Best way to build an email list

email list

A customer list is a negotiable asset and the best way to build an email list comes in several stages. Here we tell you the correct steps to take.

Why have an email list anyway?

A list of any kind gathered correctly and maintained regularly represents a valuable asset in your business. An asset that can be valued in $ per subscriber on the sale of the business.

This can be a fixed location or an online business it makes no difference.

My condition is that it must be legally gathered in the course of business. There is a thing called the spam laws with huge penalties for randomly contacting people.

Starting the email journey

This will vary depending on where in business you are.

A retail business is easy, you have data everywhere, client details, billing, enquiries, competitions, surveys and asking at the counter.

firstly sort your list

Your job is to put them into an order and record them in a file.
If you have a women’s’ dress shop your order may look like this.

  • Small size women
  • Large size women
  • Younger group
  • Older vintage
  • Trendy buyers
  • Brand loyalty
  • Special followers
  • Summer ware
  • Winter ware
  • Accessories

Yes, many will be part of several groups but not all of them.

The power of an email list

You should never underestimate the power of a list. It is a guide to your customer base, their habits and buying patterns.

A well-segmented list can be used for marketing every day. It is not time-consuming but rewarding as your results are relayed immediately.

It is a permanent asset that has great value for any buyer.

A customer of mine fell on hard times and had to close her business. She recovered some funds from asset sales at trash prices and still owed quite a lot of money. Her closest opposition approached me and offered to buy her contact list. Good value as it would have cleared all debts but guess what, she did not have one.
This was an early lesson for me and I have pushed this barrow long and hard.

This is not a one-off case. An associate had a very busy Pet food business that was unfortunately raised by fire. It broke Peter’s heart and he never re-entered business. His customer list from the rewards card he had maintained allowed him an extra income bonus. ( lucky he had it all backed up)

using automation

Marketing to a list in different ways

Before I tell you how to get a list together let’s look at some interesting examples.

First of all, I run a message service to small business so I have close contact with a range of customers. I also mail them with ideas on a regular basis and many act on these in innovate ways.

The Loan consultant.

Having written many loans over the years Mike had collected quite a few names. At this time interest rates were being changed on a monthly basis and it was difficult to keep up.
Mike sent an SMS message to all his client every time the federal bank made a change. No selling, no coercion just information.
Mike wrote many new loans directly from the SMS service even though his email newsletter was also a monthly habit.

The Tyre man

Justin had a tyre service in a local upmarket community, next to a big shopping centre and a whole bundle of passing traffic. His idea was to send an SMS saying call in and get your tyre air pressure checked for free.
Again no sales pitch just a good offer.
Believe me, when I say the first customer to take advantage was a Porche driver. He said I was driving past and you reminded me I need a set of tyres can you do them while I am at the shops. Kerching.$

The swimming teacher

Sue had a busy swimming centre that provided regular lessons for the younger generation. Her company decided to message every client that had been absent for a period of time with a new deal.
They sent out about 130 messages by SMS to test the waters. The return was about 50 new bookings that they would have lost. kerching$

Yours truly

I send out emails nearly every day, some segmented some a newsletter-style to all. I regularly get new customers that have been on my list for over a year. When the time was right I was in front of the action.

What are the best ways to get names for a list

I just googled this exact question and had a look at a lot of answers however I want to stay local and easy. So I list my top 10 ways.

Ask for your customer details

This is a no brainer. You want it for your invoicing and even cash sale receipts and other instore needs. Record them in a manner you can access and use.
You must be proactive to get results.

Run an instore VIP club.

Do you have a coffee card, a major store card or even a Flybys card? These cards are to get your information so they can market to you, blind Freddie knows that however, we all have them and willingly give over info.

A regular instore promotion, raffle or survey

We will line up to give our details in the minute chance of winning or achieving a gift. It is in our nature.

Telemarketing is still alive

It might be hard work but it is rewarding. I ran a campaign using a call centre in India. Don’t get me wrong we all hate telemarketers and particularly the overseas variety. Firstly I did not ask them to sell, all I wanted was to ask if they had a message service and if not get an email address. This delivered thousands of potential customers.


Using contact forms, popups, enquiry channels all add to the supply. You must have these anyway so make the best use of them.


Stay with me for a moment on this one. This is an instore promotion style event where a supplier does a workshop. It may be you or an outsider but the idea is the same.
At 5 pm on Thursday, Wild Erp will give a workshop on the sharpening of Tomahawks. Great door prizes and giveaways.

An actual example is Geoff who has a wholesale business in the refrigeration industry, Geoff runs a breakfast event every few months. Invites are by SMS and you are prompted to bring a guest. They have a supplier giving goody bags away and a sausage sizzle for all.

Social media promotions

Surveys, competitions, ebooks giveaways can be done on all forms of social media. This can be a really strong CTA if used correctly. You know you should post regularly so post smartly as well.

Outside events

Tradeshows, home shows all sorts of shows operate during the year. Most of these are lead capturing and you are lucky to sell anything worthwhile. I did one of these for a friend recently. A five-day show that needed a few hands-on-deck during a 12 hour day. Our goal was to get people to sign to our list so we could send them information. The several hundred we gathered were really warm prospects that moved into a sales situation. We were selling a $20,000 product so we did not need many to give us a return.
The point was to get an email and phone number so we could follow up.

Other list building ideas

We can go on for a long time but your time is precious and you just can’t do them all. Pick a couple and give them a go. Get them to a place of self-producing before moving on to the next idea.
Optin pages, outbound mail, on your stationery, referrals etc can all be added to the list.
Lastly is to consider YouTube videos. How to do thing Videos are heavily searched so having a link on them is a sure thing.
However pick your social media of preference and concentrate on that, you can’t do them all.


You should have gained some insight and had an ahha moment somewhere in this short post.
Doing them is a whole new game but choose wizely and limit your time to the ones that will produce results for you.

