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Busy busy

So you are busy busy but are you under achieving


Hi, my name is Peter Hanley a long time owner of small businesses and not so small so I understand Busy busy.

Here I list out some things that might make your life a bit easier. Busy is not always constructive and in fact, it is sometimes exactly the opposite.

How many times do you take on a task to avoid the necessary? Hey don’t feel bad I do it regularly but have learned to pull myself back in line.

You can immerse yourself in really important stuff that takes you to know where. Yep, your busy but are you producing.

I have seen I offices where people act so differently, those that carry a bit of paper and move smartly around always look to be on a tight schedule, in fact, it’s probably all an act.


It all starts with daily or weekly planning, in writing, in bold print and usually in the order of priority.

busy busy

You use colour to highlight important tasks and spend time getting organized and then go off and check your emails or Facebook and think about some coffee.

What will make a difference to your day, week or even life? Then give it the priority.


So you have a job to do and you set off to complete it. Good for you. Avoid distractions and set a timer to stop. One hour is good, half ok but 1 ½ probably stretching the attention span to the limit. The mind starts to wander and the hands follow, check an email, look at Facebook. This is the time to get up, stretch, walk around the chair and re-prioritize. If you need another time slot to take it and start over.


Does what you are doing have a purpose to achieve your goal, if not change direction and restructure.

If you have a regular pattern or a process then template the process so you can improve the time spent and increase the result.

I write a blog like this every couple of days among all my other work.

I have a process that I work through to get it posted.

I select keyword, select Header. Then all my subheads or h3 headings. This is all done before I write a word. I can come and go as I please because I am following a set up not trying to reinvent.
Next comes pictures and a few technical bits and posting.
Takes me a couple of days because I write in blocks and it is not the most important task for the day. It is, however, a task to which I am committed and it gets done among the more important work required.

If you get your work habits right you get more time to do the good things. Yes, it’s not all about work you have a life but a life of worrying about the things you should have done is not a good life

Reporting on Busy Busy

Did you have a constructive day or did you waste most of it? Matters not, it is gone and nothing you can do about it other than self-criticize. Plus, vow never to do it again and promise to be better next day.
Whatever you are doing needs analyzing to determine its value. It is no good repeating roles that continually underperform. Make your changes and make them early by thinking about them.


Busy busy

Remember to celebrate your results. This not only gets you feeling good but inspires you to the next level of production.
Don’t ever start the day with a heavy heart.

It happens to us all, the pressure of everyday living weighs heavily on the shoulders as you brood the events in your life.

You can change your attitude, but only you can choose to do it. If you want to worry make a time for it and get on with life, it’s the only one we have.

The Journey

There is only so much time available in a day so the better you use it the better off you will be.
Make time for work, play and family and live your life to the fullest, you deserve it so demand it.

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Busy busy


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