Weber  
It should;

  • Show how to solve a problem
  • How to overcome a fear
  • offer a promise
  • Authority

I went through a page of my spam mail today and they included

  • You don’t want to miss this; seriously A promise
  • How to get people to notice you. A fear
  • I wrote the book on getting clients Authority
  • Get more done this weekend (without doing anything) Solve a problem

That was in just one page and I got the results I wanted but did I open them?
I knew three of the senders but not one got read. Why? I was not in the mood and was to busy.

That is why a headline is an art form, the sender trusted and the information relevant to have any chance of success.

A business email format is on top of your agenda.

That is before writing a word in the body

Short or long that is the question?
The answer is not as easy as you think nor as easy as the experts make out.

I go back to my traditional marketing and Advertising training and quote the very elaborate Mercedes or Porsche adverts. These would include a big car picture and underneath all the relevant specs and details.

You may glance at the picture or just turn over unless you are a potential buyer. For those very few in the market, we will devour every written spec on the car and can’t get enough words to fill our enthusiasm.
99.7% will never read them the 0.3% need a call to action and we have success.

Generally, though our attention span is pretty limited so short is better and of course pictures. Chose the pictures carefully.
You want to go on a holiday but do you look at pictures of Airport queues and shuttle buses or long sandy beaches with few people and crystal clear waters lapping on a lonely shore.


In conclusion, email marketing is as relevant today as ever before. The difference is the skill set required to achieve a result.
A full understanding can not be achieved in one article. You can learn more at The Wealthy affiliate free training programme that takes you step by step into the process.

business email format

business email format a need to know

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