Once you have your list use it often. Regular newsletters, emails, autorespnders and SMS to make them pay.

This is business and you want a return so do it properly and do it often.

Best way to build an email list by Peter Hanley

Best way to build an email list
Peter hanley

PS There is a lot more training on this at Wealthy Affiliate the worlds leading internet training

Small business trends 2019

What are the Small business trends in 2019 and how do they affect your business going into the new year? Here we look at the things you must do to stay ahead.

What are the small business trends?

As a small business owner and internet marketer, I am constantly researching and reporting on those issues that will make a difference to your business.

Results for small businesses will vary from Country to City even to Town as well as products so it is a broad spread.

What is certain for this time is that Social media is rapidly changing and that you need to change with it or be left behind.

SEO is still at the forefront as your Webpage remains the specific selling point for all your media.

Email and newsletters are not dead and in fact, I am seeing great results with Small businesses pushing emails to their customers.

Keyword management is really taking top shelf in priorities because of the greater search traffic being generated in all classes of media.

YouTube has nearly as many searches as Google so this is taking an increased priority for all marketers.

You will see a change in Social media heading towards a more selling media which will turn our market on its head. A few media are currently pursuing this way of the market.

Instagram is the darling of Facebook and gaining a following that needs to be looked at.

It is all about touch.

A big basket of changes for small businesses with new trends in 2019.

So let’s dig a bit deeper into some of these trends.
These are not in any real order of priority but they are all leading your business in one of two ways, that is Up or out so you need to be the judge.

Youtube is demanding an audience

In the days past many businesses avoided Youtube because of the cost and time of producing a reasonable video. Businesses considered Youtube an entertainment vehicle for Music and movies for the masses and had no place in their minds.
Some decided that it was really easy to do how-to videos that would teach and brand at the same time. Plus connect to a selling point.

Others used it for Selling products and branding and the growth in business users increased.
Smart Phones and Pads also had a big impact because they did not require a full production team to make a simple video.

Then we realized that Keywords were also important so that our great video would be found in a search on YouTube.
It is a fact that YouTube is searched nearly as many times as Google and growing so do you think this may be an opportunity?
We looked at a free keyword tool in another blog on this site

How important is SEO?

SEO logo on new business trends 2019
Even more important now than ever before

Google has 63,000 searches a second or a couple of trillions a month.
Interestingly the top three searches according to Moldova

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google
    So when I say these three outlets are important the figures back me up.

A question then is how do you get found in so many searches being a small or even a large business somewhere in the world?

The answer lies in Keywords and the use of Longtail ones that drag visitors to you. When someone wants to find you what will they type in as a search term?
then the other of course is products so they need to be a specific mention of a term that represents your product.

An Axe is a broad term an axe with a Cedar handle in Idaho is a long tail.

My Video Builder has a great free book on the use of Keywords and it is worth a read.

As well I recently wrote more on this at Online business messaging.

Furthermore, explore your business at a site like Ubersuggest and see what the traffic volume is like.

Must I use social media in my business?

Before I directly answer this I want to remind you that business is all about touch. The more people that see you in any media will increase your chance of a conversion. It is part of the Ancient rule of 7 that stated that buyers would not act until being touched seven times. A rule that still applies to this day. Social media training in business.

You must have a social presence.

Some media is essential and some to suit your market depending on all the demographics and targeting.

LinkedIn is the first one everyone should have. It is a social directory of people in business and is consulted frequently by a range of visitors. This provides some street Cred to you with a nice picture Bio and story. Plus it is easy to do and needs attending to from time to time.

Facebook is similar in that it is a directory of sorts that many lookers use as a guide to you and your business.
Facebook does, however, require constant attention to be relevant.
Now Facebook includes an easy schedule so you can post ahead without being penalized. This allows you to always be current but not spend a whole lot of time on it.
There is no doubt that it is still a great advertising venue to get paid customers pushed into a sales area.
Retargeting and or Remarketing ( the same thing) is there to deliver even more customers at a price per click

Instagram a great choice of media

instagram logo

You will see a lot of hot leads with Instagram particularly in the Women 20-50 age group for a whole lot of products, Clothes, hair, shoes, etc that bring in shoppers better than any other program.

If you are posting to Facebook link to Instagram and see what happens.

One important point with Instagram, owned by Facebook is they don’t like message scheduling and penalize you for using it even though there are ways to achieve this on the net.
It is a live story channel with great snaps and activity.

Instagram is also trying online shopping so you will have an advantage if you have established a position prior to the new Media arriving in your area.

Twitter and others

I wrote on Twitter recently and how it can be a real turn-on for some businesses.
Pinterest is great for mature ladies and can have a place in your business if the market is right

Is social media overrated?

new business trends 2019 and social media
Social media will be Sales media

It is unless you do it by the rules and then it will become your greatest friend.
You must be current and topical and drive viewers to a place where they can spend money.
Social media is currently a delivery channel to a website but with changes in the wind, this will change to a sales-based platform. keeping on top of this will support future business.

Google discovery is new

Discovery ads provide a whole new way of shopping.

Advertisers who leverage Discovery ads will have the ability to showcase a single image of their product or service or multiple images in a swipeable carousel format. Google is taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook here. Facebook has, for years, allowed advertisers to engage passive browsers with engaging image creative and attract qualified traffic at the top of the funnel. Advertisers can now do the same thing on Google—abstain from search intent for a combination of audience targeting, greater reach, and the ability to tell a brand story with compelling image creative and attract qualified new prospects.


This is coming later this year so be prepared

Now Google shopping is also coming

One of the most prominent developments in the e-commerce world is the emergence of shoppable content. Only a few months ago, Instagram unveiled Checkout on Instagram—a new (albeit limited) functionality that allows users to buy stuff directly within the app. Shortly thereafter, Google announced a pilot version of shoppable image search results. The common thread tying these two features together is the elimination of friction. In other words, advertising vendors want to make it less painful for your prospects to become your customers.


This event changes social media a whole 180 degrees turn from Social to sales.

The rise of messenger

This is another product from FaceBook that is getting traction. It is an ideal contact medium for business to customers because it is free and very strong in image generation.
Furthermore, I found it annoying when I first found people using Messenger but notice a big growth in its use. We have email and SMS and messenger as well but messenger seems to be very good for pictures and attachments.
It is easy to build a base as you develop a product and even build a live chat service for one shop Customer contact.

Business directories

As you search Google under this subject you will notice that many will miss this completely as old School stuff and no longer relevant to the market.
Search your business on Google and see just how many directories hold positions on the front page. If you are not in them, and they are free, you could well be missing out. I wrote about directories in this Blog.

Do Newsletter work for small business?

Small business trends 2019 with newsletters
I am an advocate for newsletters

furthermore, I am a great advocate for small businesses using a Newsletter format on a regular basis. I notice that the best-operating stores in my base all use this media on a regular basis. It is not about selling it is all about communicating and earning trust over time. It takes little time for long-term value.

Email marketing is about stories

We also do a lot of email marketing and in recent times tried several ways to get the clicks and links to a better place. Then an Automated sales series using an autoresponder and follow those that click and end up warm dialing.

The latest trend is for storytelling when you write a short story in your mail to increase readership and likes. I was recently reminded of this a fired of a story.

My story for the email

A few years ago I decided I needed to know about internet marketing.

Having grown up in the olden days with the Yellow Pages book that cost me about $27 grand a year and you never knew if it worked or not.

Now it is a Webpage or Social Media and how things have changed.

However, I Now know exactly what needs altering because I use Call statistics and watch the marketing of others to see what works for them.

My first web Page was a bomber, it looked good but SEO was a new thing then and I did not understand all this Internet stuff.
Then I had to go to school and teach myself as much as I could.
Boy, I made mistakes and spent a lot of money doing courses that weren’t all that good but gradually I built up a good knowledge of the things that mattered to my business.

Much of my training came from The Wealthy Affiliate and I adapted that to a business environment.

I deal with small businesses like yours every day and see the mistakes they are making and often their demise because they don’t use the new tools of the internet

This then went into a pitch for my product

Peter hanley

The open rate was over 30% to an entirely new audience so that provided lots of people to contact. I will now resend to all those that did not open the first time to increase this further.
There was one bounce and three unsubscribes so a good result using Constant Contact

Marketing by text for small businesses in 2019

My recent rant on marketing by text gives you an idea that this is a great way for instant sales at a small cost. Results are generally pretty instant so it is easy to test with a small sample.
As an example we had one company send 150 text messages to old participants that had previously been with them to sign around 50 new contracts worth over $12500, a good day’s work in any money.

How to save a failing business is also a good read

Summary of Business trends

We have covered many of the new issues coming along and go back over a few old ones as well. The internet world is evolving and we must go with it or sink and go down. Then I see many businesses that refuse to modify their behavior and get taken out by new and keener operators that use as many touches as they can. Plan your marketing and market your plan.

Small business trends 2019 by Peter Hanley

the author of Small business trends 2019
Peter Hanley

Missed call calculator

Affiliate income exposed

Ubersuggest review

About Ubersuggest a keyword tool by Neil Patel

Ubersuggest review allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

Introducing Ubersuggest the review

Website is

Price; Amazing, it is free

Owners Name Neil Patel.

About Neil Patel

Neil Patel
He is a New York Times bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

His partner is Mike Kamo

Ranking 95 out of 100

General review of Ubersuggest

We all know how important Keyword research is for our business, Too much traffic and you never get seen and too little and you never get found.
For Busines owners, bloggers and anyone on the web this is a product you must review.

  • It checks Keywords for volume and ability
  • annalyses your site
  • provides an overview
  • shows the top sites
  • SEO annalyser and backlink checker
  • Plus a great training school
  • It is free

What is good with Ubersuggest

  • Pro#1 It is easy to use, colourful and very simple for anyone.
  • There is no messing around with this, type in a keyword, be it long or short and you will see the results.
  • Pro#2
    Your choices are good for both site review and new word selection
  • Pro#3
    Keyword ideas. We are all searching for great keywords so here you find them with traffic results and potential so you can market professionally
  • Pro#4
    The backlink analyser shows where your site sits on the table.
  • Pro#5
    Neil has attached training on many of the questions you will want to ask.

Any bad things on Ubersuggest

  • Con 1
    It takes a few times around the site to find your way even though it is very clear. Like anything new, it has a lot inside to find that works for you.
  • Con 2

  • I believe most search terms originate from Bing

Who is Ubersuggest for?

This is for a wide audience that has some idea of websites, keywords, affiliate marketing, blogging or website and business interaction including advertising
There is no more important product than Keywords and doing it properly, this takes you there.

Tools and training with Ubersuggest

First up the training page is great with topical calls to action. One example of training tells of the upgrades coming at Ubersuggest all in easy to read format.
The tools are clearly shown and easy to use.

Support at Ubersuggest

I have not used the support page but it does come with email chat and presumably a quick return. Not much can go wrong so I am not concerned with no Telephone support.

Ubersuggest Pricing

This certainly is a great part of this service in that it is free to all without an upsell.

My final summary of this tool

I use a keyword tool every day so this is a great alternative to both compare and grab extra information.
The whole thing is free, unlike most other finders which is great for anyone marketing products of any kind.
Neil and his partner Mike have presented a really good platform and it will be interesting to watch it grow.

Product is Neil Patel UberSuggest

Web sites is

My Opinion is 100-100
This is not a scam site
completely legitimate and a tool for everyone in business or online.


Jaaxy keyword tool Free and Paid Version
Noble Samurai Paid
Buz Sumo paid
Keyword paid
Longtalepro Free trial
Wealthy Affiliate tool free

Ubersugest review by Peter hanley

Review Ubersuggest
Peter Hanley

Online business directories

online business directories
It’s all on line

Here Peter Hanley looks at Online business directories and how they can make a difference to your business sales and income.

Online directories do help your business.

First of all, as a business owner myself, I often wonder at the abilities of the Online businesses that place you in there directories. I was reminded of this in a report today and thought I would take up the cause.

Search your business or Keywords on Google

online business directories
Remember when but now on line

In addition, I just did a search on my brand and found six directories on the first page all carrying my name.
Then I searched a Keyword, a very busy one and still found two on the first page.
One of these was Yellow pages our old friend that still dominates the first page in most areas.
The next top ten are in order as per AHRefs search for specific data.
NB this is the Australian market and every country will vary so use this as a guide

  10. allows you to estimate the actual volume of the search traffic for a website. In fact, it also calculates the equivalent cost if you purchased the traffic through paid ads (Adwords)

There are a lot more.

Furthermore, this is just the tip of the list of over 25 individual outlets that could carry your details for free. These have all recently been tested for current ability and are free.
You may get hounded for an upgrade but I would always look for proof of performance before I paid any money.
I get some calls from Yellow and Aussie web that I know off and probably a few I don’t.

  • Get one of your staff to put some details together to make the process a lot easier on you
  • Have 2-3 Business listing titles
  • Your consistent Submission email address
  • Business contact email address
  • Phone number
  • Social media links
  • 2-3 unique business descriptions (Up to 200 words max)
  • Square logo image (300px)
  • Up to 5 business related images
  • Social media links where you can
  • Finally your Business ABN

In addition, we provide a few simple tips that may support you in doing your submission

  • You should use consistent login details to make any follow up easier
  • Then make the listings as complete as possible to maximise value.
  • Naturally, then vary titles and descriptions to create your unique listing.
  • You can always expect a few phone calls from directories upselling premium listings.
  • Ask your clients for a good review as this always helps the lookers
  • Finally, check for confirmation emails immediately and after 5 days.

If you think this does not matter think again

All of the top three local Australian directories have mobile apps and loads of crowdsourced customer reviews. With a combined 12.5M monthly visitors from search traffic alone (a conservative estimate), they are an important place to list your business online to enhance your reputation.

Your SEO will gain from the traffic

online business directories
SEO is important

Directories may skim random lookers or even those unsure of your brand.
Social media is similar in that it is really a place to deliver buyers to your website or your business where they can be sold.

Traffic from these sources will increase your SEO and in turn create new opportunities for your business.

Every opportunity should be taken to maximise business when things are quiet and this is just one of those.

Paid for listings are also with Yelp for the restaurant and retail industry with a pay per click model. This may be a real positive for many players
TrueLocal premium directory listings start from $33 for a higher search ranking and enhanced listing features.
Here you get a lot of customer comments that support you.

My update on Social media

I have seen a real upswing in the use of Instagram.
You may know that Instagram is owned by Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg’s company more exactly who paid a nominal one billion dollars for it. They laughed at this and said it was not a real business model.
Currently valued at a neat fifty billion it is showing a great investment return.

It appears that the investment in this model is steaming ahead and they have started using it as a sales platform.
Beta testing in the USA has many high ranking corporations bidding for places.
Unlike other media, it will come with a check out feature and payment plan. This is pretty exciting stuff.
The target Audience started out as the 16-25 group but that is expanding quickly. The young are using it for family photos so the older of us have to follow stretching the demographic.

A friend of mine Online sells clothing and the results with Instagram outstrip Facebook every time.

Finally a reminder on YouTube

It has your name on it

People use YouTube for searching nearly as many times as Google and much more than Bing so if you are not there you are missing out on a big part of Web searches.
Admittedly a lot of this is on Gaming, Sport, personalities and entertainment but with over 5 billion searches a day there is a lot of room for you.
One of the opportunities is how to do things associated with your business.
Branding and selling are also in the mix.
Businesses have stayed away from this media because of both costs and skill sets but this is changing quickly

You can do a video with an Iphone these days and get it ranked quickly

I Use Noble Content as my builder because it pumps out professional videos from very amateur people.

Finally, they offer a free EBook on how it can grow your SEO and you even get a free trial for seven days to try it.

Online business directories
Peter Hanley

A home business ideas

A home business ideas are based around working from home for many types and needs. Mums, out of work people, extra income, even the young.

A home business ideas image
your path to a goal

So you want an idea on a home business

The list is so long I could write a book about it, well I did actually and you can get it for free here.

The first thing to do is look at what you are good at, or even want to try.

Old age jobs v New age jobs

You have all your traditional stuff, like fixing things, growing things and making things.
The difference now in how you market them.

A local Facebook post can get more hits than a note at the local Deli.

Any marketing can link to a webpage so that everything can be explained in full and you can get contact details.
Letterbox drops, signs, waving flags whatever you want to use.

Most home businesses are now run by and on the internet

This brings in an interesting new job range. Teaching or coaching on Social media, web pages, SEO, Keywords, emailing or any of the new users of the net.

If you are not up with these terms you need to advance your skills.

Instead of renting a shop you can have an online shop and sell other peoples products investing very little money.

You can be an affiliate marketer for millions of products selling but not delivering, billing or supporting. Just getting paid, sometimes every month for years to come.

It is easy to learn Internet home businesses

Full training is available for free, all you need to apply is time and you can be an expert in a chosen Niche.
This will open your eyes to countless opportunities without leaving the comfort of your home, plus, more importantly spending a whole heap of money.

If you wish to have any sort of home business you need to have internet activity.

In fact, any business needs to invest in the latest activities available to them.
A basic email newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedIn, broadcast services, Retargeting, paid advertising, webPages and funnels.

The exciting part is that each of these can be a business on its own. Local businesses outsource a lot of the new Internet activity because they have not bothered to learn it

How do you learn about the internet for small business and the best ways to make money

There are many sources of learning on the net. You can Google all day chasing ideas and get sucked into paying out a lot of funds. Or, you can follow my lead to what I believe is a training source above all others and Is free.

I stumbled upon this several years ago and have in fact done the course twice. The first time I skipped over a lot off content because I thought I knew it all.

I have operated a home business for nearly 8 years, in fact, several home business and have built on my past history in Small business.

I started my internet journey to learn about web pages and moved to email, Social media SMS and bulk marketing. Without the internet, small business will have trouble surviving.

This is your opportunity to build a career.

My Daughter, the mother of three young children with a corporate husband manages to consult on Face book for a variety of clients. She still manages the Gym, coffee and carting kids around town whilst making a nice income.

Another in a similar background has an online business operating from a fixed location. She came from Nursing to the internet by learning in her part-time. What’s more after establishing a full online point of sale business she was able to consult to others to set up their businesses.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can follow many others crafting a full-time income.
A housewife from the USA that won the converted achievers award and was flown around the country as a prise.
A 20 something dropout student that now teaches and mentors others to bring home a working income. He posted a $40, 000 income day for a training course in Mandarin he launched in Korea
Others come from the impoverished backyards of Kenya to the suburban Jungle of New York all achieving wonderful results on the net.

If they can do it you can too

You need to pick your online business.

Nor everyone is the same, some of you will want a traditional business because the internet scares you
and it has passed you by.
By the way, I am 74 years old, a lifetime in small business and 10 years on the internet so we are never too old.

If you want a traditional business do a plan, work out who your customers are and how you will reach them. What you do matters not. Without customers you have nothing and without a plan, you have nowhere to go so start from the ground up.

  • Work out what you are good at.
  • What is your customer profile
  • Where is your marketing area
  • How are you going to contact them
  • Why are you doing this? Money or prestige.
  • Set in place a system to follow.

Then follow the system and modify when required.

Working on the Internet is different but the same

  • What part of the internet interest you.
  • Build a customer profile of a target market
  • Which contact methods will you use
  • Upskill your abilities so you are the expert
  • Do a plan and a cash flow
  • Understand that everything takes time

I work at both a traditional business and an online business so what do I prefer.
The traditional business has regular demands on my time and expertise at any given working day.
I cannot absolve my liability to the business.
Whereas the online business can be put off for a day or more at any time.

If you have no particular skill sets the internet provides an opportunity

Still to this day most businesses have skill shortages on the net. Furthermore, they don’t have the time or energy to upskill.
By choosing an Internet Niche you can quickly become the local expert and ply your trade to businesses in the area.

With my online business, my local area is the world. I teach and offer training and a blog to small business everywhere. My background and skills allow me to do this.

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Business trust

Business trust is the third element in the Know, like and trust of marketing and arguably the most telling of all your marketing efforts. We explain why.

If you lose their trust you lose their business.

Business trust
The Airplane in dispute

Today’s great example is Boing 737- max that has had two tragic crashes in the past months. The planes costing over $100 million each they are the premium end to the market.
China has grounded at least 100 of them sending shock waves through the market. Shares at the time of writing had dropped 10% a massive hit to the market.

Many are saying there is no problem and America airlines continue to fly them probably because there is no alternative.

Travellers are jumping off any Boing flights and panic is everywhere.

The order book of Boeing must have taken a huge hit in a Billion dollar industry.

What has Boeing got to do with your business

We want to show you how important the three pillars of know, like and trust are to your business.
Know and like are customer pullers whilst Trust adds the keeper title.


If Boeing was an unknown backyard builder, selling planes would be a great effort.
However, they have spent many years building a reliable brand and one of the best-known Aircraft companies in the world. Every one knows Boeing
We have all flown Boeing because we have come to know them as a reliable brand.


We loved the old 707 planes and the modern stories of non-stop 23 hour flights. We member when two story Boings arrived it was like another world .


Gee, it went quickly and with immediate effect. The final result will be played out over many months and our interest will be on how well Boeing respond to this.

In writing this I don’t wish disrespect in any way to the 600 odd victims of two horrendous air crashes.

Now your business and trust

It is important that you manage your Brand as tightly as you can because small problems can become huge issues.

I will give you one more example.

A popular restaurant has a bad night and receives scathing reviews on the web pages. Anyone searching for a booking will move on because of the social impact of bad press, We are all guilty of bad press effect.
Each and every complaint, valid or real should immediately be fixed. even at a cost to you. Handle the trolls with kid gloves because they have an impact. One bad review may cost you 10 or more new customers.

What can you do to maintain trust?

I watch with interest Boeing and many airlines going into denial.
Nothing to see here, move on attitude that will further hurt there cause.

From a press report today where China Airlines has suspended all flights with the Boeing 737-max8 they say that.

In its own estimates Boeing says China will need 7690 commercial jets to meet its travel demands by 2037.

That’s a whole heap of money

China’s Civil Aviation Administration said it ordered airlines to ground all 737 MAX 8 aircraft as of 6pm (local time) on Monday, in line with the principle of “zero tolerance for security risks”.
Business trust

China airlines are going all out to protect their brand while Boing continues to remain silent on any action.
This is hurting China travel and costing the economy a heap of money, furthermore, and importantly China has not had an Air Accident with this plane.

When this happens to you, however small the issue take charge and take action, You will be respected in the long run.

I am using this case as a classic situation that will unfold over time.
Boing is the leading supplier of Aircraft in the world and is now expected to lose its market dominance .

Is something wrong with the 737

“If there is a suspicion … that there’s not only something inherently wrong with 737 MAX 8 aircraft, but there are no procedures in place to cure the problem then, yes, they should either ground the plane, or there are several levels of things they could do,” the spokesperson s told AP.

Boeing said in a statement it was “deeply saddened” by the crash on Sunday, but it had no reason to pull its popular aircraft from the skies.

How is that for arrogence in the face of Disaster, they should at least shoulder a degree of concern.

Trust is the empowering factor that glues your customers to your product. When there is none or little trust in you people will march out the door.

It may be one customer or a 7 Trillion dollars worth of orders the actions are the same.

Take ownership and Take action

Another classic example of Trust

None better than my favourite Brand Nike.
Recently a Basketballer lost the sole from his boot while playing a Pro Basketball game in the US. It was widly reported in the press with pictures of a distressed player on the ground and the sloe of his Shoe rolled back.

Pass one week and I just tried to find it on Google search without instant results. It might be there but the best I got was Nike warranty to replace any faulty shoes.
Nike admitted a fault attended the problem and it passed quickly.

In conclusion treat trust with respect and act quickly regardless of your liability.

Finally you can learn a lot more about know, Like and trust with the Free training at Wealthy Affiliate. A complete Internet training package.

Business trust
Peter Hanley


Trump and Korea

Trump and Korea

Why in the heck would Trump and Korea be of interest to the average internet or small business marketer? Here Peter Hanley explores the relationship.

A conference walk Out

We all saw last week a meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump the two bad boys of International politics.

I believe it was an all or nothing attitude as both sides had an agenda they wanted and neither side would bend.

I am not taking sides on this fence or taking into account my like or dislike of either party but I believe there are lessons to be learned from this.

First of all the setting.

The choosing of Vietnam as the site was a masterstroke of planning to romance the North Korean. It was hailed as a setting That Kim could see himself in if things changed. A vibrant community raised from the ashes of a forgotten war.

However what was forgotten in this was that Vietnam won the war against almighty America, They snubbed America for many years.

On my first trip to Vietnam, it took me a while to adjust the attitude of the Vietnamese. I missed going to fight in the country by a stroke of luck although I had many friends go and not so many returns.
I have seen first hand the terrible effect it had on those that served and returned damaged.
Ho Chi Min city has many monuments to the activity and broadly announce that they won the war. Anything is possible.

My reaction to this terrible war

I was devastated that the number of men and effort let alone finance that was poured into the country had gone to waste.
I actually walked out of a film showing the greater Vietnam victory with tears in my eyes and anger in my heart.
Admittedly this was probably 10 years ago and their attitude to America was disliked and to Australians disdain.

Then it all changed

The Vietnamese are a smart, capable and resilient race that I came to respect and in fact like. A testament to that is my three return trips since that first visit.

They have turned the county from a basket case to a thriving and prosperous emerging nation that now has the world respect.

My point is that the location was a mixed message, you can achieve in the free world you can also Whoop America at its own game.

Are these meetings worthwhile if the leaders major in the dummy spit competition?

And what has this all got to do with you?

First things first my friends let’s dissect this a little
This is selling 101 but both parties want an outcome. America won the first meeting by charming a despot and seducing him with flattery. This lead to a second meeting.
Remember the rules of selling, Know Like and Trust.
We have two but not the trust factor.

Trump and Korea
The peacemaker and the sales guy.

Trump is playing the fabled game, “he who speaks first it lost”. Especially relevant is that he is playing it well and that he will win the sale in the long run. This is because he has the other guys interest. He has displayed Singapore and what management can do, Vietnam and what change can do. Your average everyday testimonials laid out to take the sale to the next level.
If Kim Jong Un wants to win he now understands his adversary is no easy pushover, a great Power play by Trump.

Is Trump this smart I hear you bellow, well yes he is.
He became very rich not because of good luck or an inherited million Bucks life is not that kind to anyone.

He became President of the USA because he understood the mood of the people and now the nuclear saviour. Well, something like that.

He is playing a great game of salesmanship with the Korean leader and when he wins you can write to me and tell me I was correct.

Trum and Korea
The flag as an Emoji

I am looking at the game not the players

Let’s not forget the consequences that could materialise if the Game goes really bad. This is a game for big stakes played along with the same rules we use in our daily life.

We are all in the game like it or not and what we want is a WIN-WIN solution.

Is that just like marketing anything, you play by the rules of everyone is a winner to all be happy as a result of a sales pitch-perfectly executed?
Lets back the truck up a bit and look at what we have.

  • The sale based on the rules of Know like and trust.
  • Then a contest on a playing field of choice
  • This becomes a classic standoff pose
  • and we seek a win-win solution
  • With one basic element missing. TRUST

Pretty common stuff hey?
So by now, you can see where I am going with this. I am looking at a sale being orchestrated and planned that relates to our everyday habits.

The players are not the principal, the rules of engagement are the guiding philosophy behind the actions and we trust they are being orchestrated to a great ending.

I can’t wait to write the final chapter when North Korea drops its potential to be a world threat and America becomes great again with massive aid and supply to another merging economy.

Or do I have Marry Poppins Syndrome?

If you are with me to here make a comment, state your beliefs because at this stage we are all correct and there are no winners.

In conclusion, I love these exercises in stretching my imagination. If you enjoyed this perhaps my rant on The Gillette Advertisement, using the Kardashians as examples or hailing a Cage fighter named McGregor as a hero.

Finally about me.

I started writing my training blog after studying marketing at The Wealthy Affiliate. We are taught to write and how to entertain to achieve the desired objective. Mine is to help struggling entrepreneurs lift their game and achieve more in life. You will find a couple of hundred articles at New Business on line.

Trump and Korea and image of the author
Peter Hanley
About Peter Hanley

Art of a sale

The art of the sale

The Art of a sale is cloaked in mystery to many but the procedure is relatively simple as explained by Peter Hanley in this easy to follow post.

It matters not what you are selling, it is how you sell that matters.

We all get sold to every day. What is important is that we don’t all buy every day. So what is the difference?

  • We buy from people we like
  • Mostly only what we want
  • It is always for a reason
  • Price is not a consideration
  • Trust is important

Know, Like and Trust

First of all, we need to look at the art of the introduction.

Whether it is a quick sale or a drawn-out process the procedure is the same therefor only altered by time.

Let me run an example. You are introduced to someone at a Barbeque that maybe needs what you are selling.
You introduce yourself and chat about generalities and drop where you work or chat about products but there is no selling. perhaps you might follow up the next day or week and reintroduce yourself and suggest you may have something of interest. Then you are known because you met at the Bar-b, liked because you shared a Beer and trusted because you have mutual friends.
If you went straight into a sales pitch you are dead in the water.
Hey Jim, nice to meet you how about you buy some Life Insurance from me.

Perhaps your introduction goes down the line of meeting Brian, he is looking for some car tyres perhaps you can help.
Now you fast track the situation by giving some background to build your credentials. Then establish their need and promise them to follow up with some great stuff tomorrow. perhaps I can help you with a deal.

In the first example, your purpose is to create a need for the product in the second solution.

I only tell you this because you need to create like and trust before any selling is possible.

Creating attention in a sale

Many buyers have a small attention span as their mind wanders around a store looking for something else to stimulate them.

This is when you need to keep their interest high by including them in the conversation.

You do this by asking relevant questions.
Do you want High-performance tyres or Price based plodders?

I believe Michelin is best but would you be happy with Kumo?

Asking the right questions and listening to the answers is a skill.
Remember it is not about you, focus on their needs and wants and find that buying signal to take them forward.
” My mate just got Kumos and he reckons they are great,
so now pushing Michies is a waste of time, change tack and continue, “Off-road or performance” and etc.

This is also a step for

Setting up small decision steps in a sale

They call them soft yesses, the more times they say Yes the easier the final one will be.

Is that your Beemer out the front?
Love the colour did you choose it?
How many miles / Klms did you get from the tyres,
are you happy with that?

Have you heard of Michelin tyres?
They come with a great history don’t you think?
BMW insists on a high-performance rating tyre and as a true believer, I bet you have to agree.

I have dumbed this down because your business is like no other it is just that the rules are the same.

People buy for various reasons.

  • Fear. Insurance
  • Prestige Mercedes
  • Quality Toyota
  • Reputation Tag Heuers
  • Money Aldi
  • Time-saving  Home delivery
  • Location 7-11 local

What is your client looking for, ask the questions and drill down to a few simple conclusions before pushing the point?

Beware, buyers are liars, they don’t mean to be they want to be sold so they keep their cards close. Have you ever done this?

Remember the price is forgotten long before the value is realised so don’t sell on price.

Price is closer not an opener.

The soft yes, If I could get it for you at $x would we have a deal?

The Cooper Tyres will give you a 100,000 Klms while the Sumo only about 30,000
As a result which way are you leaning?
There are however closing signs if you ask the right questions.
He responds “my mate bought Kumos and he loves them”
You would say “did he get a good price” and then it is about prestige. Everyone loves to Oneup there mates on price, game over.

My most important sales tip ever

Now, this is one any experienced salesperson has encountered. It is an awful moment of realisation that you have just messed up, big time.

Your customer says yes so you continue to sell benefits and explaining how good it is. Then you see a thunder cloud come over their face and they say, “Look I need to think about this a little more.”

The customer and the sale are gone forever. There is no coming back.

So when the customer says yes then shut the frig up! and process the sale. Chat about the Weather the kids’ anything except what you are selling.

It has happened to me, the point of no return as your stomach shrinks at the moment you realise you just lost a sale and there is no going back.

The art of Storytelling

Image around art of the sale
Storytelling is a sales strategy

” I was reading an article recently about Alby Mangles the explorer and danger man. He was in outback Africa and blew three of the four tyres on the Jeep he was thrashing. It was the second set that had gone in as many days and he desperately wanted something better. This little old African man, all five foot of him, looked him up and down and said to Alby ” that’s really pretty dumb trying to get those soft on-road tyres to last in amongst the conditions out here. What you need is these great Out of Africa road grips that will get you to Capetown and Back without a problem.” What choice does Alby have? The sale is made.
By the way, I have some in stock want to have a look?

Today I was actually in a tyre store to get a couple of tyres, I knew what I wanted so the discussion came down to price and price only.
Well, that’s what I thought. The tyre guy walked me to the car and went to the little tyre plate inside the front door where he said, ” In a BMW x5 you must have a special speed-rated tyre as written or you will get a humming noise in certain conditions, have you ever noticed that? Well yes, actually I have I replied.
Therefore the Tyres you need are a hundred Bucks more but they stop mechanical damage to your front end.
I paid the extra and went out knowing I had the best quality and the fear of damage was satisfied.

Treat every sale as an opportunity to help.

I went to the hardware shop recently to buy some Gate Hinges, bolts, nuts etc to fix a problem with a loose hanger. Told the guy what I wanted and he asked what I was trying to do. The screws in the hinge have come loose and no matter what I do I can’t fix them, So I am going to replace them all.
Because he was an older guy, probably an ex Carpenter I listened and he said, Just put a driver in your drill and hit the current screws with a quick drill blast and the problem is fixed.

The guy was correct it worked a treat, hence I saved on the hinges and he missed that sale for the day.
Especially relevant is what he got, however, was my return business forevermore.

Selling is a true Art

Finally, treat your role with a Professional approach no matter what you are selling.
Furthermore, It will pay you handsome returns for caring and sharing with people that will continue to Like and trust you, therefore, they will recommend you to others.

The whole business comes back to the fundamentals of know, like and trust and when you realise these simple rules your life will be one of success.
In conclusion, the Author Peter Hanley has over 50 years in selling experience in all manner of products and loves to share this with you on his home page at Newbusinessonline.

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Peter Hanley

How old is Google?

How old is Google

It seems like yesterday when there was no Google but it also seems like it has been with us forever. here Peter Hanley looks at how old is Google?

Google comes of age

It was way back in September of 1998 when was first launched as a project to the public.

Born from an idea by Sean Page and Sergey Brin a couple of Stanford PhD nerds that google was initially a university site.
Interestingly it was not the first nor the last but it has certainly claimed the top spot.
The first was called Archie and the product of Alam Emtar of Mc Gill Uni in Montreal some 10 years prior in 1990.

Other to enter the frames in the early days were AOL and Yahoo with AOL dominating the US market

Other interesting bits are they bought YouTube and a couple of non-starters in 2006 for a reported 1.65 Billion in stock so they were pretty cashed up by then

The name comes loosely from the power of 10 to the 100th

Google plus has been a hit and miss project and Youtube was run as a separate company so it is a situation of staying with what you do well and do it well. With an exception in owning the Android operating system.

So 21 years later Google is a household name following the Verb to Google first used in 2002 in the Movie Buffy and the Vampire Killer. It is now probably one of the best-known phrases used.

What would we do without Google?

How many times a day do we look up something we really need the answer to that before was Impossible.

What did we do with the Encyclopedias that came every year and lined a wall with volumes of Solid covered reading?

What amuses me is that some people have to immediately jump to google when there is any doubt in a discussion. I don’t care how much an elephant weighs I only care that they are big.

Searching is not always correct. When I started this post I searched early Google and found many dates wrongly presented. I had to go to the higher authority to confirm them for my post. Wikipedia

, what with Google home we can even talk to our Google assistant and get the feedback we need.

This thirst for knowledge has taken over with the need for instant feedback. An answer to any question in seconds so Quiz nights have to ban phones.

Not quite so old is Wealthy Affiliate a site set up to train you on everything internet.
Like Google it is free so you can get instant answers to many questions.

How to Set up a website
Maybe a Shopify style site
Do your own SEO
Prepare sales Funnels
Email for business
Make money on the line
affiliate Marketing
Work From Home

That’s just a little on what can be achieved on the Internet and you can be the next big thing LOL or at least working independently online

Image of Author
Peter Hanley

Getting noticed with Email

email list
Getting noticed with email is an Art.The first two steps make a difference to the whole success of the mail. Miss these steps and you won’t get read.

My date with Meg Ryan

Remember that great movie way back in 1998 with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?
Yes, it is 21 years ago so some of you were not sending mail back then and most likely can’t remember the movie.
It was a love story and around the start of emailing when it was all a bit personal. However boy gets the girl so all ends well.

This was all about getting noticed with email.

I mention this because now 21 years later what has changed?
When I look at my emails today none are from Meg Ryan, unfortunately, but I have about 80 from others that want my attention. Here we look at getting notices with email

Here we start a journey

The two most important features in an email have nothing to do with the subject.

  • Who the Email is from, do they know you?
  • The subject line or attention getter

Think of your own daily experience with emails.
You most likely quickly scan the list looking at the sender’s name. If it gets your attention then we go to the subject line and make a decision, do we open this or not?
The average open rate based on the UK experience across all categories is just 19.8% and interestingly this has only changed marginally over the past couple of years.
Most noteworthy is that this is to a known audience, not random emails.

First of all is getting known

This all happens early in the series when you introduce your self, your company and what you want to achieve. No selling whatever.
I liken it to meeting someone at an event or even a party and firing off into a sales pitch. no one wants that.
So your first email is a shake and greet nothing more.
At the party, you have exchanged names and pleasantries when the subject of “What do you do for a living” comes up.

Your answer is general in nature about your role in the company and what they supply, perhaps an address and phone number nothing more. We are at a party, not a sales conference.


The next days you catch up and are known and what you do is in line with there needs. You might say Have you had a look at such and such, got some good deals on at the moment are you interested or will I keep you in the loop.
The point here is by now you are known, liked and trusted and If they want a deal it will be with you. Your emails are the same.

It is different with your Newsletters or touch emails.

You are already known liked and trusted and done the hard yards, but they are busy people and they can’t be bothered with trivia. You only get one shot so it better be good.
Remember the trust thing could last forever the new subject line but a few seconds

Getting noticed with email; A subject line

Breaking down a subject line

  • `A direct benefit How will opening the email get them something they want?
  • Curiosity, my favorite but you can also combine it with News or self Interest
  • Scarcity, but it must be real, limited quantities, deadlines etc
  • News, Something that is new to the reader
  • Social Proof, comparing what other people have done
  • Story; The start of a story blended with curiosity
  • Humanity issues
  • Thanks to Ryan Deiss the Invisible Selling Machine

Any of these can be used to invite the reader in. I did a recent post saying “You have been Pwned.” This blends curiosity, news and social proof embedded in the body. An open rate of nearly 40% double the national average.

Here are a few examples under the headings

  • Get your business funded in 2019. A benefit
  • My favorite marketing tool. Curiosity
  • 50 % Sale ends in one day. Urgency
  • Will 2019 be better than 2018? News
  • All my customers loved this. Social interest
  • Did you hear Google+ is closing and why? Story
  • Merry Christmas to you from? Humanity

All this before they read a word

Email marketing is a lengthy subject because it is so varied.

Are well covered in a prior post as with email marketing tips
So I am not reinventing the world

In conclusion.

Creating unbelievable value

The training at Wealthy Affiliate has many episodes on all aspects of email and one in particular, Creating unbelievable value is a must read. free and no obligation

Email works as well today as it ever has only the strategies have changed.
Customer contact is necessary so keep it up with email.

Who is the best email provider, Constant Contact and I tell you why.

Getting noticed by email by Peter Hanley

Image of author
Peter Hanley